Betting People - Trick or Treat?

by Maximillian Excaliber

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, BDSM, Polygamy/Polyamory, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Holiday fun for friends.


This wasn't supposed to be, but is, the first story in a new series I'm writing called 'Betting People'.

Each story will be different but will have a common theme. All of the stories in this series will be about people make a wager that results in their becoming intimate. As you will find out while reading them, these stories are, in fact, tales of seduction.


Chapter 1: The Party

I had just arrived at the apartment of Veranda Cain. Veranda is the best friend of my girlfriend Bernadette Silva.

That night, Veranda was hosting a Halloween Party and everyone was supposed to show up in costume. Bernadette had forgotten to tell me about it and by the time she did, all the party supply stores were sold out. I was forced to improvise so I'd worn a white short sleeve shirt and slacks.

The moment I walked in the door Veranda said to me, "Trick or Treat Walter?" That's me, my name is Walter Mitchel.

Unfortunately, for several reasons, I was as nervous as a hiccuping parrot in a glass factory.

First, Veranda is thirty-eight years old, five-feet eleven inches tall, has hazel eyes, long flowing auburn hair and is every bit as beautiful and sexy as Bernadette.

Second, she never seemed to miss an opportunity to show me how very affectionate she could be.

Third, from the first day Bernadette introduced us, Veranda had been looking at me with 'bedroom eyes'.

Forth, because of all of the above, I'd been fantasizing about her more than I usually did.

Now, if that's not enough for you, here's the topper ... that night Veranda's entire body, what I could see of it, was covered with green latex and, what little I couldn't see, which wasn't much, was hidden by what looked at the time to be the tiniest golden satin loin cloth in the world.

Her bare breasts were covered by a thin layer of latex that did nothing to hide her pointy, erect nipples and showed very clearly every curve of her bountiful bosoms. Whether I liked it or not, my eyes were drawn to them like bees to honey. Believe me when I say it, green or not, they looked very tasty to me! They were so beautiful that I had to fight hard not to stare and almost missed the gold and ruby necklace surrounding her long sexy neck.

Thinking to myself that everyone was watching me, I forced my eyes casually down to her midsection, then beyond and noticed the pair of gold sandal pumps on her feet. I smiled and looked up at her face. That's when I saw the matching earrings she was wearing.

Anyway, after I rolled my tongue back in my mouth, figuratively that is, I tried to remember what she'd said. It came back to me and I felt trapped. It sounds kind of silly doesn't it. But Veranda has a way of being really tricky. That's why I was afraid that no matter what I said, she'd find some way of using it to her advantage.

While I was trying to figure out what to say, Veranda asked me about my costume. I told her that I was supposed to be a 'Serial Killer' and explained to her why I had been forced to improvise. She was old enough to know who Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and David Berkowitz were and thought it was funny. Trying to avoid answering her 'Trick or Treat' question. "What are you supposed to be?" I asked, to which she responded, "A Martian Princess. Do you like it?"

I told her I did hoping she'd forgotten her original question. My hopes were crushed when I heard her say, "You never told me what you wanted. Which was it, a Trick or a Treat?"

I faced the realization that no answer I could give would likely be a safe one and said the first thing that came to my mind... "Trick!" Then changed my mind and said, "No! Treat!" and then when I realized what an idiot I was sounding like said in frustration, "Hell, I don't know, pick one!"

I had been counting on Bernadette running interference for me but, at the last minute she called to tell me that she was going to have to work overtime. I offered to wait at home so we could go to the party together but she insisted otherwise.

Fortunately after I'd made an ass out of myself stammering like an idiot, Veranda laughed and said mercifully, "Don't worry about it." I breathed a sigh of relief but then she added seductively, "I'll surprise you later." With a sense of foreboding, I began to consider the possibilities and immediately wondered how I would ever make it until Bernadette got there.

Luckily, to my pleasant surprise, two seconds later she came walking in the door and I didn't have to worry about avoiding Veranda.

After she kissed me, I asked Bernadette what happened and she told me her boss decided she didn't want to pay the overtime after all and sent everyone home early, or was it on time? I can't remember. Anyway, it doesn't matter because with Bernadette there, I knew my chance of enjoying the party went up a hundred percent.

