Frank and Jean

by Just Plain Bob

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Desc: Sex Story: Another sad tale.

I saw the couple back in the dark corner acting like they were out for a quiet evening together, but they were anything but. They had followed us in, taken a seat where they could watch us and hadn't taken their eyes off of us since we sat down. The might as well have been wearing signs that said "Private Detectives at Work." The 'us' they were watching? Me and my secretary Kathy.

Actually Kathy was more of a personal assistant than a secretary and she always traveled with me when I went out of town on business. My wife's boyfriend thought that Kathy was much more and he was trying to find out for sure. He was trying to get information that he could give to Jean so she could divorce me and get a big pot of money. She obviously hasn't told him why she can't do that.

Kathy and I had flown into Dallas/Fort Worth airport that morning to attend meetings with people from Millgard Industries and we expected to be there over night. I was sure that I recognized the blond in the watching couple from the baggage claim area at the airport. Jean's boyfriend was laying out some big bucks if he was having us followed when we were out of town, but what he didn't know was that he was wasting his money. If I fucked Kathy on the table in front of the PIs and they took pictures and he gave those pictures to Jean she would raise holy hell with him and would probably kick him to the curb.

Kathy and I finished our dinner and I waived the waiter over and asked for the tab. Kathy got up and headed for her room and I moved to the bar. I had a few drinks and gave my watchers something to put in their report. I asked a couple of ladies to dance and I even joined one at her table for a drink. We talked for a bit and it turned out that she was a business traveler also and was just killing time in the lounge because there wasn't anything worth watching on TV. She made it plain that she wasn't there to hook up and that was okay with me because I wasn't there for that for that either. I danced twice more with her and then headed for my room.

Once there I took a little black box out of my suitcase, switched it on and then walked around the room with it. It was a device that I'd gotten from a friend who owned a company heavily involved in security work. What it did was pick up electrical and wireless signals – a bug finder as it were. My room showed clean so I walked over to the connecting door to the next room and knocked on it three times. Thirty seconds later the door opened and there stood Kathy wearing only high heels and a smile.

I wasn't worried about the private detectives. Kathy was registered in room 212 and I was in room 516. The connected room, 518, was rented in the name of Frank Bowers and Mr. Bowers did not exist. My lingering in the hotel lounge kept the PIs on me and allowed Kathy to go up to her room, wait fifteen minutes and then go up to room 518. If anyone would have followed her they would have seen her go into her room alone and we expected that once she was in her room they wouldn't waste any more time on her since I still had a crew on me. Kathy also had one of Alan's little black boxes and she swept her room and room 518 before I came up to my room. Why were we jumping through all those hoops? Just because! I knew for certain that the private eyes were not hired by my wife and while I assumed that their employer was Jean's boyfriend I wasn't sure. It could be a little industrial spying by one of my competitors. Either way my stance was to be better safe than sorry.

Why was I so sure that it wasn't my wife behind the private detectives? I guess that is the story.

It started as so many other tales of woe started – by accident. I had finished my breakfast, had kissed Jean goodbye and headed off for work. Jean called after me and said:

"Don't forget we are having dinner with Pat and Andy tonight so try and get home early. I've arranged for mom to take the kids tonight."

As I entered the garage I hit the button to activate the garage door opener and the door opened. I got in my car and backed out of the garage and down the driveway. As I backed out onto the street I reached up and hit the button on my remote garage door opener, but the door didn't close. I hit the button a couple of more times and the door still didn't close so I pulled to the curb, got out and went back into the house. I had some nine volt batteries in the basement and from experience I knew that when the remote didn't work it was usually a dead battery.

I went through the garage to the door into the house and as I opened it I heard Jean laugh and say:

"The big doofus is gone. You have time to stop by for a quickie before you have to go to work?"

"Want me in my sexy heels?"

"I'll play with it and get it warm for you."

"We still on for dinner tonight?"

"Good. I love sitting with you, Frank and Pat knowing that we have just put another one over on them."

"Okay lover; see you in fifteen" and then I heard the 'click' of the handset being put back in its cradle.

My initial impulse was to rush in and confront Jean over what I'd just heard, but a small voice in the back of my head said:

"Hold on hoss; best you find out all you can before you jump into her shit."

I quietly closed the door, got in my car and drove to work. I didn't need to park down the block to see who would arrive in fifteen minutes. From what I'd overheard it had to be Andy. Andy was the husband of Jean's best friend Pat.

I thought about the situation all the way to work and "the big doofus" worked out a plan of action. The first thing I needed to do was gather more information and I knew just how to get it. As soon as I got to the office I called Alan Audett at Audett Security Services. Alan and I had grown up together and he was the closest thing to a best friend that I'd ever had. My dad had fronted Alan the money to start his company when Alan had been discharged from the Army. In the Army Alan had been assigned to the ASA (Army Security Agency) and he had learned a lot that he thought he could use in civilian life. He told me his ideas and I had talked my dad into helping him.

When I got through to Alan I told him what I had just found out and what I wanted to do and he said:

"No problem. Get her out of the house and keep her gone for about two hours."

"We are having dinner with Pat and Andy tonight. We will probably go to Duke's Steak House and it will be at least three hours before we get home."

"I'll swing by and get a key. And Frank? I'm sorry man. I always thought you and Jean were great together."

"I thought that too Alan; I thought that too. My problem is going to be keeping myself from going over the table after Andy and getting my hands around his throat."

"There will be plenty of time for that later bud. Just play it cool. Earn yourself an Oscar tonight."

Yeah I thought as I hung up, a lot easier said than done. I took up a pen and a legal pad and outlined a plan of action. First was to get more information and I'd just taken care of that with my call to Alan. Next was to protect assets and that included protecting my credit. At some point I'd have to something about the credit cards that had both Jean and me on them. I'd have to get another safe deposit box in my name only and move some things like the certificates of deposit from the box that both Jean and I had access to. I wouldn't touch the checking account, but I would close the savings account and move the money.

We would end up splitting most of our personal assets evenly, but my largest asset couldn't be touched. When we married Jean had to sign an ironclad prenuptial agreement that precluded her from ever receiving part of the family company. My great grandfather had started the company and passed it to my grandfather who in turn passed it to my father. It was privately held and would eventually come to me. The intent of great grand dad, grand dad and my father was that the company would always remain in the hands of the family and that is why Jean had to sign the prenup.

Item three was one word. Revenge! I didn't list anything under that heading. I had time to think about it; but it would be draconian. I promised myself that. It would indeed be draconian.

I was putting my list away when Kathy came in and reminded me that I had a lunch meeting with John Crossfire of Crossfire Manufacturing.

"Do you want me to go with you?"

"I think so. Take good notes. Crossfire could turn into a good thing for us."

As she walked out of my office I watched the way her ass moved and as always it had an effect in my lower regions. I had to admit it; I loved the ladies. I was completely faithful to Jean, but I liked to look at beautiful women so I hired a lot of them. When Kathy came in for her interview she was hired the minute she walked through the door. I didn't care if she could type or even spell. She was a walking wet dream and I wanted her in my office where I could look at her all day. Luckily Kathy was a whiz at everything and she quickly became my right hand.

After two years with me there was no doubt in my mind that Kathy could step into my shoes and take on my job if the need arose. I smiled to myself as I thought she could easily step into Jean's shoes and assume Jean's duties also. Kathy was the one girl who could have tempted me to cheat on Jean, but fortunately cool heads had prevailed. At least until now. I quickly put that thought out of my mind. Jean's being a slut didn't mean that I had to act the same way.

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