Drug of Desire

by Linda Jean

Copyright© 2011 by Linda Jean

Erotica Sex Story: Housewife gets selected to try a new drug that is "Viagra for Women" 12 years in the making and the results are better than expected for everyone!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Porn Theatre   .

Mark is the chief scientists in a lab that is working on a drug that allows the subject to loose total control of her sexual desires. A drug that would create such a sexual desire that morals would go right out the window. The only thing important to the subject would be to feed her lust and quench her desires.

However, this kind of drug wasn't easy to create, he and his team worked on this for over twelve years, without success. He and his company knew that if they succeeded the discovery would be a gold mine for women as the little blue pill had been for men.

Then it happened, the preliminary tests confirmed the power of the drug in lotion form on the test female animals worked. When they were induced by the drug, the females acted completely out of character, they wanted sex all the time from the males. Now it was time to test the lotion on a human female.

The problem Mark had was, trying to find a volunteer that would be considered as "normal." In order to see if the drug worked or not on a human, the female had to be tested in a supervised blind test, that is testing them without their knowledge. On top of that, they needed to be women who did not have a sex drive to speak or maybe none what so ever.

His staff has created a list of women from employee's wives and friends; it was now up to him to personally select one to be tested. The test subject would be Ellen Richards, a young housewife married for twelve years. They had an eight-year-old daughter, Amy. They all lived in the suburb of the city. Ellen was the choice, because she is always alone in her house during the day. And her husband was always complaining about their lack of sex at home when he was there.

Mark knew that she was considered a little stuck on herself and her life. She was the perfect choice for his lotion. In fact it was like the lotion was designed for her. If it would work on her, it would work on any woman. He smiled as he recalled how cute her little girl was also.

Ellen was working around the house when the door bell rang, it was almost 9 AM. When she answered the door, nobody was there. On the ground was a package with a label, on it said "special gift." Ellen picked it up, looked all around to see if she could see anyone leaving to see who left it. Seeing no one, she took it inside, opened it, and saw that it was a jar of lotion and a letter.

Ellen read the letter it said, "You have been chosen from thousands of people to try our new product in a blind test. By a blind test we mean it is very important that the people testing this lotion do not have any preconceived ideas. Please try the lotion, and then call us on our toll call free line, to answer some questions about the product along with your opinions. If you chose to participate in this blind test, as a way of saying thank you for your help in this, we will give you one year's supply of the finished product. Please do it now, we are waiting for your call.

Ellen opened the jar smelled the lotion and it had a sweet soft fragrance. Thinking to her self, "This could be interesting, I never have been asked my thoughts on anything like this before, what do I have to loose?" reading the directions in the letter they asked her to apply the lotion to her hands, wrist, neck and face. The directions also said to apply some to her chest area. The directions told her to apply, wait 10 minutes and then to call the telephone number given.

Taking the jar to her bathroom, Ellen dropped her housedress and applied the lotion everywhere they requested, closed the jar, put her housedress back on, went out to the kitchen, set the timer, and sat at the kitchen table to wait before she made the call.

In just a few minutes Ellen was thinking of sex with her husband, then she was thinking of sex with her past boyfriends before she was married. Her mind was picturing different men's dicks that she had fucked in her life. She began thinking of her sexual desire and how much she desired to masturbate right then. The timer rang out indicating to her that it was time to make the call.

The urge for sex was stronger than her sense of duty to the lotion test. Ellen simply opened her legs, unbuttoned the front of her housedress, moved her panty crotch aside, and began to masturbate. It did not take any time what so ever to achieve her desired orgasm. Once she finished she remembered the phone call, she pulled her fingers out from between her legs and dialed the telephone number given.

Sitting there waiting for the phone to be answered she realized that her sexual desire had came back and if possible even stronger. She heard the phone picked up and a man with a nice voice said

"Yes, Pheromones toll free! What can I do for you?"

