Libby Left Her Penis Home

by Honey Moon

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic, NonConsensual, Hermaphrodite, Science Fiction, Incest, Mother, Daughter, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Water Sports, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Size, Big Breasts, Workplace, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Waking up late with a case of Morning Wood, Libby Edwards doesn’t have time to waste taming the beast. Thinking fast, she uses a mini-portal to leave her erection home so she can wear her new dress without an unsightly tent. Before long she realizes she made a fundamental mistake. Her daughter Molly was home alone, with her erect penis!

Libby sighed happily when she woke up to a bright sunny day, but her good mood was short lived. "Did I forget to set it? The alarm didn't go off! Damn, I'll be late for work again!" she shook her head. "That's what I get for trusting an antique!" she grabbed the nearly one hundred year old first generation iPad and flung it across the room. "And today is the big meeting! They warned us attendance is mandatory!" The thirty-six year old blonde looked down at her sheets and groaned. "Shit, a fucking circus tent too!" she slapped impatiently at the erection causing the rise in the bedding. "I don't have time to take care of that! I wanted to wear my new vintage dress, too! I'd look like a slut if I go out poppin' a pup-tent with my damn cock waggling out at everyone!"

She jumped out of bed to start the day. It took iron self control to not grab her sixteen inch cock and just jerk off. She had been late too many times this quarter to waste time like that. She couldn't afford one more tardy notice! As embarrassing as it was, necessity forced her to pee against the tiles while taking a hasty shower. It was that or attempt a hand stand in front of the toilet!

After the Dryden DNA Disaster almost ninety years ago, the futanari were now accepted and treasured members of society. Who knew that the aggressive retro-virus created to eradicate all strains of Influenza once and for all, would drastically alter the genetic code of ten out of every hundred women exposed to it? A year to the day after successful testing, followed by the world wide mandatory airborne distribution and spread of the Dryden virus, that lucky one tenth of the world's female population spontaneously grew fully functional penises with all related glands and ducts! Nobody could figure out the chromosomal link that made only that one tenth of women with exceptionally large firm breasts susceptible to this change. Researchers worked night and day, but couldn't decide on just why all women world wide were also effected by an unseen subtle but oh so important secondary mutation. When the average futanari penis length was well over a foot, everyone benefited from the startling increase in elasticity of the female reproductive tract!

Males were only affected slightly by their own genetic change. There was a mild, yet measurable lowering of the male libido. It seemed almost engineered to lessen the chances of violence against their new futanari competitors for female affection. The true drawback of this wouldn't be seen for over a generation, as the birthrate of male offspring slowly began to drop below sustentation levels.

Since female and the newly restructured futanari doctors didn't see the change as a problem, the virus ended up being eradicated by a devoted and driven team of male doctors. It was too little, and far too late. The population spanning genetic changes was permanent. The subtle alteration to the human genome was stable and would be passed on to future generations. The age old dream of Japanese comic artists had become a reality! Futanari were now and forever a part of the human race!

Yes, Libby was proud of her gifts. She just wasn't one of those trampy dickgirl show-offs you see from time to time, with their string of devoted mono-sexed female followers bowing to their every whim. You'd never catch Libby Edwards parading around proudly displaying her package under tight inappropriate clothing, or letting her unrestrained erections raise big happy tents in the vintage style dresses she favored! She took a little more pride in her fashion sense! If it would hurt the lines of her precious collection of early twentieth century patterned clothing, Libby would strap herself down tightly to prevent eye catching bulges and tents growing in the fabric every time she caught a glimpse of a pretty girl!

It would have been nice to stop and play. She did so enjoy her little morning wake-up ritual of an auto-falatio quickie before getting out of bed. She just didn't have time for even that today! It always took her at least five orgasms before she was sated and flaccid enough to strap her penis tightly to her flat tummy! Libby paused in her mad rush, and picked up one of the two matched rings on her bedroom dresser. She usually used them only while playing with her best friend Beth Pringle, but today she'd put them to a more practical use! "What a great idea!" she said happily. "Since I don't have time to tame the beast, I'll just leave my penis home today!"

