Sally, What Do I Do?

by Linda Jean

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Rape, Coercion, BiSexual, Gang Bang, Interracial, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Linda and her husband come home from a movie and they are attacked in their home. linda is raped and hubby has to watch and become part of the rape as well, (he is another victim)The Rape changed Linda in many ways

Dear Sally;

Where do I start, I have to tell some one or I will just go crazy. Ever since we graduated from UCLA and I moved back here a lot of things have happen to me. It has only been a little over 2 years since I told you I would write you when. I just hope this letter gets to you.

Maybe it would be good if it didn't and then I will have just gotten all this stuff out of my mind. You taught me a lot of things about sex and I will love you for that until the day that I die. Maybe I should fill you in what has happened. First of all I did not go into business like I said I was going to. I came home and I married Tom and then we moved here to Colorado Springs.

All of this happened when we moved here, I look back at what has happen and I want to blame you for some of it. Now don't get mad, let me explain what I mean, I said I wanted to. If you had not taught me that all sex was good, maybe I would not be in the mess that I am in now.

Remember when we talked and you said that I should share all my desires with my lovers? Well I took that advice and I shared a lot with Tom. Now I am thinking that maybe I never should have. I never did tell him about us. Remember how I would find it hard to share with you? I never did tell you why, it was because I was in awe of you. I would lay there and picture all those things you talked about telling me of the things you had done sexually.

Well, the first night of our honeymoon Tom and I had our first sex together. Afterwards he wanted to talk about sex and feelings. To be honest I wanted to talk about it as well. We laid there touching and caressing each other as we talked. Tom asked me if I had any sexual fantasies, and I told him the same ones that I told you. Then I told him of another that I never told you.

Remember the night that Jane next door was raped and gangbanged in the downstairs laundry room? I never told you this, but I had been a virgin for so long, God forgive me, I wished it had been me that those boys took in the laundry room that day. I know that sounds sick, but remember they really didn't hurt Jane. In fact she told us how she would have screwed them all if they had been nicer. She made it sound as if they just wanted to fuck her and they gave her no choice. Yes it was rape, but from were I sat it would have relieved me of any responsibility for having sex. I would have it and since I would have been forced, I would not be held responsible for enjoying it.

Remember I told you that I was raised Catholic right? Well I could not just have sex or let a boy have sex with me unless I was married. You know how hot I am and the sex between us of course is not the same as with a boy. Like I said, being Catholic I could never have sex with a man before marriage.

But when Jane told us about those four boys who made her have sex with them, I sat there in shock and when she told us that they did not hurt her, well I felt a change in me. I remember sitting there wishing that they would have cornered me in the laundry room instead of her. By taking it from me I would not be blamed in God's eyes. I never told anyone this, but I would go down there all times of day and nights hoping they would come back, but they never did.

Any way Sally when Tom and I talked he asked me about my sexual fantasies, I told him about fantasizing of watching two men having sex, and then I told Tom of my fantasize of being non-violently raped. Well all that talk got us going again and we made love again.

Then he told me of his fantasies, one was that he always wanted to watch a woman and another man make love, he told me that he always wanted to watch two women have sex and that he wanted to have sex with two women. I remembered what you said about men, do you remember? You told me that they want a slut in bed and just the opposite out of the bedroom.

Tom told me how he loved watching a woman dress real sexy and how it turned him on to watch a girl dress like a slut and act that way. He asked me not to wear panties under my skirts and not to wear panty hose. He told me that he liked to see women wear those stockings. He asked me to dress real sexy for him and he asked me never to wear pants again.

You know how much I like wearing my short skirts, well it took some time being comfortable doing as my husband asked (you know being naked under my short dress's and skirts.) Well Tom also likes them short, I mean real short. I have some of my skirts so short that if I bend over, well the world can see everything and I mean everything under it. God he is so bad, he has such a nasty mind, and he really likes me to dress and act like a tart. I have to tell you it was always a challenge to dress that way (you know like a tart) and act then to go out with him and act the opposite. Over time this has become a game with us.

You know when we laid there talking about sex and stuff, several times that night I almost told him about us and the things that we did, but I didn't. We were both so turned on that night; we made love all night and almost all the next day. I am so happy you taught me so much about sex. I ended up teaching Tom a lot of things on our honeymoon. With a lot of pain he taught me about anal sex, (he did my butt hole that night.) I think he likes fucking my butt as much as he does my pussy. OK, ok, I know nothing here is anything all that bad, so here goes. I'll tell you what is going on right from the start.

Tom and I moved here to this nice place and Tom started working at the plant. Our marriage was wonderful and everything was great I would dress the way he wanted and I was happy being the nice little housewife staying at home while he was at work. In the evenings and weekends we would go out and go to movies and for walks.

One night we went and saw that movie "Boogie Nights" I don't know if you have seen it or not, but it is about porno movie making. God Sally I was so turned on by the time we left the Movie Theater. Almost all the way home neither Tom or I spoke a word. I don't know what Tom was thinking, but I kept picturing that man with his huge dick. It was so big; I remembered the times he was doing the women in the movie and how hard he would fuck them, and how they went crazy with pleasure. Tom is a good size, but nothing anywhere near what I saw at the end of that film when they showed us the man's dick and just how big it was.

Maybe the last mile or two Tom asked me what I thought about the movie. I told him I was in shock; I never ever saw anything like it before. He asked me if it turned me on and I told him that I was a little turned on by it. I did not want to tell him, but I was on fire wishing I was one of those girls that he had fucked in the movie with his big cock. I fantasized that I was that "Rollergirl" when she sucked his big cock and fucked him in the movie. And that woman that he did his first sex scene with, the older lady who did not want to let go of him and wanted him to come in her, God I got so turned on at that point wishing it was me that he was fucking.

We have a nice apartment and we have underground parking. We parked and went up stairs to our apartment. When we got to our door I put my key in the lock and found it was not locked. I was sure we locked it when we left, we went inside and we startled 5 men in our apartment, we were being robbed.

I turned to run but this big ugly black man grabbed me. He put a knife to my throat and told Tom to close and lock the door. I looked around and they had not collected much, what they did have some of our stuff on the kitchen counter. One guy said to the others that they really fucked up now, he told them we were suppose to be out of town all weekend.

Tom told them that was our neighbors, that they were the ones who are out of town. Then the man demanded all the money we had, Tom only had a little over $15.00 and I didn't have a dime. I thought they were going to kill us. One man put a gun to Tom's head and I knew it was only a matter of time. Tom and I began to plead for our lives. Tom told them we would never say a word, they could take anything they wanted, just not to harm us. I also began to plead with them and I told them I would do anything they wanted.

There were three black guys and two white men, the white men had long hair and not one of them was appealing at all to me, I begged them not to hurt us. The man holding me reached down between my legs and put his hand under my very short skirt. He slowly brought his hand up and he touched me. Since I never wore panties anymore he was touching my naked bottom.

What he said next embarrassed me and I just wanted to die right then. He told the others that I didn't have any panties on and that my cunt was sopping wet. He asked Tom if he had just fucked me. Tom was mad and he struggled but two men now had him and I had second man now reaching under me. I felt them running their fingers into me I could feel each knuckle as it went in my hole.

As scared as I was, God forgive me it felt so nasty and so good. I pleaded with them to stop and let us go, Tom pleaded and we both begged them to stop, I remember speaking the words begging them to stop, yet it was only words, I did not want the man fingering my hole to stop. A third man came up behind me, he and started working on my breast and nipples. He started kissing the back of my neck and my head was spinning with pleasure, I opened my legs a little wider for the men to have easier access. I could hear Tom begging for them to stop.

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