Doris's Last Dance

by dawn1958

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: Doris goes out with her husband and friends to a nightclub where they dance the night away. She dances with many men and meets one that promises her that the last dance will be one to remember.

I wrote this story as a request from a reader so hope you like it. I have added a longer ending to this version as I sort of left the original hanging. At the time it sounded like a good idea but maybe it wasn't.

Doris and her husband, Randy, were meeting two other couples at the nightclub on the Red Mile at 42nd Street. About two or three times a year, the couples went out to relax and have some fun. The men usually were quite content to just sit there all night and have as many beers as they could hold. The women on the other hand, liked to dance and were constantly on the dance floor, as there was no shortage of available men to dance with. Many of the men came back for seconds and thirds, but the women were just happy to be letting loose.

Doris had been drinking screwdrivers and the sneaky vodka was beginning to make her feel a little tipsy. She decided to do more dancing, as she thought that should wear off some of the alcohol. The floor was always very crowded, which enabled the guys to cop a few feels along the way, and Doris certainly was in no mood to reject any affection on this night. It was actually quite thrilling to act risqué once in awhile. After all, she thought, what harm could a few feels be?

Every once in awhile, one or two of the girls would go back to the table to put in an appearance so the husbands wouldn't object to their dancing. During one of the breaks, Doris giggled when Dawn described the hard cock that this one guy pressed so tight against her; she thought it would leave a permanent mark. Doris told her that one guy kept asking her to dance but she was getting afraid to accept, as he kept talking dirty to her. Once he even grabbed her hand and placed it right over his hard cock. "Can you imagine that?" she asked her friend. The girls huddled closer and she confided to Dawn how damn good it felt, but it was just too bad it belonged to a jerk.

Soon both girls were back on the dance floor and having a great time. Doris wasn't too happy when the jerk cut in on the next dance, but she agreed to dance, as he was a good dancer. If only he would not try to body fuck her while on a crowded dance floor, she would have felt more at ease. Again he felt her up at every opportunity and she was even mad at herself for letting him take liberties. The man even managed to get a good feel of her boobs during one song. Since there were so many on the floor, she saw no reason to make a scene whenever the jerk molested her, and she just did her best to get away from his advances. Finally a song ended and she begged off the next one, as she just had to use the ladies room. With a quick turn, she was gone before he could say a word.

Finding the restrooms, she was just about to put her hand on the door when someone grabbed her from behind. Quickly, the strong hands twisted her slender body and forced her into the men's washroom, which was right next door. Not resisting too hard at first, Doris thought it was someone who she knew and they were playing a trick on her. Suddenly, she realized that she was all the way inside the men's room and abruptly became afraid, as she didn't think any of her friends would do this to her.

A strong hand grabbed a handful of the back of her blouse and held her firmly, so she could not turn around. She couldn't see who was forcing her and suddenly she was shoved forward to the long countertop, which contained a couple of sinks. This all happened in a matter of seconds and she really didn't have time to yell or scream. Had she known she was in trouble, she certainly would have yelled her head off.

The attacker forced her to bend over at the sinks, using enough force that she protested the harsh treatment. Then she used the sternest voice she could muster. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" She began to struggle harder but was not able to get free, as she was in such an awkward position. Her hands were spread about a foot apart on the counter to prevent herself from falling over when she was pushed hard towards the sinks.

Looking up, Doris saw that there was a mirror directly in front of her and she gazed into it with a worried look. Right behind her and forcing her to bend over the countertop was the jerk who had molested her on the dance floor. With a start, she yelled at the man. "Stop this at once or I'll scream my bloody head off!"

Smiling with an evil grin, the man simply gave her blouse a quick jerk to show his superior power and then he reached down. He grabbed the lower hem of her skirt and flipped it up to her waist in one easy motion. Doris stared into the mirror wide-eyed, as she watched in horror when her bare flesh was brazenly exposed. The man let go of her skirt and undid his jeans, pulling out his long, hard cock. Doris almost fainted when he jerked it up and down vigorously and her eyes never left the overpowering weapon.

