Two Girls in a Tent

by Sterling

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Desc: Sci-fi Sex Story: The humanoids on a distant planet are quite like us, but also have some notable differences. Someone discovers it... and likes it!

[Note: The author of this story is Sh'tun'gl, the Zhon-Gurkkin Ambassador to Earth. He noted elsewhere that he had modified some Zhon-Gurkkin specifics of the story to be more accessible to humans.]

We're different from you in several ways. Some are well known, and can be found in any online source. For instance, our men are taller, while our women are shorter. We have six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot. We grow up much more slowly than you -- roughly three times more slowly.

Some of our sexual differences are less well known. When aroused, our genitals turn a brilliant orange color. When a woman is fertile, bright orange streaks show up on her skin, each line leading with graceful curves to her vaginal opening. So on the one hand the rhythm method works just fine, but on the other we have more of a problem with rape, as those orange streaks present a temptation that a few men just can't resist. But that's a story for another day.

Today's story concerns immature females, who I might as well call 'girls' (the youngest girl in the story is 19 years old, but she'd seem like a kindergartener to you). Sexual activity by young girls is frowned upon, but if a girl decides to experiment it's not the end of the world. Now and then, with the right man, it can be wonderful. I'll share my own experience.

I was enjoying a walk in the countryside on a lovely late summer's afternoon. I was joyously aware of the breeze, the crickets, the golden weeds and my own thoughts. It was a seldom-traveled path. A hundred feet off to one side someone had pitched a tent, and I heard girlish talking and laughing.

"Ssshhhh! Someone's coming!" said one little voice.

Two faces appeared at the tent's front opening. I have excellent hearing, and slowed my pace and took silent steps as the path brought me closer.

"It's a man!"

"Do you suppose he might... ?"

"No! He might be a bad man!"

"He's cute," said the other and giggled. "Ask him!"


"I dare you ... Are you chicken?"

I could see now it was the slightly younger girl goading the older.

"Mister!" called the big one, trying to escape chickenhood.

"Good afternoon, girls," I said.

"Can you come here?" she continued. "We want to ask you something."

The girls were right to be wary of a man they encountered way out in the woods, but I knew I would do them no harm.

"Sure, what can I do for you?" I asked, walking across the pine needle carpet to their tent.

"What's your name?"


"I'm Kate and this is my baby sister Karen."

"I am not a baby!" She looked to be about kindergarten age, while I figured her sister for fourth grade or so, perhaps 30 years old.

"Can you come into our tent? My sister's not feeling good," said Kate.

I knelt at the entrance to the tent. Karen was lying back on a camping mattress that covered the floor of the tent -- about a four-person tent, I figured. She was looking a little pale -- though quite chipper.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Come on in," said the older one, beckoning me inside.

I like kids, and hadn't gotten to spend much time with them lately. I was delighted to see what I could do for a pair of lively young girls who needed my help.

"It doesn't feel good," said the little out, pouting.

"What doesn't?"

She looked uncomfortable. "Oh, I guess it's all better," she said suddenly.

"No, who's chicken now!" said the bigger one. "It's up there, under her dress, she says."

"Kate!" hissed the younger one.

"Chicken!" said big sister, giggling at the younger one's embarrassment.

The proper thing to do was to excuse myself and leave. But I figured I'd be happy to play along with their game, whatever it was. What was up under a girl's dress? Just panties. Cloth. You see girls' thighs in all their glory when they wear shorts, and the view goes all the way up to their crotch when they're in bathing suits. And what if she really did have some medical problem?

"I'm willing to look," I said calmly.

Reassured, the little one lifted her dress slowly -- or at least it seemed to take a long time. But her converging thigh flesh did not end in the expected patch of cloth that maintains modesty. It ended in a bare pair of cute little girl lips.

Well, that was just flesh, I figured. No need for girls to be ashamed of their bodies. It was natural, and she looked just the way she was supposed to look down there, whether I was peeking or not.

"And what's wrong?" I asked calmly.

I realized both girls were staring at me nervously. "You're not going to tell anyone I showed you my privates?" asked the little one.

