He Stood Tall in the Heat of Battle

by wheelchairman85

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Desc: : Green Beret's tour of duty in the Vietnam War

I dedicate this story to my Uncle Charlie a Vietnam War veteran and proud member of the United States Army.

Born October 10th 1946-Died December 11th 2014

U.S. Army Service 1964-1967 Rank Sergeant

Cast of Characters list

Captain Robert Randolph Commander of Special Forces A-team 762 WWII & Korean war veteran married 2 children

2nd lieutenant Jeff brooks Chaplain for Special Forces A-team 762 Korean war veteran Married 5 children.

Sergeant Nate Harris point man M14 Service rifle .45 caliber service pistol single no kids

Sergeant Mike Hoover intelligence sergeant M14 Rifle .45 caliber pistol

S&W Model 10 .38 caliber revolver married one child

Sergeant George Webster radio man M14 rifle .45 caliber pistol Married 3 kids

Sergeant Ryan Sherman demolition specialist/forward observer M14 rifle .45 caliber pistol Married 4 kids.

Sergeant Luke "Doc" Kennedy medic M14 Rifle .45 caliber pistol Married 3 children

Master Sergeant Charlie Foley machine gunner M60 Machine gun .45 caliber pistol Married 3 kids

Fred hoover Mike's grandpa WWI veteran 28th infantry division 111th regiment H company retired factory worker and Baptist minister.

Hallie hoover Mikes grandma retired hospital nurse Sunday school teacher and a wonderful grandma.

Jennifer Davidson hoover Mike's wife married since 1965 shortly after her 18th birthday pregnant with her first child a son.

Sergeant Mike Hoover a U.S. Army Green Beret stationed at Fort Bragg North Carolina.

Is saying good bye to his wife Jennifer Davidson Hoover who is 5 months pregnant with their 1st child a baby boy

The day before he leaves the United States for his 12-month tour of duty in Vietnam, she looks at her husband with tears in her eyes and she says to him.

"Mike I am going to miss you terribly while you're overseas."

"I will miss you to Jennifer but I want you to know that I love you very much and that I promise you that I will return home, and then he kissed her."

The couple patiently waiting for Jennifer's flight back home to Indiana. After a short and boring wait the flight was announced and it was time for her to board the plane.

Before she boarded she presented her husband with a big care package Mike set the care package aside and took his wife into his arms.

They held on to each other as long as possible. Jennifer cried and she showered her husband's face with kisses when it was time for her to board the plane.

Mike handed Jennifer her very small carry-on bag and she walked away and got on the plane.

After his wife was safely on board the plane Mike opened his care package which contained the following items.

Socks, sewing thread, writing paper, pens, double mint and juicy fruit chewing gum and cherry life savers hard candy.

At the bottom of the care package box Mike found a pocket size photo album with a note attached to it.

Mike opened the note and he read it. "Dear Mike I put this photo album together for you for good luck. Sincerely Jennifer"

"P.S. I love you very much."

After looking through the photo album a couple of times Mike put all of the stuff back into the box then he returned to Fort Bragg.

When he got back to the base he went back to his assigned barracks and put the care package under his bed next to his military luggage.

Then Mike and the other soldiers in his barracks went to the mess hall for supper.

After they had finished eating Mike and his barrack's mates went back to the barracks.

He sat down on his bed and he read it was time for lights out. When it was time for lights out Mike and the other soldiers in his barracks went to sleep.

The next morning reveille sounded and Sergeant Mike hoover got up dressed then he made his bed then he and the other soldiers in his barracks marched to the mess hall for breakfast.

After they had ate a very filling breakfast Mike and his fellow soldiers returned to the barracks and got ready for their flight to Vietnam.

While the soldiers were very busy getting their stuff together an officer walked into the barracks and said


Then the officer left the barracks Mike quickly reached under his bed and he removed his military luggage and his care package and he placed the items on top of his bed then he sat down next to the stuff took out his army bible and he read it.

An hour later it was time to board the plane and fly off to war. Mike picked up his stuff and he headed for the C130 transport plane that was to fly him and his fellow soldiers to Vietnam.

