Jake and Lindsey's Halloween Odyssey

by IronBuddah

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Swinging, Orgy, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Size, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A hung college stud receives a surprise invitation to hit parent' sexy Halloween party, and he's looking to score big. Not recognizing his sister in her costume causes things to heat up in a hurry when she wants a piece of his big cock. Their mother quickly intervenes, but her stern warning does little to discourage them. Can a beautiful and mysterious stranger keep the siblings from having sex with each other, and what might happen if the sister must look elsewhere for a big cock?

Jake was a twenty year old sophomore in college. He loved the college life, and why shouldn't he? Sure, the workouts for the wrestling team were grueling, but they kept him in fantastic shape. That really paid off at parties, and he could always find at least one party to go to on the weekend. Usually though, he was partying both Friday and Saturday night with knowledge of multiple parties on either night so that he could switch venues if he wasn't making any progress with the available women at the first event or two.

However, tonight he wasn't going to a college party at all; he was going to his parents' Halloween party. For most college students, this would be a major source of disappointment. However, Jake had never been more excited looking forward to a night out than he was for this Halloween party. Jake's reaction would not be a surprise to people who knew what kind of Halloween party Jake's parents, Zack and Dylan, were famous for hosting. It might be more accurate to described their parties as costumed orgies instead of traditional Halloween parties.

The adults were pretty careful not to let too many juicy details of their wild gatherings slip, but even the smallest bit of gossip regarding these parties fueled multiple masturbation fantasies. For example, Jake was pretty sure that the son of a former baby sitter was really his half-brother. Jake didn't blame his father at all. He had always known that Melissa was pretty, but now that he was an adult himself, he would describe his former baby sitter as a stone cold fox. From the whispers he had overheard, his dad hadn't known Melissa wasn't on the pill until after some sort of sex game had started. Jake wasn't sure he had come to the right conclusion from what he had overheard, but just thinking about the possibility of his dad knocking up the former baby sitter always made him rock hard. Tonight was no excpetion.

Jake wasn't wearing underwear with this costume, but he did have a silk sleeve on over his johnson. He sighed as his foot-long organ swelled up while he was driving. That actually was a bit of a problem, but he did have his winter coat on to keep his erection away from the steering wheel. The size of his cock was a problem with the co-eds too.

He was always on the lookout for new women because most of the college girls he had met so far couldn't handle his size. He was really good at getting girls to go back to his dorm room with him, but about two times out of three he had to settle for a hand job or a blow job instead of getting laid. Even when he was able to get a girl to go all the way with him, it hadn't lasted because they said his big dick left them too sore to walk across campus to get to classes. His longest lasting relationship was with a chick who would only give him head, but eventually he wanted to get laid again and had broken up with her. He was really hoping some of his mother's more mature friends would appreciate his big dick.

Another reason he was so excited was that he hadn't expected to get an invitation to his parents' party until next year. Whenever he tried to get more information about what actually went on at these parties no one would talk about, he would be told that he could find out for himself once he turned twenty one. He still wasn't sure why he had gotten a call from his mother a few days ago saying he could attend the party so long as he came in costume, but he had instantly assured his mother that he would be there, in costume, and ready to party.

There were already several cars in front of his parent's house, and he was not surprised by the need to park on the street. Thankfully his cock had softened to the point that he didn't look like some sort of perverted flasher. However, he tried not to think about what he would see when he opened the door to keep his boner from popping right back up.

He wasn't disappointed when he entered the house. The first thing he saw was a young woman in a black body stocking and a fancy porcelain cat mask and cat ear headband who was taking people's coats. She was a young blonde and she might as well have been naked with what you could see through her body stocking. She had nice sized firm conical breasts; Jake guessed she would need a C cup if she had been wearing a bra with her costume. Looking further down, she had a nicely shaped mound with a trim little bush that he was getting very interested in exploring. There was just something familiar and appealing about the woman's figure that was giving him one intense boner.

