Kissing My Angel Goodnight

by StangStar06

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Coercion, Tear Jerker, Cheating, DomSub, MaleDom, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: I reaally loved her but...

Author's note:Hi folks, this one is a bit darker and those of you who really like happy endings might want to skip it. As usual, if you don't like it. There will be something different next week. I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving. And as usual I really need to give Kudos to mikothebaby for not only editing this story but for suggesting something dark in the first place. So if you like it you should thank her, if you don't then blame me.Thank you for reading it. Without you I'd have no reason to write.

As I'd done thousands of times before, I leaned over and kissed my beautiful wife goodnight. This time was different though. This time I wasn't in the bed with her, I was leaning over it. She was completely naked as usual but I was fully dressed and more. I wore gloves and a full black face mask. The room was completely dark. I'd smeared on Nova Gel, a chemical masking gel that the Navy seals use to make sure that exposed areas of my skin left no DNA traces.

I totally ignored the man slumbering in the bed beside my angel as I pressed my lips to hers for the last time. Unexpectedly, she awoke. Though she wasn't fully conscious, she turned and tried to sit up. "Dale," she slurred, barely conscious. Her brain was fighting to regain awareness. "Dale, I was wrong. I love you, not him. Forgive me," she said. Her voice sounded as if she was confused or drunk, but I knew that she wasn't.

I placed my gloved finger gently on her lips to silence her so we wouldn't awaken her lover. "Shhh, honey, we'll talk about it in the morning," I said. It was all I could do not to cry. "Go to sleep, Sandy. It'll all be better tomorrow." She nodded and settled her head back on the pillow. I tip toed back across the room. Once outside the room, I quickly left the building by the rear stairway. I didn't run into anyone on my way out. All of the security guards that had been hired for the night were in the security office. It was one o'clock in the morning and they only did their rounds in 15 minute intervals. That is, when they actually bothered to do them at all.

As I got into the car I'd rented for the evening, I pulled out my iPhone and launched an app that restarted the hidden Kerosene micro heaters in Sandy's room. No matter what the morning brought, I was glad I'd taken this chance to kiss my angel goodnight one last time.

I quickly drove the three blocks to my house. I slipped in the back and wiped the Nova Gel off with an antiseptic wipe. I took off my clothes and put the sweats that I'd worn before back on and knocked on the bathroom door.

"Hey, are you trying to turn into a prune?" I asked. Naturally she couldn't hear me. The woman reclining in my spa tub had headphones on, cucumber slices over her eyes, a towel wrapped around her long hair and some kind of facial cream all over her face.

I tapped her on the shoulder startling her. She pulled the cucumbers off and removed the headphones and then smiled at me. "Come on, Dale," she pouted. "I haven't been in here for very long. It's only been..."

"It's been a half hour," I said frowning at her. "That's a long time."

"No it isn't, Honey," she said. "I love to soak in the tub. Besides after what you did to me earlier, my little pussy is going to need some major recovery time. And the rest of me will too. "I'll recover a lot faster, this way. Besides we're not going to work tomorrow. I have the day off and you told me that you're taking it off too."

"Yep, sweetie I am," I said. "I do have to go to that meeting with my lawyer about the divorce, but I'm spending the rest of it with you."

"Ooh, then I'm really going to need to soak," she smirked. She started putting her headphones back on but I grabbed her hand and kissed her. I was amazed as her tongue shot into my mouth as she turned the kiss into something far more passionate than I'd intended.

"I know it's very early Dale," she said. "We haven't been together for very long, but I think I could love you."

"I think I'm ready to move on too," I said. "Tomorrow I'm going to tell the lawyers to just go ahead and settle things. I won't try to delay the divorce anymore. It's time for me to move on with my life."

She smiled and leaned her head back and put the cucumbers back over her eyes. I felt really guilty about using Page the way I was. But she was a big girl. She'd get over it. Besides she was the one who usually used guys and then fucked them over. She had a reputation for meeting a guy, giving him the full court press and moving on after she was done with him. Then she talked about them when she'd broken things off.

