Sir Harry and the Poacher's Daughter

by harry lime

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, BDSM, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The Dumare Estate is filled with many family secrets. The sobs and screams from the basement are well muffled by the soundproof stone walls. Poachers are treated quite harshly by Sir Harry Dumare. Sometimes even his own lovely daughters get a taste of his bad side.

Sir Harry Dumare was reputed to be most supportive of the training and grooming of young destitute females for gainful employment. Many of the less fortunate souls inhabiting his well-groomed manor extolled his gentlemanly virtues to both their friends and their extended relatives in less fortunate locales.

At Sunday Services, Sir Harry sat in the most prestigious pew. His three comely and perfectly attired, fully grown Daughters were always at his side. His wife of many years had passed two summers ago after a long, lingering illness that sorely taxed his repose. He was a few years past what was generally considered middle age at the time, but his countenance was not unpleasant.

With these simple facts in full consideration, it should be difficult to give credence to the scene now presented in the soundproofed basement of the cavernous Dumare Mansion.

Sir Harry was stripped to the waist. His chest and shoulders were lathered in perspiration from his lengthy exertions expended in the most demanding of spankings delivered personally by Sir Harry himself on the blowing red bottom of his most newly arrived tenant's Daughter.

Several of Sir Harry's grooms and footmen were chuckling at the poor girl's soul wrenching sobs emanating from her ruby red lips. The smile on her face looking over her shoulder belied her distress and revealed her inner satisfaction at being so badly treated. Even Sir Harry could see the Damsel in distress was more of the wanton Hoyden reveling in her own enjoyment.

Sir Harry realized his cock was risen inside his trousers and straining to get out to further admonish the pretty young wench stretched out on the spanking table. He normally would restrain himself from actual participation in such disciplinary processes, but the challenge in the feisty girl's eyes dared him to mount her and teach her how to behave properly on his estate.

His footman quickly removed Sir Harry's trousers and restrictive codpiece. His magnificent cock sprang out in full glory. The grooms and footmen, all quite well endowed in their own right, were impressed with Sir Harry's presentation of sexual prowess.

The poor girl was fortunate in that she did not really get a good glimpse of his tool before he presented it to her nether hole and rammed it in full measure without so much as a "by your leave". It was indeed fortunate the basement was sturdily soundproofed, for the high pitched scream would have woken the entire household.

"Your pardon, me-lord, I did not mean to give offense," the silly girl whined, even as he stood high in the mounting of her defenseless posterior.

Sir Harry began to hump her soft round arse with serious intent. The sound of their lovemaking was unmistakable as both gave full voice to their carnal lust.

"Put your ass up high, you little bitch!"

"Fuck my ass harder, stick me good and deep. Make me your little ass bitch."

"Your cheeks need more color and I want to hear you beg me for mercy."

Sir Harry continued to slide in and out with measured determination. Except now, he alternated spanking the girl's already reddened ass cheeks with a heavy punishing hand. The sound of the spanking blended into the sounds of girl's humiliating ass fucking much to the amusement of all present.

"Oh, Sir, pity my poor bum. I promise to be a good girl and only do as I am told."

Sir Harry heard these words and allowed himself to discharge a copious load of creamy cum into the pretty wench's backside. When he pulled out, the creamy liquid leaked out in little droplets onto the bare stone floor. The girl enjoyed the attention her reddened ass and cream filled pucker hole received from all in the room. She received one silver coin from the head groomsman and her certificate of completed training. She was now gainfully employed as an estate worker. She hoped to one day be advanced to work in the Manor house itself. The thought of servicing the master himself made her slit tingle with excitement.

The master of the Dumare estate climbed the stairs from the basement. He was tired, but it was quite enjoyable to bring the firm hand of discipline to these wayward girls. It was, after all, his duty to keep them attentive to their assignments and keep them ready to obey the orders of those above them in station.

"Father, you spend far too much time in that damp basement!"

Sir Harry was startled to see that his eldest Daughter Eugenia was waiting for him at the top of the stairs. She was dressed for bed with her night shift and long cap holding her hair hidden beneath. Her well-formed body was completely disguised under the shapeless ankle length nightie and her comely face was devoid of any cosmetic. Even so, her eyes and the sensual shape of her mouth would put a cock-stand on most men in close proximity. The 20 year old girl was the apple of Sir Harry's eye and he had formed an unusually close bond to the girl since the demise of his spouse two years prior. His cock was still semi-erect from the tight hole of the tenant's Daughter. He was well drained from the encounter and was still in a state of glowing satisfaction and felt completely sated sexually both physically and mentally.

"You'll catch your death in these chilly halls, my dear. Let us retire to the study. The fire should still be exuding some warmth to chase away the cold air."

Sir Harry put his arm around his eldest child and felt her tremble against his side. He realized he had to find her a husband soon. A man with a sturdy cock to take the edge off her skittishness and anchor her with healthy children. They both sat together in the large leather chair in front of the fire. He concentrated on ignoring the heat of her hip pressed tight against his exhausted cock. Since his wife's death, Sir Harry had used his eldest daughter's pretty mouth to relieve his loneliness on the long cold nights. Eugenia seemed proud to be able to bring a degree of pleasure to her Papa's weary body. Her oral skills had blossomed greatly and he had to admit she was without a doubt the most talented cocksucker that had ever given him comfort.

