How Straight Are You, Joe?

by TheKinkInside

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, BiSexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: A story about exploring the boundaries between the way you see yourself, versus the real you when you find yourself in a new situation.

Way back, years before I met my wife, I was working as a contract engineer, and that meant I was moving around the country chasing work. I could have stayed in one place, as a direct employee, but I was single and the money was much better as a contractor. My first contract jobs were in places where I already knew some of the guys ... they were contractors that I'd met when they got jobs where I was a direct. And that made the transition easy ... because as I adjusted to the workload and expectations that come along with being a much more highly paid engineer, I was at least able to kick back with friends after the workday was over. But contract jobs are often short ... my first one lasted three months. The second lasted four. But sometimes, they last much longer. I didn't mind the moving, though. It came with the job, and I accepted that when I started out. My third contract job was in a Midwestern city where I was completely alone! I didn't know any of the other people I worked with, which didn't matter to me in terms of the job (I was good at what I did, and as a contractor, you learn to just do your job and let the direct employees worry about office politics and so on), but it did mean that after work, I was on my own.

Well, I didn't have problems making friends, so that wasn't really a concern. But, I DID have problems getting laid! See, I was a nerdy fat kid in high school, and I never really learned how to pick up women. I'd been in a few long-term relationships, where I got involved with women after I'd known them for a while. But in between those relationships, there was very little action, because I'd never developed the skills to hit on a woman. I wasn't comfortable using pickup lines, or making the kind of small talk that gets a girl to consider fucking you.

But, one thing that HAD changed since I was young was my physical appearance. With no good friends and nothing else to do, I started riding bicycles, lifting weights, running a little ... basically, I became a fitness geek. It was work out, and go to work ... repeat ... pretty much all the time! After the first year and a half of this, I got into pretty good shape. And because I didn't know any women, and wasn't able to pick up strangers, I got REALLY horny. This went on for quite a while.

Wherever I was working, I'd find a health club and get a month-to-month membership. Whenever I wasn't out mountain biking, I'd be at the gym. And when I was there, I always saw a lot of hot women. There were some tundra pigs, too, for sure ... but I always tried to cut them some slack, having been one myself once. But there were lots of hotties, too, and after I'd finish my workout, I'd wind up going home and jerking myself off thinking about the ones I liked the most. I was alone, still young, and I'd not been laid in years. So I was really horny, and the hornier I got, the more I jerked off. The more I jerked off, the hornier I got. Pretty soon I was jerking off several times a day ... Always before leaving for work, and always before going to bed at night. But before I knew it, I was going home to jerk off at lunch, and then after work before going to the Gym. No shit ... I was literally jerking off 4 times a day, every day ... and this went on for a year. Along the way, of course, I started buying porn videos. A few years later, along with broadband internet, internet porn would become the norm. But at that time, porn was mostly limited to VHS cassettes. Even DVD's weren't on the scene yet! Finally, one night as I jerked off into a towel I'd taken to keeping beside my bed to catch my cum, I realized I was going to have to start trying to meet some women, lest I wind up with calluses on my cock and right hand.

Well, not too long after that, I moved again. This time, I settled in a medium sized town, and wound up being there for a couple years. And like always, I joined a gym, and fell into my routine ... work, go home, jerk off, got to the gym, come home, jerk off, watch some porn, jerk off, repeat. By this time, I've got about 30 or so video tapes of porn. I never wasted my time with classic porn movies ... all I ever bought was the gonzo stuff ... just scene after scene, the raunchier the better. When I bought videos, I'd simply walk through the aisles and pick ones with lots of pictures of good looking girls on the cover. I didn't really care what the 'theme' was ... anal, DP, teen, whatever! I'd usually by three or four at a time, maybe once every month or so. If a tape was OK, I'd keep it. If it really sucked, I'd toss it after watching it.

One day, after I got home with a few tapes I'd bought at the adult 'bookstore' I found that I'd gotten one that wasn't what it was supposed to be ... See, on the display racks, they only had the empty boxes ... the clerk had to find the tape itself and put it back in the box when you went to check out. And this time, the clerk grabbed the wrong tape. Well, I'd bought 3 or 4 tapes, and by the time I noticed, it had been a week or two. And imagine my surprise when the tape I put in turned out to be a tape of nothing but guys sucking and fucking one another.

I'm not gay ... and I'd never watched any gay porn before. But unlike a lot of guys, I didn't hate gay guys. I always figured whatever they did was their business. The idea of actual gay sex acts didn't really bother me either. By that, I mean I wasn't grossed out by the idea of guys blowing each other or fucking each other! I also didn't want to be a hypocrite ... After all, I loved watching scenes with two women. Anyway, watching two guys fuck or suck wasn't something I craved, so I'd never have bought a gay porn tape on purpose. But for the short time this tape was playing, I found that the only thing about gay sex that bugs me is traditional public affection type things ... holding hands, kissing, cuddling, etc. I can deal with watching a guy fuck another guy's ass. I'll even admit that I got hard watching one guy suck off another. But once they started kissing, I was reaching for the remote! Look, I'm not saying they (gay men) shouldn't kiss one another ... It's just that I don't want to see it. I'm not judging ... I'm just admitting what does, and doesn't, turn me on. Anyway, once I found out that the tape was all gay, I switched to another one and put that one back in the box (the wrong box, obviously) it came in. And promptly forgot about it. Eventually, I'd have tossed it in the trash once I got a few I didn't want anymore, but I never got around to it.

Well, like I said, I was in that town for a little less than three years. And eventually, I met some people and made a few friends. There was a group of about 10 guys ... I met the first one at my gym, and he introduced me to the others. We all had similar interests (motorcycles, bicycles, fitness), and so we all wound up hanging out at the same places. There was one particular bar that we'd all go to on Saturdays, and eventually, I met a chick there. After the second or third week of seeing her, we hooked up and wound up dating each other, more or less exclusively. Her name was Jennifer, but she preferred to be called Jen. What I liked about her at first was the way she looked like she just decided to go out on a moment's notice. She was really pretty, but naturally so ... She wore little, if any, makeup, and her hair was just pulled back into a simple pony tail. Her clothes were clean and looked like they were chosen for her comfort, instead of as a way to attract guys. She hung out with three or four friends, and the impression I got was that her group was like mine, and she was my equivalent in it ... a little older, a little more reserved, and a lot less worried about her image. It turned out that this was close to the mark. She wasn't reserved, at all, but the rest was pretty accurate. We hit it off from the start. The sex was amazing ... she was just as horny as I was, and we wound up spending at least 3 or 4 nights a week screwing each other's brains out. She liked it all ... anal, oral ... any position! Some nights she wanted to fuck slow and long ... stopping and starting until we both came together after hours of grinding it out. Other times, she wanted quick, rough sex, two or three times, with long periods of naked lounging in between. She was a bit of an exhibitionist. She loved to order food for delivery, and answer the door in a long t-shirt with cum dripping down her leg. She was one wild chick, and nothing seemed to turn her off. The kinkier the act, the more keen she was to try it. She loved to have sex in public, but what she liked even more was to have sex and then be out in public, with some obvious sign that she'd just been fucked. Her absolute biggest turn on was to ride a busy escalator with a short skirt or loose shorts, with no panties, and a pussy dripping with cum.

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