The Witching

by Honey Moon

Copyright© 2011 by Honey Moon

Incest Sex Story: Amanda was a witch that lived happily with her lovely sisters. The raven haired petite and flat chested witch was jealous of her sisters bodies. Designing a new spell, she cast it on herself to grow larger breasts. In an error, the portion of the spell meant to be used to enlarge men came into play. The next morning Amanda awoke with truly titanic breasts, and a frighteningly large cock that rapidly grew huge and erect! What would happen when her sexy sisters find out about her condition?

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Hermaphrodite   Fiction   Incest   Sister   Squirting   Food   Lactation   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Size   Body Modification   Big Breasts   Transformation   .

Amanda was a witch. She wasn't the best, but was competent with a small but steady workload. She had a standing practice of nearly a hundred clients. To save on overhead, Amanda shared a house with her twin sisters Colleen and Emily. The three loved each other and got along quite well, except for one minor problem. Colleen and Emily were the stuff of schoolboy dreams. Long blond hair, tall athletic bodies, and full firm breasts turned the eye of any passing guy. Amanda was a very pretty woman herself. Her hair was as black as midnight, cascading luxuriously down her back to nearly hide her pert little hiney. Her large green eyes sparkled with the magical forces within her. Amanda was a beauty all right, but she wasn't satisfied. The trouble was that at the age of twenty-two, people often mistook her for a child of fifteen! While her sisters were both nearly six foot tall, she was only five, if wearing her favorite heels. Colleen and Emily were both DD dreams. Amanda most of the time didn't even bother with a bra. Being an A cup made the effort seem silly. Her sisters teased her about it and referred to her as baby sister. They never meant any harm. After all, she was the youngest. It just sometimes really got to her. Tonight was the just the last straw.

"I can't believe they talked me into going out tonight just so they could party with their boyfriends!" she muttered to herself as she steered her broom under the stars. She sighed. "Mom is as little as me, and they never treat her like a kid! I'm a grown up!" Amanda shouted to the full moon. Something clicked in her mind. "Oh my stars, grow!" the young witch whispered. "Why didn't I ever think of this before?" Amanda was so overjoyed she stunted her broom, doing tail stands and loop de loops!

"The spell should be simple!" she told the stars. "I can make it unisex!" she laughed at the owl in his tree. "I'm gonna be stinking rich!" Amanda flew straight home and ran for her basement sanctum sanctorum. She didn't even pause when she saw Colleen was in the living room, busy licking her boyfriend's huge penis. Who knew where Emily had ended up? She probably had some guy planted deep in her, where ever she was! Amanda waved at the candles, causing them to light. Her sisters thought it was silly, but she would not have electric lighting in her workspace! Candles gave a much better atmosphere while dabbling in The Arts!

"Oh my!" she giggled to herself. "If this works I'll have to buy new clothes in the morning!" A thrill ran through her, making her laugh in delight. "I hope they have bras in my new size!" as you may have guessed, Amanda had suddenly come up with a spell to greatly increase her bust size! With a little careful work, it would be just as effective on penile tissues too! She searched through all her spell books and consulted the sorcery database in her computer. After hours of careful study she had mapped out the parameters of the new spell. It was running perfectly as a virtual simulation on her computer. She grinned happily as she typed. Candles were great, but she did bend a little and used a Logitech illuminated keyboard while she was working.

"I knew it! It is going to work! I'm going to be famous! I'll get write-ups in all the trade publications!" she sighed, thinking about her secret deep desire. "I wanna see my picture on the cover of the Runic Stone! I wanna buy five copies for my mother. I wanna see my smilin' face on the cover of the Runic Stone by next issue! Hell, I'll even agree to do a centerfold spread for them as long as it's tastefully done!" She shivered dramatically. "My practice will get so big I'll have to hire an assistant! Oh wow! I bet I have a consultation office uptown in no time! I'm gonna be stinkin' rich!"

She eagerly started to cast the spell on herself. "I'll have to be careful," she said, trying to sound noble. "I don't want to steal guys from my sisters. I just know any guy would just die to ask me out now!" with a final wave of her hand, the spell was completed. Amanda staggered, feeling suddenly hungry. "Oh shit!" she muttered. "This isn't right!" the witch hurried upstairs to the kitchen. "Thank goodness everyone is in bed now!" She reached for the refrigerator door with trembling hands. Yanking it open, she started to eat everything in sight! "What's wrong with me?" she whimpered before eating handfuls of egg salad right from the bowl. "I'm so hungry it hurts!"

