Cheaters in the Moment

by StangStar06

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Time Travel, Cheating, Rough, Gang Bang, Prostitution, .

Desc: Sex Story: Maggie loves her husband, but she thought about cheating on him.

Author's note: Thanks to everyone who read and commented on last week's stories, both those of you who liked them and those of you who didn't. Some of you figured out and asked about the connections between November and the Edmund Fitzgerald. A few of you asked for the origin story. I will at some time write it, but this time of the year it's really too close to the event and I wouldn't want to do anything disrespectful to the surviving family members.

Thanks also to everyone who wrote me about Forever Gone, Forever You. That one really stirred up some controversy didn't it. I really can't promise that you guys will like every story, but I can promise to keep trying.

This week we (my intrepid editor Mikothebaby and I) wanted to do something more fun. Those of you who've been here for a while know that I have a series of stories called "Cheaters in." The stories usually involve time travel. There are three of them before this one. Cheaters in Time, Cheaters in Space and Cheaters in the West. This one is just a little bit different. Some of you will figure it out immediately. Some of you won't. As usual some of you will like it and others will be assured that I'm a moron. Either way, here it is.

Thanks again to the very literary and hawkeyed Mikothebaby for effortlessly spotting and correcting my numerous mistakes. SS06

Margaret Middleton looked around the restaurant. Everything was beautiful. Margaret loved this restaurant, it was her very favorite. Even with the amount of money her husband made, they couldn't afford to come here very often, even when they could get reservations.

Arielle Parisian was styled just like the most exclusive restaurants in Paris were. Its owner had grown up in Paris and moved to Ohio to make his fortune in his early twenties. Now over sixty, he'd finally realized his dream. He owned a restaurant like those he'd never been able to afford to eat in during his youth.

The restaurant had the same ambience as the ones in Paris. It had the same foods as the ones in Paris. It had much higher prices than the ones in Paris. It even had snooty waiters, just like the ones in Paris.

Margaret's husband, Jeff, really didn't care every much for either the restaurant or the food it served. He brought her here because he loved her.

He'd been smitten by her from the very first second he'd fucked her. I know you guys thought I was going to say from the first second that he saw her, but this is real life. Margaret was pretty, but she wasn't spectacular. Her luxurious brown hair and deep blue eyes had gotten her a lot of attention in college but not nearly as much as the cheerleaders or the more popular girls.

She'd never had the type of flirty nature or attitude to attract any of the popular boys either. She'd dated a lot of second tier athletes and less popular guys around campus and no one seemed to take her seriously. She'd finally lost her cherry at a drunken New Year's Eve party a few weeks after she turned twenty.

It actually hadn't been with one of the men she dated but an older friend of the family. At the time she really hadn't been overwhelmed or hadn't thought it was anything special. Over the next few months, she'd had sex with a few of the guys she dated but again it wasn't anything special until she met Jeff. He'd produced her first orgasm and she began to see what all of the fuss was about. The fact that he was cute, smart and very considerate of her also pushed him higher on her list of priorities until she realized that she loved him.

At the time, neither of them had any intention of being exclusive. As a matter of fact, it was seeing him holding hands with another woman that made her realize her feelings. She just started crying and made the man she was out on a date with take her home.

He thought that he'd done something wrong though he couldn't figure out what it was. From what he'd heard, Maggie was supposed to be a sure thing so he was pretty upset about not getting any.

Over the next few weeks, Maggie stopped dating anyone that wasn't Jeff. It took her a while to find out that he'd really liked her from the very beginning. He'd only been dating other women because she hadn't shown any inclination towards giving up dating others herself.

When she asked him about his feelings, Jeff only said that he liked her a lot. But he also reminded her that they were both very young and anything could happen. "But don't you love me?" asked Maggie.

"Of course I do," said Jeff. "But two years ago I loved Pauline French too. I loved her dearly, all the way up until I caught her with my roommate. Things are so bad between us now that when I see her on campus and she waves at me, I just ignore her."

