Alien Treats

by Dual Writer

Copyright© 2011 by Dual Writer

Science Fiction Sex Story: This is a silly Halloween story of some aliens coming to earth to gather treats and play the connection game.This Halloween contest story was not supposed to be posted yet but was a better edited replacement for the contest story. The hall monitor or moderator didn't read my note and posted it early and not with the other contest entries. Anyway, enjoy the story, Sci-Fi is different for me.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Gay   Lesbian   Hermaphrodite   Science Fiction   Humor   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Swinging   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Size   Body Modification   Transformation   .

It was time. The few who made the long journey for the sweet prize were gathered in the control bridge so the ship's captain could give his final instructions.

"Listen up, you have all been taught to speak the local language and have practiced the words during the entire trip to this small planet. We may be superior beings, but we don't have what they do; we don't have the raw material, nor do we have the knowledge. We are not here to steal either the raw material, or one their species with the knowledge. We are here to enjoy the one thing prized above almost anything else on our planet, candy"

That brought giggles and joyful laughter from the crew before the captain. He briefly thought of how crazed the crew would be on the return trip with only a tiny taste of the delicacy. Hopefully, he could keep his crew sane enough to at least get off this alien planet and headed for home.

"Now, all of you; remember that the species where we are going comes in two sizes, small and large. Be careful of the small ones as they are the future of the planet. The large ones work to maintain the planet for the future of the

small ones." He looked around at the solemn, determined faces. "This is the one time every Earth year that we can easily get a supply of candy for our planet to enjoy. They call it Halloween, we call it a time to gather, to gather buckets and buckets of candy."

The crew was made up of uni-genders, as it was easier to keep morale up if all could please each other. There often was nothing else to do on the long journey except play the connection game. The captain had to admit, the crew sure knew how to play the body pleasing game well. He had enjoyed every one of the crew more than once.

"Listen to me now, this is important. You must restrain yourself from sampling the candy you receive. You know what happens to you when you taste the smallest bit of the sugary stuff. You all turn into crazed pleasure givers and will spend too much time playing the connection game instead of gathering candy."

One of the crew asked the captain, "I want to dress up this year. I want to be a pirate like the costume we saw last year. I want a funny hat and one of those bird things on my shoulder. I especially want a sword like the one that lit up when you waved it around."

The captain said, "I really think our natural being is sufficient for our purpose. The fact that you can change what they call 'colors' will make each of you unique. Our naturally green color, long oblong head, big eyes, and hairless body is probably perfect for most of us, but last year some of you decided to be purple, blue, yellow, or red. The red ones were perfect with those toy pitchforks you found, but some of the Earthlings said you needed a tail, whatever that is."

The captain again tried to start saying what was on his mind. "Before I lose track of what I want to say, all of you must be careful of the large ones. Some of you are curious about them, but you must not upset them or we will be shunned as they are the candy givers. Our size is between the tiny ones and the large ones, and should allow us to gather our bounty without a problem."

Another crew member said, "Last year, a female candy giver asked me how old I was. When I said "Twenty-five of your years," she began stroking me as if she wanted to play the connection game. Because she was female, my appendage popped out. She became so enthusiastic; she dragged me into her dwelling, leaving bowls of candy unprotected. The other crew members took almost all of the candy while I played the connection game. She did something that was very nice that I've tried to teach our species. She put my appendage into her mouth and it seemed as if she had a snake in there and was tickling it. That felt wonderful and I rewarded her with some of our special secretions. After she did that, she was very happy my appendage could still play the connection game and she kept her hips moving until her eyes closed and her arms went limp at her sides. I wonder what made her do that?"

The captain continued, "You see, that is the problem. We give off some kind of scent that excites the large ones. Both males and females of the species become excited from it and often invite us for more than candy. Remember, if we spend all night playing the connection game, we won't gather sufficient bounty to supply our fellow species."

The crewperson who had been seduced by the large person, said, "Once the large female gave me one of the tiny sugar coated pieces of chocolate, my mind could think of nothing but our pleasure games. We must all resist tasting what we gather."

The captain exclaimed, "Good advice. Don't taste the bounty. I promise to let all of you have a few tastes on the way home, but be careful out there while we gather."

The giant invisible ship gently settled in a park near multiple groups of species' dwellings. Some of the species were still in the park, as their sun was still lighting their surface. "We checked our Earth clock for this area and calculated it was about four thirty Earth time. This means that the earliest we could begin gathering would be near five o'clock," the Captain said.

