Trials of Wendy

by God of Porn

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: Wendy stays busy taking care of her three brothers, her gender confused, soon-to-be younger sister, and of course, her loving Daddy...Not to mention sorting out her best friend's boyfriend issues! Unfortunately, there are no good excuses for tardiness and even good girls sometimes deserve to spank each other.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Spanking   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Doctor/Nurse   Clergy   School   .

"Mmmmm..." I woke up with someone's face in my hair, his breath tickling my neck and morning erection poking against my butt.

"Hmmm..." he sighed as well, squeezing my left breast through the old half-slip I liked to sleep in.

My panties were missing and I spread my legs, lifting the top one and curling it over his. I liked the way he hugged me and I didn't want to open my eyes. The alarm hadn't gone off yet, but how early it might be, I had no idea. I didn't want to know and I'd been having a nice dream, something about horses after falling asleep with Misty of Chincoteague Island. I loved that book.

"Oh!" I gasped as I felt his penis pushing past my dry pussy lips, uncomfortably at first, but inside I was moist and warm.

I smiled and refused to open my eyes as the annoying discomfort went away and my pussy opened around him. I turned my foot downward, playing my toes along his leg while he pushed and pulled his cock slowly, making me wetter with every thrust of his hips until I had to jerk my hips and meet him. I clasped both of my hands to the one holding my breast, holding his wrist and forearm, urging him to fuck me faster and deeper.

We were both grunting softly as my bed started to squeak and the headboard hit the wall with a dull, rhythmic thumping. The juices were spilling out of me and I became warm inside and out. I had to bite my lip to keep the pleasure inside, breathing through my nose as his cockhead found the bottom of my sex. David was fucking me, I realized, and dimly remembered him climbing into my bed. He had a nice cock, long and thin and curving like a banana. It was cute like the rest of him, but better than that, his erection always seemed to find the magic happy button way down deep in my pussy.

"Ussss..." I hissed, shivering as my orgasm burst like balloon between my thighs. My tummy quivered and my nipples popped and my hips went back and forth all by themselves. Uncontrollable, that's the way it felt, and I wanted him to stop moving and hold his prick against my cervix and let me enjoy the moment, but he didn't and that seemed pretty okay too.

David fucked me through my cum and he always lasted a long time in the morning, much longer than he had the night before. Probably because he needed to use the bathroom, I thought, but whatever the reason, he gave me a marathon fuck. A couple minutes later, I had my second cum, a bigger, better orgasm than the first, and I reached back to pinch his hip with my fist. I squeezed him, begging wordlessly for him to join me. My pussy spasmed with joy, squeezing his cock and still he refused to cum.

"Roll over," he whispered. "On your stomach."

"Ummm..." I didn't have a choice as he turned both of us face down on the bed. David straddled my thighs, pressing his chest to my back and holding my shoulders as he started drilling my pussy hard. He couldn't get as deep that way and I missed the sensation of his cockhead kissing my cervix, but I'd opened my eyes and we only had three minutes until the alarm went off.

The old bedsprings were loud and the bed tapped the wall in time with David's hips. I'd spread my legs as wide as possible, giving his balls room to slap my pussy and tease my thrumming clitoris. I felt the stain growing beneath me as our juices leaked from my sex. He had a long cock, but not very a very fat one and our sex always seemed exceptionally messy as he worked my clasping vagina like an overeager plumber. Eighteen-year-old boys are like that though and he rode me for another two or three minutes before finally losing it.

"Ah! Fuck!" he breathed, just that as I felt his cock jerking inside me. David held himself deep, giving me a nice, slow grind while his balls emptied into my hungry womb.

I smiled and opened my eyes as the alarm decided to go off just at that particular second. I reached for it, all hot inside and thinking I could feel his semen mixing with my own girlish goo. David had collapsed on top of me like a heavy blanket, panting into my hair and letting his body relax.

"Nice timing," I said with a grunt. "You're kinda heavy though."

"Sorry," he whispered back. "Thanks, Wendy."

"Anytime," I replied, giggling weakly and drawing a deep breath as he rolled off me.

"I gotta pee," Dave told me and I rolled my eyes.

"That's a little more information than I need."

"You want a ride to school?"

"Nope," I said, rolling over as he found his boxers. "Amy's picking me up."


