Decorated Lady

by mostera1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Violent, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Can the hidden past destroy the Christmas present? This is a Holiday story, there is sex, drama, tender moments, and some violence. Shockingly it has a loving wife, and husband too. Enjoy!

Thank you for opening my second story. There is sex, drama, tender moments, and some violence. Shockingly it has a loving wife, and husband too.

I hope you enjoy this Christmas tale.

It was Christmas Eve, the snow gently cascaded down blanketing the home Jamie shared with his loving wife Shelly. Jamie sat in the den a cup of hot cocoa at his side looking at his computer. His home was alive with the sounds and smells of the holiday season, but it was anxiety, not the Christmas spirit that filled his heart as his trembling fingers worked across the keyboard. Jamie's mind wandered to a dark place. A land filled with regret, and misery. He tortured himself with its sadness. Lacking conscious thought he browsed the internet porn sites, searching for release. With grim determination he typed a phrase into the search box, clicking enter he waited for the computer to respond. His objective was a particular video he needed to see. Jamie hoped this would be the last time, wishing he could lock the monster away forever. Finding the category 'College Dorm Sex', he entered two five letter words, left clicked the mouse opening the window.

Hundreds of videos in neat little packages each with a short description sprang into view. Conscientiously he scanned the images looking for that specific film. Not seeing it, he dragged the cursor onto the next icon. The pointer moved randomly highlighting a thumbnail that caught his eye. Scrolling back he clicked on the picture. Sluggishly the machine worked to load a streaming video from SlutLoad entitled, "Decorating in the Dorm". Jamie started fidgeting nervously. Unhurriedly the status bar moved until it finally read one hundred percent. Jamie hesitated, wavering if he wanted to view it, or simply close the window. Finally with bleak resolve he tapped play. The screen came alive; watching attentively he was hypnotized by the images on the twenty six inch monitor. The scene unfolded in front of his now misting eyes.

Shelly was in the living room. Curled on the loveseat, she leisurely sipped her hot herbal tea, reading the latest issue of Healthy Mom's magazine. Jamie her loving husband, surprised her with a subscription when they found out she was pregnant with their first child. Shelly's due date was December 28th. She gazed out the picture window watching the gentle snowfall. The peaceful scene unfolded memories that Shelly held dear. She closed her eyes, dreaming of her life with Jamie. There was never a more devoted husband. Sighing, she patted her swollen abdomen. Her baby kicked in response to her loving touch. Shelly softly laughed. Setting down the magazine, she felt the life within her move energetically. Their child seemed full with the spirit of Christmas.

She slowly got up and began the short waddle to the den. Shelly wanted Jamie to feel how active their creation was tonight. As she approached the open door she heard moans coming from the room. Peeking in, she stopped dead in her tracks. Shelly stared in uncertainty; her husband was watching a porn video. Silently she moved closer; getting ready to say something smart, when the images suddenly became very clear. Disbelief gripped Shelly. Stunned by what she saw her cheeks became wet with tears of sadness.

Jamie was oblivious to the movement behind his back. His focus was strictly on the monitor in front of him. A few moments earlier, he watched in dread as two very drunk girls wearing thongs and nothing else were carried into a small room. The girls held up by a masked man on each arm staggered to the room's center. Soon they were joined by six other disguised males naked below the waist, dicks hanging down. Beneath the masks they smiled in anticipation of what was about to happen. The ten began to circle the confused dazed girls. Jamie stared at the helpless young women. The first one was a chubby tall girl with long black hair, c-cup sized boobs, small nipples, and a tattoo gracing her backside. The second girl was petite with shoulder length blonde tresses. Her breasts were grapefruit sized with big pink puffy nipples. He almost cried out as she was forced onto her knees. Her head held down, she gazed unresponsively at the floor. He thought he could see humiliation in her glassy eyes.

The scene unfolded reminding him of a movie he saw a long time ago. A young girl being led up a scaffold hands tied behind her back. The angry rabble yelled obscenities spitting on the unfortunate victim who shirked away in terror. The man in the black mask unceremoniously ripped her blouse off. Her breasts uncovered to the leering mob. With tears streaming down, resigned to her fate she knelt down. Moments later the executioners axe fell with a thud. Shuddering Jamie refocused his attention to the poor helpless girl on the screen. She was now all he saw. A small drop fell from his eye. At the same moment he watched a single bead fall from hers.

