Drug of Desire

by Linda Jean

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Porn Theatre, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Housewife gets selected to try a new drug that is "Viagra for Women" 12 years in the making and the results are better than expected for everyone!

Mark is the chief scientists in a lab that is working on a drug that allows the subject to loose total control of her sexual desires. A drug that would create such a sexual desire that morals would go right out the window. The only thing important to the subject would be to feed her lust and quench her desires.

However, this kind of drug wasn't easy to create, he and his team worked on this for over twelve years, without success. He and his company knew that if they succeeded the discovery would be a gold mine for women as the little blue pill had been for men.

Then it happened, the preliminary tests confirmed the power of the drug in lotion form on the test female animals worked. When they were induced by the drug, the females acted completely out of character, they wanted sex all the time from the males. Now it was time to test the lotion on a human female.

The problem Mark had was, trying to find a volunteer that would be considered as "normal." In order to see if the drug worked or not on a human, the female had to be tested in a supervised blind test, that is testing them without their knowledge. On top of that, they needed to be women who did not have a sex drive to speak or maybe none what so ever.

His staff has created a list of women from employee's wives and friends; it was now up to him to personally select one to be tested. The test subject would be Ellen Richards, a young housewife married for twelve years. They had an eight-year-old daughter, Amy. They all lived in the suburb of the city. Ellen was the choice, because she is always alone in her house during the day. And her husband was always complaining about their lack of sex at home when he was there.

Mark knew that she was considered a little stuck on herself and her life. She was the perfect choice for his lotion. In fact it was like the lotion was designed for her. If it would work on her, it would work on any woman. He smiled as he recalled how cute her little girl was also.

Ellen was working around the house when the door bell rang, it was almost 9 AM. When she answered the door, nobody was there. On the ground was a package with a label, on it said "special gift." Ellen picked it up, looked all around to see if she could see anyone leaving to see who left it. Seeing no one, she took it inside, opened it, and saw that it was a jar of lotion and a letter.

Ellen read the letter it said, "You have been chosen from thousands of people to try our new product in a blind test. By a blind test we mean it is very important that the people testing this lotion do not have any preconceived ideas. Please try the lotion, and then call us on our toll call free line, to answer some questions about the product along with your opinions. If you chose to participate in this blind test, as a way of saying thank you for your help in this, we will give you one year's supply of the finished product. Please do it now, we are waiting for your call.

Ellen opened the jar smelled the lotion and it had a sweet soft fragrance. Thinking to her self, "This could be interesting, I never have been asked my thoughts on anything like this before, what do I have to loose?" reading the directions in the letter they asked her to apply the lotion to her hands, wrist, neck and face. The directions also said to apply some to her chest area. The directions told her to apply, wait 10 minutes and then to call the telephone number given.

Taking the jar to her bathroom, Ellen dropped her housedress and applied the lotion everywhere they requested, closed the jar, put her housedress back on, went out to the kitchen, set the timer, and sat at the kitchen table to wait before she made the call.

In just a few minutes Ellen was thinking of sex with her husband, then she was thinking of sex with her past boyfriends before she was married. Her mind was picturing different men's dicks that she had fucked in her life. She began thinking of her sexual desire and how much she desired to masturbate right then. The timer rang out indicating to her that it was time to make the call.

The urge for sex was stronger than her sense of duty to the lotion test. Ellen simply opened her legs, unbuttoned the front of her housedress, moved her panty crotch aside, and began to masturbate. It did not take any time what so ever to achieve her desired orgasm. Once she finished she remembered the phone call, she pulled her fingers out from between her legs and dialed the telephone number given.

Sitting there waiting for the phone to be answered she realized that her sexual desire had came back and if possible even stronger. She heard the phone picked up and a man with a nice voice said

"Yes, Pheromones toll free! What can I do for you?"

Ellen was so horny she wanted to hang up and masturbate again before and then she call again, but then she thought if she got this over with quick she would have all the time she needed to really take care of herself and this time use something to fuck herself with, God she needed to be fucked so bad right now. She finally decided to speak,

"Hello, my name is Ellen Richards, and I received a package from you, with the most wonderful perfume lotion that I have tried in my life. I don't know if it is the cause of this or not, but right now I am having a sensation that I am not sure I like and well maybe to tell the truth a little undesirable right now."

The man said "I need to ask you a few questions about what is happening to you right now Mrs. Richards if you don't mind, I'll be quick. Please, tell me what you think about sex"

Somehow the word sex did not bother her right now, in fact for some reason that she did not know why, she wanted to talk about sex, talking about sex increased her desire and she wanted that feeling she had to increase.

Ellen said, "Well, sex is OK, I mean my husband and I have it two or three times a month, what does that have to do with this test?"

The man ignored her question and asked "How does your body actually feel right now, do you feel any desire for sex at all right now?"

Before Ellen made the phone call she had began rubbing her swollen clit because she was so turned on.

She said in a very sexy voice, "I am very turned on right now, did that lotion do this? God I need a man so bad. I need to have sex right now."

Ellen put her hand inside her panties and began to use two fingers to slide in and out her hot horny hole as she sat there talking to this stranger.

He asked, "How are your nipples?"

Ellen said in her rasping, sexy voice that left no question as to just how turned on and horny that she was right then.

"They are hard and poking throwing the fabric of my house dress! Just the frictions of them touching my dress is giving me so much pleasure, in fact I can't recall ever feeling this much pleasure from my nipples, I am so fucking hot right now, God what was in that stuff, I have never been this turned on in my entire life. I love this feeling, if I only had a man here to fuck me"

The man then said something that just minutes ago before the arrival of the lotion she would have slammed the phone down. He said

"I need to ask you another question, it is important to see just how effective our lotion is, the question is, do you feel you could use some help with your arousal right now. I mean I have a feeling fingers and even using something to fuck yourself just won't do now will it? If you would like some help with your problem, I can send to you someone to fuck you and resolve your problem, would you like that? I can send you one man but I have a feeling that one will not be enough for you will it? Do you want me to send two men, or a lot of men?"

Ellen said "I ah,, well, I don't know, I mean shit, yes, OK send someone, hurry, I am so fucking hot, hurry I need it bad."

The man said "Good, but you did not tell me if you want one man or two men, or if you want me to send you several men, do you think five or six men would be better for you Mrs. Richards?

Ellen said as she was masturbating her clit like crazy, "several men I want to fuck lots of men, please hurry I really need to fuck right now! No wait a minute, make it two men."

The man said, "Now it will be a few minutes before they will get there, in the mean time, I want you to go take a shower, and I want you to shave your pubic hair. I want you to take a dab of lotion and rub it in the skin of your breast and the insides of your thighs, no place else. When you are finished, get some sheets or blankets and lay them on the floor in your living room, lay down naked and keep yourself entertained until my boys arrive there they should be there with in 30 minutes."

Ellen said, "Ok, but please hurry, please"

When the doorbell rang, Ellen was naked on the floor masturbating using her fingers to fuck her self with as she rubbed her clit. All she could think about was being fucked and coming. She got up when the doorbell rang, and almost ran to the door. Nothing mattered to her but to be with a man, any man just as long as he would fuck her and fuck her hard. She opened the door to see a group of men and a van out side on the street. She did not say anything about the fact that there were more than two men. It did not even dawn on her to ask why there were so many men there. She said "Come on in boys, who's first?"

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