He gave me a smile, looking flushed and cute with his bed-head hair. It wasn't long and black like mine, but we shared the same blue eyes; a gift from our mother, along with my slender hips, long legs, and generous breasts. She'd been a beautiful woman and I was getting there, but it's hard to be truly beautiful at fifteen. I needed a couple more years, one last growth spurt maybe, and then I'd really turn some heads.

I hoped. I wanted to be a model someday, like Mom had been, or maybe an actress or even a flight attendant would be cool. I knew I could probably do that, but being a model had always been my first choice. I just needed to grow a couple more inches. Nobody likes models who are only five-seven for some reason and I checked my height every morning. They say people are taller in the morning, like they stretch while they sleep or something. Less gravity to pull us down, I guess.

Daddy had built a thing for checking my height, like on the scale at school, except he'd made it out of wood. I got out of bed, making a face at my cum drooling pussy. My labia were all pink and puffy, hanging down and wet with thin, milky sex juice. My thighs were wet and so was my tummy after lying on the wet spot. I didn't care too much though. I stood flat footed against the wall, reaching above me to find the horizontal wood measuring thing, getting it even with the top of my head.

"Shoot." I turned around and looked. Sixty-seven and a quarter inches ... again. I hadn't grown any taller in a month!

I grabbed my bathrobe, putting it on over my satin half-slip, and went to the bathroom.

"Who's in there?" I asked the shadow behind the shower curtain.

"Me," Curtis replied as I dropped my bathrobe on the floor and sat down on the toilet.

"Hurry up," I told him, letting my bladder go because I'd wanted to pee too, but I guess it's different for boys. David had practically run out of my bedroom.

"Just get in," he told me. "I'll wash your back."

"I bet!" I giggled and closed the toilet lid without flushing; the shower gets really hot when someone does that.

I peeled off my slip and stepped on the scale first. If I wasn't getting any taller, I sure didn't want to get any fatter! Except I wasn't fat at all, but still ... One-oh-four and that hardly ever changed either. So, I felt better anyway and I pulled the shower curtain back so I could get in with Curt and he'd been jerking off it looked like.

"Hey," he said, turning his back to the showerhead and showing me his chubby erection. If Dave had a long, skinny dick, my second oldest brother had a short, fat one. Like only six inches long, maybe not even that, but a genuine handful for me. I thought Curt's penis looked pretty cute.

"Hey," I replied. "Let me under the water."

"Wait. I got shampoo in my hair."

"Is that my shampoo?" I frowned at him, noticing the lilac smell and I hated the way I always ran out of shampoo so fast. "Curt!"

"What?" He grinned and stuck his head under the spray, frisking his fingers through his short black hair so that his cock jiggled up and down.

"You jerk!" I slapped at his dick. "Use your own!"

"I'm out," he said. "I just used a little."

"Hmph!" I snorted and wrapped my fingers around his erection, pulling him towards me.

"You wanna suck on it?" he asked, but I'd only been moving him out of the way.

"Look out." I let him go, trading places and getting under the hot water and that felt pretty awesome. "Wash my back like you promised."

Of course, Curt had other ideas and while I washed my front, he stepped close behind me. I wasn't innocent either. I knew what would happen and a girl doesn't get into a shower with a boy, not even her sixteen-year-old brother, unless she wants to get fucked. Being the only female in a house full of men, I'd gotten used to that early in life. Some people would call it abuse, and maybe it was, but how would I ever know? I liked it and nobody ever hurt me, quite the opposite. Everybody treated me like a princess and compared to a lot of my friends, my family seemed almost perfect.

"Ohhhh ... Uh-huh!" I braced myself against the cool tiles as Curt pulled my hips backward.

"Like this," he breathed, aiming his cock at my already slick hole and pushing into my pussy easily.

"Yeah!" I gasped in agreement, enjoying the way he felt so much different than Dave.

His cock must have been nearly as big around as a Coke can, seriously. I wasn't joking about how thick my brother was and my fingers wouldn't go all the way around the shaft when he got hard, but my pussy could. I felt a pinch, but nothing painful, just a quick, sharp pinch as the mouth of my sex had to open extra wide. The walls of my pussy were shoved aside and I felt a vague throbbing sensation that I always enjoyed. Fucking my two older brothers back to back always begged comparison and I couldn't decide which of them I liked better, at least in the sex department.

I loved them both about the same in the sister department.