Slowly the predators moved towards their prey. Seemingly on command the girls looked up reaching for the nearest cock pulling the shaft into their waiting mouths. The pricks were of different shape, size, and color. The girls were not aware of their uniqueness; they were only intent on vigorously fondling each one. Effortlessly they switched from cock to cock, sucking and masturbating until all were brought to full arousal. The scum laughed while waiting their turn inside the warm mouths. Fingers freely traveled the young women's bodies finding breasts, nipples, and ass. The girls moaning as their breasts were roughly squeezed, nipples twisted to erection, and ass cheeks spanked rosy red. Hands and mouths labored actively bringing each mans cock closer to release.

Jamie watched mesmerized, realizing the finale was near. The girls were positioned back to back. The ten approached their kneeling quarry. Each began jacking off, their cocks aimed at open mouths. One by one the cocks spurted onto the girls, covering their hair, face, and mouths with hot sticky spunk. Jamie watched as the blonde began choking from the massive amount of cum. His tears flowed freely as the white fluid began oozing out of her mouth, down her quivering chin. Slowly it trickled onto her small breasts, eventually dripping off her big nipples to the floor below in long rivulets. Jamie wiping his eyes observed his loving wife covered with the cum of ten men slowly sink into oblivion. The video mercifully ended, but not soon enough for this shattered man.

Jamie shook his head, dabbing his eyes. He knew what to do. Making the necessary decision he prepared to close the window. Before his finger hit the button, he heard a loud gasp. Turning he saw his beloved wife Shelly, her face a death mask of despair. Quickly he shut the window. At that moment her eyes met his. She stared into his red watery orbs; the hands on her belly jumped as their child moved beneath her skin. Before he could say anything, Shelly shaking noticeably turned around. Jamie froze staring at her. His loving wife fled the den sobbing profusely.

Six years ago...

Jamie Beabeau was flying to Green Bay, Wisconsin. He just graduated from the University of Texas, Austin with a degree in electrical engineering; he was going to intern at the Timberland Power Generation Company, just outside of Green Bay. His decision to go to Wisconsin instead of Portland, Maine his birth home was a difficult one. But, he felt the right choice. Timberland was a progressive company working with alternative energy sources. He hoped after a short internship he would be employed full time. He had already rented a small flat near the office, and was looking forward to his new career.

Timberland seeing the potential Jamie had, hired him within six months. Seven months later he bought a house in Bellevue. Once he settled into his new home, Jamie began the carefree life of a bachelor. He visited his family in Portland at least twice a year, enjoying lobster every night during his stay. This crustacean was his favorite.

Jamie's dating life in Wisconsin was rather nondescript. The local milkmaids didn't appeal to him for some reason. Soon, the winter snows arrived, the city transforming into a winter wonderland. The holiday season was fast approaching, the colors of the season were everywhere.

His company was holding their annual Christmas party at a restaurant along the banks of the Fox River. Ogan was a high class establishment that prided itself with elk and venison steaks. The New Zealand lamb was to die for. The party was going strong, and everyone enjoyed the festive time. Jamie being in a good mood his belly full from the best venison steak he ever had, asked the waiter if he could personally compliment the chef. The waiter nodded yes, and went to the kitchen. A few moments later Jamie felt a light tap on his shoulder. Turning around he saw a vision of loveliness. Standing behind him was a beautiful petite woman; her blonde hair wrapped in braids, a slim lithe body, and legs up to her neck. Jamie's jaw hit the ground. He became a quivering wreck, so captivated by this lovely Christmas angel.

"It is my understanding that someone from this table wished to speak with the chef." She said.

Jamie hung on every syllable, then pulling himself together he said, "I wanted to personally thank you for a wonderful meal, Chef..."

"Michelle, Chef Michelle Webber," she replied. "You are very welcome, I am glad you are enjoying your time with us tonight, is there anything else I can do for you or your party?"

"Yes," Jamie said as Michelle looked at him quizzically. "I do have a question. How come an establishment as fine as this doesn't serve lobster?"

Michelle responded, "Well sir, Mr.?" She held out her hand to greet this handsome stranger.

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