A Bigger Bra for Ashley

by Axolotl

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Desc: Humor Sex Story: A school nativity play presents a problem for the boy selected to play the Virgin Mary - he can't find a bra big enough! Fortunately he has the help of his *big* sister...

A school nativity play presents a problem for the boy selected to play the Virgin Mary - he can't find a bra big enough!

"Ashley, certainly not! You are not having a bigger bra, and that's final! The very idea!"

"But Mum!"

"It's the Virgin Mary you're playing, not an exotic dancer. Denise's old bra is more than big enough."

Ashley stalked upstairs and slumped gloomily on to his bed. He turned over the blue gown and picked up his big sister's old bra. Stuck into the stretched cups with sticky tape was a pair of balloons wobblingly filled with warm water and tied at the neck with string. The balloon nozzles were arranged to protrude like nipples in the appropriate places.

There was a soft knock on his door. "Ash?"

"Come in, Denise."

"What's up, kid?" She came over and sat down next to him. If she hadn't been his sister, Ashley could have lusted after Denise in the worst possible way. In fact, as she was his sister, and he did lust after her, it was the worst possible way already. Denise was, in a word, stacked. The bra she had let him borrow for the school play was this late summer's model, and when he had filled those balloons with water, they had felt quite dangerously full.

"Mum says I can't have bigger tits," he said, his head downcast. He laid the bra on the bed.

Denise had to struggle not to laugh. A year younger than her, Ashley had always been easily upset. He was really quite a pretty boy: the obvious and natural choice for the role of Mary in his boys-only school's production of the Nativity play. She suspected that peer pressure was being applied to Ashley to get him to wear bigger breasts beneath his Virgin Mary costume. She was correct, as usual. The plan was for him to be more modestly endowed throughout rehearsals, then to blossom into a gloriously-stacked Virgin on the night of the performance. Needless to say, the teaching staff had not approved this plan.

"Try it on again, Ash, let's see how you look."

"It's no good," he sighed. "The older boys want me to be bigger. Joseph says he wants me to look more like you."

"More like me? Who's playing Joseph?" Denise asked, licking her lips.

"Andy Barrett. He says you're really fit!"

Denise blushed. She felt more or less the same thing herself about the hulking senior. If the things the other girls said about him were true, she would dearly love to find out for herself at first hand. Or even both hands! "I suppose I could let you try my new bra. You know my latest one? It's two sizes bigger than that one. It's a 34G." She felt her blush getting deeper.

"The blue one... ?" Ashley stopped himself too late. "I saw it in the laundry basket," he stammered lamely.

"I only bought it yesterday! You've been peeking through my bedroom door. How much did you see?"

"Nothing. Hardly anything." The boy's face was crimson. He crossed his legs, too late by several seconds. Denise stroked the back of his hand, sorry for him despite everything. She was feeling unaccountably moist.

"I'll fetch it and we can try it on you. Don't go away!"

Ashley wasn't going anywhere. He could hardly even stand up in his present condition. As Denise slipped into her bedroom, he frantically wrestled his jeans down to his knees and tried to readjust his underwear. She was back in seconds, panting and slightly flushed.

"Golly!" she said, "I'm not the only one who's been growing round here!"

"Sis!" Ashley was trying to hide the throbbing evidence, and failing miserably.

"Let's try this thing on you," she said huskily. "No balloons yet. Turn round."

She was standing close behind him, and he could feel her warm breath on the back of his neck as she concentrated on fastening the bra's four hooks behind his back. In the dressing table mirror, he could see his sister's long nipples, spiking beneath her T-shirt, her breasts gloriously heavy and full, bra-less and trembling. Her eyes met his in the mirror, and he looked away.

Denise was all thumbs. It wasn't easy, putting a bra on someone else. She'd been wearing bras herself for four years, increasingly big ones - especially in the last few months - but this was the first time she had tried putting a bra on anyone else. It wasn't made any easier by the glimpse she'd had of Ashley's bulging shorts, which she could just see now, in the mirror. God, he was throbbing! Not up to Andy Barrett standard, but not to be sneezed at by any means.

"Have you done it yet?"

Denise started guiltily. "Done what?"

"Those hooks."

