Ghostly Sisters of Salem Town

by harry lime

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Harry inherits the family house in Salem only to discover it is haunted by the ghosts of beautiful young twin sisters. The torment him with their bodies and erotic demands. He joins forces with a mysterious woman who helps him to cast out the dangerous sisters. Now he is caught up in a witches coven of 13 with himself as the 13th member. He has replaced the two ghosts with nine very nubile witches seeking to drain his sexual juices.


Harry was sandwiched in between two beautiful young girls. They both had jet black hair and the greenish eyes he had ever seen. He tried his best to ask them their names, but no sounds came out of his mouth. So strange, he could not even hear his own voice. His thoughts were tumbling out but no audible sound was emitted.

The fact that they were both stark naked and sweating profusely, as they rubbed against his more than willing body, did not escape his keen eye.

It had been a long day. The sojourn in the long vacant mansion was unplanned. Harry had received an inheritance from his spinster Aunt Henrietta. All of the furniture had been covered well with muslin and the interior was surprisingly free of dirt and grime. The caretaker, old Mr. Nickolas, was skeptical of his staying in the almost 200 year old house while the sale arrangements were finalized.

His cock was totally saturated with the girl's saliva and his own pre-cum juices as the sensuous girl on his left sucked his shaft deep inside her mouth. The girl on his right bent down and licked his balls with an enthusiastic tongue that drove him to the edge of shooting his load of creamy cum into the other girl's dripping mouth. The sheets were wet with the pre-cum, the saliva, the girl's own juices, and the sweat dripping off every part of the girl's bodies.

It was so strange that he was not sweating at all. But he was panting with sexual anticipation and silently moaning his appreciation for both of the girl's oral efforts. His hands wandered over two sets of matched ass cheeks. These girls were identical in every regard except the girl on his right had a heart shaped birth mark just over her ass crack. It looked up at him as if inviting his frenzied kisses.

Harry lost it and shot his load deep into the cock-sucking girl's mouth. It was the touch of the other girl's hot tongue licking his anus that pushed him over the edge. Stream after stream of sticky cum spurted into the girl's mouth. He was shocked to see her dribble some of the creamy liquid into the other girl's mouth. It was like they were sharing a glass of fine wine. One that was delicious to the last drop.

He explored the twin ass cracks and pussy slits with a practiced hand. Each of the girl's giggled and squealed at his demanding fingers. Harry leaned forward and took one of the beautiful pussies into his mouth. He licked and sucked and kissed the dripping wet slit and marveled it was so cool when the girls were sweating so hard. He felt the other girl spread his ass cheeks and begin to rim his ass hole and slide a cool tongue inside his tight anus. These girls were really hot to trot. He wondered if they were a gift from the strange Mr. Nickolas or just two girls from the town to welcome him to old Salem.

Harry could not stop. He rose up on his knees and slipped inside one of the girl's legs. He had to stick his cock into one of these delectable pussies without delay. As soon as he dropped down to insert his rock hard cock, his arms held nothing but air. The only thing between his legs was a cum-soaked pillow. The sheets were soaking wet with perspiration, but it was not his sweat.

He looked for the light switch and flicked on the lights in the large and comfortable bedroom. It was empty except for the bed and an old chest of drawers sitting forlornly in the corner.

He could not believe it. It must have been a dream. The doors and windows were all locked and there were no close neighbors.

Harry made his way to the bathroom. The bathrooms were a late addition to the house and tended to be claustrophobic and badly designed. When he checked his penis, he could see the impressions of teeth still on his skin right next to his cock. He could see in the light of the single light bulb, his bottom was still leaking sticky saliva that most certainly was not his.

So, the visitation in the middle of the night was not hallucinations or a dream. It must have been some type of paranormal incident. Perhaps, an incident related to the old house or the residents from bygone years. As far as he knew, the house had been vacant since the late eighties. His Aunt had lingered on for years at a rest home in Florida. Since she had been born in 1918 and lived in the house her whole life, it was unlikely to be in that generation. Both of her parents and her Brother Teddy had passed early in life. Her Mother and Father had passed quite young in an unfortunate accident at sea. In a further tragic circumstance, her Brother met the same fate early in World War II.