Ellen was so horny she wanted to hang up and masturbate again before and then she call again, but then she thought if she got this over with quick she would have all the time she needed to really take care of herself and this time use something to fuck herself with, God she needed to be fucked so bad right now. She finally decided to speak,

"Hello, my name is Ellen Richards, and I received a package from you, with the most wonderful perfume lotion that I have tried in my life. I don't know if it is the cause of this or not, but right now I am having a sensation that I am not sure I like and well maybe to tell the truth a little undesirable right now."

The man said "I need to ask you a few questions about what is happening to you right now Mrs. Richards if you don't mind, I'll be quick. Please, tell me what you think about sex"

Somehow the word sex did not bother her right now, in fact for some reason that she did not know why, she wanted to talk about sex, talking about sex increased her desire and she wanted that feeling she had to increase.

Ellen said, "Well, sex is OK, I mean my husband and I have it two or three times a month, what does that have to do with this test?"

The man ignored her question and asked "How does your body actually feel right now, do you feel any desire for sex at all right now?"

Before Ellen made the phone call she had began rubbing her swollen clit because she was so turned on.

She said in a very sexy voice, "I am very turned on right now, did that lotion do this? God I need a man so bad. I need to have sex right now."

Ellen put her hand inside her panties and began to use two fingers to slide in and out her hot horny hole as she sat there talking to this stranger.

He asked, "How are your nipples?"

Ellen said in her rasping, sexy voice that left no question as to just how turned on and horny that she was right then.

"They are hard and poking throwing the fabric of my house dress! Just the frictions of them touching my dress is giving me so much pleasure, in fact I can't recall ever feeling this much pleasure from my nipples, I am so fucking hot right now, God what was in that stuff, I have never been this turned on in my entire life. I love this feeling, if I only had a man here to fuck me"

The man then said something that just minutes ago before the arrival of the lotion she would have slammed the phone down. He said

"I need to ask you another question, it is important to see just how effective our lotion is, the question is, do you feel you could use some help with your arousal right now. I mean I have a feeling fingers and even using something to fuck yourself just won't do now will it? If you would like some help with your problem, I can send to you someone to fuck you and resolve your problem, would you like that? I can send you one man but I have a feeling that one will not be enough for you will it? Do you want me to send two men, or a lot of men?"

Ellen said "I ah,, well, I don't know, I mean shit, yes, OK send someone, hurry, I am so fucking hot, hurry I need it bad."

The man said "Good, but you did not tell me if you want one man or two men, or if you want me to send you several men, do you think five or six men would be better for you Mrs. Richards?

Ellen said as she was masturbating her clit like crazy, "several men I want to fuck lots of men, please hurry I really need to fuck right now! No wait a minute, make it two men."

The man said, "Now it will be a few minutes before they will get there, in the mean time, I want you to go take a shower, and I want you to shave your pubic hair. I want you to take a dab of lotion and rub it in the skin of your breast and the insides of your thighs, no place else. When you are finished, get some sheets or blankets and lay them on the floor in your living room, lay down naked and keep yourself entertained until my boys arrive there they should be there with in 30 minutes."

Ellen said, "Ok, but please hurry, please"

When the doorbell rang, Ellen was naked on the floor masturbating using her fingers to fuck her self with as she rubbed her clit. All she could think about was being fucked and coming. She got up when the doorbell rang, and almost ran to the door. Nothing mattered to her but to be with a man, any man just as long as he would fuck her and fuck her hard. She opened the door to see a group of men and a van out side on the street. She did not say anything about the fact that there were more than two men. It did not even dawn on her to ask why there were so many men there. She said "Come on in boys, who's first?"

Ellen walked back into the living room and standing on the blanket she did not have to wait long before she felt hands start to immediately fondle her body. She grabbed a man in front of her and began to kiss him as another man was fingering her cunt. She felt fingers probing her asshole and fingers around her neck and her nipples. Nothing but pure pleasure was racing through her body as all eight men worked to give her pleasure. Some were nude while others began to undress, they were all tall men, and everyone had a dick larger than her husbands, two of which looked to big for her.