"Oh! That feels good," Curt said, grunting the words as he slid his cock in and out of me.

"Uh-huh!" I rolled my hips and nodded. "It feels great."

Curt liked to pull his cock all the way out of me too, letting the smooth glans slip free for an instant, and then driving it all the way inside. It felt completely different than the way Dave fucked me, or anyone else for that matter, and I loved it. Only near the end, after I'd had a sweet, little cum and Curtis had wrapped his arms under my tummy to hold me up, did he finally leave his cock inside. He fucked me hard and fast, looking for his own orgasm and finally finding it with a groan.

"Ohhhh ... Curt!" I winced against the pleasure, definitely feeling it as the boy's semen filled my pussy.

He always came so hard! Like he'd been saving it up for a month or something, even though I knew he hadn't. My brother's couldn't go a day without sex, but who can? Not me! I wasn't quite as fixated on it as most boys seem to be, but teenage girls like to fuck as much as anyone else, believe me. My friends all liked sex and they were either bragging about how much dick they got, or complaining about how little they were getting.

Some people would probably call them sluts, and me too, but we weren't. We were just normal high school girls. Thankfully, we were all pretty enough and outgoing enough to get what we wanted. Maybe every girl is a slut. I mean, if someone's just determined to think that way about girls who like sex. Ugly girls, fat girls and stupid girls, they want sex too, right? So just because they couldn't get any, that doesn't make them any different inside. Or maybe I just felt a little guilty about fucking two guys less than ten minutes apart before I'd even had breakfast.

I have a weird brain.

"Hey, Wendy." Josh grinned at me as I wandered into the kitchen. "You want a pancake?"

"You're cooking?" I rolled my eyes and tied the belt around my bathrobe. "I just want toast."

"What's wrong with that?" he asked, giving me his hurt brown eyes. My twin brother looked nothing like me unless he smiled.

"Everything," I said, bending over to kiss our dad's cheek. "Morning, Daddy."

"Morning, baby." He leaned into my lips and rustled his newspaper. "What was all that noise this morning?"

"David," I told him with a sigh. "He said he had a bad dream last night."

"I did not!" David looked up from his Wheaties.

"Too much pizza," Curt said. "Eat less, bro. You're getting fat."

"Shut-up!" David frowned at him.

"Well, do me a favor," Daddy said. "Move your bed a couple inches, huh?"

"Oh God!" I grinned at him. "It was time to get up anyway. Where's Ashley? Ash! Hurry up!"

"He's probably jerking off," Curt said, pouring a bowl of cereal for himself.

"Be nice," I told him. "He's still growing."

"So?" Curt shook his head. "He needs help."

"You should take care of him once in awhile," Daddy suggested, smiling at me over his coffee.

"I do," I said. "Ashley's fine."

"He's gay," Josh told us, looking over his shoulder as he cooked his pancakes.

"He's just curious," David said. "Leave him alone."

"Faggot!" Curtis giggled and I slapped the back of his neck. "Ow!"

"I don't wanna hear that word," I reminded him.

"Sorry, Wen." He dipped his head and David laughed under his breath.

"Make some toast for me," I told him. "No butter. I'm gonna go see what's keeping him."

The three oldest boys liked to give our youngest brother a hard time, especially Curt. I suspected they blamed Ashley for killing our mom, since she'd died giving birth to him, but that hadn't been his fault. Mom had already been sick and if anyone was to blame it would be our dad. He'd knocked her up, knowing she wasn't supposed to have any more babies.

Mom too; she had to take some of the blame because it had been her body and a girl has to take responsibility for it. After having four kids, she knew where they came from, but she'd let herself get pregnant with number five. I still loved my mom, of course, even though I didn't remember her at all. I'd only been a baby myself and sometimes I almost thought I could recall something, but that's just my imagination.

It sucked growing up without a mom, but I didn't blame Ash. He'd almost died too and our brothers tended to forget that. Not me though, and not Daddy, although this thing about Ashley being gay had kind of put a dent in Daddy's manly pride. I'd talked to him about it, our dad, I mean, and that's all he'd needed. A good talking too, the way a wife might do it, I liked to think. If I played Mommy for my brothers sometimes, and I did, then I had to play wife for Daddy once in awhile too. And not just in the bedroom either, although I liked that part the best.

"What are you doing?" I asked, smiling at Ashley after not finding him in his room. "Are those my panties?"