Their close bond spoke of many nights of shared pleasure and tender attention to each other's needs. Her other two sisters had not an inkling of this symbiotic relationship and would be astonished beyond belief.

Eugenia let her head fall into her Father's lap and felt his cock rub her cheek. She sniffed most genteelly and brought forth his manhood into the warmth of the fire. She looked up quizzically at him and asked in a most respectful quivering voice,

"Father have you been ass fucking young girls again?"

Sir Harry knew she had caught him out. There was nothing for it. He had to admit his guilt forthwith.

"A small disciplinary problem with the new tenant's daughter, my love."

"You know you should not be sticking yourself up these little bitch's assholes!", his daughter warned him.

"Did you spank her first, Father?" asked Eugenia in a halting, out of breath voice.

She was obviously most agitated by the thought of the spanking and the spanking table in the basement. She had spied it out several years ago and immediately surmised its purpose. Some sleepless nights when she had to make tiring efforts to relieve her tension between her legs, the vision of the table drove her into frenzied rubbing of her frustrated clitoris and vagina.

"Yes, dear. Unfortunately, I was forced to deliver many blows to her unremorseful posterior. She will be red and sore for two days at least."

"Oh, Daddy! Did she beg you for mercy? Did she squirm to avoid your hand? Did you make her cry, Daddy?"

"Eugenia, Dearest. The answers are ... Yes ... Yes ... Yes. It was a full session."

Sir Harry's cock was now quite extended and throbbing with excitement as he recalled the full rounded ass of the tenant's Daughter. Eugenia licked her lips and took her Father's huge tool inside her mouth. She was able to deep throat his entire shaft.

She loved the touch of his tip to the back of her throat.

Eugenia rarely gagged any more.

Also, she had perfected the full swallowing of all creamy cum without spilling a single drop.

Sir Harry knew he was lucky to have such a skilled Daughter.

The cum shot into Eugenia's mouth with much force. She took it all like a dutiful daughter. When her Father was finished, she looked up into his eyes and asked in trembling voice,

"Daddy, can you take me for a session on the spanking table sometime?"

Sir Harry was somewhat surprised. After all, the spanking table was not intended for ladies of good breeding and gentle manners. It was for trollops and hoydens and sluts with bad behavior. He could see she really wanted the table bad and he promised to give her what she wanted. However, she must be incognito and disguised from all who watched.

Eugenia agreed and they sealed their bargain with a long wet kiss.

(Continued in Part 2)


A short recap of Part 1 recalls the scene in Sir Harry's basement as he vigorously administered discipline to the newest of his tenant's daughters. His personal punishment of her anal passage was unfortunate but necessary to maintain good discipline on the Estate. The walls of the basement had echoed these many decades with the pleas and sobs of wayward daughters requiring instruction on obeying their betters. We also met Sir Harry's eldest daughter, Eugenia, a girl of 20 years of age and a ripe body ready for picking. She has employed her oral skills these two years past to console her widowed Father devoid of spouse and bed-mate. They are very close and more like lovers than Father and Daughter. We are yet to meet his other two daughters, or the title character, The Poachers Daughter.

Sir Harry is seated in the Dumare manor drawing room and has received strange news from his head gamekeeper.

"Sir Harry, I fear we have a poacher lurking on the Estate. He has already taken several of the game hens and I found two rabbit snares in the maze."

Sir Harry was taken aback. These poachers were dastardly fellows. Strangers to both deference and common decency. He slapped the leather arm of his favorite chair.

"We are for it then. The fellow must be found out and removed forthwith!"

Harry knew it was easy to speak thus, but more difficult to persevere in the remedy.

He gave instruction that all of the Estate staff should be on the lookout for strangers and rough looking interlopers who might fit the bill of such deviant a rascal.

The "deviant rascal" was this minute sitting down to dinner with his wife, his daughter Bess, his 10 year old spitting image son, and the infant boy recently added to the household. His son was John Junior named after himself, and the infant was simply-The Baby.

John did not think of himself as a poacher.

He knew that what he did to put food on the table was not quite considered accepted behavior, but eating was not a luxury to be lightly disregarded. He was a skilled farrier but had been without work since his tools were stolen almost a year prior.

The "Poacher's" Daughter, Bess, was a comely lass; she was slight, tis true, but firm of muscle and shockingly curved in feminine perfection. Her long shining black tresses were her crowning glory. Her beauty was such that her presence in these humble surroundings seemed distressingly odd.

Bess often helped her Father with his traps.

She was small enough to fit into the tight spaces where the most succulent animals hid out of sight of human eyes. In fact, she caught herself talking to them when she was alone. Encouraging them to come forth and meet their fate. A sacrifice to fill the bellies of her hungry family.

