The Taking of Emily

by Midsummerman

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Wife Watching, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A young girl tells a friend of her fetish about being abducted; her fantasy becomes reality and she becomes a guest at a cuckolding

Emily had been coaxed into going to this obscure party by an acquaintance. It wasn't really her sort of thing, but she went to appease her friend. She knew it would be kinky, but could never have guessed the outcome.

She wore a tight short dress and, it gave her a tingle to feel her long legs being ogled by the various males, but she stuck close to her friend just the same. Like most people she preferred parties with people of her own age; there was a large cross section at this one, from teenager to burly middle-aged men.

She loosened up a bit as the evening went on, and found herself being engaged in conversation by many people. She then lost track of her friend. It was at this point that she noticed two older, very elegant women and three males in their thirties looking at her and whispering to each-other smiling. Emily felt a little uneasy as they drifted over to her, smiling. Two of the males took her arms and ushered her into a sofa, sitting either side of her. The other, and the two women, sat in seats opposite. The two women looked at each other.

"She'll do very nicely." Said the very attractive and full figured blonde woman.

"Yes, I think we should take her with us now." Replied her red-headed accomplice; her wicked eyes surveying Emily. She felt her arms being gripped tightly as the redhead spoke again.

"You see, your friend has told us exactly what you like Emily; you are going to be a good little girl for some friends of ours. You'll be so glad you decided to come with us." Emily wanted to scream at this point, she was panic stricken, but something stopped her. Her heart raced as the big male on her right squeezed her slender waist and lifted her to her feet. Her insides tingled with fear as he walked her forcefully to the entrance, followed by the others who smirked at their achievement. Out in the car park, they encircled her; one of the men lifted her dress and pulled down her panties, after slipping them over he feet she was blindfolded with them. Though she was petrified, the cold air around her moist pussy made her realise just how aroused she was. One of the women laughed contemptuously as poor Emily's wrists were bound behind her back. It was only as she was bundled into the back seat across the laps of the three males that the realisation truly hit her; she was being abducted.

"You boys make sure she's comfortable, won't you?" Sneered one of the women as the car cruised to a destination unknown to Emily. She felt a large hand caress her naked cheeks; fingers slipped into the warmly inviting crevices. Emily whimpered as a large finger probed the outside of her anus, and then softly slid in up to the second knuckle. The owner of the finger grunted with satisfaction. Her face lay in the lap of another; she felt the bulge below her face as a hand gently pressed her face into it. Her face was then lifted and she felt another hand below it, and then heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper. She then had the unmistakable scent of masculinity as her nose was rubbed on the end of an erect and eager member.

"There, you have a nice suck, don't you even think about biting me, or you'll never see another dawn again." Poor Emily was that scared she would never have dreamed of attempting to intimidate her abductors. She was almost grateful to do as he wished, and as her soft warm lips enveloped the hot and sweaty glans, she sucked on it like a comforter. Though she was terrified about what lay ahead, being bound and abused made her pussy drip with excitement.

As the car pulled into a driveway Emily was lifted up. The panties were removed from her face by the male, who smiled at her with satisfaction as he used the panties to wipe the dribbles of cum from her cheeks. The one at the other end mad e a popping sound with his mouth, as he licked his finger clean. Trembling, Emily was manhandled to the door, which was opened by a diminutive middle-aged man.

"Oh please Martha, not again!" The redhead sneered at the little man.

"Oh yes, we're going to have some real fun tonight; you're going to watch me get fucked as usual, and we've brought a playmate along too; it'll be more fun for you. Now get upstairs and do as you're told!" The man looked pleadingly at his wife and then at the three large males who leered at him with contempt. He then followed his wife submissively up the stairs. She looked back down at Emily.

"Meet my husband; the neighbourhood's favourite cuck!" Emily was pulled up the stairs by one of the muscular males; she was to play an active part in a cuckolding. They all went into a spacious bedroom; a huge bed was at one end, and there was plenty of floor-space for other activities. The redhead screamed at the little man.

"Strip off and stand in your corner until you're needed." He did so, as though he were an eight year old being scolded by his mother. Everyone else in the room stripped off too. Emily was made to kneel on the floor facing the bed. The voluptuous redhead laid her curvy body on the bed, and lifted her legs. She grinned and beckoned her husband as Emily watched three large cocks lift and erect at the sight.

"Get over here and lubricate me you useless pin prick." He duly came over and lent his tongue to the task. The blonde woman had been busy applying a huge strap-on, and now walked over with it wobbling before her, a cane in her hand. She teased the small man's arse with the cane as he lapped and licked. His wife laughed at him as he salivated.

"That's it; you have a good sniff and lick at what someone else is going to have. You'll never satisfy anyone with that tiny dick. You make sure my arse is nice and clean too. If you do well, I might let you masturbate over my feet later. Oh, by the way, you'll have extra cleaning tasks today." She smiled down at Emily. The blonde pulled the small man away from his wife. The others laughed as the blonde pushed Emily's head to the floor with the cane, and walked the man round to her cute little arse which stuck out invitingly.

"Now you lubricate her arse too, little man." Emily looked up as the males with their huge cocks leered at her. She did not know what to think or expect as the warm tongue of the cuckold lapped and probed at her anus. On her knees and bent over like a slave, this was as humiliating for her as it was for him. The blonde then had him lick the huge artificial phallus which bobbed in front of her; she twitched with excitement as he did so; a protrusion at its rear end fitted snugly into her sex, allowing her enjoyment at its use. She then had the man kneel down, arse in the air, parallel to Emily. Emily quivered with fear and excitement as two of the bulls clambered onto the bed with the welcoming redhead. She moaned with pleasure as she was sandwiched; one accommodating her sex, the other her anus. The blonde grinned with satisfaction as she squeezed the strap-on into the little man's rectum. He gasped as she slid it in.

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