Amanda hadn't counted on the spell needing a source of protein to work off of. You couldn't create matter out of nothing, after all! The young woman sure gave it protein! Instinct drove her as she gobbled away in front of the open refrigerator. A dozen raw eggs followed the milk, then the leftover chicken from dinner. "I gotta stop!" she whispered to herself as she finished off a brand new jar of peanut butter. She ate the two pounds of raw salmon meant for tomorrow night's dinner. Amanda looked down at her normally slender tummy. "Oh shit! I look pregnant! I gotta stop before I burst!"

She tried. Closing the refrigerator door, she only ended up opening the freezer compartment! Moaning in fear as her tummy stretched still larger, she used her fingers to eat a whole carton of ice cream. Fearing harm to her beautiful white teeth, she broke up a pound of frozen hot dogs and forced them whole down her throat, one after another! After the last slippery doggy slithered down her gullet, she ate something so encased in freezer frost she didn't even know what it was! Finally, she stopped. She didn't feel full; she couldn't find anything else high in protein!

She spotted Max's dinner bowl. The large husky was sound asleep as the frightened woman couldn't stop herself from dropping to her knees. "No, it's disgusting! I think they make it out of horsemeat or something! It stinks! I can't eat that slop!" With a whimper, she succumbed to her frightful hunger. On her hands and knees, Amanda thrust her face into the smelly dog food and began to wolf it down faster then Max ever did! That seemed to do the trick. Washing the mess from her face at the kitchen sink, Amanda sighed. "Well, I guess I should start a line of high protein drinks to sell with the spell." She smiled. "Cha-Ching, that's just more money for me!" The terrible hunger had been replaced by a bone weary fatigue. Yawning, repeatedly, Amanda dragged herself off to bed. She couldn't move very fast. Waddling, she held her firmly distended belly with both hands.

"I'm glad that's finally over!" the witch said as she slipped into her nightgown. It stretched rather tightly over her tummy. "I look like I'm seven months pregnant! Dammit, I won't be able to sleep on my stomach! I hate sleeping on my back or side! I'm glad it's just for tonight. I'd never get any sleep if I really was pregnant!" She didn't have the energy to brush the nasty horsemeat taste out of her mouth before she flopped onto her bed. Thinking sleep would never come; she went out like a light as soon as her raven hair touched the pillow.

Amanda awoke to an unexpected pressure on her chest. It wasn't uncomfortable. It felt like sort of like she was buried beneath a couple large overstuffed sofa cushions. She heaved herself into a sitting position and attempted to rub the sleep from her eyes. Raising her hand, she struck something warm and firm, but somehow pleasantly yielding. Her eyes snapped open and she looked down at herself in horror. Two large orbs quivered with each breath she took! "Oh my stars, what have I done? I, I don't want to go this big!" she stammered quietly to herself as her hands moved of their own accord to cup the massive mammaries. She let out a whimper at the unexpected pleasure found in the pressure of nipples against the palms of her hands. "Oh heavens above, my damn nipples are huge! They, they're almost as big as shot glasses!" She whimpered again. "Shit, they're swelling up even bigger!"

She snatched her hands away. "Keep calm, Amanda!" she urged herself. "So you're a little bigger then planned." She gulped. "What am I, a double "G"?" she took a deep breath, eyes opening wide as the titanic titties rose and fell. "Still, this might not be so bad." She cupped them again and gave her new globes a little jiggle. "They're riding high, and don't seem to be sagging." A slow smile spread over her face. "Guys will follow me everywhere I go! Yeah, I can work with this. I can always find a way later to tone them down a little, um, if they get in the way too much!"

She slipped her hands lower and sighed. "Thank God my tummy is flat again! I guess all that mass went into my new boobies! "I feel a little funny. I, I think I'm turning myself on, but I never felt this edgy before when I was aroused." Hands roaming lower, Amanda froze as she encountered something firm and hard above her vagina. "What the fuck?" She looked down, peering into the unfamiliar canyon of her cleavage. She saw a sight that made her blood freeze! "Oh shit! Oh double dyed dumb fucking shit! I got a cock! The spell was supposed to be for both men and women, not mix them up together!"

