Judy Acted Improperly

by dawn1958

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Judy was a happily married woman and a mother of two grown daughters. Then one day she was surprised by a young men who was dating one of her daughters and she quickly found out what lust and desire was all about.

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Judy was a happily married woman with two teenage daughters. Like most girls, they were adventurous and never liked doing anything their parents wanted. Julie was 19 and into her second year of college while Jill was 18 and in her first semester of nursing. Both girls had boyfriends who they had dated for over a year and it seemed the couples spent a lot of time doing things together. Judy got to know both boys very well and she thought they were well-mannered young men.

Life took a serious misstep or it might have been called a drastic diversion on a weekend in May. Judy's husband left early Friday morning for a weekend conference and she was home with the girls. Well, she assumed it would be a great opportunity for some bonding time with her daughters, but that quickly changed when their boyfriends came over. They all spent Friday running small errands around the city and then Judy cooked the evening meal on the barbeque.

Judy might have consumed one too many glasses of wine, but she never minded because she wasn't going anywhere. She cooked steaks and everyone had a nice, relaxing dinner on the patio. The weather was perfect so the teenagers decided to stay outside for a swim and to play games afterwards. Judy was well aware of the boyfriends' interest in using the secluded backyard pool and she fully understood their youthful desire to see her daughters dressed in skimpy bathing suits.

She declined the offer to join the couples and couldn't resist giving her daughters some witty advice before going inside. "You girls be good and don't do anything I wouldn't do," she said. Julie and Jill simply gave their mother a knowing grin and wink, as they hurried off to change into their bikinis.

Judy gave the kitchen a quick clean before heading upstairs. She decided to have a nice hot shower and then watch some television before going to bed. After the shower, she simply dressed in very casual lounging pants and a loose fitting nightshirt, which was basically an oversized t-shirt. She seldom wore any under garments to bed and never considered wearing anything else on this night. The TV in her bedroom was convenient so there was no reason to go downstairs and she eventually fell asleep watching some nondescript show.

Judy dozed off during the show and it was around eleven when she woke with an awful thirst. The house was deathly quiet when she shuffled out of the bedroom and headed to the kitchen for something to drink. There were no lights on in the hallway, but Judy easily found her way in the dark. She heard strange sounds coming from the backyard and correctly assumed one of her daughters was on the secluded patio with her boyfriend.

There was a window at the end of the second floor hallway and Judy approached it with hesitation, as she realized that she would be spying on her daughter. The window looked out over the backyard of the Victorian two-story and it gave her a perfect view of the patio and swimming pool. Judy let out a sharp gasp when she noticed her oldest daughter and boyfriend in an extremely compromising situation.

Much to Judy's dismay, her innocent daughter had something recognizable and yet very unfamiliar in her fist. The teens lay beside each other on their backs and Julie had her right hand inside her boyfriend's pants. Judy's eyes almost bugged out of her head when she noticed her daughter lower the pants and reveal her boyfriend's impressive penis. Julie's fingers looked dainty and very small wrapped around a thick pulsing, teenage cock. A shiver shot through Judy's entire body when she imagined what something that big and hard must feel like.

The teens had obviously changed into t-shirts and sweatpants after taking a swim and they were relaxing on lounge chairs. Julie fisted the upstanding penis with one hand and cupped her boyfriend's balls with the other. The teen's sweatpants were down around his knees and everything was in plain view for Judy to see. Adding to the immoral scene was the fact Julie's shirt was up around her neck and her boobs were brazenly exposed to her boyfriend. He molested them and seemed to concentrate on the large nipples, which appeared to be in an overly erect state.

Judy's first inclination was to rush outside and order her daughter to stop the sexual fondling at once, but she couldn't move. Her feet remained planted on the floor and she leaned forward trying to get a better look. Judy put her hands on the sides of the window frame and her arms trembled when she supported the weight of her torso, as she leaned towards the glass. There was no fear of being seen, as the only lights were outside, and she felt like a sleuth spying on something morally wrong.

