Going to Visit the Judge
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, True Story, Cheating, Slut Wife, MaleDom,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Pamela, a married wife and mother, who is a practicing defense attorney, is coerced by the judge she practices in front of to service his hot sexual needs. The judge is nearly twenty years older than Pamela but she quickly finds out that he’s a very mature and demanding sexual partner.

Pamela was almost ready for work. She'd gotten dressed and had everything on, except her dress high-heel shoes. She'd decided to dress fairly conservatively for the day – picking out a beige skirt, a very nice white, short-sleeved blouse that really showed off her firm rounded C-cup breasts, and a nice necklace that looked very classy around her neck. She'd wait until just before she was ready to head out of the house before she put her high-heels on. Her husband, Stan, thought and expected that Pamela was heading off for work shortly after he left to make his daily commute to his workplace, but that was not Pamela's destination for that day at all. Pamela might end up in her normal workplace two or three hours later, but her first appointment was with one of the most powerful men in that part of the state – Judge Harold Redding, one of the local circuit court judges.

Pamela was finally ready to leave the house after she'd kissed Stan goodbye and had seen him pull out of the driveway and head down the street of their town. Before she grabbed her purse and car keys to leave, Pamela stood at the full-length mirror and looked at herself. She thought in one way she looked very professional and nice in her skirt/blouse outfit. But, she stood there looking for a few moments and noticed how her large C-cup breasts inside the nicely fitting blouse looked so hot. Pamela knew that Judge Redding was a "breast man," and she was confident that what she had would entice him to want her at a simple first glance.

It didn't take Pamela long to make her way to the courthouse where Judge Redding had his office. She was quickly shown in and his secretary closed the office door behind her as Pamela walked over to the judge's large office desk.

"Hello, Pamela, how good of you to decide to take me up on my offer," Judge Redding said as he looked into the young married blonde's blue eyes. He'd thought she was a beautiful young woman from the first time he'd met her and Pamela's fresh beauty and sexiness gave him a hard cock every time he even thought of her after that. Judge Redding had even jacked off several times after days he'd been in meetings with Pamela or in court with her because of her natural hotness. It really turned him on.

"Did I have a choice?" Pamela asked. Pamela wasn't sure what attitude to display with the judge; after all, he'd blackmailed her into this situation – agreeing to come to his private off and meet with him. Pamela knew there was a sexual context because of the fact that he coerced her into having sexy with him.

Judge Redding laughed, "No, Pamela, I don't think you did, do you?"

"No, I really don't," Pamela said as she walked closer to his desk, standing there, allowing his eyes to visually surveyher petite figure and the sexy figure-emphasizing way she'd dressed just to titillate him. She'd known when she got ready that morning, that she was dressing to seduce an older man, and Pamela knew enough to pick out just the outfit that she knew would make him very lusty and hot to fuck her. Once Pamela had made up her mind to give in and allow the judge to have what it was he wanted – to have his way with her sexually – she thought hard to decide what she'd do to signal that she was ready to give in to him and allow him to fuck her.

Judge Redding didn't waste any time waiting for niceties and letting Pamela decide the pace of their first intimate encounter; he turned his chair to the right so Pamela would have access to his crotch and then he quickly undid his belt, and Pamela heard the lusty sound of the judge unfastening the zipper of his dress pants. Pamela looked into the judge's eyes, and then she looked down at his crotch as he quickly had his pants unfastened and then had his already fulled aroused cock out of his briefs.

"Pamela, I think you know exactly what I want you to do with this bad boy, don't you?" Judge Redding said as he scooted forward on the edge of his chair and wrapped his right hand on the shaft of his cock and wanked himself up and down a few times.

"Yes, you know I'm well aware of what you want, judge, and you probably also know that I've heard from plenty of the secretaries and other female attorneys who've practiced in your court how hot-blooded you are. Yes, we girls talk, Judge Redding, and I've probably heard about all the stories that there are to hear about what a horndog you are. I knew it was only a matter of time until my time would come. What I want to know, judge, is how long am I going to have to service your hot sexual needs before you tire of me and let me go back to my own life?" Pamela asked.

"Oh, Pamela, I don't know when that will be," the judge said, "whenever you stop arousing me and making me so horny that I don't have to go into my chambers and jack off after you've been in my court for a trial or a hearing, I guess."

Pamela didn't want to give the judge the satisfaction of knowing that it really turned her on to know he got that hot and bothered from seeing her from the position of his elevated desk on his bench and she loved knowing that this man who was probably at least 15-20 years older than her still got so turned on that he had to get his cock out and jack off as soon as he'd seen her in action in court.

Pamela bent over, took the judge's hardon out of his hand and she immediately wrapped her own left hand on the thick hard shaft of his cock, ensuring that as she began to smoothly stroke his cockshaft up and down, her glittering diamond ring clearly showed. Pamela was a proper married woman and a young mother, but she was also a very sexy and sensual MILF who knew what turned any man on, especially an older horny lecherous man like Judge Redding.

"Mmmm, yeah, Pamela, oh yeah, girl, jack me good and then sucky my cock until I'm almost ready to shoot a load for you, girl," the judge moaned as he looked down, seeing Pamela's rings just as she wanted him to.

"Judge, you've really got a very nice big thick cock," Pamela said as she stroked his hard cock up and down a few times and then she bent over, flicking her wet tongue over the crown of the man's cock before she opened her lips and took the full mushroom-shaped head of his cock in her lips and then took an inch or more of the cockshaft in her mouth firmly and began to move her mouth up and down on his hardon.

The judge was so horny from seeing Pamela come into his office and seeing her in the sexy bust and ass-emphasizing outfit that it didn't take him very long before he began to moan and buck his ass up from the chair he was sitting in.

"Yeah, oh yeah, Pamela, suck my cock, baby, suck me, Pamela, and take my first cumload down your throat, baby," the judge moaned. The judge wanted to enjoy and have this hot sexy MILF, Pamela, in every way possible, but first he wanted her to show him how hungry she was for his first big blast of his thick cum down into her tummy.

Pamela loved sucking her horny husband, Stan's, cock, and she used the same techniques on this randy circuit court judge. "Ohhhh, fuck yeah, girl," Judge Redding moaned and he moaned again and then Pamela felt and tasted the first thick spurt of his salty-tasting cum shooting into her mouth and down into her throat. Pamela didn't miss a single drop and as Redding spurted glob after thick glob of his semen into her sucking mouth, he moaned loudly.

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