"No, no need for that. It's perfectly natural, and you look just like a little girl is supposed to look."

She relaxed and smiled timidly, then pulled her cunny lips apart to reveal more of a little girl twat than I expected. Her girl opening was visible, and there was a definite orange tinge.

"My uncle stuck his peepee up my weewee, and it doesn't feel right now."

I was alarmed. "Your uncle did what? That's terrible!" I was ashamed to realize that seeing this perfectly natural and normal little body was making my cock pulse to life inside my pants.

"No, no, it's not like that! I was wriggling on his lap all the time, and he wondered if I wanted to try something. It felt really good. We did it three times while he was visiting, but then he flew back home. But then it stopped feeling good, and now it feels bad. I thought maybe someone with a peepee could make it feel good again."

"Um ... huh?" I said. "How does it feel bad?"

"Um, I dunno," she said. "I can't say just how, but it doesn't feel good."

"Oh." I recalled there were a few men whose sperm could make young girls feel really good when it was delivered into their pussies. Was her uncle one of them?

"Could you please? ... Do you have one that's hard and stiff like his?"

Some part of me was aware that this was potentially a very embarrassing situation for me to be in, and possibly even a little dangerous, depending on her father's temperament. On the other hand, it was a warm summer afternoon, the crickets were droning, and we were just three people in a tent of our own free will. Through the thin open mesh of the tent sides I could still see the sunlight playing on the leaves of the trees.

"Hmmmm." I sat back on the camping mattress to think, legs crossed.

The little one bounced up. "It's in here, right?" she said, groping at my crotch and immediately feeling my hardness.


"Yeah, it's hard! You got a hard peepee! Goody! Can I see it?"

My heart beat faster. "You're not even supposed to let me see up under your dress..." I said lamely. Her dress had fallen back to cover her as she sat up -- and I wanted to see up under it again!

"You saw me. Now let me see you! It's only fair. Pull your pants down so I can see if that's the same kind of thingie like my uncle has."

So we were back to playing doctor. Show me yours and I'll show you mine.

I pulled off my walking shoes and pants, then rose to my knees before actually removed my underwear to expose myself. I hesitated, dimly aware that this was a bad idea, but from another perspective it seemed reasonable. She was asking to see my penis, and I had just looked at her private parts.

I realized that I was proud of my adult organ, bright orange, twitching and ready to burrow into a woman's pussy. I was pleased at the respectful look the older girl gave it. The younger one's expression was more purposeful.

"You want this?" I asked. If her uncle was one of those rare men with magic semen, she'd be disappointed with me -- but it wouldn't do her any harm.

Karen said, "Yes! That's just it! And it's hard like my uncle's was -- but it's even bigger. Can you stick it up me now?"

Three people in a tent. Two of them naked from the waist down. Normal, natural flesh. When two happy people put flesh to flesh, it's a sign of love, whether hug, kiss, or just holding hands.

I was aware that the big girl was staring with mouth open. Well, that was natural too. A girl has to see a big penis some time, and this seemed as good a time as any. Of course a man gets hard and orange when a sexy woman offers herself to him. So this girl was a little younger and most men wouldn't be turned on, but what difference did that make?

As I rose, the little one lay back on the mattress, dress scrunched around her waist, legs spread wide, smiling. Her vulva turned bright orange. There was no question she wanted it. As in a dream, I lowered myself and pushed my knob against her little girl tunnel.

"Eeeww!" said the older one to the younger. "You really want that?"

"Oh," I said, pausing. It was always good to double and triple check. "Do you?"

"Yeah, I do, oh please, sir, inside? Shove it inside!"

The prospect of getting my cock up a little girl's cunt was suddenly incredibly exciting -- I realized that deep down it always had been, though mostly I didn't think about it. All of our girls are big enough to take a cock without physical damage shortly after they're out of diapers -- though it can take a while to stretch her out the first time. Her uncle had already done that, and this girl's tissues spread to engulf my cock head easily. As I pushed, her pussy opened enough to admit the first two inches of my rod and hold it in a hot, wet embrace.

"Oooo, thanks!" she said. "Can you get it in deeper?"

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