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Desc: Sex Story: Jan's promised luncheon with Melissa, with the intent of explaining the craziness of the EPOD ladies of J.A.M. Aluminum who routinely dine naked at Ken's steakhouse, turns into a surprise job interview. Unexpected visitors threaten to disrupt the proceedings, as the domestic help tries to avert difficulties for the ladies. (Recommend reading 'A Chance to Advance' and 'Insomnia' by the great Vulgus, for the story to make better sense to the reader).

[AUTHOR’S NOTE: inspired by the characters created by, and used with the permission of, Vulgus in “A Chance to Advance” and “Insomnia.” This story makes more sense if you read the two Vulgus stories and my own story, “Campus Life: Rush Week” first.]

“Look down on you? Geez, Mrs. Pittman...”

“It’s ‘Jan’, Honey; I told you to call me ‘Jan!’” Jan admonished Melissa Towson, as the girl responded to Jan’s revelations about her friends and her. The version she had used was very abbreviated and modified to move them from sounding like X-rated to R-rated. “I want us to be friends.” Melissa seemed to relax more as the meal and conversation progressed.

Melissa was a very cute girl with highlighted light brown hair; not heavy, but big-boned and well-built with what appeared to be decent-sized breasts and a flat tummy, as revealed by the open-midriff summer top she was wearing. Her tight denim shorts revealed a firm, nicely-rounded youthful ass and very nice legs with firm calves and no jiggle in the thighs.

“Okay ... Jan,” Melissa resumed. “No; we don’t look down on you and your friends at all! And we don’t get disgusted like some of our other uptight customers when they sometimes get a glimpse of you folks in action. In fact, all of us who work at Ken’s steakhouse think you guys are just about the coolest people in town!”

The nineteen-year-old gazed at Jan across the table at which they were enjoying lunch together with almost heroine-worship. This caused Dani, Jan’s twenty-five-year-old housekeeper and friend to grin in amusement.

Jan had asked Dani along for a couple of reasons. She wanted another woman with her who was not one of the executive wives at J.A.M. Aluminum, where her husband, Brad, was a Junior vice president, to ease Melissa’s tensions about being with Jan. Also, Jan and Dani had planned for a while to make another trip out to Jo’s and Kara’s boutique, Sweet Nothings, to see the new sexy clothing lines that had come in recently.

Jan had set this whole lunch meeting up with the intentions of fulfilling her promise of several weeks ago to take Melissa to lunch and explain some of the unorthodox things Jan and her friends had exhibited in Melissa’s presence at Ken’s Steakhouse on several occasions.

Jan was worried that her status as a wife to a corporate Junior vice president in the community and as one of the obvious instigators of the craziness that went on when the J.A.M. Aluminum executive crowd ate at Ken’s might intimidate the younger girl. Dani’s presence, she hoped, would serve to mitigate any nervousness. Also, Dani was much more than a housekeeper to Jan; she was a friend, and Jan wanted to take her friend out with her anyway, in order to have lunch together and to shop.

“In fact, since you folks have been coming to Ken’s, the applications from guys to be waiters, and even busboys, have almost tripled! Even the number of girls applying to be waitresses and hostesses has jumped.

“I guess the guys all want to get a chance to see all you beautiful ladies get naked in the private guest dining room, and possibly get ... you know ... the oral sex treatment from rich ladies. And the girls just want to take notes!” She caught herself getting overly excited and looked down for a moment, blushing fiercely.

Jan and Dani grinned at each other upon seeing the girl’s adorable blush; but, before they could say anything, Melissa continued. “And the tips you guys leave are unbelievable! And the way you treat everybody is amazing, too! We see you arrive in the big limos; and usually, that would signal a bunch of snobs slumming at Ken’s; but not you! You guys treat us like equals and you don’t put on any airs at all. We all just love it when you show up!”

Then Melissa really caused Jan’s eyebrows to shoot up with her next comment. “I think one of the waiters is secretly in love with the lady you all call ‘Mouse.’” Jan had to smile as she remembered some of the crazy, but sexy things that her friend, Amanda ‘Mouse’ Collins, had perpetrated in the steakhouse’s private dining room, as wall as back behind the building.

“He has a blog site on the web and he collects and posts all the cell phone photos the guys and girls take of you folks from the restaurant, and writes about your adventures. He uses code names for everyone to try to keep anyone from getting any wrong ideas that might come up because of an accidental Google hit on a name, but he uses the ‘Mouse’ name in the clear and always in a romantic way.” Melissa snickered at this.