Maggie was sure that Jeff was special. She was also sure that their futures should be spent together. She had to find a way to make sure that none of the more popular girls could snag him before she made her relationship with him permanent.

A lot of the cheerleaders and popular girls her age who were into their junior or senior years at the college had begun to realize that it was time to truly start living their adult lives. All of the men they'd been chasing for years came under new scrutiny.

How many of those superstar college athletes were really going to make any money or become pro athletes? There were simply not very fucking many. When you looked at things with a realistic eye, the numbers alone staggered you. There were approximately 16000 high school football teams in the United States, each with a roster of around forty to fifty kids. That meant that there were somewhere around 800,000 high-school football players. That meant that a surprising numbers of kids in the country, of high school age, could play if they wanted to. But when you looked at the drop in the number of them that played in college, where there were a total of only 650 teams and only 119 in division one. That meant that of all of the college aged guys in the country, only about 4000 made it and most of them had to be really good to keep a spot.

Then those roughly 4000 men dropped off again to the NFL, where there were only 32 teams and each team was only allowed 53 players plus a 5 man practice squad. That meant that the majority of the guys who tried and devoted their lives to it, simply weren't going to make it.

There were too many Al Bundy type guys working as shoe salesmen, or store clerks who lived only to relive their glory days playing high school or college football while barely making enough money to survive in the present.

By their junior and senior years, most of the women in college had started to pursue men for something other than athletic skills.

Maggie was worried that some of the hotter, more popular girls might just set their sights on Jeff and take him away from her. Besides that fucking whore Pauline French, Maggie had heard that Darleen Humphries had started being awfully nice to Jeff. Maggie couldn't stand Darleen. Darleen was so pretty even the other women looked at her. She had an incredible body that moved like Jell-O but was as tight as a drum. She only dated the star athletes on the team and other men of that caliber. Why the fuck would she be interested in Jeff?

Maggie had to protect her relationship. So she started having sex with him more often. After all it wasn't like he was going to turn her down. Within a few weeks she told him that they should become exclusive. She hadn't been dating anyone besides him in weeks. Jeff was for it and they became a couple. She then told him that since they weren't having sex with anyone else and she was on the pill, they could dispense with the condoms.

Jeff was overjoyed. It felt so much better fucking her bareback. Maggie liked it too, especially since she knew what was about to happen.

It actually took longer than she expected. It took three months before she missed her period. She gleefully bought a home pregnancy test and found out the news she'd been seeking. She was pregnant. She held off calling Jeff for a couple of days to give him the idea that she was upset about something. When she saw his car pull up in his driveway on the third day since he'd heard from her, she quickly cut an onion and held it under her eyes. When she met him red eyed and crying, he knew that something was going on.

"It isn't your fault Jeff," she told him. "You don't have to do anything."

"Don't be silly, Maggie," said Jeff. "It just means we have to get married sooner rather than later."

Her heart was filled with more love than she'd ever felt for anyone or anything in her life. She really did love Jeff and she really wanted to marry him and spend the rest of their lives together. He didn't need to know that she'd planned the pregnancy. She intended to make his life heaven on earth.

Fortunately for her, she got pregnant before the hounds started after her man. Before she even started to show, Maggie knew of at least three women who had asked Jeff out. Two of them were cheerleaders and the other, that fucking Darleen Humphries, was so pretty, she made Maggie look like a boy.

"Nuh unh, bitches, baby on board. He's mine forever," thought Maggie.

The first few years after college were rough on the young couple. They had the usual third floor walk-up apartment. Jeff worked hard to support them while Maggie took care of their son, Brian. Within a few years, they'd moved into a small house and then a bigger one. By the time their daughter Minnie came along, they were in a nice house in the suburbs with no financial problems.

Now 38 years old and having been married for 18 years Maggie looked around the restaurant and wondered about her life.

Brian would be heading off to college in the fall and Minnie was fourteen, nearly grown herself. Jeff still loved her more than he'd ever be able to say. She could tell by the way he still lit up whenever she walked into a room or looked at her.

