The Good Book Says

by Crisscross

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Amos loses his wife, but finds a whole congregation of white ladies willing to stop by his house to make sure he has everything he needs.

I have a favorite restaurant that I like to dine at and almost every Friday night, you can find me there, eating the all you can eat sea food buffet. My favorite being the boiled in butter and garlic shrimp. It was a couple of months ago. I was sitting in the last booth next to the buffet table facing the door, when this rather slim, almost frail looking man entered the restaurant, followed by a rather robust looking woman. As the hostess seated them in the booth next to mine, he sat facing away from me. As she sat down she flashed me a quick friendly smile, They both decided to have the buffet and I heard her tell him to go ahead, she would wait until he got back. As he got up to get his food, she smiled that almost sultry smile again. I thought what's up with her, do I have something on my face, or what. Try as I might, I couldn't keep from glancing in her direction and if the guys attention was shifted away from her, she would smile back at me.

The look in her eyes and that smile were beginning to bother me, actually, she was beginning to give me a hard on. I guessed the guy to be around 5-8, 130 pounds. It was kind of hard to tell, because of the way his suit hung on him, rather than fit him. She had a few extra pounds for her height, but they were all pretty much in the right place's. I figured her to be around 5-6 140 pounds, dark, almost black, collar length hair and a set of knockers that could have gotten her a job in any Hooters in the country. I mean they had to be the firmest looking 38d, s I'd ever seen and an ass that a man like me could go crazy on. She was a pretty nice looking woman in a plain sort of way and when she smiled it lit up her face, making her damned pleasant to look at and if you looked at the overall package, she was damn nice to look at and I'm sure she knew what I was thinking and more than likely what affect she was having on me.

With that thought in mind I adjusted how my nearly hard dick was situated in my briefs. I wanted to make sure it would be quite noticeable to her when I went to get another plate of shrimp. As I stood up, I hesitated long enough to see her eyes shift from my face to my dick and back again. I watched as her face turned from a flirting smile to a look of confusion, or maybe it was disbelief. I smiled at her and turned toward the food bar.

I'd just gotten to the food bar when a man and woman I judged to be in there middle fifties, smiled at the couple and said, "what a wonderful surprise seeing you reverend Patterson and your lovely wife Johanna. As they stood making small talk about church I returned with a plate of shrimp and sat down, thinking what the hell's up with the preachers wife, smiling at me with that come play with me smile. Was the preacher not taking care of the little woman in bed, or was the preachers wife curious about black men, or did she already know what it was like to be fucked by a big black dick? Sometimes you just don't know.

I finished eating and paid my bill and on my way out I stopped to use the men, s room. When I came out, she was waiting outside the ladies room. As I made my way past her she dropped a business card on the floor and went into the ladies room. As I walked to my car I looked at the card, it was a card that introduced the new minister and his wife and welcomed you to the church, on the bottom were two phone numbers, one was to the church office the other a cell phone. I flipped it over and there scrawled on the back, was another cell number. I looked at it, smiled and put it in my shirt pocket. I was pretty sure I'd never make the call, but in case curiosity ever got the best of me, I'd have her number.

I'm Amos Morely, A small building contractor, specializing in building decks, porch's, garages and the like. I'm forty one years old, five nine, a hundred and sixty pounds. I lost my wife about a year and a half ago. We had two children who are both grown and gone. After the funeral, I for some reason kept going to church. My wife had attended regularly but I had went very seldom. Now things were different. I picked up a lot of jobs from the members and several of the women came by to make sure I was okay and to make sure I had everything I needed.

Take Mrs. Saunders, a lady in her early forties, short Brown hair, not much for titties, but a nice round ass. She was the first to stop by, I think it was her third or fourth visit that she finally told me the real reason she was stopping. Seems her husband is suffering from EDD, and can no longer attain a hard on and since I was now a single man and she hadn't been with a black man since collage, some twenty years ago, she was sure we could help each other out. She said she trusted me never to tell anyone and of course I promised never to say anything to anyone. We fuck at least once a week and have for over a year.