As the men touched her, she was grabbing at there cocks, just touching them gave her pleasure, the feel of their meat in her hands, the feeling of them hard all wanting to fuck her. Her heart was beating so hard; her breathing was so hard it was almost impossible to catch it. She loved the feeling of her tits being played with, and her cunt was sopping wet with desire

Ellen felt fingers rolling her left nipple, and she felt lips sucking at her right nipple. She could feel her cunt pulse with every heart beat she really wanted them to fuck her. She felt the fingers working her pussy and it gave her so much pleasure, that she spread her legs as wide as she could standing there between all these men and their hands, the finger plunged in and out her pussy faster and faster, it felt so good. Ellen then felt another finger enter her, and then another. She knew that the man had three fingers in her hot cunt, and they were pumping in and out of the sopping pussy.

Ellen felt another set of fingers on her clit rubbing it hard and fast, in no time she came and shook standing there. Ellen heard in a distant voice say, "Man, her fucking cunt is so fucking wet, she's really enjoying this." Somehow Ellen managed to keep quiet, but even with the talking going on all around her she could still hear the slurping noise of his fingers in her pussy. She realized that she could smell herself, she actually could smell her pussy! She was that hot!

Ellen felt pressure on her shoulders as she was being pushed down to her knees. The finger fucking did not stop and it felt like the man behind her had two or three fingers in her asshole at the same time. On her knees, she found a cock being pushed into her face. She was far too gone in her lust to tell them she never sucked a man like that before, but right now she wanted to suck a man, any man! Ellen grabbed the cock with her lips and began to give it pleasure as she gobbled it up and made love to it with her mouth. It was a nice hard cock, all thick and heavily veined.

One man dropped to the floor on his back and working very hard to get under her. He replaced the fingers in her cunt with his hot wanting mouth. He pushed his face under her pussy and started licking her and sucking her hot wanting hole. The man rubbing her clit never stopped as the man fingerfucking her asshole also did not stop. When the man under her began to lick and suck her hole, she again had another hard glorious orgasm.

After she moaned and came Ellen felt herself hoisted up off then man eating her, and the hands disappeared. She felt the blanket on her back as the men placed her down on the floor. They were holding her legs up as two different mouths began working her two nipples again. Ellen watched as this man with a rock hard cock knelt down between her legs and placed the tip of his cock at her hot open entrance.

She waited for a moment and then reached down to pull him into herself. As she touched him, to guide him, she felt his cock plunge into her pussy sending her pleasure that she had never known in her life up till then. The feeling of his cock plunging in her, filling her up, made her moan and gasp for a breath of air at the same time. Once inside of her, the stranger began to fuck her hard. He was kneeling in front of her allowing another man to keep rubbing her clit as she was being fucked. The slamming of the man fucking her would put pressure on the others fingers on her clit causing additional mind blowing pleasure.

When the cock in her mouth erupted giving forth its sperm, Ellen greedily went after it gulping it down with out giving it any thought what so ever. When the man pulled away, another was offered to her mouth, which she quicklyaccepted with pleasure between her moans. Hands were now mauling her tits and working her nipples. The feeling of all this and that wonderful cock fucking her with the man rubbing her clit felt so good, it felt so natural, it was as if this is what she was put on this earth to do.

Ellen felt a hand work its way back to her ass, it was not easy with the man fucking her, kneeling in front of her, and another man rubbing her cit. Somehow the hand worked it's way back to her asshole where she felt fingers pushing back inside. She closed her eyes and basked in the pleasure as the finger began to slide in. Then the finger began thrusting in and out of her. Soon the one became two and as she felt her ass stretch for another the man fucking her crammed himself deep inside of her and emptied his seed in side of her. That was all it took to take her over the top again to another orgasm.