Crew members were changing colors, teasing each other with their appendages, waving them at each other. Some bent over or laid back to receive an appendage, and others even attempted to duplicate what had been taught to them. Their mouths were watering, thinking of the sweets to be gathered, and that made it easier to swallow the appendage of their fellow crew members.

The captain stood among his crew and shook his head in dismay. The crew could become so engrossed in playing the various forms of the connection game, that they might not want to go off the ship to gather.

As five o'clock neared, the sun was setting and darkness began to prevail. The crew opened the hatch and began descending to the Earth's surface. The beings enjoyed squeezing the small blades of grass. Some picked some from the ground to taste it. You could hear, "Not bad, but nothing like the bounty we will gather."

The captain brought out huge black bags and said they were referred to as pillowcases. He didn't know what a pillow was, but these were some kind of woven material that resembled a large sack. He said, "When your bag is full, get out of sight from the species and transport back to the ship to dump your bounty, so that you can gather another container full. Remember the words, "Trick or Treat" and when they give you your treat, look at them as if you still want more. Sometimes they will give you more, but always say 'Thank you' before you run to the next dwelling. Don't reach into the bowls or bags the species are handing our bounty from. Be patient and do not taste the candy, or you will forget your purpose here."

The small crew disappeared and reappeared at a corner of the dwellings. They could see some dwellings were lit up with some form of round thing with a light inside. Other dwellings had funny creatures around their entrances that were supposed to make Halloween more fun. The crew was not interested in the decorations; they were only interested in the candy.

Two of the crew were going gathering together, as they were friends who had enjoyed playing the connection game countless times during the time period it took to transport to Earth. One of the crew said, "Number Nine, if a large female is giving out candy, let your appendage show, but don't show her all of it. If you do, she will run away screaming. Rub yourself and let about half of it show under your natural covering. They love that size, and will entice you to follow them inside their dwelling. While one of us is inside, the other can take most of the candy."

The crew creature named number Nine asked, "What if it is a male of the species? What can we do to entice them?"

His partner, number Six, said, "A few like our appendage, but most enjoy us swelling our chest bumps to a large size. They love to touch and fondle them. Some will suck on them as if it is candy. Don't show your appendage to these people. Only show your pleasure center between your legs."

Nine said, "Got it. Let's find some candy."

The first house they came to had some kind of black things with wings hung by strings. The two crew creatures thought they might be some kind of bird. They would have to research what it was.

When they rang the doorbell, a female of the species appeared, wearing some kind of loose black robe with a pointy black hat on her head. Six immediately let some of his appendage show and the female looked at the crewman closely. She said, "You're not a kid, are you?"

Number Six said, "Trick or treat."

The lady said looking at Six and Nine, "Come in for a second, so I can find something for a treat."

Six was experienced and came forward saying, "We can trade treats if you want. May I taste the candy? How about a tiny piece of sweets before I give you my treat?"

The lady moved a small candy dish toward Six and Nine. The two, who were both shaded in a black and a dark blue color, took what the lady offered, one of those small candy coated pieces of chocolate, an M&M.

As she let her robe gape open, showing she wore no other covering, the female said, "Hurry, give me my treat before my husband returns with the kids. Oh, this is going to be so good with your big, ah, actually monster penis. No, that's too lame, that's a monster prick, a huge cock. Hurry!"

The female bent over a large wide chair thing, pulling up the back of her black robe and presenting her pleasure center to Six. Knowing these species appendages were smaller than ours were, number Six made its appendage smaller around so it was easily able to enter her. As it probed deeper and deeper, Six made the appendage larger and longer, until the female was shaking and almost weeping. She was making an almost horrible noise. Number Six thought she might enjoy a soothing injection, so he loosed a quantity of his special fluids. This didn't help as she became even louder.

At that moment, the doorbell rang. Number Nine went to the door to see why the noise occurred. Several of the small species were holding out containers saying, 'Trick or treat.'

Number Nine stingily gave a single piece of candy to each of the small species. There was a large species behind them watching the transaction, but was now focused on what was happening at the wide chair. He really couldn't see anything other than the female bent over with number Six moving behind her.

This was a male of the species, and he seemed to be very interested in what was going on. Nine smiled and closed the door, encouraging them to go away.

Number Six said, "Come, give this female another injection, then we must go."

Number Nine easily slid its reduced size into the female and let it grow to its largest size. This caused the female to thrash around, then lay across the wide chair without moving. Number Nine pulled free, leaking some of his fluids, and said, "Too bad she fell asleep, I was just about ready to give her an injection."