He really didn't know much of the history of the house prior to that time. The records showed it had been built in 1789 by a master builder from Boston called Henry Hathaway. No expense had been spared and the design was ahead of its time. The fact that the structure was able to fit in with much newer homes was a tribute to the builder.

When he spoke to Mr. Nickolas about the original owners of the property, he thought the older man was being somewhat evasive. He was finally able to pin down that the original owner, Mr. Townsend, was a widower with two young twin daughters called Amy and Amanda. He allowed that the townspeople thought the Townsend twins to be a mite strange as they often seemed to talk to each other without speaking. Salem being the birthplace of Witchcraft discrimination, the townsfolk did not take kindly to black haired girls, who acted both strange and different.

He didn't know much about the girls, except the rumor that both had died the same day, sometime around 1880. The house had stayed vacant almost a decade before his great Uncle, Cornelius, had moved in with his young wife. Their daughter, Henrietta was born some 25 years later, a very late addition to the family. As the daughter of older parents, Henrietta was almost automatically destined to be a spinster for her entire life.

Feeling tired later that afternoon, Harry put his head back in the easy chair and dozed off with visions of witches and goblins dancing through the streets of Salem on all Hollows Eve.

He opened his eyes because something heavy was sitting on his lap.

"Good Lord! It is one of the girls."

The girl laughed and turned to her clone standing next to the window.

"Oh, listen, Amy, this Earth-bound man can talk just like us. I can hear him right in my ear."

"Don't be silly, Amanda, he is bound to us because of the house. You can touch him and hear him. We are just as alive to him as he is to us. Don't you remember the spell of house binding that we cast those many years ago?"

The girl on Harry's lap rubbed her soft, round ass cheeks against his quickly rising cock. He cupped her bare, beautiful nipple and breast with his hand and leaned forward to suck the tender flesh. The nipple hardened almost immediately.

"Oh, sir, I implore you to bury your sweet cock in my quim posthaste. I have an incredible longing to be probed deep and hard."

The girl at the window snickered in derision.

"Not very ladylike today, are we, Amanda."

"I don't care, Amy, I must have it now. Now, I say!"

She slapped her hand down hard on the small table next to my chair.

I didn't need to hear any more. I grabbed the pretty girl's hips. Then, I picked her up slightly and placed her dripping pussy onto my hungry cock. I let her slide down my shaft until she was fully impaled. The howl was real. The girl was beginning to gyrate and bounce like a person possessed. Her juices lubricated us generously and the sound of her ass hitting my legs was both meaty and wet.

That sound was music to my ears. I started to feel my cum fighting to explode from my buried cock. I held the girl steady for a brief moment. Then, I exploded with a force that made her rise up a little from my embrace. The girl mewed and whined in complete satisfaction from the flood of creamy cum. I held her trembling body and tried to calm her down.

The other girl at the window was trying to look bored, but I could tell that she was excited and on the verge of an orgasm herself.

The girl on my lap had drifted off to sleep. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing deeply. I picked her up and put her on the couch with a light blanket to cover her nudity.

"That is very civil of you, Sir."

"Amy, right? Well, your sister deserves to be treated nice, after affording me such infinite pleasure."

"What do I get? I remember sucking your cock long and hard last night. Your cum is sitting still in my tummy. You have an unusually large output of manly juice, Sir."

"Would you like another sample in your delicious looking bum, my dear?"

The girl laughed and said,

"I would prefer it in my cunt, sir, but beggars can't be choosers. Should I go to all fours or just bend over for your pleasure?"

"Please, on all fours, little darling, I want to cover your beautiful ass completely. I must warn you that I will be a trifle harsh with your ass cheeks as I probe inside your little pucker hole. You look so ripe for a nice spanking."

The girl was panting in anticipation now. She dropped down onto the Persian carpet with her ass up high and her head low. She cradled her head and looked back at me as I approached with a staff at full mast. Her little whines kept pace with her fingers steadily stroking her dripping cunt.

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