Mike found a seat on the plane and he sat down then he fastened his seat belt. After the plane was fully loaded the doors where shut and the plane's engines were started up and the plane taxied down the long runway then it took off.

As the plane was flying along Mike began to think about what it had taken for him to get to this moment in Army career. First there was basic training at Fort Leonard wood in Missouri, then there was airborne school at fort Benning Georgia, then there was his Special Forces training at Fort Bragg North Carolina.

As he thought about all of these things he also thought about his family back home in Indiana.

After a very long and boring plain ride the C130 finally landed in Vietnam. After the plane came to a complete stop Mike unhooked his seat belt picked up his stuff and walked off the plane and along with the other soldiers double timed it over to a waiting area.

After standing in a very long line with a lot of other soldiers an officer shouted at Mike NAME AND RANK! He replied Mike Hoover Rank Sergeant!

Then the officer handed Mike a set of orders and said good luck soldier.

Mike looked at the officer and he said "thank you sir." Then Mike walked outside and unfortunately for him he only made it a few steps when he banged into a very muscular U.S. Army Master Sergeant.

"I am so sorry sir I'm a very clumsy soldier are you alright?"

The Master Sergeant looked at Mike and he said to the young sergeant

"I'm fine but you're a mess here let me help you get squared away again. What's your name soldier?"

"Sergeant Mike Hoover sir, Nice to meet you Mike I'm master Sergeant Charlie Foley Nice to meet you Charlie So Mike where are you headed?"

"Well Charlie according to my orders I have been assigned to Special Forces camp Saigon here are my orders."

Charlie read Mike's orders and handed them back to him. Then the two soldiers looked for transportation to their destination Special Forces camp Saigon.

After several minutes of looking they found a Huey helicopter and Charlie convinced the pilot to fly them to Camp Saigon.

Then they boarded the chopper and the pilot started it up and off the chopper went to deliver the two Green Berets to their destination.

Midway through there rather long chopper Hank and Mike started to talk a little."

"So Mike tell me a little bit about yourself?"

"Well Charlie I was born and raised in Indiana when I was 6 years old my parents died in a car crash and I was sent to live with my grandparents and they raised me my Grandpa is a veteran of world war one, a retired factory worker and a Baptist minister."

"My Grandma is a retired nurse and she also teaches Sunday school at church. I'm married and my wife Jennifer is pregnant with our first child a boy."

When Hank heard Mike say that he was married he looked at Mike and he said to his new friend.

"Do you have any pictures of your wife?" Mike took the photo album out of his shirt pocket and he showed it to Hank and he remarked politely.

"Mike your wife is very beautiful. Mike smiled and said thank you Hank."

So Hank Tell me about your-self? Well Mike I'm married and I have three children all boys. Mike smiled and said that's great Charlie. By the time they had finished their talk Mike and Charlie arrived at Camp Saigon.

After a brief guided tour of Camp Saigon and a meeting with the other members his Special Forces team it was time for Mike to meet the A team Commander Captain Robert Randolph.

Mike made his way to Captain Randolph's office when he got their he knocked respectfully on the door and he waited patiently.

After several tense minutes a gruff voice answered ENTER!

Mike opened the door and walked into the Captain's office.

Then he stood at attention in front of the Captain's desk and he said

"Sergeant Mike Hoover reporting to the Captain as ordered!"

Captain Randolph looked at Mike and he said "at ease Sergeant do you have your orders?"

He reached into his shirt pocket and he handed them to Captain Randolph.

The Captain took the orders from sergeant hoover and he read them. When Captain Randolph finished reading he looked at Mike and he said to the young sergeant

"Alright Sergeant Hoover now that you have met with me I will show you to your bunker please follow me."

Mike picked up his stuff and he followed Captain Randolph. After a 5 minute walk they arrived at the bunker that was going to be Sergeant Hoover's home for the next 12 months.

"It's not much of a home Sergeant but it's all you're going to get. After you get settled into your bunker I want you to the gun range Master Sergeant Foley will be over there to give you some instruction."

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