Of course they were! The boy stood in front of my dresser, naked except for a pair of bikini panties, white ones made out of satin. One of my nice pairs too, with a baby blue bow riding the obvious lump of his cute little stiffy as he admired himself in the mirror. At least Ashley looked pretty. I mean, if a boy has to be a queer cross-dressing homosexual, he's better off looking like a girl than a lumberjack, right? I'd never had a sister either, just a house full of raging testosterone, so maybe that explains why I'd decided to encourage my baby brother.

"Um ... Sorry." He blinked quickly and turned pink all over. A head-to-toe blush that made me giggle.

"Are you gonna wear those to school?" I asked him, putting my hands on my hips and trying to look serious.

"Can I?" he asked in his high pitched voice, and I really hoped he wouldn't change too much now that he'd hit puberty. That would have to be a sin, I thought.

"You've got gym class," I reminded him. "Right?"

"Yeah." Ashley cleared his throat. "But, um ... I don't care."

"You don't?" I walked into my room, wrinkling my nose at the smell of sex. David and I had really made a mess on my bed.

"They already tease me," Ash admitted, dropping his head and speaking softly. "Everybody hates me."

"They do not," I sighed, standing behind him and I took my little brother into a hug. "They're just kids."


"But you don't have to give them reasons to be mean either," I said. "Wearing panties to school..."

"I did it before," he said, crossing his arms over mine as I held his flat chest. Ashley seemed so small, almost fragile as he stood there, and I could feel his small heart beating quickly.

"You did?"

"I wore the pink ones yesterday."


"I'm sorry."

"For what?" I kissed his golden hair. "You can wear my panties, I don't care."

"No, I mean because I'm ... you know ... different."

"Gay?" I took a deep breath. "Did Curt tease you?"


"Want me to beat him up for you?"

"No!" Ashley giggled, watching my reflection in the mirror. "What should I do?"

"Just be yourself," I said. "If you can handle the kids at school, then..."

"I think I can."

"You're pretty tough, huh?" I kissed his hair again. He hadn't taken a shower and he smelled like sleep.

"Not really," Ashley sighed. "But if they're gonna tease me anyway..."

"I know," I agreed. "They're not, um ... Nobody hits you or anything, do they?"


"Who?" I narrowed my eyes.

"This guy, Randy, him and his friends kinda..." Ashley frowned. "They gave me a swirly."

"They did?" I frowned at that. "Did you tell anybody?"

"No! That would just make it worse!"


"Don't tell Dad," he said. "Okay?"

"They can't do that to you."

"It's okay," he protested. "I just have to stay out of the bathroom."

"All day?" I rolled my eyes. "How long's that been going on?"

"I dunno." Ashley shrugged. "All year, I guess."


"They call me Assley too."

"Well, you do have a cute butt."

"Heh!" He smiled and I sighed.

"And if you're going to wear my panties, you can't walk around with a boner all day long."

"But..." he made a face. "I can't help it."

I'd slid my hand down, finding his hard penis through the satin and I rubbed it with my fingers. Not even talking about the school bullies had spoiled Ashley's arousal. I wondered if he had a thing for this Randy guy, but only because I remembered liking some of the guys who'd been really jerks when I'd been in seventh grade. I didn't know why I liked them, but I had, even when they'd teased me on occasion. In fact, that had only made me like them more for some reason.

"Let me help," I said, slipping to my knees. "We have to hurry though. Turn around."

"Wendy, I don't..."

"Close your eyes and pretend I'm a boy," I suggested with a smile, pulling the crotch aside to expose his stiff cock and hairless scrotum.

"Ohhhh..." he breathed, going on his tip-toes as I closed my lips around his penis.

"Ummm-hmmm..." I sighed, giving Ashley a lot of tongue as I took all of his smallish dick inside my mouth.

He wasn't very large or anything, being naturally girly like he was. I could push my tongue out and tickle his balls while my hands massaged his small, round butt through the satin. Ashley's fingers went into my damp hair as he began pushing with his hips. My nose flattened against the soft skin just above his cock and below his tummy. His smooth ball sack rubbed my chin and I nursed on his erection the best I knew how. I swished saliva and precum around Ashley's dick, swallowing only when it started to leak from the corners of my mouth.

"Wendy, um ... I'm gonna..." He didn't last but two minutes, if even that long, before he began shooting his sweet cum into my mouth.