All of the men's hands, the cock in her mouth, it was all adding to her lust, her desire, and her unleashed pleasure. Ellen surrendered herself to this almost existential force, and just let it go. She was loving the pleasure her body was basking in. Ellen for the first time in her life was experiencing multiple orgasms and the more she came, the more she wanted to keep coming. The man in her cunt withdrew and as he moved away another man replaced him. Once the man worked around the hands above and below him he was able to insert his big hard cock, when the head was in, he began to slam into Ellen hard and fast. As he started to fuck her, the cock in her mouth began to shoot its sperm. When this happened it sent another set of orgasms pulsing throughout her body. With her eyes closed she rode the wave of pleasure racing through her body over and over again.

This kept going on and on, man after man. Two would hold her legs up as they all took turns giving and receiving pleasure from her entire body. One man straddled her chest and fucked her between her tits and she kept trying to use her mouth to catch the head of his cock as he fucked her. Several times he would let her get hold and work her tongue on it before he went back to fucking her tits. Ellen's own hands were very busy holding a dick in each one, as bodies would allow. Time went on and after awhile, the pleasure started to die out, the desire began to wane.

One of the men asked her how she was feeling because she had stopped moaning as much as she had been. Seeing that the lotion was loosing its effect he opened the jar sitting on the kitchen table and applied some to her inner thighs, her ankles and feet. Moving up to her arms he applied it there. Almost immediately Ellen began to experience a renewal in her desires, her body was tired, however her desires felt alive. Nothing mattered to her but more pleasure, more dick, more cock to suck, and more cock to fuck.

The men decided to drop her legs and when they let go she quickly wrapped them around the man fucking her. Doing this made the two other men that were rubbing her clit and asshole move their hands. The man fucking her came and after he pulled out, she felt herself being turned over onto her tummy. Her legs were opened wide and a cock was being pushed against her asshole. The pressure from the cock was welcomed because the man using his fingers must had stretched her ass so much it felt almost small compared to the fingers. He entered her and once inside he rolled Ellen over ending up with him on his back, and Ellen lying on top of him facing up.

Ellen was looking up at all the men standing there watching her, some stroking their cocks, while others just stood there watching with their cocks sticking out rock hard waiting for their turn at her. She watched as one man that was big move and straddled her and the man under her. He kept stroking his cock as he moved lower and closer to her.

The legs seemed to be the biggest problem but once he managed to work around that, he brought his cock to her wanting hole and he slid inside easily and with one steady motion. When she felt the cock fill her it took her breath away. Both men were inside of her and she was moving her hips doing all the work. Another man knelt down alongside her head and tried to get her to suck him.

Ellen could not even open her mouth with the feeling she that was controlling her, she was going crazy with pleasure being fucked by the two men at the same time, and was pleasure beyond words. Even if that man did get his dick in between her teeth he stood a good chance of having it bitten off.

The man in her ass came first and feeling his cock expanding and throbbing brought her to another wonderful climax. The man in her cunt came and once they finished they all pulled apart. Ellen was not finished, she had a craving in her she had never had in her life. She wanted to fuck as many of these men as she could. She wanted to get fucked by two men at the same time like that again and again.

They switched around and Ellen was able to have two men fuck her like that three more times. She did not want to stop the double sensation. When the last two finished and she was able, she got up on her knees and knelt in front of a man jacking off in front of her face. She took him in her mouth and made love to his dick. Another man moved in behind her and entered her asshole. He pumped into her hard and fast. Ellen relished the feeling of being stuffed at both ends and her whole body shook into another mind bending orgasm, setting off several small orgasms one after another.

The man fucking her ass finished and pulled out. When he was out of the way, another man replaced him. The men were not fast enough for her, she pulled her mouth off the cock she was sucking and said "Come on, hurry, put it in, fuck me, please, fuck me I need more, give me more." The man entered her cunt and began pumping for all he was worth, it took some time, but he finally released a nice huge load of sperm deep into her.

