In Public/outdoors Fun
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Slut Wife, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Fun I have had either in a public place, or outdoors

As I have told you all in my previous experiences I had been more than a bit sexually active during my younger days, and since my marriage to Mike I have been naughty with a few men as well. Frank, Bill and now Ron being my three senior lovers now.

I have continued to see Frank on a regular basis and as I have said we now enjoy some very sexy evenings and days together. We play with each other, have long 69s with each other, he has now fist fucked me on more than one occasion, which he and I thoroughly enjoyed, and we obviously use toys on each other as well.

He particularly likes to spunk in my mouth or on my face or tits and then he likes me to go back to Mike with his cum still on me for Mike to " Fuck the shit out of me" as Frank puts it!

Mike enjoys seeing me in this state and is very happy for Frank to stretch my cunt for him, before he gets to work fucking me hard and telling me how he enjoys me "servicing the old guy" like a slut.

I have posed in various outfits for Frank now, all the usual stuff.

Black and red suspender sets, Mini skirts and other "tarty" outfits. He likes me to dress provocatively and to walk to his from our car dressed in this manner.

I have on a couple of occasions now went out for a drive dressed in some very revealing outfits with Frank and then returned together for us to have some fun.

He likes to be seen out with me like this as he thinks I look like a "cheap tart" with "her sugar daddy".

He has also taken me out for a couple of meals with me dressed in pretty revealing and sexy outfits, again he likes the looks it attracts and seems to think a lot of other women are tutting and whispering to their husbands or friends about the "young trollop with the old man".

Mike likes me to dress in this manner as well, as he gets excited about his wife acting the "whore" for another man.

We also visited a local sex store together a few weeks back.

We went during the daytime, me dressed in a black pencil skirt, no knickers, black seamed stockings and high heels and a low cut blouse.

Frank made sure I was sopping wet before we went in as he gave me a good finger fucking in the car before we got out. Once in we looked around at the sex toys, selecting a new vibrator for me. And then we made our way to the DVD section where we looked at some of the DVDs on sale.

We got some odd looks from some of the other customers, all male, and the 2 staff also gave us some odd looks too.

As we walked around the store | could feel the other 2 or 3 men ogling me and this made the whole thing even more horny. I again did my usual teasing moves so that any of the guys looking at me would have got a good view of my arse as I bent over, sticking my arse out, or as I reached up to get a DVD off the top shelf, trying to make sure I exposed plenty of leg whilst doing so.

The other men seemed to follow us from section to section as we looked at the toys and other stuff on sale.

I was encouraged by Frank to "let them see some tit" so as I lent over to get a DVD from one of the lower shelves I made sure my top was open, exposing my titties a little bit.

As we looked at the porn DVDs, Frank kept asking me, loud enough for the others to hear, if I "like the look of this vibro" or if I wanted to "see this DVD" as it "looks horny".

We chose a couple of amateur DVDS and asked the chap behind the counter if it was possible to view a bit before we bought it.

He said it wasn't possible but that he had seen it and it was a good one. Frank asked if their was plenty of "Big cocks and spunk in it" as "she likes the cocks to be big".

The guy looked at me smiling and said that it did have, to which I was asked by Frank if that was "okay?, will that get you in the mood love?"

I replied by saying that it "certainly would" and that it "was a pity we couldn't see it now".

I could sense another of the male customers looking over at us and so

I lent against the counter and really stuck my arse out.

The shop guy said he didn't get many female customers in, and that if "me and my husband didn't like the DVD we could return it".

I looked at him, by this point my cunt was dripping and I could feel my juices running down my legs.I laughed and smiled saying...

"oh hes not my husband" ... Frank laughed as well and slapped my arse as was leaning against the counter.

"Oh shes my neighbour son, not my wife. I just help keep her happy for her man, and she needs more than one man to keep her happy!"...

This took me aback a little and I gasped as he said it. The guy looked at me and kind of eyed me up and down.

I blatantly kept eye contact with him as he did so and he then muttered" lucky you!".

By now I was feeling very, very sexy and as I looked at the guy I whispered to him...

"lucky him, lucky me more like it, hes a right horny fucker and between him and my hubby they keep me well fucking seen to".

The man standing beside us gave me a smile on hearing me say this to the shop assistant. I almost came on the spot I was so wet and turned on!

Frank again patted my arse as I was talking to the shop assistant and then as we were paying for the items he said in aloud voice "right lets get you back to watch these and get you to try that new vibrator out".

I walked out wiggling my arse as best I could.

I wish the guy had made an approach to talk to us as I was so turned on I would have loved it!...

The whole thing had been great fun and a real turn on.

We intend to go back again and see if we can get the shop guy and ourselves worked up a bit more!.

We had a great snogging session in the car and then later as we watched the DVD Frank fisted me good and he spunked heavily on my tits.

Mike my hubby loves to hear about my sex partners from years gone by, as does Frank now.

Ever since Mike and I met he has known about my sexual past. He knows about me and my elder brother, about Eric and his friends and about the times I have had group sex and multi partners on holidays etc.

Since our marriage he has encouraged me to be flirty with others.

I have on few occasions "gotten off" with other men. normally at Christmas, work or Hogmanay parties etc.

On each occasion I have contacted Mike to get his approval and then I have been told how far I could go.

I have had a couple of guys finger me off in their cars and I have sucked off another couple as well.

I have enjoyed the odd grope on the dance floor and one time a couple of years back now, I had two guys ( both bouncers on the club door) take it in turns to finger fuck me in a night club car park. I then sucked them both off, they fucked me doggy style in the car park and they both flooded my face with cum.

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