Every boy tastes different and I thought Ashley tasted the best of all my brothers. He wasn't sour like David and not as salty as Curt, and his semen wasn't quite as thin as Josh's. Nice and creamy, warm like melted butter as it pooled on my tongue. Mmmm ... Just right, baby bear!

I loved sucking Ashley off and for being as queer as the boy claimed to be, he didn't mind getting a blowjob from his sister every now and again. I just wished I could find a way into talking him into fucking me. I'd taken my brothers' virginity, all of them, except for Ashley and a blowjob didn't count, in my opinion. Oral sex is just good foreplay, handy for taking the edge off a teenage boy's lust before he has to go to school.

"Wow!" He smiled at me as I fixed my panties over his wet penis, tucking him safely away, although his dick hadn't gone terribly soft.

"Mmmm..." I said, covering Ashley's mouth with mine and he knew what was coming. We'd snowballed before.

I pushed my semen soaked tongue into my brother's mouth, along with a nice gob of gooey jism as well. He wasn't really into making out with me, and Lord knows I'd tried on many occasions, but we'd found a good compromise. Ashley hugged me around the waist while we French kissed, swapping his sperm between us and trying desperately to keep our lips sealed. Some of it escaped, but not too much, and I couldn't help but rub my tits against his chest. My nipples burned cold and my pussy had grown hot. I loved kissing and that had long been my Achilles heel. If a boy could kiss me nicely? Yeah, he could fuck me, too. I just couldn't say no.

"Ulp!" Ashley swallowed thickly as I caught my breath and then he smiled, drawing a deep breath himself.

"Feel better?" I asked.

"Yeah," he agreed. "Thanks, Wendy."

"Get dressed for school now," I told him. "Wash your face and brush your teeth."


"You're not gonna wear a dress are you?"

"No!" He laughed.

"Good. You don't have the hips for it."

"But, um ... Can I wear one of your old bras?"


"I kinda borrowed one," Ashley said. "Your little one."

"My training bra?" I rolled my eyes. "Go ahead, Ash ... It's your funeral."

"Yeah!" He grinned at me and I had no idea how he could hope to wear a bra to school and not get beat up.

I had some beating up of my own to do, however; that Randy kid was going to learn what happens to bad boys. I couldn't protect Ashley every minute of the day, I knew that, but he wasn't going to be getting any more swirlies either! If being a teenage girl had taught me nothing else, it's that being beautiful was like being licensed to kill. Girls have superpowers for a reason and maybe it's true that along with great power comes great responsibility, but I'd never liked Spiderman anyway. He was a such a wuss!

"Where's Ashley?" Daddy wondered as I retrieved my toast. My three brothers had already left.

I'd gotten dressed before coming back downstairs and I looked like a zillion other catholic schoolgirls. I wore a plaid skirt, pleated, a white blouse, ironed, and black shoes ... polished, of course. Knee high socks and the silly blue tie that matched the skirt. I'd pulled my hair into a ponytail and used dull, barely red lipstick and hardly any other makeup. The sisters frowned on cosmetics as the devil's own mischief, but I thought they were just jealous. Most of those nuns were nuns for a reason, you know? And not just because they were closet lesbians who believed in corporal punishment.

"He's brushing his teeth," I replied.

"That boy's slower than you," he teased me. "What were you doing up there?"

"He's still part boy, Daddy." I shrugged. "I can't send him to school in pain."

"Huh!" He grinned at me and looked at his watch. "I have to get to work. Don't be late for school."

"I won't," I promised, holding my plate of toast out of the way so he could hug me.

Daddy kissed my mouth and I let his tongue tease mine for a second, feeling his hand on my butt and his hard cock against my tummy. He could have used a little something that morning, too, and I was tempted to make us both late, but it would be the third time that month and we were running out of excuses. Daddy didn't want to let me go, so I had to push him gently away.

"I'll take care of you tonight," I whispered. "Go to work."

"Tease." Daddy grinned and I laughed.

"Me? Yeah right!" I said. "I'll see ya later. Don't forget to stop by the store tonight, we need milk."

"Got it," he agreed, smiling over his shoulder. "Love you."

"I love you, too ... And a loaf of bread," I called after him.

