Controlling Gwen: a Kind of Incest Tale

by mattwatt

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Incest, InLaws, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Gwen is married to the stick in the mud Bobbie and then becomes the 'property' of his younger brother Matt, much to her delight.


When she met Bobbie T, Gwen thought that life was going to start anew for her. It looked good, and she was pleased. He as older, steady, employed on a construction job over in Ohio, not too far a drive from the Western PA area where they lived.

This was all new for Gwen because of, admittedly, the way that 'she'd been'. This is the way that she often enough thought about her past, those teen aged years. She liked to call them, in a kind of deference for her own feelings and sensibilities, 'her friendly years.'

Everyone from those days could recall the figure of the slim, smiling girl with the blond curls, who had a reputation among all the guys. That was Gwen. She was the 'reputation girl' or, remember, in her own thoughts, those were her 'friendly years'.

She didn't put out to everyone, as the tales tended to tell but she was an easy make out. This should not be despised because an 'easy make out' in the proper days of the late 50'as was really something to get your teeth into. It was far from the liberated sexual 21st century.

Gwen was easy for a good feel, for, as it was known then, 'getting to first base.' Her tongue as available to you readily, her perky, smallish tits were feelable with nipples that would stand at attention for you, if you were her present date and had your eager hands on them.

Gwen didn't mind it. She like all the feeling. She even let some of the guys, special ones, selected ones to be sure, get a hand up under her skirt and into the difficult territory of her girdle. (It was a time, a day and age, when all the girls, no matter how thin, wore them!)

Those were heady sessions for her, and she had only just begun to discover the joys of masturbation, following those usually heated petting sessions, which were still, at that point, controllable, with both her and the guy involved calling a halt at the right moment.

There was of course a late development in these sex forays. That was when Gwen made the huge decision, that on the next such 'make out date', she was going to try cock sucking. There had been, always were stories about 'doing that', 'doing the oral' and it was a matter of thinking about such a strange sounding practice that brought Gwen to her decision.

It was Kenny H's good fortune that he was next in line to date Gwen, and look for, hope for a bit of make out fun.

He didn't, however, consider, you didn't really in those days, the possibility that Gwen had graduated now from being a first class make out artist to being a cock sucker as well. That news would have been on the walls of the guy's lavatories at the high school in no time. But it wasn't there yet. Kenny H was going to be the first in a long crowd of those serviced by Gwen in that way.

She found the practice, it has to be admitted, interesting. She actually didn't mind the taste, clean taste in Kenny H's case, the texture--this was a real treat, the silky hardness of the cock in her mouth--but, when he came, which he did with alacrity, and quickness, she didn't like the feeling of the gooey stuff in her mouth.

Gwen established a rule right then. She was a cock sucker, that name she took to herself, and only smiled at the thought of it being added to the other tales about her, but she wasn't a swallower! No, not at all.

She got a good deal of practice after that, to improve her technique. She paid special attention to the fact that just as a boy was going to cum in her mouth, he invariably would grab for the back of her head and begin to pull her face downward on his cock. She always got ready for that and became good at counteracting the motion and just holding the stuff in her mouth until it could be spit out.

In a tiny part of her mind, she liked being whispered about as a 'mouth' for the guys. It appealed to her in a strange way. She liked to mentally compare the sizes and shapes of the cocks that she sucked. She discovered that she liked having a soft cock in her mouth that would grow with her ministrations. All of that was pleasing, swallowing wasn't. She even had a chance to get on her knees once for a football player, who hadn't washed enough, and discovered that she loved the funky taste of his cock, not tasting of soap and washing but strange flavors and a bit of wildness. This she never admitted to them. It would have ramped up her reputation in a way that she didn't want.

The end of high school came at just the right time for Gwen. She knew that, after growing into cock sucking, the only next step was fucking and she didn't really know that she was ready to add that to her already infamous reputation. But school ended and she went on.

