Showering With Cousin

by Lubrican

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Incest, Cousins, Uncle, Niece, First, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: When poor, unsophisticated Megan has to go live with her Uncle Bob in the big city, her cousin, Mark, tells her that to save water, they must shower together. She's from the hills, where things like that make a lot of sense. Mark didn't think she'd go for it at all, and when she did, things got a bit out of control. Then one day Mark wasn't there to take a shower with her. But Uncle Bob was taking one, so her problem was solved. Right?

Megan and her father, Butch, lived happily in Oak Hollow, a sleepy little mountain town in Kentucky, where her daddy worked in the barrel factory. He drove a big truck that delivered barrels.

Megan had just turned sixteen when her daddy got laid off and had to go to become an independent trucker to pay the bills and keep his truck. Now he had to find his own loads, and would be gone from home for as much as a month at a time. Since Megan’s mother had gone to the big city to find a job... and then never returned... he decided that the best thing to do was have Megan stay with his sister until things got figured out.

Aunt Molly, her husband, Uncle Bob and their boy, Mark, lived in a suburb of Nashville, which just plain dazzled Megan as she looked out the window of the truck her daddy was delivering her in, on this particular day.

When she finally saw the house, she sucked in a big breath. It was so beautiful and big! She didn’t notice as she sucked in that big breath that her braless titties pushed her thin blouse out tight and her nipples poked through the cloth almost like it wasn’t there.

Her daddy noticed though. He sighed. His daughter sure turned him on. It was a good thing he was going out on the road, because lately, as he jacked his big cock off, he thought more and more about how perfectly wonderful it would feel to be in her nice warm virgin pussy when his prick started spurting baby makers.

Another part of his sigh was because he knew that, living with his sister, she’d be introduced to all sorts of city things, one of which was probably going to be sex. But there wasn’t much he could do about it. Nature had been introducing sixteen-year-old girls to sex for hundreds of thousands of years. All he could do was keep looking for a job where he could stay home and get them back into the mountains where they belonged.

Megan’s father wasn’t the only one who noticed her as a woman either.

Uncle Bob and Mark noticed what a fox Megan was when she got into the house. Both of them looked at her short stacked body and her pretty face with its halo of fluffy blond hair and felt their dicks tighten. Aunt Molly saw the look on her husband’s face and examined the girl closely. Within seconds she arrived at the conclusion that, if she weren’t firmly heterosexual, she might go for the delicious looking little slice of femininity herself. She resolved to fuck Bob’s brains out that very night. She didn’t think it would be a good idea for him to be very horny at all, with this prettily packaged pulchritude in the house. She’d worry about Mark later.

Meanwhile she welcomed Megan happily. It would be nice to have another female around the house. Maybe the boys would behave a little better too.

She should have worried about Mark then, not later. Being a normal, red-blooded boy, as soon as he saw his gorgeous cousin he started thinking about ways to get his prick in her. He had only lost his virginity two weeks earlier, when Margie Simmons had finally spread her legs for him, and ever since then jacking off just hadn’t been the thrill it used to be. He offered to take Megan to her new room and get her settled in. Soon they were alone and he quickly found out how innocent she was, and how trusting too.

It wasn’t that he was a prick. He just had one. It wasn’t that he didn’t care about her. He just thought with his little head, like so many males before him.

As he showed her the bathroom they’d share, she exclaimed about how modern everything was. she was especially excited about the shower, as they didn’t have one back in hog hollow, or wherever it was she said she was from. He got an idea.

“Yeah, that’s the shower we put in to save water. Water’s real expensive here in the city. In fact, my parents said you and I might have to take showers together... to save on water and all.”

That didn’t faze Megan. Back home when she wanted a bath she just put a few buckets of water in the old copper tub in one corner of the kitchen. Then she stripped down and stood in it, dipping a washcloth in the water and washing her body. Her daddy saw her doing that all the time, so she didn’t think it was odd that her seventeen year old cousin might see her naked too.

“Okay,” she said brightly. “I can’t wait to feel that water. It’ll be sort of like a waterfall. Can we take a shower tonight?”

