Good Will

by RejectReality

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: On top of her personal life coming to a standstill, Renee has a virus on the computer at the charity thrift store she operates on weekends. Her neighbor's son might be able to help her with both problems.

Renee hung up the phone and leaned over the desk, cradling her head in her hand. The day at the office had been bad enough, and this was just the icing on the cake.

Somehow, the computer at the thrift store had picked up a virus. Without it, she couldn't print tags, enter anything into inventory, scan it out when someone purchased something, or keep up with the government paperwork. The weekend would be here in two days, and she had to send the volunteers home without getting anything done today. All of the computer places she'd called either weren't answering, or didn't have an opening.

Sitting up, she ran her fingers through long locks of auburn hair. It was hard enough only being able to open the store for the needy on weekends. The weak economy meant fewer people volunteering their time, and asking them to keep track of everything on paper would only make it worse. The government made sure that it was as difficult as possible to help anyone with grassroots charity, while large organizations paid administrators six figures. One way or another, she had to get the computer fixed - and do it cheap around her own work schedule.

The phone rang again, and she picked it up with a surge of hope. She'd left several messages, and prayed that it was one of the repair shops calling her back. Unfortunately, she saw her neighbor's number on the display.

"Hello," she answered.

"Hi, Renee. I thought you would be there. I have a couple of boxes I put together at my sister's. Do you want me to bring them by there, or just drop them off at the house?"

"Either way is fine."

Her frustration must have crept into her voice, because Phyllis asked, "What's wrong?"

Renee let out a sigh. "I've got a virus on the computer at the store, and I can't get anyone in here to fix it. I'm at a standstill."

"Oh, hang on a second." Her next words were muted, indicating that Phyllis had her hand over the phone's receiver, but Renee could make out enough to know that her neighbor was calling for her son. A second later, she said, "William is good at that sort of thing. He's just lazing about the house, anyway. I'll send him along to see if he can fix it for you."

"I don't want to put anyone out," Renee said automatically, though she was truly elated.

"Nonsense. I'll send the boxes with him too."

"I really appreciate it."

"I know how much of your own money you spend, and I can't usually help all that much. This is one way I can do my part. Well, second hand anyway."

Renee laughed. "Second hand is my stock in trade."

"What should I tell him?"

"That it just won't do anything. I have pop-ups I can't close, and they won't let me get to my programs at all. Have him come to the back door."

"I'll send him along in a few minutes."

"Thanks again."

"Don't mention it. Goodbye."


Renee hung up the phone with a smile on her face. If she could get the computer fixed for free, it would be worth every ounce of frustration. Her grin widened when she considered that William wasn't exactly hard on the eyes either. She couldn't count the number of times she'd hidden behind the curtain, peeking at him running around in the back yard with his shirt off.

At thirty-six, divorced, with a career and the thrift store eating up her time, it was the closest she'd been to an actual naked man in nearly two years.

With the prospect of getting something done today ahead of her, she went to work sorting the donations. About fifteen minutes later, she heard someone tapping on the door and went to answer it. As expected, it was her neighbor, carrying a box of the donations Phyllis had promised.

"Thanks for coming, William."

"No problem, Ms. Parke. Where should I put this down?"

"Please, call me Renee. Just put it over there with any of the closed boxes. I haven't started on any of those yet."

"Got it."

He carried the box over to the table, and she couldn't resist a glance at his butt. He was wearing tight jeans, and the gorgeous glutes visible below the bottom of his jacket drew her eyes like a magnet. She knew darn good and well that she shouldn't be letting the naughty inclination get the better of her - especially with her neighbor's son - but she couldn't help it. He was just too delicious, and she was too deprived.

Once he put the box down, he said, "I'll go get the other one, and then I'll see what I can do with the computer."

"I really appreciate it."

"Fighting a virus is actually fun. Well, at least when it's not on your own computer. It's a challenge."

Renee smiled. "Happy to provide some entertainment, then."