"You are one sexy kitty!" Jake exclaimed. "You're in for a big surprise when I hand you my coat." Jake was wearing a loincloth, sandals and a cape. He was supposed to be one of the Spartans from 300. Other than that, all he had on was the brown silk sleeve covering his penis, and it was a good thing too. As hard as the black cat taking coats was making him, his boner was already tenting out of his loin cloth. "I think I'm feeling some animal attraction for you; why don't you take that mask off so I can see your pretty face?"

"You're in for a bigger surprise!" the blonde warned him.

"No it can't be!" Jake protested when he heard the coat girl speak. Despite the shock of hearing a very familiar voice, his rod was pointing straight at the blonde.

"Damn! That is a big surprise, but yes it can be!" The blonde removed her mask to end any doubt about her identity. "Your little sister is one sexy kitty!"

"You can't be here Lindsey, this is Mom and Dad's sex party! You're only..."

"Eighteen? You do remember that my birthday is in June, right?"

"Yeah, but I'm twenty, and this is my first party. That means you need to go away and come back in two years!"

"Sorry, I'm staying. Mom said I could. We worked out a deal."

"Oh, you little brat! That is so not fair! I'm going to go see what Dad has to say about this."

Jake's cock had begun to soften again once he realized that the chick he had been ogling was actually his little sister, and it softened further as they argued. Before he could turn away from her to go seek out their father, Lindsey shocked him by reaching out and squeezing the head of his cock through the silk tube. "Where's your big spear going, Spartan?"

"You can't do that! You're my sister!" However, the feeling of any woman's hand on his johnson was enough to keep Jake from getting any softer.

"I thought I was one sexy kitty? And besides, as big as your dick is, anyone with eyes could tell that you really were feeling more than just a little animal attraction for me before you knew I was your sister. You wanted to jump my bones right then and there!"

"Well, I know now!"

"So that's all there is too it? You know who I am, so I'm not sexy without the cat mask on?"

Against his better judgment, Jake took another look at his sister Lindsey. He had to admit that she was fine. Big conical breasts stretching out her body stocking., a narrow waist that led to nicely rounded hips, long blond hair and a pretty face, and something he couldn't put his finger on all made her very, very sexy. Jake was afraid that the mysterious part of her sex appeal was the fact that she was his sister, but he admitted to liking what he saw anyway. "No, that's not all there is to it. You are very sexy. There, I said it. Are you happy now?"

"No, I'm not happy," Lindsey said before throwing her arms around her brother's neck. Then she stood on her tip toes and kissed him right on the lips. "Now I'm happy."

Jake should have pushed his sister away but he was stunned by what had just happened. Then he felt Lindsey snuggling up to him; pressing her barely concealed, sizable tits against his bare chest. Jake was horny, and his cock didn't seem to care that it was his sister who had just kissed him full on the mouth. It's up and down adventure continued as he felt it growing hard once again and pressing against one of Lindsey's thighs. Jake couldn't deny that there was something very appealing and comfortable about Lindsey's body.

The next thing Jake knew, Lindsey's lips were pressed to his again, but this time he felt her tongue dart into his mouth. He didn't offer any resistance as Lindsey pushed him back to the couch then straddled him when he sat down. At first Jake told himself that he would keep it to just kissing, but it didn't take much tongue on tongue action before he threw that restriction out the window.

First he rubbed his hands on his sister's ass, then he reached up and began feeling his sister up. Jake liked what he felt. His sister's mounds were two nice sized handfuls. He squeezed them gently at first, but when Lindsey responded by kissing him even more intently than before, he really started working her breasts over with his hands. He loved the way he could tell her nipples were getting harder as they made out on the couch. He also loved the way his long cock would graze his sister's belly as they fooled around on the couch.

"Lindsey! I thought I told you that if you wanted to come to the Halloween party that you had to keep your mask on at all times. Now here you are making out with a guest after fifteen minutes of coat duty!" Lindsey let out a squeal when her mother grabbed her by her earlobe and pulled her away from the couch.

"Ow, ow, ow! Sorry Mom; I'll put the mask back on!"

"Who's so interesting that you had to start making out with them before even one party game?"

"Oh shit!" Jake whispered to himself. He had been trying to quietly slip off the couch before their mother noticed that he had been the one Lindsey had a lip lock on.

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