Ouch! My hormones were really wound up and I crossed my legs high as I sat at the table and munched my toast. The tingling in my pussy made me remember my pills, although I never completely forgot them. I'd been taking birth control since my fourteenth birthday, literally. I'd been a late bloomer in the menstrual department, so Daddy had wanted to make sure I was a little older, a little more grown up maybe, before deciding I was old enough to take care of myself. He could be a little strange that way. So, on my 14th birthday, before cake and ice cream, he'd taken me to a gynecologist friend of his. A client, actually, since my dad's a lawyer and he'd handled the guy's divorce.

Apparently there wasn't a big difference between attorney-client privilege and doctor-patient privilege. Doctor Peterson had taken one look at my vagina and asked me how long I'd been having sex. Daddy just shrugged when I looked at him, telling me to answer the man truthfully, so I had.

"And today's your birthday, isn't it?" Dr. Peterson said with a smile, standing upright between my wide-spread legs. He touched my nears and slid his hands along the tops of my thighs.

"Uh-huh," I agreed, wiggling my toes in the metal stirrup things that held my feet.

"I'd like to give you a present of my own," he said and looked at my dad. "Do you mind?"

"Not at all," Daddy replied. "Wendy's been looking forward to it. Haven't you, Princess?"

"Yeah, um ... It's okay," I said, remembering how my dad had explained to me that Dr. Peterson might want to give me something special.

Lots of men, even old guys like the doctor, would want to put their cocks inside me. Just like Daddy did. Just like my three oldest brothers wanted to love me in that special way and there wasn't anything to be afraid of. Sex felt good and after we were done at the doctor's, I had my birthday party to look forward to. I'd invited all my friends from school, a dozen girls and a few boys; their parents would be there too and we'd have lots of fun. Letting Dr. Peterson slide his cock inside my pussy seemed like a small price to pay, but I wasn't as naïve as I pretended to be either. I really didn't want Daddy to go to jail and we needed to trust my doctor.

Like I said, girls have superpowers.

"Just relax," Dr. Peterson told me, smiling as he unzipped his trousers. "I've had a vasectomy."

"Okay," I said, smiling back at him even though I had no idea what that meant.

"You're a beautiful young woman, Wendy," he told me, rubbing his cockhead up and down my slit.

He wasn't much different looking than Daddy, except maybe a lot darker since Dr. Peterson was black. He wasn't circumcised either and I sat up on my elbows so I could see it better, watching as the foreskin slid back and forth over the pinkish glans. That seemed pretty interesting and then I winced, biting my bottom lip as he pushed his cock inside my pussy slowly. I let myself fall back onto the examination table and Daddy stroked my hair, turning my face until his swollen manhood brushed my lips and I opened for him.

The doctor fucked me with slow, deep strokes as if he wanted to make it last as long as he possibly could. I didn't mind at all. He filled my pussy nicely and I felt the butterflies fluttering in my tummy. The room seemed to grow warmer as I nursed on my father's penis, sucking on the head mostly and using my hand to jerk him off the way he liked it. I had a hard time concentrating though; my pussy felt too good and I wanted to wrap my legs around Dr. Peterson's hips, but the stirrups didn't want to let me go.

"Sweet baby cunt," he sighed, holding my thighs with his soft black hands and pumping my pussy at a slow, steady pace.

"Suck it nice, Princess," Daddy whispered. "Use your tongue. That's it. Mmmm ... Such a good girl."

The doctor's black cock made me cum and I moaned around the penis stretching my lips. My butt bounced off the table and I pushed against those stupid stirrups so hard I thought I'd break them, but I didn't. The man held me tightly in place, gripping my thighs down near my pelvis and keeping me on the edge of the vinyl pad. I could feel my pussy clamping down on his dick and I tried to squeeze it even harder, my whole body getting tight as my orgasm seemed to explode deep in my sex.

I loved cumming more than cake and ice cream and presents combined, at least when it was happening. Nothing else mattered and I closed my eyes, letting Daddy fuck my mouth while I watched the red and yellow sparklers shooting through the darkness. What a great cum! I'll never forget that one and somewhere in the middle of it, Dr. Peterson joined me. His semen surged into my pussy as he jammed his cockhead right up to my cervix and that made me cum again! He really knew how to fuck and I choked on my dad's hot spunk when the doctor started thumbing my tiny clitoris.

Multiple orgasms! I'd never even imagined such a thing.

