Just a Date

by DG Hear

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: I wasn't sure I'd ever meet the right woman. This was just a business date.

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DG Hear

I heard that to get people interested in your story you have to do it in the first paragraph. I don't know much about writing so I guess I should do it. So, I will start out by saying I had sex with my brother's fiancée. More on this later.

My name is Dan Welling. I'm twenty-nine and still single. I was born into a wealthy family. My dad owns Welling Manufacturing. He has three plants at which we make auto parts for the car companies as well as for some businesses. Two plants are located in Michigan and one in Ohio. I have an older sister Nina who is six years older than me, and a brother Bob three years older.

Our family is fairly close but because of our age differences we all lead our own lives. Nina and Bob both graduated from the University of Michigan. Nina has a degree in Business Management and is the head of personnel in Dad's main plant. She's married with three kids. Her husband Bill is a dentist.

Bob was an athlete. He actually received an athletic scholarship for football. He had visions of going pro till an injury sidelined him in his junior year. He is now in charge of marketing in Dad's two Michigan firms.

That leaves me. I have an Engineering degree in manufacturing and a Masters Degree in Management. Right now I oversee the manufacturing operation at our Ohio plant.

In college I was what you'd call a geek. I had the smarts and learning came very easy to me. I actually received a scholastic scholarship at Michigan State. My siblings called me a traitor, but it was all in fun.

To look less geeky I went to the parties. At least every other week someone was having one. I went maybe once a month and usually to the big ones where I could more or less blend into the crowd. I knew I was underage for drinking so I just stayed with beer and only drank a couple. I met a few jocks in my classes who were having trouble with different subjects. I offered to tutor them for free. That made me some good friends and got me the invites to the parties.

I wouldn't do anyone's homework for them but helped them with their problems. I dated some in high school and even got laid a couple of times, but college was a whole new ball game. At some of the parties, sex was just like you see in the movies.

It was so brazen watching couples fuck right there in front of everyone. Some of the partiers actually were couples. How could a guy fuck his girlfriend in front of other people? I guess that was one of the big surprises for me. I always thought that someday I'd meet that special woman and we'd get married and have kids.

In my sophomore year I did find one woman that I had become attracted to. Her name was Tracy and she was a senior.

I'd seen her dating one of the jocks but they always went behind closed doors to have sex. One day Tracy came up to me and said that Rob, her boyfriend, said I was smart, actually he said I was a geek, and would I help her with two of her subjects?

She would come to my room twice a week after cheerleaders' practice. We studied and I showed her ways to remember events, dates and things like that. In mathematics we would keep going over the problems until she actually understood how to do them.

She was so good looking, as are most cheerleaders at that level. I asked her if she and Rob were serious and she told me that they weren't, but were just good friends. Her goal in life was to find a decent job, a good husband with a good position so they wouldn't have to struggle. She also wanted a few rug rats.

I never told her about my family and how wealthy they were. I didn't want anyone to know. If I found a woman I wanted it to be because she loved me, not my financial situation. I knew Tracy was a few years older than me but I was having some strong feeling for her. After one study session I leaned forward and kissed her. She didn't stop me or back away.

In fact she did the opposite and we began a make out session right there on my bed. I slipped off her shorts and panties and went down on her. She was shaved and I went right for her clit. I licked and sucked on it till I could see her juices making her wet. It wasn't long before we were fucking.

There was no booze, drugs or anything thing else involved. Just two people fucking and giving it everything they had. From that day forward we had sex after every study date. I even stopped going to parties for a couple of months. I had the woman I wanted in my own room.

The only 'I love you' came during passionate sex. We never talked about being a couple. I honestly don't know if she knew how I felt about her. I knew she talked to Rob since he played ball and she was a cheerleader. What I didn't know was, she was still having sex with him.

I went to one of the last parties of the semester. I wasn't going to go but Tracy told me she was going. I ended up showing up around midnight. I looked around for Tracy and was told she was in one of the other rooms. When I got there she was on the bed and Rob greeted me.

Tracy was having sex with a few of the football players. I was shocked to see Buck, one of the large black linemen pumping away in Tracy. Everyone around her seemed to be having a good time and she kept asking Buck for more.

Rob told me that Tracy said she wanted to go out with a big bang and was getting it. I could go next if I wanted to. I told him that I didn't think so. I tried to act tough but it wasn't easy; inside it was eating at me. I said goodbye to Rob, took a last glance at Tracy and went back to my room.

I never saw Tracy again in college after that party. She called a couple of times but I didn't answer. She graduated and I went on with my life telling myself not to get serious with any girls. It seemed they were all there to party and that's all I would do.

By my junior year I was used to seeing all the sex and even being part of it. A few of the jocks even liked to share their girlfriends. I couldn't count the number of women I'd been with. I had even become a bit of a party animal.

I didn't want to get close to any woman. Everyone I was with knew that I wasn't looking for any attachments. Especially when the women at college were with multiple men. I just couldn't see myself being with them the rest of my life. I figured I'd probably end up alone.

After graduation I talked with my dad and he asked me if I would mind working in the Ohio plant. I worked there every summer, learning the ins and outs of the business. I even worked on the assembly lines to get a feel of what we expected from our employees.

I had no problem working there. I knew a number of the employees and it was a good work force. I received my degree in Engineering and worked with upgrading the equipment. Lily, who has been with the firm for over twenty years, was my secretary. I put a lot of trust in her.

She was married with three kids. One was about to start college, another in high school and the youngest in middle school. I met her husband a number of times and they had the kind of marriage I thought about when I was younger.

I kept busy with my job as well as taking night classes to get a Masters degree in Engineering Marketing. I knew that some day I would be the plant manager here. Roy Wilson would be retiring in five years, and most everyone knew I was probably next in line to take his place.

I would see my family fairly often. We were only two hundred miles apart. The holidays were a bit rough for me. Whenever I went home, my brother always seemed to have a new girlfriend to introduce to me. My sister was already married and she seemed happy. I often wondered if she was at all wild while attending college. It wasn't something she ever talked about.

Bob on the other hand would tell you about most all his sexual adventures. He thrived on it. I probably had as much sex as he did but I never talked about it. I liked being known as the geek younger brother.

My parents would always ask me why I never brought any girls home for them to meet. It happened every Thanksgiving and most times at Christmas and New Year's.

A holiday didn't go by without them asking me if I had girlfriends or dated. Why didn't I bring anyone home for them to meet? I tried to explain to them that I did date but I wasn't that close to anyone to invite them to meet my family. If I ever found the right woman, I would be sure to invite her to Thanksgiving dinner or whatever other holiday was near.

This went on for years. Mom tried to play matchmaker a few times but it didn't work out. The women were all nice but I didn't feel the sparks or any sort of love for the women.

When I came home a few times Bob wanted to double date. I have to say I always had a pretty good time with the blind dates because if they knew Bob then I knew I would be getting laid.

I was now having sort of another problem. The women I dated knew about the company and my family's financial status. Now I had to wonder if they dated me for who I was or my bank balance. I can't knock any woman for looking out for her future, but if I married, I wanted it to be for love. I guess I'm old fashioned that way.

The following Thanksgiving I went home and got the surprise of my life. Bob brought home his latest girlfriend and it was Tracy. She smiled at me and gave me a hug. Apparently she mentioned to Bob that she had met me at State.

I had no idea what she had told him so I played it along the friendship line and we talked about me helping her with her homework.

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