But there was just something missing lately. Her life was wonderful. She still loved Jeff too. And she loved their life together, but she wondered sometimes when the last time she'd really been worked up about anything was. Where was the excitement she used to feel? She'd heard about empty nest syndrome and mid-life crises cases but she wasn't sure those were what she had. She just felt bored.

In fact, this evening she was having trouble even concentrating on the conversation they were having during dinner. Forty, she'd be forty in less than two years. She still looked good for her age, didn't she? She sure as hell didn't feel forty. Huh? Jeff had just asked her something. She just smiled at him and nodded. That seemed to placate him. Whatever he'd asked, she'd probably heard at least a million other times. That was part of the problem with being married to someone for so long. After a while you were able to finish each other's sentences. You practically knew each other's thoughts.

"Is your food okay, honey?" asked Jeff. Time suddenly stood still. Maggie's brain was across the restaurant staring at a guy who'd just walked in. He looked like he was in his mid-twenties. He was ruggedly handsome. He had that three day beard growth thing down pat and was wearing a suit that must've cost as much as her husband's Mustang. The jacket was made of alligator or some type of exotic skins. So were the pants. Even his cowboy boots were made of the same hide.

His massive chest and arms seemed to be on the verge of ripping through the material. Maggie was so busy concentrating on the man, that she barely heard Jeff's question. Jeff belonged to the other world that she was escaping from for just a moment.

Suddenly, the man made eye contact with Maggie across the crowded room. His eyes bored into hers and looked over her nearly forty year old body unashamedly. He wasn't bashful and he didn't look away. He started at her cleavage and she felt flushed. She even leaned forward so he could see more.

There was no harm in flashing a stranger. Nothing could happen in a crowded restaurant. Besides, her husband was right next to her.

Across the room, the stranger licked his lips as if he wanted to eat her the way her husband was chewing on his steak. Maggie smiled and thought, "If only."

She watched as he was seated at a table across the room from her. There was another man, who was equally large, seated at the table with him. Almost as soon as he sat down he was staring at her again. Then he got up and headed for the rest rooms that were located near the rear of the restaurant. She watched him like a hawk, until just before he disappeared from view around the corner. Suddenly he turned, locked eyes with her and beckoned her by crooking his finger in her direction.

As if she'd been hypnotized, Maggie found herself getting to her feet. "Bathroom," she threw over her shoulder to her husband.

As soon as she turned the corner he was on her, pressing his lips to hers roughly and mauling her breasts. Maggie felt her knees go weak as her breath all went into his mouth. She wasn't prepared for anything this aggressive. He was running his hands all over her body and she couldn't think. Nothing like this had ever happened to her before.

He grabbed her ass and squeezed it roughly then pulled the hem of her dress up until it was around her waist.

"No," she said. "Someone might see us."

He pushed the door to the men's room open and dragged her inside. Fortunately there was no one in there. Maggie was fascinated. She'd never been in a men's room before in her life.

Her fascination with the tiles and plumbing were short lived. As soon as the door closed he was on her again. His actions seemed to be motivated by the fact that they didn't have very much time.

Maggie had never even thought of letting anyone beside her husband touch her in any way. In fact, over the years at parties and other social gatherings, anytime anyone she'd ever met had made even the slightest advance or flirtation with her, she'd shut them down quickly and harshly. She couldn't think of anything in the world that was worth losing her family or her husband over. But in this case, her curiosity, combined with her recent boredom, made her wonder just how far this could go. After all they were in a restaurant. They might have ten minutes at best.

Before her thoughts were even completed, he'd lifted her off of her feet and sat her on the sink. The porcelain was cold against her panty covered ass and even colder a second later when he'd roughly ripped her expensive panties off and threw them across the room. Her nipples had hardened instantly and she felt herself becoming wetter and more aroused with every passing second.

