Sutton and Maggio

by mattwatt

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Two cops intervene in an assault on pretty Angie DeCurso; one of them, Johnnie, is sweet on her. The intervention succeeds and the romance is on.

It was the last pass of the evening, at least for the two of them. Almost quitting time and they decided on one last cruise through their own neighborhood. Things were quiet as the large black and white cruised the streets and turned to go back into the station. On this route they'd pass Angie DeCurso's small sandwich shop. It produced an 'all eyes and ears' kind of response from Johnnie Sutton. He was sweet on Angie DeCurso; it was just that he never let on.

He and Willie Maggio had been buddies since the time of the flood, or so it seemed. They had grown up together, played football together in high school and both of them decided on a tour in the army, instead of college, at least right then.

Johnnie was the big one of the two, fully 6'3" and a good 225 pounds with no fat at all. He was a weight lifter in his spare time. Willie Maggio was wiry and as tough as nails. Shorter than his towering partner, Willie had shown any number of times that Johnnie's back was secure, when Willie was around.

They also both became MPs in the army and did several tours of Afghanistan in that capacity. It was always exciting but, at times, very dangerous work. They discovered in the process that they had a aptitude for it and gradually were good at anticipating each other and worked well as a team.

It was cool for them, they both thought, to be able to do their tours of duty together both in Iraq first and then Afghanistan.

They had also, after several discussions, decided against another tour with the MPs. They were anxious to get on with their life and Willie was sweet on his back home girl friend, Amanda. So, for the two of them, home it was after their final tour.

In the ensuing time, Willie married Amanda, with Johnnie as his best man, and they both applied for and were accepted for the local police force. They were still doing what they loved most and still, also, doing it as a team.

"Quiet," Willie said conversationally.

"Quiet," Johnnie agreed.

They turned the corner onto Washington Ave and Willie went on:

"Guess we might as well head in..."

He never finished the sentence. There, directly in front of Andie DeCurso's sandwich shop there was a group of kids and a great commotion.

Both policemen were alert instantly.

"Holy shit!" Willie said, as it became obvious to him and Johnnie what was actually happening.

There in front of the sandwich store was Angie; she was apparently struggling with five of the local teens, aged 14-16. The struggle was an uneven match; the kids were far stronger, that much was obvious.

Two of the kids had Angie's hands up in the air, holding them tight and not letting her go. Another of the kids had raised Angie's skirt to her waist, and the last two of the kids were slapping Angie's ass.

Johnnie and Willie could hear their laughter and the chant of "Fat Assed Angie! Fat Asses Angie!" as they zipped into the curb.

Angie was struggling and crying out but one of them busy with her hands was also holding his hand over her mouth. The kids were giggling and laughing for all that they were worth.

They were so engaged in their sport that they didn't see the black and white or notice it, until the police car stopped at the curb and Johnnie and Willie emerged like the wrath of God.

In what happened next, there was no contest. Willie and Johnnie had been trained to deal with obstreperous guys who were trained killers. These were teen agers. They were no problem.

The two cops swooped down on the little tableau and without even consulting each other, Johnnie went to Angie and Willie corralled the five kids.

"Don't even think of running away," Willie said in a menacing voice, "I know you; I know your parents; I know where you live and you are now in shit up to your eyeballs! I guarantee that!"

Angie DeCurso was trembling and crying. She had thrown her arms around Johnnie Sutton's neck and simply began to cry.

"Why don't they let me alone?" she said. "Grabbing me and calling me cruel names! It happens so often but not as bad as this."

Johnnie leaned back just then and said softly: "Angie, you have my promise, on my honor, they will never bother you again."

"Ohh," she said, sighing, and then gave a soft but heartfelt: "Thank you, Johnnie!"

"Okay, my brave warriors," Willie said, "Here's what's gonna happen. You've crossed a line here, turning your cruel fun into aggravated sexual assault, and congratulations, that wins you a one way trip to Juvi! The juvenal detention cells downstate. You should be proud at this advancement."

One of the kids, the youngest, began to sniffle.

"None of that shit!" Willie said.

"You did the deed and now you pay the price!"

