Modern Day Marriage

by StangStar06

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Desc: Sex Story: a thanksgiving cheating wives tale

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Betty Sutton scanned the bar around her nervously. Though she'd done this many times before, she was always worried that she'd run into someone she knew. The chances of that were remote since she'd picked a meeting place that was a half hour's drive away from her neighborhood, but you couldn't be too careful. Only stupid people weren't careful, but that was why stupid people got caught.

Betty didn't want to run into anyone she knew. The chances of them telling or simply mentioning to her husband that they'd seen her and where, were something she didn't want to take a chance on.

Her husband, Travis, was busy helping someone at work with some kind of problem or other tonight, so this was a perfect opportunity for Betty. Not that she needed many opportunities or that they were hard to find. She usually scheduled her trysts for the daytime hours when her husband, Travis, was at work. But the opportunity for a rare night time assignation was too good to pass up.

Betty loved Travis with all or her heart and she'd never do anything to risk her marriage. She intended to grow old with Travis, and spend their golden years traveling and visiting their grandkids, as soon as they had some. Losing Travis was simply not on the menu for her.

Betty and Travis had been married for twenty years. She knew everything about him. She was sure that she knew her husband better than he knew himself. But the fact of the matter was that they were in a rut. Travis hadn't seen it yet but they were. Betty was also smart enough to know that every marriage went through peaks and valleys.

Betty knew that her best friend's marriage had broken up for just that reason. Her aunt and uncle had ended their marriage for the same thing. After being together for so long things just got a bit stale. Being a smarter than average woman, Betty realized that things in the modern day marriage were far different from what our ancestors had to face.

There was no longer the need to fight for survival or fight and work very hard just to scratch out a living. In the modern era, people also lived a lot longer and were far more isolated from their peers than ever before. It was really silly. In the old days people lived on tracts of land and might be separated from their neighbors by relatively large distances. Even then, though they didn't live very close to each other, they all got together regularly at churches or other social events.

In the modern era, people lived much closer together, but in many cases didn't even know their neighbor's names let alone socialize with them. There were people who lived right next door to each other for years and had never spoken to each other.

The modern era had also brought with it a degree of flexibility in morals. Betty loved Travis and she didn't want their marriage to end, so she saw nothing wrong with the occasional piece on the side. In her mind, all it did was to spice up her relationship with her husband. It was no threat what so ever to their marriage. She even had clearly defined rules about what she did and how she went about it.

Rule number one was that there were no repeat visits. She only had one time meetings. That way there was no danger of emotional entanglements. This was only sex. All of her emotional feelings were reserved for her husband. Rule number two was that any sex she had was never anything that she wouldn't do or hadn't already done with Travis. Travis gave her more than sex, he made love to her. So there was no way that she'd ever short change him or hold out on him. If she wanted to try something new sexually, it had to be with someone she trusted not to hurt her. That meant it had to be Travis.

Rule number three was that nothing she ever did could ever be instead of spending time with Travis. Her marriage was the number one thing in her life. It super ceded everything else. So if she'd planned on doing something or meeting someone and Travis happened to come home, Travis won. She simply didn't go. If she was meeting someone and Travis called, she went home, immediately, in mid stroke if necessary. Travis came first.

The last rule was that she never, ever did anything at home. There was no way she could ever disrespect her husband by doing anything in his home. Betty also didn't intend to do this forever. It was only a temporary thing. Travis was working very hard to get a promotion that would increase their security and lessen his work load. With his workload lessened, they'd have more time to devote to each other. Then she would start doing things to put the spark back in the bedroom. But for her to unload on Travis right now while he was busting his ass for both of them was unfair. So being a modern woman in a modern day marriage, Betty simply subcontracted out some of Travis' duties.

It wasn't that Travis wasn't capable. He was just under a lot of stress. He hardly ever had time to relax. But when they did take time off, it was wonderful. Betty remembered back only four months previous when they'd gone to Hawaii. It was the best time in her life. She'd also noticed that a lot of the women there had paid a lot of attention to her husband, but as usual the big dope had only noticed her.

Betty used Craig's list to meet people. She never used her real name. She never placed an ad herself. She only responded to ads placed by other people. That way there were no records for anyone to ever find. Betty never responded to ads placed by men who were looking for casual sex or quick hookups. She knew that those types of men were predators. She only responded to ads from men who were looking for long time relationships, even though she wasn't interested in them for more than a quick fuck. It did seem like a shitty thing to do to them, but they could always say no. Not one of them ever had. Betty also never found her men on her home computer. She went to the library and used one of their free public computers. She also set up another email address and never accessed that account either at home or on her cell phone. She covered all of her bases, but she was still nervous. You just couldn't be too careful.

"But Trav, What if she doesn't like me?" asked Gary Lynch for the third time.

"Gary, you're a great guy. You just need to get out there and meet someone," answered Travis. "I'm sure she'll like you. After all, she answered your ad and you sent her a picture. If she didn't like you, she wouldn't have agreed to go out with you."

Travis shook his head again. The quirks and idiosyncrasies of dating in the modern era perplexed him. Travis was an old school guy. He was glad he hadn't had all of the pressures that Gary was going through. He'd met his wife, Betty, at college and they'd been together ever since. They'd raised two kids who were both in college themselves now. Let the modern day kids deal with the modern day problems. Travis still loved Betty so much it was crazy. Sure she was no spring chicken. Her ass was getting a bit wide and her boobs sagged a little, but those things just endeared her to him even more. He remembered sitting on their bed while she stared at herself in the mirror and discovered the crow's feet by her eyes or her first few gray hairs mixed in with the black.

She'd been devastated until he grabbed her around her waist, pulled her panties down around her ankles and fucked her until both of them were too tired to move. Of course, they missed dinner at the restaurant they'd been getting dressed for, but it had been a magical night.

The next morning Travis asked her what she thought of his car.

"Travis, are you thinking about getting another Mustang?" Betty asked him in shock. "The new ones do look a lot like the old classic ones that we grew up with."

"Sweetie, my Terminator can still run rings around most of those cars. She's got a supercharger and is far more aerodynamic. It's the perfect car for me," Travis said, referring to his 2003 Mustang SVT Cobra. "With all of the upgrades we've done, that car puts out nearly 600 horsepower and weighs less than the newer cars. Except for all of that fancy electronic shit they cram in there nowadays, it's just a better car."

"Plus there's the fact that I know every minute scratch and blemish in her paint. I was there for them so they're all like memories we share. It's the perfect car for me. Unless it was destroyed, I'll never need another car," he said.

"Then why the hell did you bring it up?" asked Betty. "I know all about your car honey. I know how much you love it and prefer it over newer cars even though it's almost 10 years old. It may not be the perfect car to anyone else, but it's the perfect car for you. As far as I know, no one else has ever driven it, so I don't think anyone else would know how good or bad it is. I can't even drive it since I can't drive a stick. But if it's perfect to you, that's all that matters."

Travis was smiling at Betty as she sat there in the mirror trying to decide whether or not to dye her hair.

"I brought it up because we're not really talking about my car, Betty," said Travis. "We're talking about you. I love you the same way I love that car. You're perfect the way you are. It doesn't matter if you're getting a bit older or what anyone else sees in you. Okay, you may not be the perfect twenty year old that you were when we met, but I love you and you're the only one I want. I know every scratch and blemish and gray hair on your paint too. And I'm glad and proud that you're all mine. I'd never replace you unless you were dead or destroyed either."

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