Fat Margaret

by mattwatt

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: The transformation of a fat girl.

Fat Margaret! It was a name that Maggie Wilson had been running from for most of her life. It had certainly had positive effects; she knew that. After all, she would think to herself, 'Look at me now!' And her reverie was true, looking at her currently meant that the name 'Fat Margaret' didn't make sense at all.

It had been the brain child of her Uncle Clarence. He was so completely unlike his brother, Maggie's lovely Dad Roger, that you would hardly give credence to the fact that they were brothers.

Whereas her dad was loving, caring and compassionate, Uncle Clarence had a mean streak in him that fed on the way that his 'wit' could hurt people. Early on in her life he dubbed her 'Fat Margaret', and it had made her cry. Clarence was tickled that he had gotten such a good hold on his niece, and forever after called her by the hated name. It never failed, during those formative years, to bring her to tears.

Nor did her Dad, who died early on, ever stand up for her, though her Mom did, after at while of putting up with it, take Clarence to task for it. His usual defense, given with a laugh was that he was only 'joking' and the little girl should learn to take a joke.

She'd had a life time of it, whenever Uncle Clarence and Aunt Ida would visit. She could positively count on the fact that at some point during the visit, he'd call her 'Fat Margaret', to see what she'd do. He was always very jovial about bringing his niece to tears, and was willing to risk her Mom, Ceilia's wrath to get his jollies with his niece.

She'd recently been home for a brief visit. She had been happy about sharing with her Mom the details of her new life at the college where she'd gotten a position in the PE department. These times at home with her Mom were her best times.

Over the years, she and her Mom had turned into more like girl friends than mother and daughter. They genuinely enjoyed each other.

So, it was with some chagrin that Margaret realized that Uncle Clarence and Aunt Ida were to visit and say hello.

The couple arrived and exchanged greetings, and Maggie was just waiting for it. Of course, with Uncle Clarence, she didn't have long to wait.

"So how is life treating our Fat Margaret?" he asked, going into his usual laugh.

It was strange how she knew it, but in Maggie's mind she absolutely knew that this was the time, simply the time. She ignored her Mom's facial expression that said clearly 'Let it go, honey' and went to him.

He was grinning right up to the time when Maggie, a bit taller than he was by now, grabbed him by the necktie. She simply gave in to her pent up anger:

"Listen, Old Man, I am not your 'Fat Margaret'; I am not your anything. And I give you a promise this day; I swear on the grave of my father that if you ever call me that name again, which has been my burden for a lifetime, I will kick your fat old ass!"

Clarence was non-plussed and sputtering. He said: "Clairice!"

And Maggie turned on him again: "It's not between you and Momma, Old Man, it's just you and me!"

She took the drink that she'd been working on, grabbed him by the belt and poured the drink down the front of his pants. Then she growled at him:

"Next time I won't be gentle; you make sure that there is no 'next time'."

Clarence ended just shaking his head 'yes' in agreement.

Maggie then went to her Mom and said: "Momma, I apologize to you for losing my temper here. I'm going back to the school now."

She turned to her Aunt Ida who was suppressing a kind of smile and said: "Aunt Ida, I apologize to you too."

Then she looked at Clarence, who was still pale and said: "You are warned! Next time, I'm going to hurt you!"

Maggie left then.

The name itself had been one of the factors that had spurred Maggie on, as she grew up and matured, to be who she was today. She certainly had been a fat kid. That much she realized as truth but then during high school she began to grow. She'd gotten this kind of tendency from her Dad, who had been well over 6'4". She realized her full growth, toward the end of high school, and was 6 foot tall herself, when the growing was done.

From her Mom she'd gotten the tendency toward being big in the bosom. This was a fact that always pleased her. At the age of 18 Maggie was fully developed and had 38d breasts. She also got from her Mom the tendency to be big in the butt, although, this she worked on assiduously. It was that need to work on her physical form that pushed Maggie into her love of PE, exercising, sports. It helped to make her who she became.