It was around a month or so after Mrs Saunders began stopping, that her friend Sara Jennings stopped by. Sara is in her late thirties, five three, hundred fifteen pounds with a nice rack of 34c tits. It only took a couple of visits until I had my black dick in her married pussy. She had never had a black dick and after she had her first taste of mine she practically moved in. She wanted my big dick two three times a day. I finally had to tell her, look Sara, you got a fine young pussy and I love stickin my dick in it, but I have to make a living, I can't lay around fuckin all the time, much as I'd like to.

Eight months after losing my wife, there was no less than five ladies from the church that had stopped to make sure I had everything I needed, which I did and more. It was somewhat of a domino affect. Mrs Saunders had hinted to Sara Jennings, how she had found a cure for her and her husbands problem. Sara had figured it out after Mrs Saunders told her about dropping in on me. After thinking about it awhile Sara decided it was time to stop by to see if I needed anything. After I fucked her a half dozen times she told a friend of hers and so on. After hearing bits and pieces of conversations, a cute blonde housewife in her early twenties came to check on me. Her husband worked for the state hwy. Dept and traveled a lot, so when he was gone, she would come spend time with old Amos.

She had been a cheerleader in high school and one of the star players on the football team, gave her the first taste of black dick she ever had. She went off to collage and continued being a cheerleader throughout her collage years and of course continued getting plenty of black dick. After she left collage and was married, she stayed faithful to her husband for over three years, then she heard rumors about some of the women from the church looking in on the black man who had lost his wife. She had figured out there was only one reason those women kept looking in on him, he was fucking them. So she decided to satisfy her craving of black dick. She lived about six blocks from me and one warm summer evening, rather than drive her car and have it seen parked near my place, had walked over and knocked on my door. When I answered my door and saw her standing there I knew right away why she was there and of course, invited her in. I couldn't turn down a sweet young bride in need of attention, especially one with, down her back long blond hair, a bubble ass and 36d breasts and of course as I had suspected from the git go, she knew exactly what to do with a big black dick and how best to do it. I swear that little gal could suck a baseball through a garden hose, damn that girl loves to suck dick.

That brings us to the preachers wife. You're asking, why didn't I recognize them in the restaurant? I hadn't been to church in a couple three weeks and had missed the arrival of the new minister and his wife. I knew of course they were coming, but wasn't able to be there, so I had not met them yet.

On my way home from the restaurant that night, I made it a point to attend church the following Sunday. Hell, if she's as friendly in church, as she was in the restaurant, I may start attending services on Wednesday evenings as well.

That Sunday as I entered the church I was welcomed by the new preacher and his wife. He shook my hand saying welcome. As soon as our hands parted I found myself being hugged tightly by his very buxom wife, in fact, so tightly I felt uncomfortable knowing she was giving me a hard on and I also knew she could feel my hard dick and we were standing right next to her husband in church. I loved feeling those plump firm breasts against my chest but knew we couldn't hug forever. As we broke the hug I stepped back and noticed her glance down to see if what she had felt, was what she had thought it was. When she looked up and saw me watching her, she flashed that damn smile, Oh ya, the one that makes my dick hard. I'm not sure she if she was just being friendly, or if it was a way of showing her approval. Either way, it made my dick hard wanting the preachers wife.

As I sat in church that day I wondered how long it would be before the preachers wife would stop by the house to see if there was anything I needed. It wasn't a case of if, she would, it was a case of when. No woman hugs a man the way she did and presses herself against him the way she did, that doesn't want to hold him against her in bed the same way, taking his dick however he wants to give it to her. Oh ya, she wants some black dick and my guess was, the bigger the better. On the way out, it was shake hands and another hug and a smile, damn she had a way of looking and smiling that made my dick want to be in her soft warm pussy real bad.

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