Ellen had lost all track of time and life it self. All she could focus on was sex and pleasure. Over and over the men took turns fucking her in all three of her hot open wanting holes. Ellen heard one man tell the others that they needed to get back to the lab. At that time she had a man under her that she was straddling and his cock was in her pussy.

Another man was behind her with his cock in her asshole, while a third man was kneeling in front of her and she was making love to his cock with her mouth. She felt warm liquid hitting her head and neck looking up she saw two men standing there jacking off shooting their sperm on her. No matter what she did, now matter how hard she worked or how hard they all fucked her, she just could not get enough pleasure from it all. Her desire had not gone away, her legs hurt, her arms hurt, her mouth hurt, but she needed more, she needed them to keep fucking her.

It clicked in her mind that some of the men were dressing and when the man she was sucking came, no one replaced him. The man in her asshole came next and when he pulled out no one replaced him. He got up and put his clothes on. She worked the man under her and worked him hard, he had been inside of her three times earlier and he was not going to come easily. He was nice and hard, but it felt like he was not about to come again. Ellen sat up and riding his cock began to work her hips grinding her against him. In this position, it did not take long before she felt his cock swell up one last time and begin to pulse deep inside of her.

Her eyes were closed as she rode his cock to another orgasm that raced from her head to her toes. As she came she felt warm liquid hitting her all over her body again. Opening her eyes she saw four men standing there withclothes on, with their dicks sticking out from their zippers. All were jacking off and letting the sperm hit her, covering her sweaty body, she was not only filled with sperm, she was now also covered in it.

As the man under her grabbed her hips he lifted her off of him. Her pussy and asshole were both oozing sperm as he placed her on her back on the blanket. Ellen was covered with sperm; it was all over her face, in her hair, all over her tits and stomach, and down both legs. She was just heaving a sigh of relief from her own climax, but Ellen was still horny. She reached down between her legs as began to rub her clit gently as she watched the last three men getting dressed. Ellen glanced over to the clock on the fireplace mantel and realized that they had fucked her steadily for a full five hours.

Every man climaxed at least three times and some climaxed four times. Ellen laid there watching them as they all walked out the front door. She laid there very tired, and very used. Her asshole felt like it was wide open, and her pussy felt like it was also gaping open. She knew sperm had to be dripping, if not running out of her. She closed her eyes and smiled, she thought "God I loved that" as she laid there one sperm filled, thrilled housewife, who was sexually drained, thoroughly fucked, very content, and smiling from ear to ear. Ellen had never in her life ever been so sexually happy.

Looking back over at the clock Ellen realized that Amy would be home in a couple hours, she also realized that the feeling was going away and when that happened she began to realize what she had done. Minutes ago she was so hot she was fucking complete strangers one after another, in her own house. Now it was all gone and she was alone, and she had cheated on the only man she had ever loved. She was sick with herself for doing the dirty things that she had done all day with all those men. "My God" she thought, "who were those men? How did this happen?"

Thinking of this made her very sick and sad for her actions. Ellen began to cry and she cried for about an hour, she could not believe that she did what she had done. It was that Lotion, it wasn't her fault. She had no choice, but why had she loved it so much? Thinking of all this, she thought "My husband does not deserve this, he doesn't deserve a bitch like me, that is what I am, a dirty no good bitch, a whore, a cheating wife." Thinking this brought on another bout of tears.

Looking at the clock again Ellen realized her daughter would soon arrive from school and she couldn't see her mother like this. Ellen stood up, grabbed the soiled blanket, cleaned the room used for her lust-crazed sex and after putting the blanket in the washer, she went to take a shower. Standing there under the hot water she turned it up as hot as it would go to wash off all the filth on her body. The burning felt good as a kind of punishment. Getting out of the shower and drying off just minutes before Amy came home

Watching Amy take off her backpack, she decided to forget the gang-bang for right now. No matter how great it felt, it was wrong, no matter how much she loved every minute of it, it was wrong. It was important to resume her normal housewife duties being a good mother and wife. She would make sure that her husband knew just how much she loved him when they went to bed tonight. She knew she could get back to her normal life, all she had to do was put it out of her mind to it. What happen today was a fluke she thought, it will not happen again.