The teenagers were oblivious to anyone being around and suddenly Julie's hand began a slow and deliberate pumping up and down the long, thick shaft. Each time Julie's hand came up and surrounded the bulbous head, she sort of cupped her boyfriend's cock-head, giving it a deliberate, firm squeeze. The boy uttered plenty of nervous giggles and soft whispers and he eagerly encouraged Julie to keep going.

Judy's legs trembled just like her arms when she noticed the boy's stomach heaving in and out to indicate he was becoming overly aroused. Fully engrossed in the illustrious scene, Judy never heard anyone. All of a sudden she froze! Judy sensed the presence of someone behind her and the person's face was directly behind her right ear. Hot whiffs of their panting washed across the side of her face and Judy almost fainted. Wet lips touched her ear and her heart beat out of control. "Spread your legs ... spread your feet apart."

The hot breath continued caressing the side of her face and seemed to paralyze every muscle in her body. When big hands flashed past her head and clamped down on top of hers, nailing them to the window frame, Judy merely flinched. All of a sudden a foot slipped between her bare feet and deftly nudged her feet apart. It would take her years of wondering why she didn't spin around and run down the hallway. Her feet were apart so they were equal to the spread of her hands and Judy felt her knees threatening to buckle. Her arms continued trembling like crazy, but she managed to keep her balance without falling face first into the glass.

"I've wanted to touch you for a long time ... a long, long time," the stranger whispered.

Judy was confused. She never understood why something so wrong and sinful made her feel stimulated. Whoever stood behind her moved his hands to her hips, but she was powerless to move her hands, which stayed firmly nailed to the window frame. The strange fingers dug into the soft flesh of her waist and her body remained motionless while her heart beat so fast that her face became fully flushed. Suddenly the fingers grabbed the bottom of her nightshirt and Judy never resisted when the garment was pulled out of the waistband of her pants.

Her shirt was lifted and held above her breasts while she stood riveted on the spot. "Your breasts ... tits are gorgeous. I've wanted to touch them from the first time I saw you."

Judy was positive she screamed, as her mouth was wide open. Her brain yelled at the intruder to stop and wondered why he wasn't listening. Then she felt a big hand cup her bare boob and fondle her. She was too afraid to look behind and stared straight into the dark shinny glass, as she lost sight of the two teenagers on the patio. Her breathing got extremely ragged and uneven when a hand closed over one of her titties and strong, determined fingers instantly surrounded the nipple, which seemed overly erect.

"Your tits are so nice and luscious. I've loved them since my first date with Jill."

'Oh my gawd, it's Chad, my daughter's boyfriend.' Judy's eyes closed tightly, as she was too afraid to move or do anything. Her mind rushed over the numerous possibilities and suddenly she remembered her daughter having a night shift at the nearby hospital. Jill worked part time, as a nurse just to get extra training for her college degree, and it wasn't out of the ordinary for her boyfriend to spend the night in her room while she was away. Judy realized her daughters had sexual relationships with their boyfriends and she didn't mind it at all.

"I've dreamed of this for the longest time," the boy whispered. Her ear was in his teeth and he sort of blew his words across her rosy cheek. "Your tits are so soft ... so luscious."

Judy felt sorry for the teen, but wondered why her sanity had vanished. Much to her dismay, the words came out of her mouth for the first time. "Please stop. You can't do this ... please stop." She had never felt anything so demanding and yet so stimulating.

The teenager let go of her boob and placed his hand in the center of her back. He almost pushed her face-first into the window and then he put his other hand on her ass. "Keep your feet apart. Stand still," he whispered. Chad caressed her butt cheeks one at a time in a most loving fashion and it didn't take long before his youthful mind was out of control.

Judy knew it was only a prelude to further molesting, but she held perfectly still even when his fingers got adventurous. His daring fingers slipped into the crack of her ass and slowly traced a path up and down the soft, luscious valley. Her breathing came to an abrupt halt when his fingers hastily slipped under the elastic waistband and swooped downward into the vast wetness.

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