As she watched, the thick foot long flaccid organ lying across her thighs twitched, and started to grow! "No, don't get erect! Stop that! Don't grow any bigger!" she cried as it quivered larger and larger. Slowly it rose upward, jerking visibly in time with her pulse. She felt lightheaded as the massive organ achieved full engorgement. "It doubled in size!" she cried, staring cross-eyed at the head, now bobbling obscenely level with her hugely swollen nipples! "Why the hell is it so damn big?"

Swaying, she managed to get to her feet. She took a shuffling step towards her full length mirror. "My center of gravity is messed up!" she whimpered, arms pin wheeling to keep from falling face first on the floor. "Oh God, what have I done?" She stood before the looking glass not believing the astounding sight that met her eyes. "I look like some kind of nasty Japanese cartoon character!" Her breasts stood unnaturally pert and high for their sheer size. Her waist actually seemed to have shrunk a bit. She now possessed an hourglass figure found only in comic books and animation! Her hips had spread wider, accentuating that look. She turned a little, and gasped at how full and round her butt had become! The hugely jutting cock had two nearly fist sized testicles dangling below it in her newly acquired scrotal sack. She was never more thankful for the fact that she was entirely void of pubic hair. Hairy balls would have been just too much! Amanda sobbed as a trembling finger touched, and then slid under them. "Oh thank you God! At least I still have my pussy!" she breathed, as the tears ran down her cheeks. Just then, she heard a knock on the door.

"Are you ok, Mandy?" it was Colleen! Amanda moved as fast as she could, and tried to get some kind of clothing on. Her poor nightgown was lying in tatters on the bed. It would seem she had exploded out of it during the night! "J-just a second!" she called in panic. Amanda pulled on an old pair of shorts. Stretching it to the point of hearing stitches pop; she just barely managed to button them. Her balls pressed against her vagina, causing unwanted pleasant feelings as they firmly rubbed against her clit. The tight shorts also caused her penis to stick straight up! She could actually see it peeking over the tops of her breasts as it nestled snugly in the warm valley between the massive orbs! Thinking fast, she pulled on the nightshirt. Thank God the fabric had some stretch to it! Struggling mightily, Amanda managed to get the stressed garment over her breasts. It used to reach down to her knees. Now it just managed to reach the straining waistband of the skin tight shorts!

The door opened. Colleen walked in, and gasped. "Holy shit, what did you do to yourself?"

"I had an accident with a spell!" The witch muttered. Amanda had often seen her sister's nude before. It was no big thing for all three of them to be casual around the house, but for some reason this morning it was making her feel awfully funny inside! Her heart pounded, and she felt something warm and wet oozing out of her cock to moisten the cavern between her breasts!

"Stay here!" Colleen ran from the room. Amanda heard Colleen wake Emily, and then urge their sleepover dates to leave in a hurry. She heard her sister calling out to their gentlemen friends. "Sorry guys! We'll make it up later! Mandy's sick! We have to take care of her!"

Amanda sighed. Her sisters did love her but she doubted if anyone could help now. She just had to hope she could work this out herself! Emily and Colleen finally came back to her room. "S-Sorry, guys! I didn't mean to cut short you weekend!"

Colleen rushed over, and patted her arm. "It's ok, baby sister, you just calm down. Maybe this will wear off or something.

"It won't wear off!" she cried. "I'll have to go through my spell step by step, to find where the miscast came into play! Then if I'm very lucky, I can neutralize everything and revert to normal!"

Emily took her other arm. "Come on kiddo. Let's get you a nice hot cup of tea. Then when you feel better, we'll call another witch for a second opinion or something." The twins lead their sister to the dining room. Amanda gasped, and stopped short.

"Wait guys!" she gasped. "Let me stand here a second!" Amanda had a bigger problem now, one that was growing more pronounced by the second! Two nude sexy sisters added to the warm soft flesh tightly encasing her penis equaled trouble! Each step she took made her breasts bounce and jiggle wildly. She was giving herself an ambulatory titty fuck! She felt a world of new sensory delight, but dared not take another step! Tilting her head down, she snuggled her chin in her amazing cleavage and touched her throbbing cockhead with it! She felt warm wetness spreading under her chin! Amanda stood perfectly still and tried to will herself soft. She discovered what every guy already knew. That didn't work! She gritted her teeth, and tried with all her might to ignore the feelings welling up within her altered body. "Guys, please go on ahead! I, I'll be right there!"