He dropped to his knees in front of her and roughly lapped at her vagina. His tongue found every crevice and he soon spread her open and licked at her insides. His tongue was long and rough and very skilled. It neared and teased, but never touched her clit until she was practically begging him to lick it and suck it and bite it. She began hunching her pussy at his face and grabbed him behind his head forcing him into her. She bit her lip to keep from crying out. He reached down into his pocket and got a vial out. He dripped a bit onto his fingers and rubbed it around her pussy.

"I don't think we need any lube," she said, smiling. He smiled right back at her. "In fact my pussy is already so wet that it's tingling."

"I'll bet it is," he laughed in a voice that was as rough as sandpaper. What he was really laughing about was that the substance he'd rubbed on her wasn't just a lube. It was a topical compound that was designed to heighten arousal in females. As it soaked in, she'd become so horny that she'd fuck anything in front of her.

Then he stood up and dropped his pants. Surprisingly his dick wasn't any bigger than her husband's. What was different was that he rammed it inside of her so fast and so hard that it hurt. And he kept doing it. Her brain told her that she didn't like it and she wanted him to stop. But her body told her brain to shut up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as she sat there on the sink with him pounding her. She couldn't for the life of her figure out why she was humping her pussy back against him, but she couldn't help it. They were locked together like two animals. Then he pulled out and she felt empty. He just stood there grinning at her.

She must have lost her mind because it was the worst sex she'd ever had, but she couldn't help it, she wanted more. He turned her around and bent her over the sink. "Yes," she hissed. "Fuck me again."

He spread her legs and rammed his member home again. Slamming it into her as hard as he could and slapping her ass cheeks until she was sure they were as red as they could be. He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into his abdomen again and again harder and harder. Despite how much she hated what he was doing to her, she found herself nearing an orgasm. It was as if her brain and her body had divorced themselves from each other.

Her mind was revolted, but her body wanted to continue. She felt all of her insides churning in anticipation of their mutual climax, which never came. She was almost frustrated when he pulled out and sprayed his cum all over her back. It really didn't smell very good. She started trying to figure out how she was going to explain both her absence and the smell of his cum on her clothes to Jeff.

That thought was replaced by pain. Her attempt at a scream was cut off by his hand clamped firmly over her mouth. His dick wasn't that big, but forced into her anus without warning it still hurt. He was fucking her ass as hard as he had her pussy. She just lay there on the sink hoping that his new assault would end soon. This wasn't the quick, romantic tryst she'd thought it would be.

Then to make things worse a guy came into the restroom. He stared open mouthed as the man pounded her ass mercilessly. He even had the nerve to pull out his cell phone and take pictures before scurrying away. He hadn't even remembered what he'd come in there for.

Then the man whose name she'd never found out was done with her.

"Kind of sore, huh baby?" he asked, smiling at her. "Don't worry, you'll get used to it. Here take these for the pain." He pulled out a small packet of Tylenol. The little square metal packets they sell in gas stations and convenience store that are almost as expensive as a full bottle but only have four pills in them.

Maggie had taken Tylenol and several other pain meds for years. As soon as she swallowed the pills she knew they weren't Tylenol. Within seconds her pain was gone and she was out like a light.

When she awakened, Maggie was naked and in a bed. There was a guy on top of her. She'd never seen him before. He was fucking her really hard. She tried to tell him to stop or to scream but as soon as she opened her mouth someone dropped a couple of pills into it and held her mouth shut. She tried not to swallow them but the pills started to melt on her tongue and the taste was so bad that she swallowed just to get the taste out of her mouth. The hand came away from her mouth but as soon as she tried to say something, a voice cut her off.

"I want you to suck my dick," he said.

"I want to go home," she yelled.

A hand came from out of nowhere, slapping her so hard it brought tears to her eyes. Maggie was already becoming woozy from the pills, but that slap had brought her situation into sharp focus.

As the man stuck his foul smelling dick in her face, Maggie opened her mouth and began to suck it.

She awakened again, still in the bed and still naked. Everything was spinning. She tried to get up and couldn't. She was sore all over her body. There were bite marks on her breasts and arms. She tried to sit up and the door to the room opened.