She often sat around the employee's lounge at work belittling her conquests with the other secretaries. Her victims were usually the laughing stock of the company until she found her next mark. It would be interesting to see how this one played out.

I went back into my bedroom and bundled up the clothing and the shoes I'd worn for my little escapade. I went out the back door and dropped the entire bundle into the trash can along with the rest of my garbage for the week. Trash pickup was tomorrow morning very early. I went back inside, grabbed a Dos Equis out of the fridge and went into my bedroom. I checked the home management app on my iPhone. The heaters, all four of them were functioning correctly.

I logged into my iTunes account and restored my iPhone to its factory settings. Since the home management app I'd used wasn't an "official" app, my phone had to be jail broken to run it. Restoring my iPhone 4s to its factory settings would remove the app, all of its data and any record of it ever being on my phone.

I stripped down to just my boxers and started to get into bed. As I reached for the switch I paused. As usual I couldn't look, even in passing, at the large framed picture of Sandy without thinking back on all of the memories we'd made together over the past 12 years. I wondered how Page had missed this picture in her quest to remove all things Sandy from my house.

I was 22 years old when I met Sandy. That was a little over twelve years ago. I'd graduated the year before with a degree in business. I had a pretty good job, but my bosses at the company had let me know very quickly that I needed to get my ass back in school. My degree was good but without an MBA there was definitely a ceiling on how high I'd ever be able to rise in the company. They thought I had a lot of potential, but I needed the right credentials along with more experience to realize it.

I walked purposefully into the classroom that first day. I was one of the younger people in my class, but unlike a lot of them, I already had my degree. I also had already begun my career. I had two big ass chunks of my life already taken care of. In my mind, I was head and shoulder above the rest of them.

My confidence faded as soon as she walked into the room. Okay, maybe walked isn't the correct term. She kind of floated in. And just like that she rendered everything thing else in the room, in my life and even in the world, unimportant.

It was one of those surreal moments when everything comes into focus. Writers and artists often describe it as being a moment of destiny or a moment of pristine clarity when all of the stars align.

It was like the instant when Mario Andretti first sat down in a race car, or Leonardo DaVinci first picked up a paint brush. Everything from then on just seemed to make sense.

I gazed in awe, even forgetting to take in or expel oxygen, on her matchless beauty. As she looked around the room for an empty seat our eyes locked together. I saw my entire future outlined in those green eyes. Her angelic face, those eyes, that tiny button nose and those generous lips all speckled with a healthy dose of freckles smiled at me.

I say her face smiled at me because it's true. When Sandy smiles it's not just with her mouth. Her eyes, her cheeks every part of her face is involved in the smile.

Her long curly red hair framed that beautiful face and cascaded down her back like the most perfect waterfall nature ever made. Her slim shoulders gave way to long, thin but beautifully shaped arms. Her hands were tiny but long fingered. Her fingers seem to be a part of the way she communicates. Even today Sandy has a way of saying things with her hands that make words unnecessary. Like the way she'd sometimes just point at her lips, to tell me that she needed to be kissed.

Sandy's breasts could barely be called that. They were more like bee stings. Her friend Kathy used to joke that when God gave out titties, Sandy was stuck in the ass line, going back for seconds.

Sandy's lack of development above the waist was more than made up for below it. Her ass wasn't huge, it was just so perfectly developed and perfectly proportioned that what she could do to a tight skirt was unnatural and what her ass did to jeans should be considered deadly.

Her legs, like her arms were thin and longish, terminating in feet that could convert you if you weren't a foot guy. Before Sandy, I wasn't and even now I'm not. But when it came to Sandy let's face it, from the very first moment I laid eyes on her, I worshipped every part of that woman.

I was sitting there in class that fateful day just after our eyes had locked and I watched her walking straight towards me, carrying her books. She got closer and closer, looking straight into my eyes with every step. My heart seemed to be beating harder with every passing second. Then she got to me and walked right past me. I went into shock. My heart broke in that second.

I started wondering where I'd gone wrong, what I'd done. Suddenly nothing seemed to matter to me anymore. I looked down at my book so no one could see the depth of my disappointment.

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