"I'll have the nurse schedule follow-up visits every month," Dr. Peterson told me as I wiped the cum off my face. I'd made a real mess and most of Daddy's load had landed on my nose.

"She can go on the pill, right?" Daddy asked and the doctor nodded.

"Yeah," he said. "There's no problem. Just wait until after her next menses before throwing away your condoms."

"Thank you," I said, smiling at Dr. Peterson as he smiled back at me.

"My pleasure," he said. "Your period might be a bit shorter than you're used to. They might stop altogether; we'll keep an eye on that. If you have any problems, unusual discharge or any discomfort, you can call me."

"Okay, um..." I made a face. "Can I use the bathroom?"

"Oh. Of course you can, Wendy," he agreed. "We're all done for today."

I saw Dr. Peterson every month after that and I checked the calendar as I took my pill. Another week before my next appointment and I always looked forward to getting one of his special examinations. Sometimes Daddy liked to come along, but usually he had to work and that was okay. He'd told himself that if I was old enough for birth control, I was old enough to visit the doctor by myself. That's just Daddy's way of telling me I could have sex with anyone I wanted, but I had to smart about it.

So, I grabbed a couple condoms out of the cupboard for my purse. I kept some in my bedroom, of course, but rubbers are always a last minute thing for me, so I liked to keep a box in the kitchen with my pills, too. Seeing one tended to remind me of the other and after a second's hesitation, I grabbed a couple more. I knew Daddy had talked to Ashley about the birds and the bees already, but probably not about the bees and the bees. Sooner or later my little brother would find a boy who wasn't interested in just teasing him, you know?

In fact, I wondered how hard it would be to find a real boyfriend for a cute, cross-dressing sissy like Ash. Probably not too hard, if a girl happened to look in the right places.

"What are you doing?" Amy frowned at me and she had a tendency to get hysterical and the drop of a hat. "Oh my God! We're gonna be late! I was sitting outside for ten minutes!"

"Relax," I told her, closing the cupboard. "And shut the door already."

She'd just opened the kitchen door and strolled inside, the way best friends forever often do. Neither of us ever bothered knocking anymore.

"What are those for?" she asked, breaking into a grin when she saw the condoms on the table. She picked one up. "K-9 Kondoms ... All the bark without the bite! God!"

"Rootbeer flavored."

"Where did you get these?"

"That place by the college," I said. "We have to give my brother a ride."

"David?" Amy's bottle green eyes widened.

"Down girl," I said with a giggle. "Ashley."

"Oh." She shrugged and tossed the foil package back onto the table. "He's kinda weird."

"You're kinda weird," I retorted. "Ash! Amy's here! We gotta go!"

"Coming!" he yelled back from somewhere above us.

"Hey, um ... Speaking of college guys..." Amy brushed an imaginary lock of auburn hair out of her eyes, since she wore a ponytail like mine. Copycatter.

"What college guys?"

"I think Brad's gonna break up with me."

"I thought you were breaking up with him?"

"I am!"

"Then what's the problem?" I asked her with a giggle.

"He can't break up with me first, Wendy!"

"So call him," I said. "Do it now. He's probably still asleep."

"He won't care if he's gonna break up with me anyway," Amy said, making her point sound like it should have been obvious.

"Uhhhh..." I shrugged.

"I wanna make him cry," she said. "You know?"

"Otherwise, what's the point?"

"Exactly!" Amy agreed with a grin. "Can you help me?"

"Help you what?"

"We went out last night and he..."

"You went out last night?" I rolled my eyes. "And you both wanna break up?"

"Yeah! So? Shut-up ... Listen, he keeps talking about a threesome thing," she said. "He's always talking about it, that's why I think he's gonna dump me."

"Yeah, you said that before," I reminded her, and half the girls in school knew about Amy's love life, believe me.

"But I wasn't ever gonna do it before," she replied with a smug grin, crossing her arms over her boobs and nodding. "See?"

"You mean you're gonna have a threesome with him?"


"Just so he won't want to break up with you anymore?"

"Double yeah!"

"And then you can dump him and everyone's happy."

"Except Brad!" Amy giggled. "Pretty cool, huh?"

"Do you take evil pills?"

"No!" She snorted. "I'm just naturally cruel."

"So who's the third person?" I wondered, and then I blinked at her. "No way!"


"I'm not gonna do it!"