An older woman stepped into the room. She looked as if she was in her early fifties. She had a tray with some food on it. She put the tray down on the bed beside Maggie.

"I want to go home," said Maggie.

"This is your home now," said the woman.

Maggie realized that it was light outside. She'd been here all night. Jeff would be very concerned and very angry at her.

"I've been here all night!" said Maggie. "My husband will have the police looking for me."

"You've been here for five days," said the woman. "They kept you drugged and fucked you for the whole time."

Maggie looked at the woman as she spoke. There was no sign of a lie or an untruth on the woman's face. "Think back," said the woman. "Some of it will come back to you."

As Maggie tried to remember what had happened, her stomach was wracked with spasms. She felt like she wanted to vomit but there was very little in her stomach to release. She also felt feverish and dizzy. But she did begin to remember a few details. She remembered signing some paper or papers in exchange for more of the pills. She remembered being fucked more than once and even by more than one man.

"Why are you doing this to me?" asked Maggie.

"I'm not doing anything to you," said the woman. "Once upon a time I was a victim just like you are. Now this is the only life I have. You'd better eat fast, Craig wants to see you. He'll explain it all to you then." The woman turned and left the room. Maggie looked around and another spasm hit her. She looked at the plate again and started eating.

After she finished eating, Maggie got off the bed. She was still dizzy but the food had helped a bit. Though she was no longer hungry, her stomach was still churning and tying itself in knots. She began to think that maybe she had the flu or some other kind of bug.

She looked around the room for her clothes, but didn't find them. She tried to open the door to the room and found that it wasn't locked. She looked outside to make sure that no one would see her naked body and saw the woman who'd brought her the food.

"Where are my clothes?" Maggie asked the woman.

The woman shrugged her shoulders. "Craig's office is this way," said the woman.

Maggie followed her, passing several other rooms with closed doors. As she passed a large living room area, she saw several men. Some of their faces were familiar to her and she realized that some of the men had fucked her. Or at least she'd remembered having sex with them.

The woman paused in front of another door and gestured that Maggie should go in.

Whatever Maggie had been expecting, she didn't find it. What she did find was an office that wouldn't have looked out of place in any business. The walls were paneled with an expensive looking wood. The carpet was thick and rich looking. A man sat behind a desk typing something on a computer with a very large monitor. He looked up and smiled as Maggie entered the room.

He apparently took very little notice of her nakedness. Maggie didn't know whether to appreciate his maturity or be insulted by the fact that her nakedness neither aroused him nor disgusted him.

The man himself was not what she was expecting. She'd seriously thought that Craig would be that rough, good looking man who'd first taken her in the restaurant, but he wasn't.

"Good Morning," he said cheerfully, looking up from his computer.

"I want my clothes and I want to go home," Maggie screamed. He looked at her as if she was being rude and began again.

"Have you had breakfast yet?" he asked as if she hadn't just screamed at him.

"When my husband finds out what you've done to me he'll have the police here so fast you'll wish you were dead," she spat.

"Uhm..." he looked at a file on his desk. "Oh yes, here it is. Margaret isn't it? Margaret, with all due respect, I'd suggest that you calm the fuck down so we can talk. First you have no home to go to. Second you have no husband. Wait a minute," he said. He looked at the file again and then looked back at her.

"It seems I've misspoken. You currently still have a husband by the barest shred of legality. The legal waiting period for your divorce won't be for another 55 days. That is, of course, less than two months."

"What are you talking about?" she asked.

"You signed the divorce papers yourself, Margaret. We didn't force you to do anything. We simply offered you more of the drugs you've been taking and you signed your name. Your husband..." he looked down at the file again..."Here it is. Your husband, Jeffery, was devastated. He didn't believe any of what my people told him. He had to see the pictures. Even then it wasn't enough. We begged him not to look at the videos, for his own sake and really for yours too. With most men, after they've seen that kind of thing, it kind of ruins them for life."

