Full Partners

by harry lime

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Brother, Sister, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Public Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Simon and Simone are twins and identical in almost every respect. They have moved to Paris, the City of Love, and are closer than ever before. Soon, they have fallen into the kinky lifestyles of their oversexed friends. When they meet Claire, all bets are off and they scramble to be her favorite.

Simone and her twin brother Simon were not French even though they lived in Paris. Their command of the language was such that a Parisian would say,

"You are not Parisian, are you?"

The nuance of their diction was so essentially French that no native listener could discern any foreign element in their pronunciation.

They had moved into their Aunt's spacious apartment after her unfortunate demise in a Metro accident. Denise Hutchinson was not a person you would picture on the Metro. The simple truth was that she had been a victim of a shrinking trust fund battered by the vicissitudes of the changing economic world.

The twins were so alike you could only tell them apart by the way they walked. Simone's hair was actually shorter than Simon's and from behind they were totally interchangeable.

Although Simon's walk was not particularly masculine in style, you could not mistake him for the swinging saunter of the very feminine Simone.

The apartment took up the entire third floor of the venerable pre-World War II building located in the center of the city. Even though their Aunt was short on ready cash, the myriad of fine antiques in the Apartment would be enough to sustain the twins for many years to come. The taxes and insurance and other expenses were all taken care of by the trust fund endowed by their long departed grandfather in typical Hutchinson fashion.

The twin's relationship was a very complicated one.

They had both undergone extensive psychological evaluation when they were only teenagers of 16. That was the result of having been written up as a study by their eccentric mother in a scientific journal given to sensational journalism.

Their total lack of inhibitions with each other was decidedly abnormal in siblings of that age in a civilized society. Their single parent mother passed away shortly after they passed 18 and now at 19 years of age, they were living in a huge apartment in an upscale section of Paris, the City of Love.

Despite the fact the apartment had a dozen bedrooms, the twins slept in the same room. In fact, they slept in the same bed just as they had done their whole life. They took showers together. They brushed each other's hair and sometimes one would give the other a full body massage with a very happy ending.

When Simon would get up close to Simone at night in his sleep, he would sometimes rub on her body like a little dog searching for satisfaction. If Simone woke up at these times, she would just lie there and passively accept her brother's unconscious attentions until he grunted and loosed his cream onto her bedclothes or the sheets. Sometimes Simone would vigorously frig herself to relieve her tension before falling back to sleep. Neither one of them ever had any thought of having actual sex with each other because their mother told them it was a terrible sin.

The fact that both of them were technically virgins was unusual for such attractive teenagers in an unquestioned age of promiscuity.

They liked to play games all the time.

Sometimes the games were variations on Truth or Consequences or a guessing game with penalties for wrong answers. Simone loved to make Simon do humiliating things, usually in front of others. When Simone lost, Simon usually made her take him off with her hand or expose a part of her body in public.

Most of their close friends assumed they were having intimate relations with each other in the fullest definition of the term. The twins did nothing to discourage that assumption because it made them more exciting and popular in the eyes of their amoral friends.

Simon had allowed his ex-girlfriend Josie to live in the apartment for a few months.

It was a total disaster.

Simone caught her using her toothbrush one morning and proceeded to pull her hair in a very painful manner. When she used her pointed boot in the pretty French girl's ass to make her point, the girl limped into Simon's bedroom and told him either Simone had to leave or she would move out of the apartment and out of Simon's bed.

The next morning, Simon showed Josie to the door and her packed bags waiting for the cabbie to pick up. She never came back and Simon moved back into Simone's bedroom with never another word.

They both liked to go to the cinema and watch "film noir" pictures with the old time actors and actresses who could make you laugh or cry with just a certain look. Simone had a way of repeating the lines from those movies with a flair for drama that made you wonder if she was just acting or really meant each and every word.

Just before Christmas, Simone was shopping in the perfume store and was enchanted by a sales clerk who impressed her with her absolute cleanliness and sparkling wit. The clerk was not a young woman, in fact she had already long past her 30th birthday and she had been hard used by several male live-in boyfriends of dubious character. Simone could see the beautiful woman was experienced in all matters of an erotic nature and she allowed the woman to touch her in the most inappropriate of manners in the deserted rear of the shop. She decided to bring her new friend, Claire, home to share her with Simon. Simone was a little worried about Simon as he seemed a bit depressed after Josie's departure.

Claire was a big success.

Simon took to her right away.

He had her on the bed in their room with her panties pulled down to her ankles within an hour of her entering the front door. Simone peeked at them from the doorway. She loved the way Claire squealed like a little girl each time Simon's long cock hit bottom in her pretty little pussy slit.

One look at Simon told her that he was in seventh heaven plumbing the depths of this classy mature woman. Simone saw that Claire was crying, but she could tell they were tears of joy from the vigorous coupling with her handsome brother. She frigged herself hard wanting to share in their joy and release her juices in unison with their own.

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