Jan was a little amused and sympathetic about the boy’s infatuation with her very married friend, but annoyed that they all might be in the process of becoming internet porn celebrities. Brad, her own husband, and Mouse’s husband, Gregg, would definitely not be thrilled at this, but it couldn’t be helped now that it was already up and running.

And if Mo – Mr. Morris, the company’s president – were to take some official action against the blog site, or if they caused a stink, then the activity would attract too much attention in the blog community, and it would go viral and only make things worse for the company and all of them. ‘I guess we just need to ride this out quietly, ‘ Jan mused internally.

“So, is this your first job out of high school?” asked Dani. The girl answered by going on for a while about how hard it was to find a job in a down-side economy and that she had been just plain lucky to have a friend who already worked at Ken’s to tell her about a vacancy before Ken had even had a chance to post it. What she said next caused Jan’s antennae to perk up.

“Up to that point, I had been working part-time for my cousin with her housecleaning business. It was okay; the pay wasn’t great, but it was B-T-N.”

“Better than nothing,” Dani supplied as she noted Jan’s sudden confusion at the texting acronym. Jan shook her head and focused on the statement again.

“You say that you cleaned houses? Were you any good at it?” asked Jan, reaching for her phone.

“My cousin wanted me to come to work full time. She thought I was pretty good. But I wanted to have some time for my friends, and I didn’t think that cleaning houses was going to be a good résumé item for the business world when and if I ever got a chance to go to and graduate from Community.” Jan recognized this as reference to the Middlebury campus of the Community College of Vermont.

Jan palmed her phone while she probed even farther. “Melissa, do you enjoy what you do at Ken’s?”

“Well, it has its good days and bad days, I guess. We all really enjoy it when you folks show up! Except for those times, it can get to be the same-old, same-old, and it sure is hard on the feet standing out in the front reception area for a whole shift each night that I’m on.

“Oh, the tip share system works well here, and Ken pays pretty well too; and he doesn’t hit on the female employees, like some bosses do. It’s just not the kind of work I see myself doing long term.” Realizing how frank she had been, Melissa suddenly blanched. “You ... you won’t tell Ken what I said about all this; will you? I don’t want him to think that I don’t like him or his business.”

“Oh, Honey, we won’t rat you out,” assured Jan. Pausing briefly, she asked the girl, “Melissa, what would you say if you had the opportunity for a job that paid a lot more and allowed you a lot more freedom to enjoy life? Would that interest you, even if it was related to your old job with your cousin?”

Dani grinned over at Jan and, almost reading her mind, said, “Jan, you’re a genius.” Melissa looked back and forth in confusion between the two, wondering what they were talking about.

Jan smiled at her and said, “Melissa, do you remember the lady who comes in with our group who looks like she could be a Playboy bunny because she’s so drop-dead gorgeous?”

Melissa blushed and said, “You mean the one everyone calls ‘Chaz?’” Then she turned crimson and laughed. “I caught Jorge, one of the busboys, in the supply room looking at one the pictures he took of her naked one night on his Smartphone, and he was zipping up his pants like he had been ... you know...” Jan and Dani laughed at this, relieving her embarrassment.

Jan then looked at her and said, “I happen to know that Chastity Clarke – Chaz, as we all call her – is looking for a reliable live-in housekeeper for the new house that she and her husband, Mike, are just about to move into. Would you like for me to see if she’d talk to you about the job?

“She’s had a hard time finding someone who is ... let’s say, open-minded enough to work under the conditions under which Chaz lives. Sort of like a full-time visit of our group to Ken’s, if you get my drift. May I call her and set up a time to meet with you? Would you be willing to consider working for her?”

Melissa sat up like she had been electrocuted. “You mean it? Really? Work for her? In her house? That would be so F-A-H! Oh!” Then she blushed again, looked down at the table, and said, “Sorry; that just slipped out.”

When Jan looked puzzled, Dani leaned in and translated, “Fucking A Hot!” Then she and Jan laughed out loud as Jan began to tap her Smartphone’s speed dial for Chaz’ number.

“There it is; ‘Chez Chaz’,” said Jan as the three of them drove past the almost completed house in Riverside Estates. The outside construction was finished, but Jan knew that the carpenters still had not finished the kitchen cabinets and the final painting.

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