So at present, at the age of 28, Maggie Wilsons was tall, and built well enough to be called 'a renaissance painter's dream'. She had even been called that a time or two and it certainly made the 'Fat Margaret' image fade.

But there were other factors at work here also. Maggie was, admittedly, short and still fat through most of her high school experience. The name, unfortunately was still apt. She became a person who could be everyone's best friend. She was bright, she was pleasant, she was loyal and a good buddy but still through that time she wasn't anyone's idea of a girl whom many asked for dates. Such experiences were few and far between.

As a result, Maggie was shy, when it came to boys, dating, sex etc. She wasn't ignorant, just shy. Nor had she ever considered even remotely the possibility of being sexually active in order to win or gain popularity. She left that kind of acting out for others. She wasn't a prude; she was just shy.

That meant that, when she got to college, with her newly gained height and her better weight to height distribution, with the added factor of her attention to her workouts and physical development, she was physically ready for dating but was still very shy, and things didn't happen very much.

She never encouraged boys very much. She was still, in a way, living in the shadow of Fat Margaret during that time. Oh, she did do some experimenting with sex. She'd had a few partners, under the heading for her of 'I guess I'd better try that to see what it's like, since everyone talks about it so much.' But those events never impressed her very much.

Maggie spent her college career devoting more and more of herself to her physical education goals and interests. She didn't date very much, mainly because she never promoted herself very much, and was not outgoing in those ways.

During that time period, she took on projects like martial arts, becoming a red belt by the time she was a senior and achieving her goal of black belt a few years later, when she was working on her advanced degrees.

She also participated in sports, especially in college: volleyball, soccer--she was a first rate goalie-- and woman's softball. She lettered in those sports and was a popular member of those teams.

Close friends were often enough asked if Maggie was a lesbian but were quick to assure people, who were interested for whatever reason, that Maggie was indeed not. She was shy.

She'd gotten the chance to join the PE staff at a local college, and was tickled by the position. She loved teaching the things that meant so much to her. She was popular and began to receive some male attention, after all, by now Maggie was a good 6' tall, and extremely well built, a condition that she honed constantly through her devotion to exercise.

That day, after she'd gotten back to school, she called her Mom to apologize again. However, her Mom told her that she'd told Clarence to go home and not come back ever again until he could be pleasant and not so ignorant in his use of names, and the way he treated people.

"Don't you cry about this, honey," her Mom said.

"No, Mom," Maggie explained, "I've given Uncle Clarence all the tears that he's ever going to get from me; I'm finished with that reaction but I will carry out my threat, if he ever does it again."

"No, Maggie," he Mom said, "Just calm down; he's not worth the upset."

"No," Maggie replied, "I know he's not."

Then she changed the subject: "Mom, when are you going to come and visit me here at school. It's lovely here, and I think that you'd love the trip."

"Honey," her Mom replied, "You look your schedule over and I will also and we'll find a time."

It was a pleasant prospect for Maggie, and she had a lot of time to herself. She was beginning to make friends, some of them good friends but was still relatively new at the school.

That began to change through an incident that occurred on a Friday afternoon.

Petie Doyle had come to Maggie in her office and asked if she could do the final sweep through the lockers that night. He said to her:

"I promised my wife I'd be home early and we'd go out to dinner."

"Go, Pete," Maggie said. "I still have some things to do and will be on hand to do the final sweep in about an hour and a half."

"You're a sweetheart!" Pete said. "I owe you one. Maybe you could dine with me and Sylvie one day. We'd like that."

"Thanks, Pete," she said, "So would I."

She got on with her work and in about the time that she'd mentioned was ready to go through the locker rooms before shutting down for the evening. She did a walk through in the woman's locker area first and it was fine and secure. Then she went into the men's expecting to find the same kind of deserted, secure scene.

She was surprised by what she saw there.

She entered the locker room and turned to walk down the row of lockers toward the shower room and just then a man stepped out from between one of the rows of lockers.

Maggie was shocked so much that she stood in place, put her hand over her mouth and made a kind of squeaking noise.

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