'Oh no, ' she thought when it became obvious what his intentions were. Then he moved closer to Doris and began slapping her exposed ass with the top portion of his overgrown cock. The sound of skin meeting skin filled the compact room and she actually welcomed the punishment he rained on her now reddening ass-cheeks. Doris was so shocked by what he was doing that she remained absolutely motionless, as if waiting for his next punishment.

A shudder of despair shot through her body and she found her voice. "Please don't, please," she begged the man to stop and leave her alone. His only response was to let go of his ramrod and grab the elastic edge of her shear, thong panties. Doris twisted and turned in an attempt to get away, but he held her steady between his body and the counter. The man roughly pulled the elastic from around her leg and twisted it to the side, which allowed the cool air to wash over the sensitive flesh between her thighs. A violent shudder went through her body when she realized she was exposed to this creature and he might fuck her right there in a dirty washroom.

Doris sobbed and cried, as she looked behind. She noticed the man aiming his meat at her exposed backside and she jerked forward in an attempt to escape the assault. Her upper thighs pushed against the countertop, which prevented any movement or getaway. Suddenly his cock disappeared from her vision and her heart stopped, waiting for it to happen.

When the burning cock touched her skin, Doris almost passed out from fright. Her protests became louder, but the man never heard a word she uttered. His only response caused more uncertainty in the pit of her stomach. "You teased me all night with that sexy body of yours ... waved that sexy ass at me and now I am going to have the last dance." She could see his smile displayed in the mirror and knew she was not going to be able to reason with him at all.

The tip of his enraged cock pressed into her crotch and her breathing momentarily held, as she knew what was about to happen. Doris could see that his glazed eyes were totally focused on what he was doing behind her and suddenly, she felt the head of his big cock slip between her wet pussy lips. 'Oh, gawd no, ' she thought, 'why am I so wet?' Doris reasoned it was likely due to all the dancing and exercise she had been doing throughout the evening.

"I'm going to fuck you ... pretty lady," he said to Doris and embedded his monster with a sudden shove. All at once, she was astonished when he filled her cunt like never before. Her juices coated the thick shaft and he was quickly able to pump his iron in and out. Doris held onto the counter with all her strength so he wouldn't shove her head into the mirror. All the while, she stared at the dirty bastard who was forcing himself upon her. Doris resisted with all her might, but she told herself that the man was just too strong for her to get free.

He began pumping in and out at a furious pace and the long, deliberate strokes were something new to Doris. When he thrust his powerful hips with all his strength, his cock hit places never before touched by any other. All of a sudden the strangest feeling formed deep within her loins and she shuddered from the fear of what it meant. Doris questioned how she could feel anything close to arousal with this jerk fucking her in a public washroom? A second and then a third electric spasm shot through her tender body, which filled her with great disbelief.

Her protests renewed with vigor and she pleaded with him to stop at once. "Please stop, don't do this to me," she pleaded with him. Doris would never forget her next recollection. She glanced into the mirror and noticed that the man had both hands on the cheeks of her exposed ass, as there was no need to restrain her upper body. Doris realized that it was possible to jump up and run, yet she was unwilling to move.

The power of the stranger pounding his cock into her, forced Doris to shut her eyes tightly in an attempt to hide the mirror images of her rising shame. She continued the viselike grip on the counter to prevent being driven forward into the glass, which would certainly hurt her. The man's rapid fucking quickly took a toll on his stamina and it faded fast.

What Doris heard next caused her heart to stop for a split second. She vigorously renewed her struggle to get free when the washroom door opened and she realized someone was entering the room. Everything happened fast and there didn't seem to be an easy solution for her dilemma. Just as she managed to slide a little to one side, the man grabbed the back of her head. He wrapped his fingers into her long, curly hair and she had to turn her head sideways, as he forced her face into the glass.

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