Poker Night

by dawn1958

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, Mind Control, Group Sex, Orgy, .

Desc: Sex Story: The men have their monthly poker night and it is one to remember, as sexual fantasies quickly turn to reality.

Please email me with your suggestions and comments. I have written this story for a reader and all the fantasies and details are not necessarily my own. I hope he likes my story and he thinks I did justice to his fantasies.

It was the monthly poker night, which the five guys held usually on the last Friday of every month. Kory was hosting the party and his buddies arrived around seven. They started playing cards and drinking beer and by eleven o'clock none of the men were feeling any pain. After four hours of poker, they were ready for some snacks, which the host wife usually made up ahead of time for the hungry savages. The talk around the table was always crude and vulgar so the women usually went to a friend's house for the evening. Kory's wife made the snacks and then wisely went to stay overnight at her mother's, as she couldn't stand the loud, boisterous talk.

Kory stopped the game around 11 and went to the kitchen to bring out the food, while Cam took the opportunity to go out to his car for something. Cam had parked in the back alley, which was dark as all get out, and he had to virtually feel the way to his car. Just as he approached his prized 1967 corvette, he noticed some movement next to his car. Quietly, he crouched down and listened to see what was happening.

"Hurry Jenny, grab the damn thing and let's get out of here," he heard and realized someone was inside his car. Suddenly, he rushed to the driver's door, as he was not going to let them damage his ultimate toy. The voice inside the car was that of a girl and Cam assumed the other person was also a girl because of the name. Just as he came around the front of the car, the girl on watch saw him and yelled for the others to run. There was a mad scurry of bodies and he noticed three taking off in different directions. The one who was inside the car was not as lucky and Cam got to the door before she could escape.

Cam grabbed the girl by the hair when she attempted to get out of the seat. He practically threw her onto the ground and pushed her face into the gravel of the alley. With a sob of defeat, the girl stopped struggling once Cam pinned her flat on her stomach and he held her steady. "What the hell are you doing," he asked in a voice that indicated he was not a happy camper.

Jenny was the unlucky one to be caught and she cried, realizing she was in deep trouble. Cam roughly pulled her up to her feet and pushed the door closed on his car. Guiding her into the back yard, he sort of pushed and pulled her to the back door of Kory's house. Reluctantly, she stumbled inside the kitchen and Cam called out to his buddies for some help. They came rushing to the room and listened as he quickly told them that four girls were vandalizing his car. He asked Gary to hold Jenny and the rest of the guys would go out and check out the car to see what was taken.

Cam checked the car and found the expensive CD radio was disconnected. It was hanging loose from the dash and in another few seconds would have been removed. The glove box was open and all the papers and valuable items from inside were already missing. Nothing else seemed to be out of place and he locked up the car and they all went inside to interrogate their prisoner.

Jenny had eyes the size of saucers and she obviously was very afraid of the five older men. She looked to be an older teenager and not very experienced at this sort of thing. In only a few seconds, Cam had found out her name and where she lived. The guys decided it was probably best to try to get Cam's things back by themselves, as the police would only complicate the issue. Kory theorized that if they called her home, the parents would assist them in getting the items returned. The parents would be more apt to replace any damaged or destroyed items if Cam handled the investigation himself.

Calling the number Jenny gave, Kory dialed and got an answer from a female voice. He assumed it was a relative, so he quickly explained what happened and asked if he had the correct household. The girl who answered said her name was Jasmine and that she was Jenny's older sister. She explained that she was willing to negotiate with them for Jenny's safe release, as long as they didn't call the police.

Jasmine had been one of the girls in the back alley and when all hell broke loose, she had rushed home. The three girls now waited for news of Jenny and Kory's phone call was a relief to know they had not informed the police. Thinking fast, Jasmine had to find a way to save her baby sister and she told Kory that she was willing to do anything to free her sister. If they would let Jenny go and not call the law, she would come over to his place. She promised to return all the items they lifted and hinted at being a willing hostage if they would forgive and forget what happened.

Kory's mind went into overdrive, as he saw how beautiful and sexy the teenager sitting in the kitchen chair looked. If her sister was anything like Jenny, she would be worth a trade and she might be convinced to cooperate fully. A little blackmail and friendly persuasion might just convince this Jasmine to succumb to any perverted demands. It was worth a chance to get into Jasmine's pants, as they would teach her a lesson not to vandalize other people's property.

Kory quickly accepted her offer and told her to be at his place within the hour. Using his most stern voice, he tried to convey a grave manner. Then Kory got the reassurance he wanted when he asked her if she was serious about doing anything to pay penance. "Yes, you bastard. I will do anything your little, perverted heart desires, just don't harm my sister," she pleaded with Kory. "You must release her once I get there or the deal is off," she added.

"You have one hour," Kory told her and hung up the phone.

With a satisfied smile, Kory whispered to Cam to come with him into another room where he could explain the situation. "This little one's sister is going to trade places with her and she told me she was willing to do anything we wanted if we would forget what happened," he told Cam. "I plan to fuck her brains out and there is no way she will report anything," he said in an excited voice. "If we play our cards right, all of us will get a piece of her and she will be only too glad to cooperate. Let's set up my camcorder and we will take a video just to make sure she keeps her word. We can edit it later and cut any parts that shows she resisted anything we did to her," Kory whispered.

The other three guys still in the kitchen with the teenager wondered what Kory and Cam were up to, but knew they would be informed shortly. They casually kept Jenny prisoner until Kory and Cam finally returned to the room. "This little underage beauty is going to be replaced by her older sister who will do her time," Kory explained to the group. "She is coming over right away and I promised to let this one go when she arrived," Kory told his buddies with a wink.

A hush came over the group and they waited for the expected arrival of the victim. Each formed a mental picture of what Jasmine would look like and then fantasized of what they would do with her. The excitement was building, as it was inconceivable to have a willing woman to perform sexual deeds, and they all were determined to take complete advantage of a once in a lifetime experience.

Cam left the room and went to set up the camera. He would set it up so it showed the area around the big recliner chair. It was a big stuffed chair, which they planned to use for the upcoming adventure, and Cam set the camera so it just had to be turned on. They would leave it run the whole time and use it to blackmail Jasmine if necessary.

The doorbell sounded to break the eerie silence and everyone jumped into a standing position, with the exception of Jenny who was detained on a chair. Everyone held their breath when Kory opened the door to reveal Jasmine, the woman of the hour. She was determined to not let these guys get the better of her and tried her best to put on a brave face.

The hungry eyes devoured her short, slender body and feasted on the large breasts, which looked too big for her thin hips. She was of Mexican decent but was born and raised in the city. Her pretty face was offset by jet, black hair, which didn't require any special treatment, as it was naturally curly. All five guys noticed her beauty and there were a few skipped heartbeats, as they pictured the 19 year old without any clothes.

Jasmine's eyes quickly scanned the room and noticed her frightened sister being held in the straight-backed chair. She believed it was her duty to exchange places with Jenny, as she was more able to withstand any punishment from these devils.

Kory liked the fact that Jasmine was only 5"1", as it gave him a powerful feeling. He invited her into the intended dungeon and waited for her to speak. When he closed the door, Jasmine flinched, realizing she had been closed off from the outside world.

Kory smiled when Jas handed him the bag of goodies that were taken from Cam's car. He noticed her hand shaking like crazy and it gave him confidence even though she tried to gain the upper hand. "My agreement was that you let Jenny go ... what are you waiting for?" She glared at Kory and tried to keep her voice steady.

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