Bernadette had brought her costume with her and after saying 'Hi' to Veranda, immediately excused herself so she could go change.

Not wanting to be left alone with Veranda, I used the excuse that I was going to go mingle with the other guest and wondered about looking for anyone I knew.

I soon discovered that everyone else at the party, male and female alike, were dressed as provocatively as Veranda. 'What kind of party is this?' While I pondered the question, drink in hand, I toured the room and I waited for Bernadette to make her in-costume entrance.

A few minutes later she reappeared and I almost hit the floor. Every visible area of skin on her body was covered in blood red latex paint. She wore a black leather thong and matching garter, fishnet stockings and high-heels. All of which perfectly accented her curly black hair. Glued to her temples were two shiny black horns and attached to the back of her thong was a rubber blood-red pitched fork tail. In her right hand she was holding a leather, cat-of-nine tails whip.

"What do you think, is it HOT enough for you?" There was an appropriately devilish grin on her face.

Enthusiastically, I replied, "Hell honey, I'm on fire!" Had I not known it would have messed up her costume, I'd have snuck her off and raised a little hell of my own!

The party went on and about 1:00 in the morning it ended and, after we helped Veranda clean up, Bernadette and I said our goodbyes and left.

Chapter 2: "Ambushed me?"

"Veranda asked me how things were going between us at the party." Said Bernadette to me in a casual, conversational tone.

At the party, I'd drank just enough to be feeling no pain but, for some reason, her words surprised me. Veranda and Bernadette had known each other since high school and it wasn't what friends usually do. Then again, friends don't usually make goo-goo eyes at each others boyfriends either, do they? "Why did she do that?" I asked.

"Because she's got the hots for you and wants to fuck you Walter." Replied Bernadette.

I didn't think she knew and almost chocked when I heard he say it. "What did you say to her?"

"I told her that everything was fine between us. She looked disappointed." We were about two miles from home.

Trying to sound nonchalant about it, I suggested, "If she asks again, tell her I'm already taken."

"Wouldn't it be simpler if you just gave her what she wants?" Asked Bernadette.

The first thought I had was, 'Did I hear her right?' Then I remembered the latex green skin golden loin cloth Veranda had worn and thought to myself, 'I'd love to but then, if I did, it would be over between us' That was followed by, 'I wonder if Bernadette sneaked a few drinks when I wasn't looking?' Her driving was fine and I decided she hadn't. "No, it would not!"

"Why?" Bernadette asked without taking her eyes off the road.

I explained, "Because I love you, that's why!"

"Suppose I gave you my permission, what would you say then?" There was still no change in expression.

I began to wonder if she were testing me and said, "I'd say you and I are in a relationship and I'm not going to cheat on you."

"What if she ambushed you?"

Confused, I asked, "Ambushed me? What do you mean ambushed me?"

"Something kinky, like tie you to a bed and tease you until you beg for her to fuck you."

Trying my best to sound convincing, I declared, "That's not going to happen. Anyway, there's nothing she, or any other woman for that matter, could do that would make beg them to fuck me."

"You don't really believe that? Do you?" Her tone had changed telling me she didn't believe me.

I asked, "Don't you?"

"Not for a minute."

Obviously, that wasn't what I wanted to hear. I didn't know whether to be offended or not. I said to her, "Well it's true."

"Fine, let's bet on it!"

I wasn't sure if I'd heard her correctly. "What?" I asked Veranda.

"I said, 'let's bet on it!' We'll play a little game. If you win, I'll get you that 50 inch television you've been drooling after. If I win..."

I didn't wait for her to finish. "As tempting as that sounds, I'll pass. I'm still a little tight from the punch we drank. But if you can wait until morning..."

"You drank! If you recall, I had someone from work drop me off. I am the designated driver." She reminded. To which I responded, "In any case, I'm not in any mood for fun and games."

It was a lie. I was horney as hell. You would be too after being around a bunch of near naked attractive women all night long. It was the worst time for me to be tempted.

"Did you just say you werent in the mood? Wouldn't that give you an advantage?" She retorted.

She had me there. "Well, yes but..."

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