Jason and Kate

by Pope Perv

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A story of love between Jason and his sister

Twenty-two year old Jason had just graduated from a state university with a marketing degree. After a long difficult decision, he moved back to his hometown and into the house that he and his older sister grew up in. He had taken a job with a marketing firm that promised to challenge him and reward him generously if he performed to their high standards.

Twenty-four year old Kate had graduated from the same university two years ago and was now working in a small Certified Public Accounting firm. She had purchased the house from their parent's estate after the car accident that took their lives. When Jason had told her that he was moving back to town, she did not hesitate to offer him his old bedroom until he got on his feet and could afford a place of his own.

They had grown up not only as siblings, but also as friends and were excited the weekend he moved in. It had been a long time since they had lived in this house at the same time. The difference this time would be that their parents were no longer with them.

The next few weeks were very busy for Jason. He was assigned to a group of three other men all of them about the same age who were to work together to come up with catchy advertising campaigns. They were all assigned private cubicles but the leader of the group took over one of the conference rooms, effectively making it their combined office. Between getting to know his co-workers, learning the way the company liked to do business and going out for drinks two or three nights a week with his team, he had little time to think of dating. Even though a couple of the ladies in the office made it clear that they were available if he so desired.

It was rare for him to be home much before seven in the evening and almost a miracle when on a Friday evening, he walked in the front door just after five. He did not see or hear Kate and her car was not parked in the driveway. He thought it would be nice if the two of them could hang out for the evening, since they had had little opportunity up to this point to catch up with things going on in each other's lives.

"I need to pee," he said out loud, as he headed toward the bathroom. He glanced around the small room, as he stood in front of the toilet. He saw Kate's hamper and a slight smile played at his lips. He remembered when they were younger she would leave her panties on the floor, usually where they landed.

"At least she learned to pick them up," he thought to himself, as he opened the lid to look inside. On top of some towels and other pieces of clothing, he saw a pair of pale blue panties and without taking time to think about what he was doing, picked them up and brought them to his nose. "Oh God," he moaned, as his sister's aroma filled his nostrils.

He quickly walked to his bedroom and once his door was closed, he quickly stripped out of his clothes and lay in the middle of his bed. He brought the panties up to his nose and inhaled the aroma and thought of who had worn them. He prick was now rock hard as he wrapped the silky garment around his shaft and started slowly stroking.

"Oh god," he thought. "That feels so fucking nice."

His hand tightened and stroked faster as the wonderful sensations ran from his cock and through his body. He closed his eyes and thought more about the owner of the silky panties that he had wrapped around his raging hard-on.


He turned his head quickly to the see his door open and his sister's head poking through it. His hand froze in mid-stoke as he saw her eyes focus on where his hand was. It seemed like an eternity before he could react to her presence. Then he pulled his hand and the panties quickly from his wilting shaft as he rolled away from the door in an effort to hide his nakedness.

"Oh, ah, I'll..." Kate stammered, as she backed out of the doorway and closed it.

"Shit, shit, shit!" Jason said, as he hid the panties under his bed and grabbed his clothes. "I hope she didn't see them."

He took a couple deep breaths and then opened his door and walked to the living room where Kate was sitting. "You're home. I didn't see your car."

"Its in the garage," she said.

Jason tired to smile and started to walk to the kitchen. "Wait," she said softly. "I should have knocked. I'm sorry."

Jason couldn't meet his sister's eyes but shrugged his shoulders as to say it was no big deal.

"What did you have in your hand?" she asked him, before she lost her nerve.


"I mean, ah, besides, your, ah ... they were blue," she said.

"Nothing," he lied, hoping she would believe him and feeling his cheeks burning in embarrassment.

"Were they mine?" she asked softly.

"Kate!" Jason said as to say he could not believe she would even think such a thing.

"Were they mine?"

Jason could not speak but knew that he could not pretend she didn't see what she had obviously seen. He nodded his head yes, looking at the spot on the floor between his feet.

Kate took a deep breath, trying to sound calm even though her heart was racing wildly. "What you do in private is your business, but I must ask you not to use mine things to do it with."

"I'm sorry," he said very quickly.

Kate looked at her brother for a long moment. "Do you, ah, what I mean is," she paused, took a breath and then started over. "Were you thinking of me?"

If Jason's cheeks were burning before they were scorching now. His head involuntarily shot up and he looked at his older sister. He was so surprised that she had asked him that question that his mouth was hanging open. Then it happened. Just as involuntarily as his head shot up, his eyes dropped to her chest and his prick twitched in his pants.

"I think we should talk some more later," Kate said, as she stood up and walked quickly to her bedroom. "Oh, and please return them to the hamper."

Their conversation at dinner was light and they laughed at the things they normally laughed at but they both knew there were unsettled business that needed to be discussed but neither of them wanting to reopen that particular conversation. When they were finished eating, Jason gathered the dishes and rinsed them off in the sink before putting them in the dishwasher. Kate had cooked a fine meal of spaghetti so Jason thought that it would be appropriate for him to do the dishes.

Kate went to the living room and turned on the television. She tried to pay attention to the show but to many questions ran through her mind. "How long has he been using my panties? Does he think of me every time? What things does he think about?" When she looked at the clock she was surprised to see that three hours had gone by virtually unnoticed.

Jason had quietly gone to his bedroom and closed the door behind him and turned on the light by his bed. He thought about playing some Halo on his Xbox but decided against. Instead, he reached under his bed and found his sister's panties. His intention was to return them to the hamper but the sight of them combined with the feel of the silkiness made his cock twitch. He looked to the door and listened for any movement before stripping out of his clothes and flopping in the middle of his bed. He sighed as he wrapped the silky garment around his hardening member.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," he moaned, as his hand started slowly stroking his pole.

It was different this time. The knowledge that his sister knew that he use her things to relieve his sexual charge made the sensations flowing through his body all the better. He thought about what she must look like naked. He had accidentally walked in on her once when they were teenagers while she was changing her shirt and saw her in her bra. That image served to make his balls tighten as he felt his cum rushing through his dick and landing on his stomach.

"Ohhhhhhh Yesssssssssss," he moaned, as the last of his spend oozed over his fingers.

Slowly, he rubbed the undergarment over the end of his cock and moaned again at the exceptional feeling it caused. He squeezed his cock a couple more times and watched as they absorbed his spend. He deliberately brought them up his tummy and wiped the rest of his stuff with them.

When his breathing and heart rate were back to normal, he pulled his pajamas on and took the soiled panties to the bathroom and deposited them in the hamper. He then turned, lifted the toilet seat and relieved his bladder.

Kate was standing at the kitchen sink the next morning when Jason walked in. They were both still in their pajamas, Jason in only his bottoms, while Kate was wearing a loose t-shirt and bottoms. "Morning," she said.

"Morning. What's for breakfast?" he asked, as he sat at the table.

"There's milk in the fridge and cereal in the cupboard," she responded.

"Any chance of you making pancakes?" he asked.

"No. We need to finish our talk," she said, turning to face him. "First, thank you."

"For what?" Jason said, his eyes squinting, as he tried to figure out what she was thanking him for.

"For returning my panties."

A smile played on the corners of Jason's lips but he could not raise his head to look at her. "You're welcome."

Kate sat across from him at the kitchen table and stared at him for a few moments. She was gathering her thoughts and building the nerve to open this difficult conversation.

"Why do you use my things?" she asked, getting right to the subject.

"I ... ah ... I don't know," he finally stammered.

"How long have you been doing it?" she asked.

"Yesterday was the only time," he hoped she would believe his lie.

"Honestly?" she asked, her eyebrows arching.

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