"Why not? Just one time," Amy said. "Please? I never ask you for anything."

"You ask me for stuff every single day!"

"Not like this though!"

"You don't even like girls," I pointed out. "That's why you said no like a hundred times, remember?"

"I know, but..." she shrugged. "You do."

"Not enough for both of us," I said. "I'm not going to just let Brad fuck me while you get mad."

"I won't get mad!"

"I know you, Ames." I shook my head. "You're gonna get all excited and then get all cold and just pout."

"I will not!"

"And then it's gonna be my fault for letting your boyfriend stick his dick in me," I predicted, and accurately too. "Fuck that!"

"I'm serious about it!"

"You are not," I sighed. "Ashley!"

"I'm here," my brother said, smiling at us from the doorway. "I've been here five minutes. Hi, Amy."

"Oh." I frowned at him.

"Hi, Ash," Amy replied. "Please, Wendy? I swear, I'll really do it."

"Do what?" I asked. "Lick my pussy?"

"Ummm..." She scrunched up her nose.

"Make out with me while Brad watches?" I asked. "Finger my butt while he fucks me?"

"Do I have to do all that?" Amy looked kind of seasick.

She was totally not into girl sex and hadn't been since the night I'd talked her into trying a sixty-nine with me in sixth grade. When someone pukes on your pussy? It's like the worst kind of rejection in the world, but I didn't take it personally. She'd been my best friend forever, you know, and I knew other girls who liked having fun anyway. It just would have been uber-cool if Amy had been into it as well.

"That's kinda what a threesome is," I told her. "Come on, we gotta go."

"I'd do it," Ashley said out of the blue and we both stared at him. "I mean, what's he look like?"

"Who?" Amy asked.

"Brad, you idiot!" I laughed at her.

"He's, um ... cute," she said slowly. "What are you talking about?"

"Whatever you guys are talking about," Ashley said. "That thing with your boyfriend."

"He's gay," I said, but Amy already knew that.

"Brad's not," she said, kind of coldly, in my opinion. "Sorry, Ash. He wants two girls."

"He's almost a girl," I said. "Aren't you, Ashley?"

"Kinda," he agreed. "I like girl clothes."

"And playing Barbie, I know." Amy rolled her eyes. "Find your own boyfriend."

"Amy!" I frowned at her.

"It's okay," Ashley said. "I'm not giving your dolls back either."

"Keep them," Amy said airily. "I've got better things to play with now."

"Leave me out of it," I sighed.

My best friend and my baby brother were always teasing each other. Seriously, but before it had been over other, innocent things. Now Ashley had discovered his sexuality and it was only going to get worse, a blind girl could see that. Sometimes it seemed like Amy was his older sister, not me, but she'd been a part of the family for a long time too. In a manner of speaking, you know, like how I'd been a part of her family since we were in kindergarten together.

Sometimes I wondered if Amy fucked my dad the way I fucked hers, but I'd never found a good way to bring the subject up. I kept hoping I'd catch them doing it, but I never did. Of course, I went miles out of the way to make sure Amy never caught me with her dad either. That would have been more than a tad embarrassing for all concerned, especially Amy's mom.

She'd kind of adopted me, since I didn't have a mom of my own and sometimes I felt guilty about fucking her husband, but I always refused to do it in her bed too. I respected her too much for that! I know that sounds kind of hypocritical to most people, to normal people, but what would they expect from someone like me? Sex is just sex, sometimes it means, "I love you!" and sometimes it just means, "Thanks for being my friend." And other times, "I really need sex!"

Amy's dad really needed sex and he'd always been my friend, so ... Hey! I would have had sex with Amy's mom too, don't get me wrong. I wondered how my friend's parents would feel about a threesome. That would solve everything and quite frankly, I felt a bit surprised that I hadn't thought of it before. That's one reason I liked having Amy around though, aside from being my best friend and always letting me copy her homework after she copied from Lisa, because Amy always had crazy ideas. Stupid ones, usually, but they often led to better ideas later.

Sometimes I thought I was entirely too practical for my own good.

We got Ashley to his school on time, the public middle school, and all my brothers went to public schools. Daddy made me go to a private school, an all-girls catholic one, like I said before. He liked to tease me and say he'd always had a thing for those sexy uniforms, but I knew he just wanted to protect me. He'd loved Mom as much as any man could and she'd only had one daughter, so that made me extra special.

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