"Please, Mr Maggio!" one of them said, only to be roughly interrupted by Willie barking at him:

"It's officer Maggio, shit whit!"

"Officer Maggio!" the kid said contritely.

Willie looked at Johnnie, who was still holding onto Angie DeCurso and they both kind of nodded. They knew what they were going to do.

"Here's what we'll do," Willie said. "I'm gonna call each of your Moms and we'll have a little talk."

"Oh no!" one kid said.

"It's that or the cells at Juvi," Willie asserted. "Only choices, and I can assure you that you won't like what the older kids will make you do at Juvi!"

"Angie?" Johnnie said then, reluctantly releasing Angie from the hug.

"Fine," Angie said softly, "Call their Moms. We can go inside."

It took only a brief amount of time to get the five mothers together. Some of the dads were at work, a few of the Moms lived with their sons alone. The group was gathered within a half hour. To get them to agree to come to the sandwich shop, Willie had informed them that, if they wouldn't come, their son was going to be taken to Juvenile Hall to the cells there for aggravated sexual assault.

The gathering in the sandwich shop, once everyone was there, was both tense and emotional. None of the moms said anything until they'd heard what Willie and Johnnie had to say.

"Okay," Johnnie began, "Here's what we have. These five gallant lads were assaulting Mrs DeCurso, as we came down the street. We have them on our in car cam doing that."

The glares that the moms then were giving the five crest fallen kids were murderous at that point.

"We want to be fair here, and we're going to try a little intervention here with Mrs DeCurso's permission. If she wishes, you all get a ride downstate to the cells, tonight!" Willie went on.

"First you," Johnnie said, pointing to the youngest of the group. "Come here."

The kid left his seat, nervous and looking almost terrified.

"Okay now get your mom by the hand and bring her out to the middle of the floor," he went on.

The kid did as he was told; even the moms were now looking just a bit anxious.

"Alright," Willie went on, "This is going to be simple. You get to do now to your own mom, what you were doing to Mrs DeCurso."

The kid standing in the middle of the sandwich shop with his mom began to look decidedly green in the face.

"All of you gather around," Willie ordered and they did so, making a circle around the mom in question.

Then Johnnie turned to the kid, whose mom was in the circle and gave him instructions:

"Fine now do what you were doing. I want you to unbutton your mom's jeans, pull her pants down to her ankles and start slapping her ass and calling her "Fat Ass"."

The mothers, almost as one, let out a huge cry, at what was being said.

The kid, whose mom was in the circle just cried.

"Don't want to do it?" Willie asked.

The kid shook his head 'no'.

"Then why in hell should you want to do it to Angie DeCurso, who always treats you guys so nicely?"

"Don't know," the kid said, still sobbing.

"Okay," Johnnie went on, "Who's game?"

He strode over to the other four and addressed them. They were all on the edge of tears at that point.

"Who wants to get his mom in the circle and take her pants down so that you can have more fun and slap her and call her 'Fat Ass'? Any volunteers."

"Anthony," one mom said at that point, "I will kill you, when I get you home."

"Okay, guys," Wille went on then, "Mrs DeCurso says that she doesn't want you sent to Juvi Hall. She's the only reason that you're not going to the cells! Do you get that?"

They all shook their heads 'yes' immediately.

"I want a schedule drawn up and I want each of you to do twenty hours of work around this place, with no pay! Am I being clear?"

They shook their heads 'yes', and Willie shouted at them:

"That's 'yes, Officer!"

There was an immediately chorus of 'yes, Officer' from the guys.

At that point one of the mother's intervened:

"You apologize to Angie! All of you! NOW!" the last was shouted almost at the top of her lungs.

They all got up and went in Angie's direction but the same mother stopped them.

"No, one at a time! Clearly! Make yourself heard!"

The apologies were immediately forthcoming, with the guys shuffling up to Angie and each, in turn, apologizing.

Angie had tears in her eyes by the time it was finished.

"Okay," Willie said then. "You five, wait outside."

When the kids were outside of the shop, the five moms went to Angie and apologized themselves, thanking her for not wanting to have the kids sent to jail.

Willie spoke up then:

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