Laura Learns How to Survive

by harry lime

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Uncle, Niece, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Laura and her brother Sebastian and her Mother Linda make a forced landing in an isolated region in Northern Alaska. Laura and her brother form a lasting relationship stranded together. Her Mother leaves to get help with the Indian guide Tommy Sleepingbear. They also have to take refuge in a deserted cabin on the frozen Icecap. The struggle to survive is made more appealing with the awakening of sexual feeling long hidden deep inside.

Part I

Laura was dozing in her seat lulled by the vibration from the airplane engine. She slowly came back to reality as a strange sputtering noise broke into her light sleep. She looked over to her twin brother, Sebastian on the other side of the little cabin. He was still engrossed in his stupid computer game lost in a world of dragons and knights in shining armor.

Her Mother was trying to read a map with very little success. There was a hint of worry in her strained voice as she asked the pilot,

"Why can't we just turn back?"

The frozen faced Indian guide/pilot just shrugged his shoulders and said laconically,

"Point of no return, lady. We don't have enough fuel."

The engine sputtered once more. This time the small airplane actually began to lose altitude as the airspeed was dropping a lot faster than anticipated.

Laura was wide awake now.

She looked out the window. All she could see was Mountain range after Mountain range. Everything was covered with white powdery snow and frozen ice of the glacier underneath.

The airplane was losing altitude rapidly now. She could see the endless mountainous terrain stretching for miles in every direction. There was not even a hint of habitation. No houses, no smoke plumes, nothing but endless wilderness in every direction.

This was not good.

She tightened her seat belt and reached over and did the same on her brother's belt. There was no point of saying anything to him. He never reacted to emergencies very well. Her Mom seemed to be concerned over finding out exactly where they were. That was probably a good idea if they ever hoped to be rescued from their predicament.

Tommy Sleepingbear was an excellent pilot. He was bringing in the light plane smooth and nose up in a relentless crosswind. The wind tugged on the controls with a mind of its own.

The mountains were a lot closer now. The pilot looked for a smooth spot for landing. He was looking for a landing spot without any boulders to smash them into little pieces. Just as they were ready to touch down, Sebastian looked up from his game and said,

"Holy crap! Are we crashing?"

It was almost funny, but no one was laughing. Laura had her head between her legs saying an act of contrition over and over again. Sebastian was ditching his game phones and getting his head down as well. The pilot had his hands full and fought the controls with steady hands. Laura's Mom was resigned to the inevitability of the eminent crash. She tried to give a position on the radiophone but was not certain of their exact location.

There was a dull thud as the skids touched the icy tundra. Then, Laura heard a screeching grind of metal being rubbed against a hard surface. The tiny airplane spun around full circle and came to a quiet stop resting on one wing.

Everyone seemed fine except Sebastian. He complained about his ankle hurting him something terrible. Laura knew her brother to be prone to over-exaggeration, so she was not overly concerned. Tommy was climbing out of the cockpit to check the damage to the exterior of the plane.

Laura checked her brother's ankle. It was swelling up rapidly. She was not certain if it was a bad sprain or a possible ankle fracture. In either case, Sebastian was not going to be able to move around normally for some time.

Tommy stuck his head back in the hatch and told them,

"Mrs. Johnson, we got no chance to get this baby back in the air. I figure we need to stay with the plane for a day or two to see if our beacon is working. It got damaged in the landing but may still be OK. If we don't get any reaction in 48 hours, then you and I should probably try to get to an Indian village about 50 miles from here. If it doesn't snow, we got a good chance. If it snows, we may miss the village and then all bets are off."

This was a long speech for the usually mono-syllabled guide.

Laura wondered why she was being left behind with her nerdy brother. There was nothing wrong with her legs. Then, she realized she was being selfish. Sebastian needed someone to look after him while he was unable to move around and take care of himself.

The likelihood of finding the village was a little iffy. She figured the pilot was being sensible in leaving her to care for Sebastian and give her a better chance for survival if rescuers came to the plane.

The fact that her Mother did not question the guide's plan confirmed her suspicions. It was time for her to keep her mouth shut and hope for the best for all four of them.

The two days went very quickly.