That night as she began getting ready for bed, she knew that she was not in the mood to have sex with her husband, but she wanted to make love to him and she wanted to make it very special for him and herself. She picked up the bottle of lotion and thought, maybe I should try just a little bit, maybe that will help get me in the mood?

Ellen put on some small dabs and went into join her husband in bed. He husband moved between her legs inserted himself and the excitement began to rise in Ellen and it really begin to make her feel not only good, but great, her husband climaxed and pulled out. She felt empty in fact she felt nothing but the desire to climax. Ellen was so turned on and she knew there was nothing going to come from it. The sex was not exciting until the lotion began to kick in and by then Mark was finished.

The next morning when the phone rang she answered it and it was the man again from the Pheromones place calling her back. "Hello Ellen we are checking back to see if there are any reactions to the lotion?"

Ellen almost shouted, "Reaction, are you crazy? That stuff turned me into a sex maniac. Why would you do that to a woman?"

The man said, "That is why we are calling you back, I need to ask you just how much lotion did you use, what happened yesterday should not have happened. That lotion was designed to be used to help out a female to allow her to become a little aroused and to desire sex with her lover or husband. Would you please tell me just how much of the lotion you put on and exactly where on your body you put it?"

Ellen said, "Well the instructions said where to put it so I scooped it up like my face cream and applied it to my neck, my wrist, the top of my thighs and oh yes my forehead."

The man said, "Did you read the instructions at all? You were supposed to put just a tiny dab and rub in into the skin. No wonder it affected you like that. Please try and follow the directions and I suggest that you put it on just as you go to bed. That way you and your husband can enjoy the results of the lotion."

Ellen said that she would try it one last time with her husband. That night when they went to bed she stood in the bathroom and put a little dot in all the places the instruction said to and rubbed it in. as she got into bed her libido kicked in and she had desire in her loins for her husband.

She reached for him and with in moments he was hard. Her mind drifted back to the day before and all the orgasms she had with all those men here in her home. She began touching herself as she leaned over to suck her husband's cock. She kept thinking of all the men yesterday that she had sucked and who came in her mouth. She had her husband on his back. She wanted to ride him tonight.

She moved to straddle him and as she sat on top of him moving her ass back and fourth she kept remembering the wonderful feeling she had when she had a man's cock in her ass and her cunt at the same time. She closed her eyes and pictured that in her mind. She wanted her husbands cock in her asshole so she stopped moving to her husband's objection lifted herself up off his cock and then repositioning herself she aimed his cock into her asshole. She slowly sat back down and his cock slid into her ass.

Ellen reached down in front of herself and began at first to just rub her clit, but very quickly she wanted her fingers in her pussy. When her husband came in her ass she kept moving back and fourth until he shrunk so small that he just came out. She achieved a small climax but it took her hand to do it. Her husband alone was just not enough.

She leaned down and kissed him and said, "I need to clean up." She got out of bed and into the shower, she reached for her shampoo bottle and her conditioner bottle, both are long and slim designs they have the rounded screw on top that made them both slide into her ass and pussy without any difficulty what so ever. She stood there fucking herself with both bottles and had a very strong, very long and very satisfying orgasm.

Ellen showered and finally went back to bed with her snoring husband. When she woke she realized that her husband was rubbing her clit and gently suckling her left nipple. It felt great to wake up like that and she knew that her husband wanted sex before going into work, she wanted to make it great for him so she said, "Wait a moment, I need to pee and when I come back be ready for some very hot sex."

Ellen quickly went into the bathroom sat and peed, she reached for the jar and quickly put the dabs in the correct places. She got up and by the time she was back in bed, she was on fire for her husband, she laid on her back, he got between her legs and was inside of her. He lasted less than two minutes before he groaned and deposited his seed inside of her. Ellen was fucking back hard and fast wanting to climax with her husband before he left for work. She did not.