"What fucking videos?" screamed Maggie.

"Why, YOUR fucking videos," said Craig calmly. Throughout the entire exchange Maggie had gotten angrier and angrier. Craig had maintained an icy calm, as if she was just a bug under his microscope.

"We have several videos of you ... fucking as it were," he said. "Anyway, your husband wouldn't listen. We were forced to show him the videos and give him an explanation of your behavior."

"What behavior?" asked Maggie. She realized that her screaming and yelling weren't doing her any good. So she calmed down and started to behave rationally.

"Well, your husband, who obviously loved you a lot, took you to a very expensive restaurant. It wasn't your birthday or your anniversary. He probably just wanted to show you how much he loved you. It's kind of sweet actually," said Craig smiling. "Take a look at this." He pointed to his monitor and turned it so Maggie could see the screen.

It was obviously a feed from the restaurant's security cameras. She saw herself staring off in the distance as Jeff spoke to her.

"You looked like you weren't thrilled at being there," said Craig. "You really looked bored. It's weird because your husband on the other hand looks really happy. Every time his eyes fall on you he smiles. Watch this," Craig pointed to something occurring on the screen.

"This is my favorite part. See that waitress? She's probably about 21 or 22 years old and built like a shick brithouse, if you know what I mean. She passes right in front of Jeff, and smiles at him. Look at him. He doesn't even notice her, or that she was smiling at him. All he sees is you," said Craig. "Funny isn't it."

Maggie looked at the screen and saw exactly what Craig had been talking about. She felt the first stab of guilt.

"Now, see. Ivan comes into the restaurant. Ivan is one of my fishermen. He's Russian by the way. I had to pay a lot of money to get rid of that nasty fucking accent he had. Excuse my language, but I hate to have to pay for anything more than once. It really cuts into my profit margin," Craig made a funny face as if using profanity tasted foul on his tongue. "Anyway, look at yourself now. You've seen Ivan and you can't take your eyes off of him. Poor old Jeffery is there talking to you, and you're ignoring him to stare at Ivan. Then you suddenly excuse yourself and leave the table. I wonder where you're going. Where did you go, Margaret?"

Maggie looked down at her feet, as the tears started to roll down her cheeks. She suddenly realized what she'd done to Jeff and it wasn't very nice at all.

The next scene on the video showed her in the men's room with her legs wrapped around Ivan's waist and her arms pulling him into her. It cuts away to a scene that shows Ivan fucking her ass.

"When Jeff saw this, it broke his heart," smirked Craig. "But it wasn't our fault we begged him not to watch the video. He still refused the divorce, though. It took the other video, the one of your gang bang to convince him to let you go. It's funny isn't it. Even a man who loved you as much as Jeff did can't handle seeing the woman he loves having sex with four or five other guys and begging for more."

"But, I didn't..." began Maggie.

Craig pushed a button on his computer and the scene changed to the living room area that Maggie had passed on her way into this office. The scene on the computer showed Maggie flat on her back on top of Ivan who had his dick in her ass, while a large black man fucked her pussy. Maggie had yet another man's dick in her hand and she was screaming at the top of her lungs. As she watched, disgusted with herself, the version of herself on the screen turned and started sucking the dick in her hand.

"After he saw this, poor Jeffery just lost it. He agreed to the divorce. His attorney did work out a great settlement for him. You turned down everything. He got the house, the cars, full custody of your daughter, he got it all. You just wanted your freedom from your boring existence as his wife. You wanted to be free to explore your sexuality without being tied down by boring people and a mundane life. At least that's what the email you sent him said," said Craig.

"I really hate to see a grown man cry. Poor old Jeff couldn't help himself. His tears made spots all over the divorce papers. My heart went out to him," Craig added.

Maggie herself started crying then. "Why? " She asked. "Why would you do this to me?"

"What did I ever do to you?" she asked.

