Holiday Fun in My 20s
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Rough, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - various experiences from my twenties whilst on holiday

I love to tell others about my sexual past, and share my past experiences and sexy encounters with others and my husband Mike. It gets him really hard and horny to know I have had lots of lovers and been a slut at times.

I love to use big toys on myself, love to dress sexily and love to have some peeing fun as well.

This all started with an older lover I had when I was 19.

I had left school. was still living at home, and had more than got a reputation for being a bit "easy". This was a bit unfair as I had only lost my virginity, in full the sense of the word when I was 15.

OK the fact that, by that time, I had let about a dozen or so, boyfriends and assorted other lads finger, fuck me, fuck me with vibrators and I had sucked off the same amount, letting them spunk in my mouth or on my face and tits, was a minor point!

I will tell more about Eric, the older ex-teacher who got me into peeing, posing for dirty pictures and also into fucking myself with big toys and objects at a later date!

The time I am going to relate refers to a holiday fortnight in Turkey when I was 20. I had been sexually active for a number of years.

I was in Marmaris, and it became a regular feature of my summer holidays for the next 2-3 years ... basically getting as much cock as I could when on holiday!

The first night out there was a quiet one, me and the other 7 girls I was with just going out for a meal and a few drinks and basically settling in to the place.

I was sharing a room with Tracy, my best fiend of the time, a big titted girl who again had little bit of a reputation as being easy.

On the 2ND day we hit the beach during the day, and as happens, we attracted a lot of attention, from local lads, men and of course fellow holiday makers.

We met a group of fellow Brits and Tracy in particular seemed keen on a couple of them.

On the night time we went out to the local bars and again bumped into the same group of lads. Tracy was soon teasing and flirting with a couple of them, and she disappeared, not for the last time that holiday.

I was with the other girls and copped off with a nice looking lad who eventually took me back to our apartment. The obvious happened and we fucked, sucked and had fun for most of the late night and early hours. he was OK, no great shakes but he was my 1st of the week.

The next night followed the same routine, Tracy seeing the same 2 lads, we had nicknamed her "Tracy Trio" as she confessed to having fucked them both the previous night and one of their friends as well when she spent the night with them.

This got me to thinking ... mmmmm ... I'd never had 2 at once in the full manner anyway. ( I had though sucked off 3 cocks at once as one of my earliest experience a few years before)

The chance didn't arise that night so it was another single lad who got lucky and he was my 2ND ... a good fuck but just standard nothing to write home about.

The next night however was amazing!!

In a night club we were in, there were two groups of lads giving us the eye. One lot from London and the other from Newcastle ... not the best of friends it has to be said at the best of times!

A bit of argy bargy took place, over who was getting to dance and fondle us group of girls!!

2 of the lads stepped in to calm things down, One from each camp so to speak.

I was drawn to the 2 of them.

Both hunky, toned tanned and scrummy!! I saw them acting as peace makers and after things settled down they both headed to the bar area. I followed.

As they stood patching things up over a beer I approached.

"Thanks for sorting that lads" I said to them.

"Not a problem" said the cockney lad ( Mark).

"Can I get you a drink for being so nice " I replied...

The 2 lads looked at me and said " Don't be daft let us buy you one"

"Oh I'd love you both to get me one if that's OK" came my blatant reply.

"You want one from us both?" said the Geordie lad (Dave)

"Well I will settle for a drink first!" was my loaded and obvious "come and get me" reply.

They both smiled and we had a drink and chatted. I was basically offering myself to them on a plate and felt damp down below from the thought.

After a few minutes I suggested we leave and go back to our apartment room...

They both looked at me and asked "both of us?"

"Oh yes" came my reply. "I want you both if you think you can satisfy me!"

"Too fucking right we will " said Mark.

We left the club, the lads popping to the toilets to obviously get some rubbers and I let Tracy know she was stopping out again!

We hailed a taxi and I got in the back between them both. I turned from one of them to the other in turn, kissing them deeply. exchanging tongues and really going for it.

The taxi driver ( I later knew his name as Ahmet), was having a problem keeping his eyes on the road ahead!

I let them both get their hands up my red mini dress in the back of the taxi, both getting into my knickers and giving me a good fingering until we got to the apartment block.

As we got out the driver was eager to give us all a card saying... "If you want taxi I pick you up"

I turned and said " Oh they wont be leaving tonight", smiling as I said so...

"I come in morning" he smiled back...

"We will see" I said, " But they will be coming tonight!"

Once inside we where at each other instantly, excahnging wet tongues and kisses.