Colleen looked at her closely. "Are you in pain? You look flushed all of a sudden. Amanda shook her head and whimpered as her tits swayed and massaged her throbbing cock.

"It's ok, we'll help you!" Emily said kindly. The twins gripped her upper arms, supporting her as they walked down the hall. Each step was a delightful torment! The mass of her breasts jiggled with each footfall, massaging the entire length of her shaft. Amanda felt the two fist-sized testicles tense up against her body, and tried to warn her sisters.

"Stop! Stop it! I, I need to stand perfectly still!" she cried. It was too late! Her legs almost buckled under her as the shaft of her penis throbbed. Amanda grunted in surprise as massive amounts of warm thick fluid pulsed under her chin, to be deflected all around the room by it. She fell to the floor and would have hurt herself if the twins didn't keep their grip and lower her gently. Crying out, her hands sought out her staff and started rubbing and stroking as more and more fluid spurted from deep within her body.

"Oh my God!" Colleen said as she watched her sister writhe on the floor. Amanda was being covered in a growing white puddle of goo! The stuff was flying everywhere, including in her face! Colleen tasted a familiar salty musk as she involuntarily licked her wet lips. "That's cum! What in hell is going on? Amanda is ejaculating semen!"

The moaning witch finally stopped her thrashing and just lay there panting as Emily pulled up the dripping nightshirt and the penis popped free to plaster the ceiling with one final spurt. "Oh wow!" she whispered in awe. "Amanda, that's some cock! It's as big as a pony's!"

"No! Don't look at me!" Amanda cried, as she struggled to get up. "I have to fix this!" she staggered to her feet, and slowly made her way back to her room, her unfettered cock pointing the way. Colleen and Emily followed as if in a trance.

As Amanda carefully lowered herself to the bed, Emily found her voice. "What, um, how does it feel?" she asked in a small voice.

Amanda looked up at her sexy sisters, both still nude. She smiled weakly through drying tears and semen. "I never felt anything like it." The witch answered shakily. "I just couldn't help myself! Once the mess started spraying out, I didn't want it to stop! I'm terribly sorry about this. I know it's disgusting to look at. As soon as I calm down a little, I'll go and mop the hallway clean!"

"I wouldn't say, 'disgusting' baby sister!" Colleen said with a smile. "More like very interesting!'" Amanda shuddered as a hand gently grasped her penis. "Would you like if I made you cum again?" her sister said in a husky voice. "Do you want to feel what a pussy is like wrapped around it?"

"Me first, I call dibs!" Emily cried as she tried to push her twin away from Amanda.

"How?" The witch demanded. Suddenly she really needed to feel that strange feeling again! "It's almost twenty five inches long now! I might fall on you or something!" she nearly shouted as Colleen ran her hands up and down the amazing length of her cock. "I'd punch right through your womb with that monstrous thing!"

Emily looked all around the room. "I have an idea! So I get to go first!" she stuck her tongue out at her twin and pulled a straight backed wooden chair over next to the bed. "Mandy-girl, you lay on the floor. You don't even have to move. I'll do all the work, ok?" The twins helped Amanda lower herself to the floor and then Emily placed the chair directly over her wasp waist. She climbed up squatted. "That should be perfect!" Hopping off, she arranged the chair better and stuck the cock through the slats "That should be safe enough! She climbed back onto the chair and grinned down at her younger sister. "Are you ready for this baby sister? I'm gonna rock your world!" She giggled. "Hey sis, give us a hand would you? I want that big ol' thing inside me right now!"

Colleen giggled and held the massive organ steady. Emily wriggled her body and began trying to work the huge head into her damp pussy "Oh shit!" she panted as it finally pushed in. "It's so huge!"

Amanda moaned, as her sister carefully eased herself down. She never felt such a heavenly heat like what she found within her sister's body!

Emily was squatting on chair, panting as sweat beaded her brow. "I, I never felt this full before!" she breathed. With a happy moan, she started slowly bouncing up and down the throbbing shaft.

"Emily!" Amanda cried out when she felt herself bottom out inside of her tall sister. "It feels wonderful!"

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