Six said, "Let's take the candy and run. I'll bet we'll find more females who are equally interested in what we can give them."

The next house had an older version of the female species. She gave them each a handful of treats, so they thanked her and moved on. After several stops, often begging for a little more, the big black containers, what was called pillowcases, were full. Six and Nine went to the side of a dwelling and disappeared to reappear inside of the ship. They dumped the bounty into the big container made just for what was put there. They noticed that they were the first to make a trip to fill the container. They smiled at each other and returned to the same spot they had disappeared from.

Now there were many small versions of the species going door to door, begging for candy. At a house near the end of this section of houses, a male of the species came to the door with a small bowl of treats. He didn't look very generous, so number Nine, who was behind, pushed out his chest bumps with pointy tips and stepped around Six with an open bag.

The male's mouth dropped open as Nine shook his large wobbly chest bumps at the male. The male asked, "Would you like to come in for a minute?" Six smiled at Nine as they both entered the dwelling. When the man put his bowl down, Nine passed its hand over the males front where his appendage was known to be. In seconds, the species male appendage grew very stiff, but nowhere near the size of the ones that Six and Nine had used before.

While the male fondled the chest bumps, Nine was undoing the male's apparel. When the male tried to figure out how to remove the black covering of Nine, he became apprehensive as to what it was. That was not a problem though, as Nine dropped to its knees and began drawing the male appendage into its mouth.

Six decided to get in on the action and grew some chest bumps too, but larger than Nine's. When Six wobbled its chest at the male who was in Nine's mouth, the male gave a moan and sigh before slumping down on the wide chair which seems to be a common item within this species' dwellings. Instead of the two crew getting to play the connection game, the male species just sat there with his pants around his ankles and a very floppy and small appendage.

Six and Nine looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders, thinking telepathically, "Oh well, we will have to hunt for a better male." As they left the dwelling, the stingy man had bags and bags of candy near the door, so the two helped themselves to most of it as they were going out the door. Nine knew that the small fixture on the wall near the door could turn the light outside on or off, so he rubbed his hand over it until the light outside went out.

The two happy crew creatures smiled as they crossed the street to make their way down the other side. At the second house, they were met by a female of the species in a very gauzy, almost sheer, garment that showed a lot of her chest bumps and most of her body. Behind her were several other females and males who seemed to be in the same form of undress. The people were being loud, drinking something from containers while moving with each other. They were paired up, a male with a female of the species.

Six and Nine could see this could be fun, so Six grew two large chest bumps with the pointy things on the end, while Nine let a good portion of his appendage show down his leg.

Holding a large bowl of candy, the female's mouth dropped as she stepped back, put the bowl down and took Nine's hand and pulled him inside. She said to Six, "Come in and shut the door. I'll bet I can get some of the drunkards to service you while some of the ladies try out this monster. You two are obviously older to have equipment like this and breasts as large as you do."

She turned around, holding Nine's appendage, and said, "Ladies, come look at the toy I found." Many of the females and males were staggering as if they were all dizzy. Several of the males crowded around Six and fondled its chest bumps.

The two crew were no dummies, they each took a small cube of candy from the bowl and ate the piece of caramel, wrapper and all. The sweet treat washed over them and their bumps and appendages quickly grew.

The females didn't notice the bumps on Nine as they were so fascinated by his appendage. Nine almost giggled at his good fortune as he began to touch and fondle the females. He soon had one laid back on a table, trying to fit its creature appendage into the female of the species. All of the women were squealing, saying they wanted some; each one wanting to be next.

Meanwhile, Six knew it could quickly take care of the male of the species by using its mouth. In a few minutes, all of the males had given Six their essence and were smiling at each other, reaching their hands up, and slapping the hand of another.

One male was getting hard again and was quite large. Six thought it would enjoy seeing how one of this species felt inside. The crew creature slid its body onto the growing appendage and began massaging it with its alien insides. The crew were very adept at using their receptacles to draw the essence from each other. Six did that. In mere seconds, the male was gasping and lunging at Six.

Nine was now on the fourth of the five females at this gathering. With three satisfied females watching, the funny looking black and blue creature let his appendage grow another few inches in length and width to quickly give the female he was with more pleasure. With a scream, the female lay limp on the table.

The fifth female lay on the floor with her legs spread wide. She was massaging her breasts as Nine knelt between her legs and began inserting his now long, slender appendage. As soon as he was deep inside the female, it let the appendage grow, giving additional pleasure.

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