I sat on the edge of my bed, spreading my legs and making sure my mini dress was riding high up to expose my knicker covered pussy.

"Like it boys?" I asked...

"Love it " said Dave "lets see more"...

With this I lifted up my dress compleltey to leave me just in my plain red knickers and shoes...

I put my hand into my panties and started to play with my sopping wet fanny...

"You dirty fucker" was Marks response..." Go on fuck yourself for us " said Dave.

"Give me my black vibrator from out of my suitcase over there" I told them...

Dave went and got it from the top of the wardrobe and rummaged for my vibrator...

"Here it is " he said, lifting my 8 and 1/2 inch toy out of the case...

"What this?" he asked as he pulled out some stockings...

"You like me to put them on?" I asked..."Which ones, red or black?"...

"Red to start with" said Dave..."Your'e going to get fucked in both tonight love"...

Within minutes I was dressed in my red seamed stockings, my black strapped wedge shoes and nothing else.

I played with myself in front of them both, fucking my wet fanny with the toy, rimming my arse with it and teasing my clit for a few minutes ... I felt like a whore but was loving it.

We then settled down to our first fuck and suck of the night. I took it in turns to suck on the now naked lads cocks, getting them both stiff and hard in minutes. I licked and slurped for all I was worth, at first sitting on the edge of my bed and then kneeling on the floor.

I took them both in my hands and wanked them solid and tried to get them into my mouth at the same time. Marks cock was too big however, at least 8-9 inches in length and really thick.

I slurped for ages, covering their cocks in my spital, until I said "OK lets get you into my fucking cunt"

I stood up and bent over a chest of drawers, Dave got underneath me to give my wet fanny a good tonguing, whilst Mark got behind me, slipped a condom on and entered me ... I was in heaven!

He fucked me long deep and hard as I got a great licking from underneath...

All the time I was moaning, and urging him on..." Fuck me you cunt" "Fuck my wet fanny, go on ride me you bastard"...

Mark was responding..." You fucking Scottish slut, go on take it you fucking tart".

He drove deep into me then I said " I want you both up me".

With this I got up and lay on the bed, stockings laddered already, shoes still on...

"Fuck me whilst I suck his cock" I gestured to Dave. He put on a rubber and got on top of me. Mark stuck his cock in my mouth, still with the condom on.

I was fucked and I sucked Mark like this for a few minutes,, then I decided it was time for my first "Twos up"

I got Dave to lie on his back, I climbed on top. spat on my fingers and wet my arsehole...

"Get up my arse" I ordered him ... with this he slipped his cock up my ever widening arsehole ... I lay there for a minute with Dave's cock up my arse then Mark got on the bed...

He guided his monster cock toward my cunt and literally shoved it up me ... fuck it felt good! I was stuffed.

Two cocks up me for the first time. I had used vibrators and fingers to double fuck me but this was different. This was amazing...

They fucked me rhythmically for a few minutes the we swapped positions. Me on all fours with Dave under me up my fanny, whilst Mark got behind me and fed his cock up my arse from behind.

They fucked me like this for ages. me screaming with both pain a little bit, but mostly with joy and sheer lust!

After a few minutes, Mark plopped out of my arse and stood in front of me, wanking his cock in my face. Dave replaced him behind me, fucking me hard and fast.

"You slut"... "Go on fuck her mate, ride the bitch" ... Dave was being urged on by Mark as he erupted onto my face and hair...

"Take my spunk bitch, take my fucking cum you cheap tart" ... he splattered me in one, two, three and then another couple of blasts ... Spunk was dripping of me, Falling off my nose and eyes, off my cheeks and chin.

Dave was fucking me really hard now ... again calling me all sorts "slut" "whore" "tart" every word they could use to call me they did.

I was urging him on.

"Go on then fuck it, fuck me you cunt" all the time my face dripping with Marks cum ... at this point I became aware of Mark getting a camera from his jacket pocket...

"Smile!" with that he took a picture of me on all fours, ripped and torn red stockings on, one shoe on, one off and lying beside me on the bed, Dave riding me from behind, spunk all over my face and dripping off my nose!

With that Dave pulled out and took off his condom, and spunked all over my arse and back.

We showered and got into bed after this fuck, and the lads stayed all night. Fucking me again twice more after a couple of hours rest. Once in my black stockings and once nude in the shower.

I was aching the next day!

The lads got the same taxi driver to pick them up.

I later had him fuck me during the holiday too, he enjoyed telling, me all about how the two of the lads had explained in detail what they had done to the "Dirty Scottish slut" they picked up in the night club...

I will tell more about my holiday fucks, when I was in my 20s later

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