He laughed, said, "Yeah," and then headed out for the second box.

She went back to sorting, a shiver running through her as she looked at his butt again. No matter the demands of her life, she knew she had to make some time for her needs - and soon. She was sure that every cashier at the grocery store was talking about her because of the number of AA batteries she'd purchased recently. The way her nipples were stiffening in response to William was one more indication that part of her was going into full-scale rebellion.

He put down the second box, and then picked up a CD jewel case off the top of it. Before pulling off his coat, he reached into a pocket and pulled out a thumb drive, which he sat next to the computer with the CD. The t-shirt he wore beneath the jacket showed off muscular arms, and stretched in the most interesting ways over his torso.

"So, how bad is it?" she asked as he sat down at the computer.

"Won't know for sure until I boot it up in safe mode and start running some of the cleaning tools."

"I hope you can fix it."

"Do my best."

Renee went back to her work, hoping to at least make a dent in it. She hated asking the volunteers who helped in the store to do extra work. She finished the first box, happy to discover that nearly everything within was in good condition, and nice. Some down-on-her-luck woman would be tickled to have the nice clothes - perfect for job interviews. Renee wished she'd asked the woman who brought them in where she shopped, because she liked a few of the outfits as well.

With one of the sorting tubs full, she carried it over to the corner where she put items ready for laundering or dry cleaning before hanging them on the racks. Even though everything looked clean, she didn't take chances. The local laundromat and dry cleaners offered their services at a deep discount anyway.

As she stood up and turned around, she noticed Will's eyes darting back to the computer. He had been looking in her direction as she bent over to put down the tub on top of another already waiting.

Was he actually looking at my butt? she wondered while returning to her sorting table. Don't be ridiculous. You're almost as old as his mother - ancient to a nineteen-year-old.

Despite the rationalization, she couldn't help looking over her shoulder every so often. She never saw him looking her way again as he clicked away on the computer, but it didn't stop a part of her brain from going off in naughty directions again.

"Think I've got 'er licked."

Renee's face burned, as his words were all too close to what her imagination had conjured up. Her pussy tingled despite the embarrassment, still reacting to the fantasy of Will slipping between her legs.

"So, it's fixed?" she asked without turning around, not wanting him to see her bright red face.

"I'm going to run a couple more tools to make sure, but yeah, I think so. You should really have an anti-virus on this."

"I didn't think I needed it, because all I use it for outside of tracking things in the store is sending email."

"If it's hooked up to the internet, you need it. I know a good free one, and another free program that blocks a lot of other stuff before it can infect you. I can set up your email program and browser to block a lot of stuff too, if you want?"

Having pulled herself together, she at last turned around to see him looking back at her. "Please. If you don't mind?"

"No problem. It doesn't take all that long."

He was still looking at her, wearing a half-smile, and Renee felt her face warming again. "What?"

He shrugged. "Guess I've just never seen you dressed up for work before. Not many women wear stockings any more. They are stockings, and not pantyhose, aren't they?"

Not trusting her voice, she nodded and responded, "Mmm hmm."

"They look good on you."

"Thank you."

With that, he nodded and turned back to the computer. Her heart beating fast, Renee returned to her work as well. The next time she looked over her shoulder, she caught a brief glimpse of him looking away from her to focus on the computer again.

Surely he's just being nice - or just fascinated that I'm wearing stockings, like he said.

Having finished another box and filled another tub, she decided to push things a bit. Her hips swayed a little more than usual as she walked over to the corner with the tub, heels clicking on the floor. She purposely put the tub down on the floor, rather than stacking it, and looked over her shoulder while still bent over.

She caught him staring straight at her butt with a sultry grin on his face. He snapped his gaze elsewhere and said, "You should be good to go here."

"You're a lifesaver," she said as she crossed the room, her hips once again swaying. Just having someone so young looking at her that way was a boost, and she planned to enjoy it.

"Anything else I can help you with, while I'm here?"

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