But 'going on' for Gwen at that time in her life meant Bobbie T. Her older, slow wonderful Bobbie T. They became an item, and Gwen re-invented herself. She wasn't the wild make out girl now. She was slow and calm and she let things grow between them in a nice fashion. Of course, she rewarded Bobbie T's slow, almost vanilla plainness in sexual matters with the gift of her virginity. She thrilled him by sucking him off anytime that he wanted. She didn't swallow. Gwen never did that.


Matt was Bobbie's younger brother. The contrast between the two of them, for Gwen at least, was radical. Where Bobbie was calm and easy to control for Gwen, Matt had a kind of dangerous look about him. She could never put her finger on it but it was there for her. She decided to remain polite, and friendly but very wary of him. He invariably treated her with a kind of smile on his face in those days. It was a smile that she didn't think she'd want to get to know the meaning of but that very same possibility was the closest possibility to her heart.

It actually began by a kind of accident. Bobbie was working in Ohio still; Gwen was his steady gal. He had a car and it was the only one in the family. Their Mom needed to go somewhere and going by car seemed to be the only way. It was agreed that they'd travel back to Ohio to where Bobbie worked, their Mom, Gwen and Matt and bring the car back.

The car was an older type, the kind with a large continuous bench seat. That was important in those days, since it allowed a guy to drive with one hand on the wheel and one hand around his girl friend's shoulder.

They made the drive to Ohio and then back. It was pretty late at night, by the time that they got back to Western PA, where they lived. They were, all three of them, in the front seat, and Gwen was close enough to Matt to press her thigh against his. She never moved the thigh but was constantly, truly aware of the pressure.

Mom was asleep by the time that they were back, and so Matt dropped her off at the house and then went to take Gwen to her place. She shared an apartment with a girl friend.

When they got back into the car, Gwen slid over along the seat and sat next to Matt again. He smiled at her, and the smile made her heart race a bit.

They pulled into the parking lot by her apartment and just sat there for a few minutes.

It was Matt who began it. He seemed so slyly sure of himself, a fact that, after only a few minutes, Gwen would not have gainsaid.

"So, do you suck his cock?" Matt asked, and heard Gwen's intake of breath in the darkness.

"I don't think that's any of your..."

He grabbed her by the cheeks and said roughly: "Never refuse to answer what I ask of you."

Gwen was caught. It surprised her afterwards that it had been so easy for him but she could only put it down to all those looks that she'd had from him, and her nervousness about what they'd meant and the ride with the pressure of the thighs. Whatever it was, she found herself doing what he wanted.

"Yes," she said, "I suck his cock!"

He laughed and she only looked at him.

"So, little Gweny is a cock sucker!" he said, still laughing.

"Yes," she said.

"Yes, what?" he snapped at her, "Tell me, say it to me!"

She felt more like a cornered animal than anything else, and she realized, right then, that she was going to do it.

"Yes," she said then softly, "Little Gweny's a cock sucker!"

"Louder, Gweny!" he said, and she did what he wanted. This time it could be heard all over the area of the car:

"Little Gweny's a cock sucker!" she trumpeted.

"Good, we have that established," he went on, "Do you swallow, Gweny?"

Now she was enough under his control that she didn't hesitate to answer him:

"No, I never swallow! I don't like that!"

What he said next both shocked and riveted her attention:

"But with me you will swallow, right Gweny?" he said in a tone too dangerous to deny.

She looked at him, staring at his eyes, twinkling in the semi-darkness and said clearly, hardly even believing at that point that it was she who was speaking and, moreso, meaning what she was saying:

"Yes, with you I will swallow!"

"Good," he said, "Now get those pants off; I want to see your naked ass, while you suck my cock, Gwen!"

Gwen was smitten, taken over, out of her own control. It was as if she were mesmerized. She began to take her jeans off, never letting her eyes off of his. The jeans were off and on the floor.

"Give me your panties!" he said and she slipped them off and handed them to him.

He moved in the seat then and had his legs splayed open. She allowed him to tug her into position and she took his cock out. It was bigger than Bobbie's. It wasn't very washed that night either, but that was increasingly part of what pleased a part of Gwen.

Right then Matt began to control Gwen, Bobbie's Gwen, and she didn't care. Her head went down into his lap; her mouth wide open and she received his cock inside her mouth.

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