Cheaters in the Moment

by StangStar06

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Time Travel, Cheating, Rough, Gang Bang, Prostitution, .

Desc: Sex Story: Maggie loves her husband, but she thought about cheating on him.

Author's note: Thanks to everyone who read and commented on last week's stories, both those of you who liked them and those of you who didn't. Some of you figured out and asked about the connections between November and the Edmund Fitzgerald. A few of you asked for the origin story. I will at some time write it, but this time of the year it's really too close to the event and I wouldn't want to do anything disrespectful to the surviving family members.

Thanks also to everyone who wrote me about Forever Gone, Forever You. That one really stirred up some controversy didn't it. I really can't promise that you guys will like every story, but I can promise to keep trying.

This week we (my intrepid editor Mikothebaby and I) wanted to do something more fun. Those of you who've been here for a while know that I have a series of stories called "Cheaters in." The stories usually involve time travel. There are three of them before this one. Cheaters in Time, Cheaters in Space and Cheaters in the West. This one is just a little bit different. Some of you will figure it out immediately. Some of you won't. As usual some of you will like it and others will be assured that I'm a moron. Either way, here it is.

Thanks again to the very literary and hawkeyed Mikothebaby for effortlessly spotting and correcting my numerous mistakes. SS06

Margaret Middleton looked around the restaurant. Everything was beautiful. Margaret loved this restaurant, it was her very favorite. Even with the amount of money her husband made, they couldn't afford to come here very often, even when they could get reservations.

Arielle Parisian was styled just like the most exclusive restaurants in Paris were. Its owner had grown up in Paris and moved to Ohio to make his fortune in his early twenties. Now over sixty, he'd finally realized his dream. He owned a restaurant like those he'd never been able to afford to eat in during his youth.

The restaurant had the same ambience as the ones in Paris. It had the same foods as the ones in Paris. It had much higher prices than the ones in Paris. It even had snooty waiters, just like the ones in Paris.

Margaret's husband, Jeff, really didn't care every much for either the restaurant or the food it served. He brought her here because he loved her.

He'd been smitten by her from the very first second he'd fucked her. I know you guys thought I was going to say from the first second that he saw her, but this is real life. Margaret was pretty, but she wasn't spectacular. Her luxurious brown hair and deep blue eyes had gotten her a lot of attention in college but not nearly as much as the cheerleaders or the more popular girls.

She'd never had the type of flirty nature or attitude to attract any of the popular boys either. She'd dated a lot of second tier athletes and less popular guys around campus and no one seemed to take her seriously. She'd finally lost her cherry at a drunken New Year's Eve party a few weeks after she turned twenty.

It actually hadn't been with one of the men she dated but an older friend of the family. At the time she really hadn't been overwhelmed or hadn't thought it was anything special. Over the next few months, she'd had sex with a few of the guys she dated but again it wasn't anything special until she met Jeff. He'd produced her first orgasm and she began to see what all of the fuss was about. The fact that he was cute, smart and very considerate of her also pushed him higher on her list of priorities until she realized that she loved him.

At the time, neither of them had any intention of being exclusive. As a matter of fact, it was seeing him holding hands with another woman that made her realize her feelings. She just started crying and made the man she was out on a date with take her home.

He thought that he'd done something wrong though he couldn't figure out what it was. From what he'd heard, Maggie was supposed to be a sure thing so he was pretty upset about not getting any.

Over the next few weeks, Maggie stopped dating anyone that wasn't Jeff. It took her a while to find out that he'd really liked her from the very beginning. He'd only been dating other women because she hadn't shown any inclination towards giving up dating others herself.

When she asked him about his feelings, Jeff only said that he liked her a lot. But he also reminded her that they were both very young and anything could happen. "But don't you love me?" asked Maggie.

"Of course I do," said Jeff. "But two years ago I loved Pauline French too. I loved her dearly, all the way up until I caught her with my roommate. Things are so bad between us now that when I see her on campus and she waves at me, I just ignore her."