He got up and took his morning shower whistling and happy, she laid in bed with her fingers rubbing her clit and pinching her nipples. She wanted to jump up and get her two bottle loves from the shower but she would have to wait until he went to work. He finished, dressed and walked out of the bedroom on his way to work.

As she heard the front door close, Ellen quickly got out of bed, grabbed her two bottles and went back to bed. She laid there and used both of them to fuck herself. She came twice before deciding to get up and shower. After her shower she put on her house dress that was very comfortable and she liked to wear. The only thing different today was, she did not put on her panties and bra under it.

Before leaving the bathroom she looked at the jar and thought, what if I just put on a tiny bit just in one spot, would it make me this horny? She had just decided to try out different amounts so it would help her but not over power her desires. She put a small dot above each breast and rubbed them in.

Ellen really loved the feeling of being sexually stimulated like that, it wasn't overpowering like it was that first day. It felt nice, it made her feel warm and it made her feel for the first time in her life like a sexy wife who really wanted sex and to come.

Around 9 AM the phone rang, it was the man from the pheromone place. The man asked her is she tried a lower dose and asked how it worked. Ellen was up front and honest, she told the man how it did not overpower her and she loved having sex with her husband.

The man wanted to make sure he understood her so he asked, "So you mean that when you made love, your husband made you climax and you loved the feeling of him inside, you desired him in you and he actually put out the fire between your ears and your legs?"

Ellen said, "Well, it did make our lovemaking exciting and he loved it, I took him out of me and then sat back down on him so he could do me anally. We were wild in bed. Well maybe I was the one who was wild. It was great, we loved it. But to say or tell you that he put out the fire, I can't"

The man said, "Well Ellen, some of the other ladies reported that they used their sex toys after their husbands went to sleep, did that by chance happen to you?"

Ellen said, "I am sorry, but I do not have any sex toys, I have to use what ever I have handy, so once I was sure he was asleep, I masturbated using what I had handy until I could not climax anymore"

He said, "Tell me what did you have to use that is handy besides your hands and fingers?"

Ellen said, "Well I have used my shampoo and conditioner bottle. I found that they are just the right size and they fit perfect inside of me and I use them both."

She heard him cough and then ask, "Do you mean at the same time? I mean in your ass and your pussy?"

Ellen said, "Well yes of course I do."

The man said, "I would like to try something sort of like a test, would you go put just one tiny dot of the lotion on each nipple and come back and try and describe to me the sensation you are feeling. So far it has been different with each woman we ask to do this."

Ellen said, "Hold on, I'll be right back." She put down the phone went into the bathroom and did as he had asked, she walked back into the kitchen picked up the phone and said, "Are you still there?"

He said, "Oh yes, I'm still here, so tell me what are you feeling right now?'

Ellen thought a moment and said, "I feel horny, I can feel my bottom throbbing, I can feel my lips all puffy down there and I really have a strong desire to come. I want sex in the worst way. I am so turned on right now, my pussy needs attention. I want a man fucking me right now!".

"My nipples tingle in a lovely way, they are warm and I can't stop touching them. I can feel my clit and it is getting warm as well. Fuck I would give anything for a nice hard cock right now, Hmmp Ahhh Oh yea, yea, yea."

The man said, "What are you doing right now Ellen? Tell me what you are doing."

Ellen said, "I am. Ahh that feels good, I am using my shampoo bottle to fuck myself, I need to come, I want to come, I have to come."

The man said, "Do you have a speaker phone Ellen, if you do, put it on speaker so you can use both hands and use the conditioner bottle as well, you do have the other bottle don't you Ellen?"

Ellen hit the button and said, "Yes I do, how do you know I brought them both back with me?"