Tommy took enough food for himself and her Mother for three days. If they didn't find the village in three days, it was unlikely they would ever find it. That left about a two week supply of food for Laura and her brother, Sebastian.

Water was not a problem. All they had to do was melt some snow or ice and the problem was solved. Sebastian was a little feverish, but Tommy told them it was natural for his inactive state. They had plenty of aspirin. He told them only one pill a day. Laura knew he was right.

The last thing Tommy gave Laura was his bear rifle. He told her to only use it to protect themselves from wild animals or to get some food as a last resort. Laura was proud of her ability to shoot a rifle. Then again, it was only at paper targets. Her Uncle Jimmy who was a well-known marksman had given his favorite niece a beautiful 30-06 rifle with a peep sight for her 16 th birthday. He even undertook to train her in hitting targets as far away as 500 meters. Sometimes, when she told boys she was interested in shooting, it seemed like they lost all interest in her.

After another three days had passed, Laura realized it might be a long time before they got any help from outside.

At night, she usually bedded down inside the same sleeping bag with her twin brother. For some reason, it felt safer and they certainly stayed a lot warmer that way together. She was getting a little concerned because Sebastian was at that age when boys have a lot of spunk inside them wanting to come out.

The last couple of nights, his thing had pressed hard on her skin and spurted copious streams of sticky fluid on her tummy and her legs. At first it was kind of funny, but now she was worried because she was beginning to like it very much. Sebastian was less a nerdy brother and more a source of sensuous pleasure. It was a strange new feeling for Laura.

She was afraid if Sebastian woke up with his thing all hard like a stiff piece of wood; he would make her do something nasty. She was not quite certain what that would be exactly, but the diagrams in sex ed. classes all told her his thing would eventually wind up in her little tinkle pussy. Laura figured as long as she kept her legs tight together, her brother would have to give up and just rub his thing on her. It seemed like at a certain point, he would grunt and shoot his stuff onto her and she was OK with that. In fact, she kind of liked it. It made her feel she was making him feel good in a terrible situation.

This all worked out fine until the night she woke up with her brother's thing pressing hard into her poopy hole. It was very insistent and she wanted to tell him to ease off. Suddenly, her little back door muscle gave way and she felt her brother's very hard piece of wood slide deep inside her virgin rectum. Shock waves of electrical current ran from her stretched anus all the way to her hymen protected vagina.

"Sebastian! Your thing is in my butt hole. Please take it out. No, wait, I like it there. Push it in some more, please. Yes, Sebastian dearest, give it to me good now. I will be a good girl for you, Sebastian. I am a good sister and now I am a good piece of ass just for you. Make me take it, Sebastian. Yes, just like that."

Laura felt her brother hump her ass like a frenzied sex machine. She was leaking large amounts of pussy juice as he slammed home time and again. The slap ... slap ... slap of his body banging against hers made her tremble with desire. She knew she had to do something, but she didn't know exactly what it was. Her legs were starting to shake and then her orgasm hit her. Laura was not quite sure what an orgasm was, but she knew she wanted more of the same. She whimpered like a sick calf and told her brother to leave his thing inside her for a little while longer.

Laura and her brother fell asleep still joined together. She had never felt so satisfied and so safe in her entire life.

The next morning, Sebastian looked at her with a guilty look. Laura did not feel guilty at all. She felt more like a woman than a girl now. It was a good feeling. Her brother did not seem like a nerd any more. He had a really nice thing to make her feel good. She hoped he liked putting it into her butt. She knew she wanted him to practice on her little tinkle pussy. It might be difficult for him because her hymen had not been broken yet but she was certain with her help they would succeed in getting her virgin pussy broken in the right way.

She asked Sebastian if he would not mind showing her how to use her mouth to make him nice and hard for her tinkle pussy and her tight little butt hole. He looked at her suspiciously, thinking she was just playing with him. She told him she knew he had all those books with the pictures of girls on their knees and their mouths stuffed with boy's things deep inside.

Laura told her brother to not shoot his cream into her mouth right away. Just to spray it on her face until she got used to the taste. Sebastian was OK with that. He could not wait until he saw his cum spurting all over his sister's face. It was making him hard just to think about it.

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