"They're tight. They have to be strong to hold up my great big breasts." She had the satisfaction of hearing a low groan escape Ashley's lips. "There, it's done." Quickly, she transferred one hand to her crotch. Even through the heavy material of her jeans, she could feel a warm dampness. She didn't dare look in case it was starting to show through. "Any more balloons? We'll just blow them up with air for now, until we know how big we can make them."

They each puffed on a balloon. Denise had a blue one, Ashley's was green. Their eyes met as the balloons inflated.

"How big do they need to be, Sis?"

"A bit more yet." She stopped blowing and held the neck of the balloon, holding it next to one of the bra cups. "They're too round, really. Breasts are sort of longer than this..."

Ashley looked at his balloon, then at Denise's well-filled T-shirt. "We'd get a better idea if..."

Denise placed a finger on his lips, silencing him. "Don't you dare tell Mum about this." And she pulled the T-shirt out and up, so her breasts slid out, to wobble heavily on her chest. She was breathing heavily.

So was Ashley. "Shit, Sis! You're huge!"

"Tell me about it, Ash. Be quick and make your balloon the right size, in case she comes in and finds out what we're doing."

Spurred to action, Ashley blew three more times into his balloon, then placed it next to the real thing. "Looks good, Sis!"

"Are mine as big as that?" she gasped.

"Yeah! I said you were huge."

She was, she realised. Her bust was very nearly forty-two inches now, and she was getting bigger literally by the month. But it was only when Ashley's pale blue bra was stuffed with two well-inflated balloons that Denise saw just how big she really was, in side view and every other view. She was perilously close to flooding her pants. Surely, he could smell her arousal by now. She certainly could.

"Let's try the dress on you," she said, her voice cracking. And she dragged the blue gown off the bed and shook it out. This was part of the problem. Mary's gown was so voluminous, Ashley was lost in it. Even with his new G cup bosom, the gown tended to disguise things. Only when Denise tied the belt tight and dragged the material back across the bust did Ashley really stick out in front. And clearly, Mary the Blessed Virgin couldn't wear her gown like a 1950s starlet. "They could do with being even bigger," she said, turning him round and round and staring critically.

Ashley, crestfallen, had to agree. He stood facing his sister, then glanced sideways at his image in the mirror and hurriedly crossed his legs. There was a decidedly un-Virginal bulge at his crotch. Denise seemed not to notice. "I could perhaps get a bigger bra for you," she said slowly, stroking her chin.

"You could? But I can't wait until you grow some more. The play's in three weeks."

"Ashley!" She was delighted despite herself. "I know I'm growing really fast, but even I won't be more than another inch bigger in three weeks! No, I was thinking of someone else who's bigger than me. Much bigger!"

"Bigger than you?" Ashley's spirits were cast down again. None of your friends are anywhere near your size."

"Not my friends, no. But my friend's friend might be. It might be difficult to arrange it, though..."

"I'd be ever so grateful, Denise."

"How grateful?"

"Ever so!"

"How much?"

"I could let you have a go with my latest computer game..."

"It would be much more difficult than that. I'd have to persuade my friend's friend..."

Ashley had an idea. An Idea. "How about if Joseph came along, to see if your friend's friend was big enough?"

"Joseph? You mean..."

"Andy Barrett, yeah."

Denise lost it in that instant. As she flung her arms round her brother, she felt the spreading wetness round her whole groin. Her breasts squashed massively against her brother's balloons."

"Careful, Sis! Sis!"



"Oh, fuck it!"

"Oops!" She stepped back, crimson faced. The Virgin Mary was suddenly flat-chested.

"What are you two up to in there... ?"

"So I wondered if Heidi would be able to help?" Denise finished in a rush and waited for Alice to respond.

Alice narrowed her eyes. "What's in it for me?"

"I dunno. You could have a go with Ashley's latest game..."

Alice curled her lip. "What do you think I am? You want to borrow one of Heidi's bras for your brother to wear, full of balloons? You some sort of pervert, or what?"

Denise swallowed. "Andy Barrett will be there."

"Andy Barrett?" Alice took on a predatory look. "Why didn't you say? I'll have to have a word with her. I don't know how well she really understands English. She's pretty good, but this is a bit complicated."

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