Scott and Sara

by crotalusw

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Scott has to attend a conference to increase his understanding of sales, but he ditches it for a body-building contest going on at the same hotel. Before long, he finds he's infatuated with one of the women posing.

Scott wasn't too excited about the coming week. His boss had asked him to attend a conference to learn about some new sales techniques that their company was considering. It was the same mumbo-jumbo they always did. The instructors were all trying to get the attendees to buy into the latest ideological bent and the company workers were really there for the free stuff.

Scott just wanted to do his daily routine and relax at night. He didn't want to listen to a bunch of people shoot smoke up his ass in an attempt to get him to buy their ideas. But, he couldn't very well tell his boss that he wasn't enough of a team player to go to the conference.

So he unhappily packed his bags and made sure he had all the paperwork he'd need for his flight, the hotel, and the conference. Luckily, the conference was in the hotel and a shuttle would carry him there from the airport, so he wouldn't have to go through the hassle of renting a car and all the paperwork that goes with that.

Just about the only good thing about the conference was that it was in Bozeman, Montana. Scott knew that most would chuckle when they heard that was where he was going, but he loved the look of the mountains in Montana. It always brought to mind his love of fishing, which he hadn't been able to do nearly enough since he'd moved to California.

On Tuesday morning, he hopped in his car and drove to the airport, parking in the long-term parking lot. The shuttle carried him to the airport, where he went through the degrading process of being checked thoroughly by the airport security folks. They always made him feel like a criminal for wanting to fly on a commercial airline.

Once he made it to his seat on the airplane, he buckled in and waited for the flight to be over. It wasn't very long, but even a few hours in the air can be torture if you're surrounded by the wrong people. It looked like it wouldn't be too bad on this flight. There weren't any little kids or annoying breathers. Most of the people on the half-full flight seemed to be businessmen. Scott tried to sleep and managed to get about an hour, but just watched out the window for the rest of his flight.

The landing was impressively smooth and he was sure to thank the pilot on his way out of the airplane. He realized that we just don't thank people enough and often tried to do just that. He hoped it made their day just a little better.

By the time the shuttle arrived at the hotel, Scott was ready to rest, though it was only early afternoon. He checked into his room and got his room key.

Why do you suppose they still call them room keys, he thought as he looked at the card in his hand. They certainly don't look like keys.

An hour later, after a short nap to recover some of his energy, Scott left his hotel room and wandered down to the lobby. He liked to get a look at the area before he was required to be in certain places at set times. That way he'd be more comfortable with his schedule and wouldn't have to rush to get somewhere just to sit and wait for ten minutes while they waited to start a lecture.

The hotel lobby had signs for his conference on one side and signs for a contest on the other. He wandered over to see the signs on the other side, his curiosity getting the best of him.

Of course, the pictures of women in bikinis and men in Speedos were definitely part of the attraction. Any sign that shows skin has to be more exciting than a sign showing new software.

The 2010 NPC Yellowstone Classic, read the sign. He wondered what NPC was and read further down to find out it was the National Physique Committee. Apparently they put on a body building contest here. It looked like an annual event.

The more Scott looked at the posters for the Classic, the more interested he became. He wasn't used to going to athletic events like this, but the people looked like amazing human specimens. It's not often you see people who concentrate so much on their bodies that they can sculpt them as the people in the pictures obviously had.

He saw a schedule of events and noticed that one was soon starting. Forgetting all about new sales techniques, Scott wandered into the event to see what was happening.

There were a few men on the stage, most standing near the back, but one in the front and center. He was moving his body into various poses. It was incredible to see the men's skin shining and bulging.

Scott looked down at his own, tall, thin body and knew that he would never look like those guys. Still, it was something to watch.

After the men finished, a group of women came out. Scott had never seen women as built as these were. As the announcer called their names, the women stepped to the front and posed for the audience and judges. There were many calls of support from the assembled watchers and the atmosphere beckoned to Scott's inner impulses.

One woman, in particular, caught his attention. The announcer had said that her name was Sara. Her brown eyes shown with an inner peace and happiness that made Scott feel a connection with her. He hoped he would see her again.

As the event came to a close, Scott finally took a breath. He hadn't realized he'd been holding his breath or breathing shallowly the whole time. It was just too mesmerizing an event to be able to breathe normally. With a grin plastered on his face, he walked out of the room, finally remembering why he was sent to the hotel.

Throughout the next few hours, Scott sat in meetings, learning about how to sell to the latest definitions of social groups. In reality, his mind was returning time and again to the muscled beauty he'd seen posing on that stage. He pictured her turning, stretching, placing her arms and legs in very specific positions to highlight her muscle groups. He could imagine her eyes as they glittered in the light. He thought of her breasts, just covered by the bikini stop she wore and the gentle bulge of her pussy under her bikini bottom.

Luckily, that thought occurred right in the middle of the meeting. If it had been the end, he wouldn't have been able to walk out because his erection had grown as he thought of her body and its curves. He wouldn't have been able to explain a hard-on in the middle of a sales discussion.

Finally, they broke for dinner and Scott decided to head to his room to lie down for a bit.

As Scott got on the elevator, he noticed that Sara was there! He couldn't believe his luck! She smiled at him and his tongue tied. He couldn't think of anything intelligent to say to this muscled goddess. He was sure she was into muscle men and that his scrawny body wouldn't do anything for her.

He did manage to smile at her, though, even if he couldn't say anything.

She saw his badge and asked, "Here for the sales conference?"

"Uh ... yeah," Scott managed to get out, blushing.

"Doesn't sound like you're very happy about it," she said with a chuckle.

His voice finally started to return and he said, "Oh, it's okay, but I'd rather be doing any number of things."

She laughed at that and her laughter stoked the fire in him, making him want to keep talking, to keep her near.

"How is the Classic going," he asked, glad he'd been able to remember the name of the event.

"Oh, it's great," she gushed. "I'm having a great time and I think I'm going to place!"

"You certainly looked good on the stage," he said, not realizing that he'd just admitted to having watched part of the Classic. He was there for the sales conference and just let out that he wasn't following through on his reason for being there.

She smiled at the admission and said, "thank you. I hope the judges agree with you."

"How could they not?" he asked. "You were the best of all the women posing."

When they got to his floor, Scott didn't even notice.

"Isn't this your floor," she asked with a mischievous grin.

"Oh, yeah," he blushed. "I guess I'd better go."

As Scott slowly walked out of the elevator, not managing to remove his eyes from Sara's beautiful brown eyes, he saw her smile and knew that he was going to miss a lot of his own conference the next day. He needed to see her pose some more.

Scott's dreams were filled with bulging muscles and the sexy smile of the luscious body builder known as Sara. Waking with a throbbing erection, he proceeded to stroke himself, his mind revisiting his dreams and his ride in the elevator. In no time, he could feel his orgasm approaching and just managed to grab a Kleenex to catch his spend before it shot all over his chest.

Rather than eat in his room, Scott went down to the complimentary breakfast offered in the hotel. The whole time, his eyes were wandering the room, looking for Sara. He saw other body builders come down and partake of the free offering, but didn't see the one he'd hoped to see. The longer he went without seeing her, the more his anticipation and desire became.

As the time to head into the conference meetings neared, Scott made a decision. It was actually an easy one for him, but an important one. Rather than turn into the side of the conference area dedicated to the sales conference, he turned to the other side and walked in to watch more of the Yellowstone Classic. He couldn't wait any longer to see the object of his desire.

Unfortunately, it wasn't in the cards for him to see her soon. They were showing men's competitions first. He spent an hour in there, watching men pose for the judges.

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