Blessing the nameless early twenty-first century computer-geek who had somehow come up with a way to replicate a device from his favorite video game, Libby took one of the three inch portals and slipped the head of her cock through it. Libby giggled as her troublesome organ slowly vanished into the transdimensional device. It looked kind of hot to see her penis slowly and majestically rising up out of the matching ring still sitting on the top of her dresser. When she had the ring fully seated against her body, she activated the molecular binder. It was now locked firmly in place against her skin.

The seal was pretty good, except for the slight rise created by her rather large and protruding clitoris. There was a little gap created there. Beth loved to drive her crazy by wedging the tip of her tongue into the tiny space, and teasing the base of her throbbing cock between swipes at her clitty! It always made Libby more interested in deep throating herself. With cock fully lodged in her throat and the portal right against her face, she could just manage to get the tip of her tongue to touch Beth's, even as Beth's tongue was slipping over her clit! They both loved the simple perversity of it when that happened!

"There, that's much better!" she said with a contented sigh. "I do wish I knew why they named the company "Cake is a Lie" industries." With a shrug, she pulled open a drawer to select one of her gauzier less sturdy panties. Today she wouldn't have to deal with strapping down or anything! She hated the tight confines of the sturdy Kevlar reinforced phallic girdle that squeezed her girth hard enough to prevent any unsightly erections while her eleven inch while flaccid cock was strapped firmly to her tummy. Today she could wear something pretty! The old dresser shook slightly as she tugged the drawer pull. The upright standing sixteen inch penis wobbled, and then toppled over. She made a grab at it but missed, and the organ bounced over the edge and fell head first to the floor below.

"Ouch! Oh damn! Oh fucking double shit!" Libby cried out as she hopped around the room from the sudden pain of impact. She held her hands flat against her crotch as she danced around, even though all that was there now was her vagina, and the silvery gleaming disk of the non-working side of the portal "Thank God I have carpeting in here! I could have bruised myself severely if this was a hard wood floor!"

Libby took a deep breath. "I better put this thing somewhere safe!" She said as she picked her now flaccid and floppy but still hefty penis up off of the floor. The blonde brought the organ right up to her face and peered cross-eyed at the bulbous head. "Thank goodness there's no damage!" It was hard to resist giving the head a sweet little kiss, but her resolve was firm! One kiss and she could kiss off getting to work in time for the meeting! If she indulged herself, she knew she wouldn't be able to stop until she was bathed from head to toe in warm gooey semen! "Dammit! I don't have time! I need to pick somewhere it will be comfy while I'm gone." She thought a moment, and then with a contented sigh, buried her pride and joy carefully in her underwear drawer.

She gave a little shiver as her warn flesh was enveloped by cool silk and lace. It instantly began to stiffen and grow again while nestled safe and snug amidst her panties. "No time for that!" She shouted at her organ as she slid the drawer shut. "I'll suck you like a popsicle when I get home!" She giggled. "Maybe I'll even treat myself to a little auto-anal if Beth is too busy to come over tonight! Damn her anyway, for getting me hooked on shoving my cock up my own ass! Better stop at the store and pick up some olive oil on the way home, just in case!"

She admired the lines of her dress in the mirror. "I look great! For once I don't have to worry about people staring at my bulge!" Mono-sexed women were all drawn to the "Blessed", much to the chagrin of men. Even devoted and happily married women were not immune! Laws had actually been re-written. Infidelity with a futanari was no longer grounds for divorce, even if a one night stand resulted in pregnancy. Futanari were also fully exempt from all rules concerning child support involving married women. No futanari could hope to pay for all the offspring they sired onto happily straying married mono-sexed women! If any male objected too vocally, he was charged with the very serious offence of Futa-bashing, a hate crime that could land them up to five years behind bars!

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