Bess was still a virgin. She had seen only 18 winters in the harsh rugged moors. Never a school, never a dance, and never a boy's kiss on her ruby red lips. Her Father needed her in his struggle to feed the family. The poaching was not all she knew. Bess was quite adept at lifting a wallet from a fat merchant's hip. Her silent movements were matched by her speed. On those rare days when she was detected, she sped away safely into the forest. She had never been caught, for no legs could match her lightning speed.

John knew his daughter was his secret weapon. Hardly ever suspected, she gathered needed information, set the mark and they were off. Poaching the small game was her greatest skill. She found their trails and delivered them for the dinner table on many a night.

It was the river bath that caused their undoing.

Bess was the cleanest of creatures.

Almost every day, she would hie away to the nearby river and bathe her luscious body until sparkling clean. She washed and brushed her long black hair both day and night.

She stood in the water stark naked with her hair cascading down almost to the river water itself. Bending over to soap her strong sensuous legs, her ass cheeks stretched tautly, her tantalizing black bush peeking between her sensuous and deep ass crack.

This was the view that Eugenia spied as she lay on the riverbank reading a very naughty book about decidedly non-celibate monks and nuns. Her pulse raced as she took in the sight. The ruby red lips, the sultry eyes, the delectable ass and the strong muscular legs. For some reason, her heart was beating faster, and her virginal pussy began to brim over with her own sweet syrup.

Eugenia put her hand down between her legs and was surprised that the touch of her finger matched up with the sight of the beautiful petite girl made her squirt right into her own palm. She wiped her hand on her thin summer shift. Her own legs were unfettered by either petticoats or bloomers this day because of the heat lingering in the valley.

Eugenia stood and walked quietly to the river's edge.

"Young girl, are you one of our tenants?"

Bess was startled out of her daydream. She defensively squatted down like an animal at bay, and looked all about for other people in close proximity. No, just this girl with the prettiest face she had ever seen. From her words and her appearance, she was a lady of quality. She noticed the light behind the girl outlined her legs and hips to make it appear that she was as naked as she was herself. The proud back, the curved ass cheeks, Bess licked her lips at the sight. This was much better than any small game.

Eugenia was surprised when the strange naked girl came close to her and leaned in to sniff her hair and her body.

"I say! What are you doing, you silly girl."

Bess reached out and cupped Eugenia's firm bosom. A bosom much larger than her own. Tenderly she rolled the nipple and looked closely into Eugenia's beautiful eyes.

"Oh, my! Desist at once. Unhand my tit, you naked thing, you."

Bess could see Eugenia was flustered. But she also saw the telltale sign of sudden sexual excitement. A yearning very similar to her own.

"Take off that dress and come join me in the stream. It will cool you off straight away. Where's the harm. We're both females. What could possibly happen?"

Eugenia needed no further invitation. She quickly stripped off the dress and the two of them ran laughing into the river holding hands. It was so relaxing to be so carefree and happy with another girl. Her sisters never played with her like this. They were far too reserved and ladylike.

When they returned to the river bank, they both sank down to the blanket spread earlier by Eugenia as she read her book. Eugenia's face reddened when Bess picked up her book.

"It's just a tale of religious folk, you wouldn't like it."

Not realizing that Bess could not read a single word, she was most assuredly relieved to see her put it down and lay back on the blanket. Eugenia lay down beside her without a single word more. She put her hand on Bess and let her fingers explore all the secret places of her body. Her tiny boobs and button like nipples, the flat tummy and the black hairy patch that covered her dampened slit. Eugenia was breathing rapidly and felt her emotions rise as her vagina brimmed over and her pussy juice ran down the inside of her leg.

Bess was breathing rapidly as Eugenia touched her pale white body all over. Her ass cheeks clenched tightly as her juices rose to the lips of her swollen womanhood. She closed her eyes and felt Eugenia roll over on top of her as she imagined a young lover would cover his betrothed. She felt Eugenia's soft breasts rub tantalizingly over her smaller and less voluptuous boobs with their hard button nipples in full arousal.

Eugenia forced her legs to open and receive her hips onto her pulsating pelvic area.

Bess felt the soft downy patch of lightly colored hair mash in against her dark black bush. Eugenia held her tightly with encircling arms as she ground down hard into her pubic mound. The friction alone was all it took to bring Bess to a shattering, shuddering climax. She wrapped her strong muscular legs around the genteel lady's hips and ass cheeks and hung on until her convulsions subsided.

As she looked down on the naked girl's body beneath her, Eugenia kissed her closed eyelids tenderly and released her pent-up liquids in forceful squirts onto her throbbing pussy. She felt so at ease, so complete, so very satisfied that she had given pleasure to this strange girl. Better even than when her Father's cum shot up his lengthy shaft into her waiting mouth.

"Oh, my sweet lady! You have reached my very soul. Let me be your devotee from this moment on."

"Silly Girl! You mistake me for a suitor. I am but your friendly pleasure seeker. We mix well together, it is a certainty."

"Will you embrace me likewise anon, my precious soul mate?"

"Tis but a dalliance, little Bess. Yet still rather pleasing and I will continue to tend to your needs. Most discreetly, of course. This female conjoining is frowned on as some form of witchcraft. So take a care!"

Bess did not mention this meeting to her Father.

Eugenia did not say a single word of it to Sir Harry.

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