The man said, "Because I know you want to get fucked and since you are by yourself the only thing you can use if what you have. I am sitting here with my big fat, rock hard cock in my hand and I am jacking off as I listen to you fuck yourself. I want you to use both bottles and tell me exactly what you are doing, pretend that I am a blind man and the only way I can enjoy it is for you to tell me every tiny detail of how you are fucking yourself and I want to come with you so tell me when you are going to come.'

Ellen said in a very hot excited voice, "Oh fuck I am rubbing the end of the bottle against my clit, I am so wet, I can't wait to slide it inside my hole, I have the other bottle I am licking as I talk with you because I want that one to go into my asshole. I want to feel them both inside of me at the same time."

"I am putting the tip of the shampoo bottle against my hole right now, I am pulling it up inside of myself very slowly. I am feeling it fill me and stretch the walls of my pussy. It feels so good, I am bending over now and putting the other bottle against my asshole, I am pulling it into myself very slowly. I can feel the asshole opening and there is a little pain, but not too much."

"Oh it is in, I am standing here in the kitchen legs apart and I am working one shampoo bottle in and out of my hot fucking pussy. I am working the conditioner bottle in and out of my asshole. I love the feeling. Fuck I wish these were real cocks, real men to fuck me. I would suck your cock as they fucked me. I want to feel your cock inside my cunt. I want to feel that cock of yours inside my asshole. I want to suck your big fat hard cock until you come in my mouth!"

"Please, can you send some more men over? I need to be fucked so bad, I need more than two or three men, please is there anyone you can send men over here like you did before, maybe can you come over and bring some friends?"

The man said, "I will do that but you need to do something first, stop fucking yourself, go get the lotion and come back to the phone."

Ellen stopped, pulled out the two bottles and quickly retrieved the jar of lotion. She said, "I'm back, now what?"

The man said, "Ok Ellen, put a finger in the jar and pull out a nice amount and rub it on your clit, I want you to masturbate using the lotion, then I want you to do it again this time putting your finger in your asshole and work it into your ass."

Before he finished Ellen had two fingers in herself after putting two big gobs of lotion on them. She was on fire she said as she finger fucked herself in her pussy and ass, "Oh my God that feels so good, it feels so wonderful. I'm going to use the bottles now, Oh fuck, this is wonderful! I love this."

The man said, "The men should be there soon, I told one them to video tape your response for our lab, you do not mind that do you Ellen?"

Ellen said, "How soon will they be here, I need them now, call them, tell them to hurry, I need it so bad."

The man said, "Hold on dear, they should be there soon, but if you won't let them video tape your response to the lotion, I can not allow them to stay there. In fact I will call them and tell them to come back to the lab."

Ellen almost shouted, "No, no, don't stop them, you can record my response, just get them here and quickly."

The man said, "I thought you would say that, give them a few more minutes, I told them to just walk in and you would be on the phone with me, is that OK dear?'

Ellen said, "Yes, yes, just please tell them to hurry, I really need to be fucked so bad, please I need them here now."

The man said, "They are almost there Ellen, keep using your bottles until they get there, I told them to leave you some sex toys so you can get past these trying times. Ellen dear, they are there, any moment you will see them come in your front door, is it unlocked?"

Ellen said, "Yes, yes tell them to come in, I need them now."

The six men walked into Ellen's home and began to help her right away. One of them took her two bottles from her and carried her to her bedroom where everyone got out of their clothes. Ellen was pulling at the first dick she could get her hands on and as she lay on her back she felt the dick in her hand slide into her.

Soon another man who put his dick in her mouth while others stimulated her nipples and breast. She fucked them over and over, two at a time, three at a time, one in each end while she was on her hands and knees.

Every now and then she noticed that one of them men would put some more lotion on her nipples and massaged it into her clit area. When they did that she felt like she would just die if she did not get a man to climax in her. Ellen climaxed so much her body just could not do it any more. What was so amazing was, she wanted to have sex even though she knew she would not climax.

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