The Dryden Dna Disaster

by Honey Moon

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Hermaphrodite, Science Fiction, Interracial, Oriental Female, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, Size, Doctor/Nurse, Body Modification, Big Breasts, Workplace, Transformation, sci-fi adult story,sci-fi sex story,adult science fiction story,science-fiction sex story.

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Dr. Dryden, a tall busty and possibly nonhuman orphan, held her secret close. Will she ever be able to come out?

Doctor Mary Ellen Dryden never felt quite at ease with the world. She spent most of her forty-seven years as a bit of a loner, never daring to grow close enough to anyone else to establish a true and lasting friendship. Even while at college, she avoided any and all real chances to associate with her peer group. She felt more secure that way, even if she was lonely.

The six foot seven redhead had even repeatedly been begged to join the woman's basketball team. Mary always politely turned the offers down. The coach had even gone as far as hinting that the school would pay for breast reduction surgery to reduce her 50F orbs to something a little less then the size of the ball she would be dribbling. Mary still shuddered at the idea of having her body cut into!

She had flatly refused, never daring admit the real reason for her reluctance. No strapping arrangement she could possibly design would let her go unnoticed in the locker room while all those lovely healthy athletic young women undressed around her. She knew herself all too well. There would be no avoiding the rapid beat of her heart, the flushed look on her face, or the swift engorging of her penis! Mary lived in constant fear that someone would discover that she was a hermaphrodite. She knew there was all manner of artwork online depicting "Futanari", but that was all just fantasy. There was no way she wanted to stand out as a freak, alone before the world with her difference known to all!

Thank God she was never sick a day in her life! Since the old pediatrician attached to the orphanage had passed away just after Mary had turned eighteen, she never found herself a new doctor. Nobody on Earth currently knew the orphan's deeply guarded secret. Dr. Kellner had been so nice to her. Mary knew in her heart that the caring old woman had never mentioned to anyone about her most unusual patient. Even back then as a quiet reserved ward of the state, she knew the importance of never letting the world discover her difference!

When she had aged out of the system, she had taken the precaution of breaking into the records of the orphanage she had called home, and eradicating all mention of herself. Everyone seemed satisfied with the fictional family she had created if she was ever asked about her childhood. Using the trust fund Dr. Kellner had set up for her, Mary saw to her own education. Honoring the memory of her dearly missed childhood friend, Mary had become a doctor herself. She had no need of consulting anyone else. She even went as far as giving herself yearly solo gynecology exams using a video equipped speculum of her own design.

No, it was better to remain as the tall awkward nerd-girl geek. Once in a while a girl would try to get her to come out of her shell, but Mary always just smiled and excused herself to return to her beloved medical studies. She ignored the guys that whispered things like "Uber Nerd" or "Treetop Lover". She didn't care about them anyway. She did her best to dress uninterestingly so as to hide the true firm fullness of her huge high riding breasts. She knew that everywhere she went; guys would dream about seeing them unfettered and bouncing free. That would never happen!

Mary sighed. Alone in her tastefully appointed, but lonely house, she drank another shot of vodka. "This is your fault!" she hissed at the visible lump showing down the right leg of her pajamas. Flaccid, it still reached clear down to her knee. "Why do I have to be so different?" The would-be lesbian moaned. "I bet I could get my act together and have a really nice girlfriend if I didn't have to worry about you scaring her away!" She poured another shot and downed it as if it were water. "It isn't fair! I don't dare let anyone find out that I'm probably the world's only real and fully functioning futanari!"

The softly playing television caught her bleary blood-shot eye and her mood lifted instantly. "Oh goody, the weather twit is on!" Mary turned the sound completely off on the TV. She had no interest in what the bubble headed bleach blonde who comes on at five had to say. She just liked the sexy gleam in her eye! Mary stared at the sexy woman's adorable figure. "Nice dress, honey-bunch!" the respected doctor slurred at the screen. "Did somebody help paint it on you?" She laughed. "Woo-hoo! Look at those titties bounce! You got it goin' on, weather bitch, but I'm bigger then you!"