Maggie was sure that Jeff was special. She was also sure that their futures should be spent together. She had to find a way to make sure that none of the more popular girls could snag him before she made her relationship with him permanent.

A lot of the cheerleaders and popular girls her age who were into their junior or senior years at the college had begun to realize that it was time to truly start living their adult lives. All of the men they'd been chasing for years came under new scrutiny.

How many of those superstar college athletes were really going to make any money or become pro athletes? There were simply not very fucking many. When you looked at things with a realistic eye, the numbers alone staggered you. There were approximately 16000 high school football teams in the United States, each with a roster of around forty to fifty kids. That meant that there were somewhere around 800,000 high-school football players. That meant that a surprising numbers of kids in the country, of high school age, could play if they wanted to. But when you looked at the drop in the number of them that played in college, where there were a total of only 650 teams and only 119 in division one. That meant that of all of the college aged guys in the country, only about 4000 made it and most of them had to be really good to keep a spot.

Then those roughly 4000 men dropped off again to the NFL, where there were only 32 teams and each team was only allowed 53 players plus a 5 man practice squad. That meant that the majority of the guys who tried and devoted their lives to it, simply weren't going to make it.

There were too many Al Bundy type guys working as shoe salesmen, or store clerks who lived only to relive their glory days playing high school or college football while barely making enough money to survive in the present.

By their junior and senior years, most of the women in college had started to pursue men for something other than athletic skills.

Maggie was worried that some of the hotter, more popular girls might just set their sights on Jeff and take him away from her. Besides that fucking whore Pauline French, Maggie had heard that Darleen Humphries had started being awfully nice to Jeff. Maggie couldn't stand Darleen. Darleen was so pretty even the other women looked at her. She had an incredible body that moved like Jell-O but was as tight as a drum. She only dated the star athletes on the team and other men of that caliber. Why the fuck would she be interested in Jeff?

Maggie had to protect her relationship. So she started having sex with him more often. After all it wasn't like he was going to turn her down. Within a few weeks she told him that they should become exclusive. She hadn't been dating anyone besides him in weeks. Jeff was for it and they became a couple. She then told him that since they weren't having sex with anyone else and she was on the pill, they could dispense with the condoms.

Jeff was overjoyed. It felt so much better fucking her bareback. Maggie liked it too, especially since she knew what was about to happen.

It actually took longer than she expected. It took three months before she missed her period. She gleefully bought a home pregnancy test and found out the news she'd been seeking. She was pregnant. She held off calling Jeff for a couple of days to give him the idea that she was upset about something. When she saw his car pull up in his driveway on the third day since he'd heard from her, she quickly cut an onion and held it under her eyes. When she met him red eyed and crying, he knew that something was going on.

"It isn't your fault Jeff," she told him. "You don't have to do anything."

"Don't be silly, Maggie," said Jeff. "It just means we have to get married sooner rather than later."

Her heart was filled with more love than she'd ever felt for anyone or anything in her life. She really did love Jeff and she really wanted to marry him and spend the rest of their lives together. He didn't need to know that she'd planned the pregnancy. She intended to make his life heaven on earth.

Fortunately for her, she got pregnant before the hounds started after her man. Before she even started to show, Maggie knew of at least three women who had asked Jeff out. Two of them were cheerleaders and the other, that fucking Darleen Humphries, was so pretty, she made Maggie look like a boy.

"Nuh unh, bitches, baby on board. He's mine forever," thought Maggie.

The first few years after college were rough on the young couple. They had the usual third floor walk-up apartment. Jeff worked hard to support them while Maggie took care of their son, Brian. Within a few years, they'd moved into a small house and then a bigger one. By the time their daughter Minnie came along, they were in a nice house in the suburbs with no financial problems.

Now 38 years old and having been married for 18 years Maggie looked around the restaurant and wondered about her life.

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