Mark couldn’t believe his luck. “Sure, but don’t mention it to the parents. They’re kind of embarrassed about being poor and all. I’ll let you know when it’s time, okay?”

She nodded and kept exclaiming about how nice everything was, and how big her room was and how fancy things were. She told him what her life was like back home in the mountains, and asked him a ton of questions. Mark realized she was a lot of fun to be around, because she was so innocent, and hadn’t learned yet how to be snarky or mean. She didn’t tease him, like most girls did, and she was actually interested in what he thought about things. He even felt just a little bad about running his scam on her, because he’d actually like having her around even if they never actually got to take a shower together.

But that night, during supper, when his parents said they were going out to play cards for the evening, and would be home late, and for the kids to get to bed on time, his little head heard all that and jumped to attention. He had never paid that much attention to when their bowling night was, and when they played bridge. He was going to have to pay attention, because those nights were going to become bath nights!

Later, after his parents had left, Mark went to the living room where Megan was watching a cable program she had never seen before.

“Hey, I guess it’s bath time,” he said, using a voice that he hoped sounded normal, if not bored.

“Okay,” she said as she hopped up. She was wearing the shorts and blouse she’d arrived in, and was barefoot. She followed him to their bathroom and watched as he turned on the water. Then he stood back and slowly started taking his shirt off. Megan couldn’t wait to get in the water, so she quickly unbuttoned and dropped her blouse, and then unbuttoned, unzipped and dropped her shorts.

All she had on now was a pair of pale blue panties. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of those and pushed them down, over her tanned legs to her ankles. Then she stood up, lifted one foot out and kicked them off the other foot. Her eyes lifted to her cousin to see if he was ready too.

Mark couldn’t believe it. His sexy cousin was naked in front of him. When she’d dropped her blouse he froze. Her breasts were fabulous. they weren’t huge or anything, but were nice round orbs with dark brown nipples. Then he saw her undoing her shorts and felt blood rushing to his face. When she kicked off her panties he got a good look at a sparse covering of fluffy, yellow hair above two pouting pussy lips that were pressed tightly together, as though they were the doors to a bank vault, guarding a fabulous treasure. The fact that she was completely unashamed to be naked in front of him made him nervous. That and the fact that his still covered penis was now as hard as stone.

“Hurry up,” she said, shifting from one foot to the other and darting longing glances at the running water.

“Go ahead and get in,” he said. “I’ll be there in a minute.”

She jumped into the shower and he heard her squeal as the water poured over her body. “This is fun!“ she yelled, as he finally pried his pants off his swollen cock. It was so hard it was pointing up at the ceiling, and it was already leaking precum. Taking a deep breath he opened the door and got in with Megan.

It was a fairly tight fit. It was a 48” shower, which is big for one person, but really cozy for two. He bumped into her immediately and she turned to face him with a big smile on her face. “This is fun!“ she said again, her breasts pushing against his arm. She didn’t look down at his rampant penis.

Mark got another idea.

“Yeah, it’s really nice. Kind of crowded though. I can’t reach all of me with the soap. We’ll have to wash each other. Here... turn around and I’ll do your back.” he said.

Megan dutifully turned and he rubbed the soap across her shoulders, spreading the lather to her arms and down her back. He let his hands slip onto her buttocks, holding his breath, but she didn’t object. In fact she said “Mmmm that feels nice. This soap smells so good too.” Instead of chancing that she wouldn’t turn around, he just re-soaped his hands and slid them around her waist under her arms until his hands were on her stomach. He rubbed them in little circles and sighed as she raised her arms away from her body to give him more room. Going for the gusto, he let his hands slide up to cup her breasts, and then ran them back down her sides. When she didn’t object to that he did it again, this time letting his hands slide across her breasts.

She turned around and said “I suppose I shouldn’t let you touch me there.” she said, sounding a little regretful.

“Why not? Didn’t you like it?” said her horny cousin.

“Yeah, it felt real nice, but Daddy says that boys just want to put a baby in my tummy, and for me not to let them do that.”

“Gee, all I did was touch your boobs a little,” he said, trying to sound hurt. “And just to get them clean. If you feel that way why did you even get naked in front of me?”

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