It Was My First Time

by opa

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, ft/ft, mt/mt, Consensual, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: the first time with my brother and sisters

This is a first for me in that I have never tried to write a story before.

This is a story about my losing my cherry at the tender age of sixteen.

While the folks were gone one weekend, my sisters and brother were in the bedroom and talking.

They called me in from outside where I had been playing with some of my Christmas toys. When I came in I saw that my sisters were naked and sitting on the bed with their legs open and showing me their pussies.

My brother was on the bed laying down and stroking his rod like he was trying to pull it off, roots and all.

My sisters said come on over and take a real closer look, so I did. When I got close Dot said,

"Why don't you touch me there?" I reached over and felt the first pussy of my life. It was absolutely wonderful.

Dot's pussy gave off such an aroma that I just had to get closer. When I was just an inch or so away she said

"Go ahead and taste it." So I slid my tongue up through the lips and had my first taste of pussy. I didn't know that Buddy had already deposited a load of cum in there but when I tasted it I just continued to suck and lick until I made Dot blow a load and push out a big wad of cum right into my mouth. The taste was not so bad when I realized what it was that I had tasted.

Sherry said "Try mine now." I moved over to her I took the time to look closely at her slit and saw she also had a load up her hole. I figured that since I had already tasted it once and it not being so bad I might as well do it again. I dove right in for a second helping of pussy and cream. I got her off rapidly after she had watched me eat Dot and drink both her and Buddy's cream. When she let go it was a repeat of Dot with the big load of cum that rolled into my mouth. This time I kept some of it in my mouth and approached Buddy to give him some of his cum back to him. He accepted it with an open mouth tongue kiss.

Buddy asked me if I wanted to try some pussy now and I accepted immediately moving over to Sherry to slip my rock hard dick into her slick sleeve. I went in easily clear to the root of my dick in smooth move.

I only lasted about five minutes and blew a load that felt like I was sending my toe nails right along with it. After I pulled my now soft and sticky dick out of her Buddy bent over and commenced to lick her clean saying that if I could eat his cum He could do the same.

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