"Nothing," said Craig. "Until they brought you into my house, I'd never seen you before in my life." He got up and walked around the desk and sat down next to her on the couch. Craig was a small man. He couldn't have been taller than 5' 7" and probably weighed less than 170 pounds. He wore thick glasses and had a receding hairline. His nose was bulbous, his lips were too thick and his eyes were small and beady behind the glasses. He looked more like an accountant than whatever he was. His clothes were expensive but ill fitting. He had bad posture and slouched, both as he walked and as he sat next to her.

"I'm a business man plain and simple," said Craig. "There's nothing personal in what we do. It's all about profit. I put out a product to a certain clientele just like every other business man. I have product procurement specialists just like every other business man. That's where Ivan comes in. He goes out fishing for new product. We never know what we're going to catch, just like any other fisherman. The fish we catch has to bite the hook. They can always turn our bait down. No one forced you to leave your husband at the table and go off to fuck a stranger in a public restroom Margaret."

Maggie started crying again. "But, I was just bored," she said. "I love Jeff with all of my heart and soul. I want him back."

"Hm ... I'm not sure Jeff would believe that," said Craig. "After all he's seen you with his own eyes."

Maggie started crying louder.

"But, perhaps with our help. We might be able to explain to Jeff about the fact that you were drugged into your performance in the gangbang. We might be able to somehow convince him that most of this wasn't your fault. It would probably take him a while to be able to get over what he saw, but if he really loves you, he might take you back."

"Yes, that's what I need," said Maggie. "That's what we have to do."

"Why?" asked Craig.

"Because that's what I want to do," snapped Maggie.

"Excuse my language," said Craig. "But we don't give a fuck about what you want. Our only goal is to make a profit. I need to at least recoup my investment. And then just to make it worth my while, I'd need to make a minimum of ten percent profit. Add to that the costs I'd incur getting you back to Jeffery and we're talking about a fairly tidy sum."

"I'll pay it. Jeff will pay it," said Maggie, smiling.

"No he won't," said Craig. "The last we heard Jeff had filed a restraining order against you coming anywhere near him or your daughter."

"I pay Ivan 1000 dollars a night, plus another five thousand for every woman he brings me. I have to pay the security man at the restaurant 500 dollars plus another 1000 for every video of his that we use. There's the cost of the drugs plus the cost of paying the men who helped to break you in. I also have to figure in your upkeep over the next seven or eight weeks. Then there's the cost of getting you back with Jeffery. At a conservative estimate, I'd say this will cost me about 40 grand. Tack on five thousand for my profit and you owe me 45 thousand dollars."

"But, how will I ever make that kind of money?" asked Maggie.

Craig whipped out a calculator. "$45,000 Divided by 55 days equals $818.18 cents per day," he said. "That's doable but you'll have to really work for it."

"Doing what?" asked Maggie.

"I don't care what you do," said Craig. "Just bring me the money. Now if you'd like to be reasonable, I could help you out. But you are totally free to leave at any time you'd like to. But I guarantee you, that if you try going back to your husband without our help; at the very least you won't get him back. At the worst you could be arrested and thrown into jail."

"What do you want me to do?" asked Maggie.

"Nothing that you haven't been doing for the past five days," said Craig. "Only I want you to do it while you're aware that it's going on. Most of my real clients, the paying ones, aren't going to pay to fuck some drugged whore. Again, I'm sorry for my language."

"But I'm not a whore," said Maggie. Craig just looked at her sheepishly. He spoke into the intercom on his desk. After a few minutes a tall slender girl walked into the office. She had long blonde hair and large breasts. She smiled and shook her head and her mane of hair flicked out and settled back on her shoulders. The bottom of each of her butt cheeks showed under the shorts she wore.

"Hi Craig," said the girl enthusiastically.

"Hi Simone," said Craig. "Thanks." Simone walked out of the room and back to whatever she was doing.

"Now she looked like a whore," said Maggie. "I don't look like that."

"Nope, you don't," said Craig. "You're a lot older. You have wrinkles beginning to form on your face. Your tits sag. You're kind of boney and your ass is flat. Your tummy is starting to become a bit rounded. But your legs are decent despite the veins that are starting to show. I've seen a lot better, but I've also seen worse."

