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Desc: Sex Story: A man reminisces about some interesting women he has met during his working career. The time line for the start of this story is in the sixties.

Richard Wilson, or Rick, as he was known, placed the storage box on his kitchen table and thought that the contents of the box represented his thirty two years of work experience. Rick had asked for, and had just taken an early retirement offer from the large insurance company he had worked for. There was some negotiating of the buyout package the company offered before Rick agreed to accept it but an agreement had been reached to both parties satisfaction. In the negotiations, Rick had indicated that he might write a book and would be discussing some of the company's skeletons and bad business practices that he was aware of. That remark caused the company to increase the buyout offer to two years of his salary which would be spread over four years. He would receive the normal retiree benefits, but he was required to and did sign a confidentiality agreement agreeing not to discuss the company or the buyout offer.

Rick took a cold soda out of the refrigerator, sat at the kitchen table and thought it was a good thirty two years. He really enjoyed doing his job as an Area Claims Manager and thought he had done it quite well. The last year of his work was a bitch which is why he asked for the early retirement buyout. He had a new boss during that year who was borderline incompetent and that just didn't make the job fun anymore. He did have bad bosses in the past, but they were nothing when compared to his present boss. This lady was had to be somebody's favorite which was the only reason Rick could think of as to why she was promoted to her present position. It certainly wasn't because of her ability or leadership skills. Rick, who had a reputation for telling it like it was, could only say "She was a few cards short of a full deck" It was unbelievable that she was in this position, but there were a number of things happening with the company that if the stockholders were aware of, they would be sellers of the company stock.

Rick could afford to take early retirement because of his 401K plan, his personal investments, and the lump sum he took instead of a pension. This lump sum was the amount of money it would take to purchase an annuity from an insurance company to pay him his annual pension. Rick's age, current interest rates, as well as the amount of the pension, were critical factors in determining the amount of the lump. With present interest rates being as low as they were, caused the calculation for this lump to be close to seven figures. The company gave the employee the choice of taking a pension or the lump sum and it was one of the few companies that did.

While sipping his beer and looking at the storage box which contained his personal effects, Rick started reminiscing about his work career. He remembered some of the more interesting claims he handled or was involved with and at the same time remembered some of the women he had crossed paths with during that time. Some women were very interesting, and he thought of some of the sexually exciting situations he was involved in with them.

His work career started after he was released from his two years of active duty in the US Army. Rick had taken advanced ROTC while in college. The military hadn't yet become an all volunteer force and the draft was still in effect. With his Second Lieutenant's reserve commission, he elected the two year active duty commitment which should free him from monthly ready reserve meetings. Vietnam was just starting up and Rick was fortunate to miss it. With his active duty obligation now behind him, he needed to find a job.

Rick went down to his university's placement center and perused the career listings. Of the many listings, the listing that caught his eye was the one for an insurance claims adjustor. It seemed that this could be an interesting career and there was a company car involved besides a decent starting salary.

The interview with the insurance company must have gone well, because he was offered the position and was told he would be assigned to at a claims office that wasn't that far from home.

Rick was an only child. His father was a hard worker and had been successful with the combination food and liquor store he owned. His father had a good business sense and used the profits he made from this business to invest in stocks and real estate. His father knew Rick wanted to leave the nest and offered Rick one of his apartments to live in. This gave Rick the opportunity to be on his own and also have a little bachelor pad that he could invite the ladies to if the opportunity presented itself.

Rick wasn't being conceited, but he knew he was a good looking guy. He was six foot two inches tall, one hundred and eighty five pounds, with wavy brown hair. Both men and women had told him he was one handsome dude. Because of his looks, it hadn't been that hard for him to find female companionship as they, for the most part, would pursue him as opposed to him pursuing them.

Their pursuit of him resulted in a little problem in that some of the women that Rick wasn't interested in, would bad mouth Rick when they realized that he wasn't interested in them. There was nothing he could do to avoid this reaction from them which had him just accepted it. He did get along fine with his male friends.

When Rick reported to the claim office he was to work at, he was warmly greeted by the claims office manager. He was given a company car and assigned to an experienced adjustor for his training. The job wasn't rocket science but it did require people skills. It required empathy with insureds and claimants who had been involved in accidents or reported losses. He later would need to become familiar with the many intricacies of litigation as he learned that a number of injury claims resulted in law suits being filed.

In looking at the women in the claim office, he found that their ages varied considerably. There were some women that were attractive in all these age groups. Rick had made it a rule in his socializing with women of not dipping his wick in the company ink well, but as with all rules, there could be exceptions.

One exception to his rule was Lana Kress. Lana was about two years younger than Rick, with auburn hair that came down to her mid-shoulders, and a body that was dynamite. She had to have one of the nicest figures on a woman he had ever seen, which she emphasized by wearing knee length tight skirts, as well as tight sweaters or blouses. Her butt was nice, but her breasts, at probably a thirty eight double D size, were her strong point. She was a head turner when she walked around the office.

While Rick appreciated her looks and would watch her, he thought he caught her watching him at times. He didn't know when the opportunity would arise for him to see if he could have a relationship her, but he just had the feeling that something would happen between them.

A number of the people from the office wanted to join a Friday night bowling league and they asked Rick if he was interested in being on the team. He told them he didn't want to be a regular bowler but he would be a substitute if a need arose. The need did often arise and when he bowled he had a chance to talk with Lana, who was a regular.

Now Lana wasn't the smartest girl he had ever met but her two big breasts made up for that shortfall. It was obvious that she knew what she had attracted men as she had a way of displaying herself that made for the interesting observations Rick had of her. After bowling one night, she asked Rick is he could give her a ride home because the girl she came with wanted to stay longer and have a few more drinks. The talk around the office was that this girl friend had something going with one of the property claim adjustors.

Rick wondered if this was the opportunity he was hoping for. He thought it could be when Lana entered the car and slid over on the bench seat to where she was sitting right next to Rick. He put the car key in the ignition, but he didn't start the car. His right arm went over onto the back of the front seat and this was all Lana needed in the way of a signal. Her hand reached out to Rick's cheek and turned his head to her where her lips met his.

Rick's hands where on her body and he liked what they were telling him. There was no objection from Lana as he explored her body. One thing led to another which increased their passion and resulted in Rick asking her if she wanted to see his apartment where they could be more comfortable. She said she was hoping he would suggest that. Driving to the apartment was a little bit of a challenge because of his anticipation of what he expected to happen there. Her hand was rubbing his thigh while he was driving, which served to further increase his anticipation.

Once they were in his apartment he confirmed what he already knew, that she did have one hell of a body. He also found out that her nipples were sensitive and that she preferred the superior position when they made love. This suited Rick as he enjoyed nursing on her breasts. It was one heck of a night and one that was repeated as the bowling season continued.

Lana didn't tell anyone in the office of this affair, but Rick was sensing that some of the employees knew. Rick could tell that Lana was looking for more commitment from him in their relationship. Rick didn't want anything more from her other than sex, so he cooled it with Lana. She sensed this cooling, and started to date another adjustor in the office which somewhat solved Rick's problem. He missed partaking of her considerable physical charms but he didn't want to lead her on.

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