She staggered to her feet, and tugged down the zipper. Mary struggled out of the oversized footed jammies she had specially ordered. "Look!" she giggled, as she began to jump up and down naked in front of the big screen TV. "I bounce better!" she giggled. "I don't even really need a bra, sweetie-child! I'm fuckin' forty-seven, and I'm still just as firm full and high ridin' as when the damn things sprouted when I was nine!" she cupped her energetically jiggling orbs to slow their oscillations.

"Weather tramp, I bet yours will be down by your knees when you get to be my age!" She laughed as if she had heard the world's funniest joke. "That is unless they're fake!"

Speaking of down by her knees, Mary's cock wasn't any more. Looking at the weather twit and jumping up and down had awoken her twelve inch flaccid cock. It pulsed and surged to full glory. Standing proud, the twenty inch wrist thick organ quivered with each beat of her heart. "I got somefin else that bounces real good!" the drunken horny doctor laughed. She grabbed her cock and gave it a few strokes. "You like it, bitch? You like my ding-dong?" she flipped the middle finger of her left hand at the screen, while her right continued to stroke. "You can't see it! It's top secret! You'd only tell everyone, and I would be on the news! People would laugh and call me freaky doctor!"

She plopped back down on the sofa, her cock pointed stiffly upward so that the head was visible through her cleavage. "Weather cunt, suck my dick!" she ordered the girl on the TV as she tucked herself between the massive orbs of her breasts. "Yeah, you know how I like it, bitch!" She leaned her head only slightly forward, opening her mouth wide. Mary was well practiced at this. She had been an avid self gobbler since she was ten years old and popped her first load! She had no trouble taking the hugely swollen head between her lips. She sucked, and felt her whole body shudder.

Mary sighed around her cock. It always soothed her to take the organ into her mouth like this! The image on the TV changed. It was that weird girl in the white apron selling auto insurance! Mary liked her too! She began a rather odd rhythmic hunching motion. Bouncing up and down on the sofa, Mary let the motions fuck her cock in and out of her mouth. She hugged her breasts tightly around her girth, letting their warm softness add to the stimulation. Her hazy mind couldn't help longing for someone else to be doing this to her, rather then having the humiliating need to perform auto-fellatio on her attention staved lonely body! Her bouncing became more pronounced as she battered the head of her cock against the confines of her throat. She moaned as the head won the day, and gained the entry it so clearly needed!

Mary slipped over onto her side. The respected genetic researcher grunted like an animal as she attempted to stuff still more of herself down her throat. In a near fetal position, the doctor fucked her gullet wildly as she writhed and rolled on the cushions. It felt so damn good, but she couldn't stop her spinning whirling mind from returning to a simple fact. It would feel so much better if someone like Weather-Twit was gobbling her staff! That would be so damn cool! It would be twenty percent cooler if she could then pull out, and bukkake the bitch with a massive load!

Mary slipped a hand between her legs and started fingering her sopping wet pussy while she sucked her hardness for all she was worth! The jiggling of her breasts, combined with the stimulation of swirling tongue and sucking mouth, was bringing her so damn close! Mary attacked her clit with strumming fingers; bringing her wracked and trembling body over the edge! She exploded!

She groaned as the cock lodged in her throat jerked and throbbed. She would have loved to savor the hot gooey musk of her semen against her tongue, but that always ended up too messy as she gagged and choked while her load ended up all over the room! Although drunk, her neatness fetish still held strong. She curled up tighter, pushing the head deeper down her esophagus. Without any need for swallowing, her massive load pumped directly into her stomach! She felt the warmth spreading, as if she had gulped down a huge bowl of hot tasty soup!

The spasms went on for nearly a minute. When they finally eased to stop, Mary straightened out and gave the sensitive head a good sucking to get any last droplets of her emissions. That last remnant bathing her tongue was still more then any man could produce! Swallowing the thick tasty goo, she let her cock slip from her mouth. She belched loudly, and picked up the vodka bottle and drained off the last of the clear liquid. "Well, that's dinner!" she said with a hiccup. "Don't hafta cook tonight. I'm all full now!" She reached for the second bottle and broke the seal on the cap.

"Oh God, my head hurts!" Mary moaned when she opened her eyes to a bright sunny day. Streams of golden sunlight bathed the kitchen floor where she lay. Mary hauled herself into a sitting position. "Damnation! I thought I went to bed! What the hell am I doing here?"

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