"Thanks a lot," said Maggie. "I haven't had any complaints." She started trying to cover herself.

"But that's because the only one who's seen you naked is Jeff," said Craig. "And that's the problem. Jeff loved you. So he never saw the real you. He never saw the cellulite beneath your ass cheeks or the fact that your hair is becoming thinner and brittle. But in a way it's a good thing. I have a few customers who are really tired of the blonde bimbo stereotype. They think it's a lot nastier to fuck some woman who looks like a school teacher or a librarian or the average woman at the supermarket."

"Come on," said Craig. "It's one thing to fuck some blonde porn star wannabe. We've all seen it so many times that there's simply nothing shocking about it. In a way it's kind of boring. I'm sure there's a factory in California or Florida that turns out hundreds of girls that look just like that every day. Las Vegas and the porn industry go through thousands of them every year. They're all named Casey or Stacey or Lacey and it's gotten to the point where no one can even remember them. They all look alike, act alike, sound alike and even fuck alike. So some guys get really turned on by thinking they're fucking some guy's mom or some other guy's wife. And that's where you come in."

Maggie looked at him like he was crazy.

"I don't care how you get me the money. I just want my $818.18 per day. If you fuck two high rollers who are willing to pay you $400 apiece or if you do 16 blowjobs at $50 apiece it doesn't make me a fucking bit of difference. Of course, there are parties that we have at the house where you could make a couple of thousand dollars in a night easily. It's all up to you. I have clothes upstairs in one of the rooms, Margaret. My guys will be opening the doors to let some of our clients in and taking some of the girls out to hotels and restaurants to try their luck in a few moments. If you don't want to do this, you're free to leave. But if you want to try to get your husband back, it's simple math. Every day you wait to get started means that you have to make more money per day if you want our help," explained Craig.

"Of course you could also really throw yourself into this and make the money in less time and give yourself a better chance of getting Jeffery back."

That thought hadn't occurred to Maggie. Maybe she'd be able to make the money sooner and not have to do this for as long.

"Of course, if you tell anyone about this, I'll make sure that we put your videos on the internet and your real name along with them. Your life would be ruined Margaret," said Craig. "You should look at this as just an interesting thing in your life that you had to go through to secure your future with the man you love. You'd begun to take him for granted. You were bored and you wanted more adventure in your life. This way you get all of that. And if you work hard enough you'll get Jeff back. But in the future, any time you think about this it'll really make you appreciate what you have."

Maggie walked slowly out of the room. The woman that had brought her the food was still out there. "Are you going out or staying in?" she asked.

"I think I'll stay in," said Maggie. She wanted to try to make sure that no one saw her.

"Be careful," said the woman. "You probably shouldn't stay in more than once or twice a month. If the customers get used to seeing you, then you aren't as special and you won't make as much money. You should also look at staying in as a way to make extra money if you're behind schedule. Your bread and butter, especially for a woman your age isn't parties, it's going to be hotels and restaurants. There are a lot of lonely guys out there who are away from home who don't want to fuck some teenager with an inflatable chest and a pneumatic pussy." Maggie just nodded.

That first night Maggie stayed in. Men started arriving at the house at about 8 pm. Maggie fucked 6 men one at a time and made about 2000 dollars. Part of it was that she was a first timer. Another large part of it was that like both Craig and Annie, the woman who took care of the girls needs told her, there was just something especially nasty about fucking a woman that looked like she was someone else's wife.

The next night Maggie tried a hotel. She was constantly afraid of running into someone she knew, so she kept looking over her shoulder. She screwed two guys and gave 8 blowjobs and barely made her $800. Technically she was $18.18 off for the night but with the money she'd made at the party the previous night, she was ahead by a lot. Throughout that first week Maggie did things that she'd never dreamed of doing. In her mind she never saw herself as a whore. She was just a woman in a desperate situation. She'd do anything she had to do to get her husband back.

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