Study and Meditation
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, White Male, Oriental Female,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I assisted a vistor with her study of Tantra where the purpose is to raise ones consciousness by means of study and meditation.

I host the occasional visitor on my farm and this time I had a visitor from Japan who told me that she worked in a Zen Monastery. After being here for a few days and being over awed by the beauty of the landscape, my Japanese visitor asked me, seemingly out of the blue, if I could help her with her studies of tantric yoga. Japanese culture has a fine appreciation of nature and my visitor was well aware of this. My guest who I will call, M. was euphoric with the richness and variety of the beauty here. Yes both of us shared a common abstract philosophical outlook on life and of nature appreciation. She tells me that the tantric lessons will be meditation and study in the sacred realm of sex and not sex as commonly understood. It is to help understand the energy of life and its great natural mysteries. Yes I'm familiar with the concepts and am willing to oblige.

Women are always the masters with regards to sex. Each lady has to discover what it is that she finds attractive and desirable whether it is a person, people, places, attitudes, circumstances or in fact anything, and then to find the means to fulfill this need. Men then have to work to satisfy this goal to the best of their ability.This is one of the natural laws of nature and cannot be changed.

The first lesson, I'm told is to be tomorrow morning just before sunrise in the old grannie flat behind the house where she was staying. In the morning I arrived punctually as requested. This is lesson number one and I'm not sure what to expect. I'm asked to take off my clothes and to stand behind her but just to touch her with the tip of my member and to look east with her over her shoulder to the east and await the coming splendor of the rising sun. A parallel is drawn between the sustaining energy of the sun and the basic human energy of sex. As the sun rises, she draws my penis to her side to also greet the sun so the great two energies can meet. We hold this pose for a few minutes appreciating the grandeur of nature.

The Zen tradition is to appreciate nature in all its many manifestations and the role of humans is to learn about and revere these many aspects of life. Everything is spoken of with reverence. Zen is always looking for the abstract behind the physical appearances. This is lesson number one.

The next morning another ritual is performed which involves perhaps the setting of the rules. Again I'm asked to undress and then to sit naked on the floor resting my back against a large pillow. I'm told to sit quite still while M. manipulates me for inspection of size and shape. I'm told that to be a good student I must be absolutely disciplined. I also need to be large, strong, and with much endurance. It is not permitted for me to dissipate my strength for much work and study will be required from me. This is made very clear. It is not sex as commonly understood but meditation and study and these words must only be used. She says that with concentration and effort my equipment can be made to grow even larger to the great benefit of all. The sacred word is the linga, the giant magical member of a Buddha of enlightenment, an enchanting source of energy, beauty, creativity and most desirable of all enlightenment. M. tells me that she is most impressed and is happy and even feels privileged to continue. She tells me that our eventual goal is to take up a classical trantic mediation position with me, cross legged and below and M. above with her legs around me. She says that she wants to hold this position for several hours, a difficult task but one that would bring great benefit.

For the next lesson, a beautiful location is selected where there is a coming together of air, land, water, trees and grass. Tension is raised by not speaking from when we leave the house until we arrive at the creek. Upon arriving, a gong is ritually sounded and study and meditation commence. A ritualistic appreciation of nature is performed and the glorious path to enlightenment that it provides for to those who know and are given the opportunity. It is just before the full moon and she says that the time is right and that she is now ready to take me inside her tonight. I'm again told I will need to be very strong and controlled.

Nothing more is said and in the evening I retire to bed as usual not being sure of anything. I read for a little bit before turning off the light and preparing myself for sleep. M then comes in a little later, undresses in the dark and gets into bed with me. Almost straight away, she takes my member and nurtures it to its full size and then pulls me on top of her and invites me to start work on her. I do as I've been told to do over the last few days. First I push my head in, and gently thrusting backwards and forwards, slowly working on making the way for the rest of me to follow. Gradually I'm a little inside but with me being a large westerner and she being a smallish Japanese, the way is very tight and so after a little while, I withdraw to discuss the situation. Yes, she tells me that has had very little experience and that she is very keen to experience conjugation. Yes I tell her it is possible, we can do it. Just relax and with strength, persistence and work a union can be made. Study and practice is again recommenced but this time I talk to her, giving her reassurances all the time and oh so slowly, and oh so gently but firmly, little by little, home is eventually reached. The size of my member and the smallness of her make for a surprising and worthwhile experience. I finish with a few deep thrusts before relaxing and eventually withdrawing to discuss the new experience. Sleep follows easily and yes I do control myself as demanded.

At midnight, while both of us are only partially conscious due to sleep, we come together again. This time, oh so gently, I push my member into her with firm and gentle movements, slowly and gently I allow her to experience the whole of me. M is now relaxed and able to enjoy a lengthy union while in the relaxed half conscious state between wakefulness and a dream. I did eye the electric clock but the times have slipped out of my memory.

In the morning and upon waking, I'm invited inside again and this time the way is easy and the experience is even relaxing. After a session of deep thrusts, I'm relaxing before starting again and I notice tears streaming down her face. I look at her questioningly and she says, "It is just so beautiful; for every thrust a thousand thankyous. Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!" I start work again this time with a deeper understanding of the sensitivities involved. In fact, she was appreciating it so deeply that I even felt obliged to continue working on her much longer and more conscientiously than what I would have normally done. This was a continuing characteristic of her. At the end of virtually every session, M would always thank me for my efforts. Generally she would say, "Thank you so much!"

In the morning she told me that she has had sex with one of the monks at the monastery but his penis was the size of a little pencil and not something like mine. She laughts and indicates the size with her fingers.

Later in the day, she tells me that she is having difficulties with walking because of all the activities during the night. M tells me that this is alright because she is just being continually reminded of the need to raise the energies to a higher and a more creative state.

In a few days we are into a pattern. I usually go to bed first and she eventually follows. In the dark she takes off her dressing gown and climbs into bed and carefully covers herself with the sheets. She prefers for me not to see her naked. It is right for her to see me naked since that is controlled but not the other way round. We are students and not thrill seekers. It is not for her to give me any sort of erotic feelings of an undesirable type which may lead to uncontrolled and so undesirable stimulation. She wants to study sex and I am her assistant and the aim is to understand the abstract nature of sex. She immediately stimulates me and requests me to start work on her straight away. In this way she maintains control over the situation. Stimulation, energy, and creativity are what she requires while control and discipline are my first lesson. I oblige as I agreed to. Our meditations are varied, sometimes vigorous and other times mild and relaxed but always conscientiously and of considerable duration. All this is done with mental control on my part. Yes she will sometime ask me to unload myself in front of her but only when it suits her. Yes she is very thankful but she also believes that the work and discipline are very beneficial for me.

On another occasion, she again finds it deeply moving with tears streaming down her face. She cannot hide it and I look at her questioningly. She just shakes her head and indicates to me to keep working. Words cannot express what she is feeling. "Dear M, I would love to share a tear with you but I'm just too preoccupied with driving my creativity and energy into you." The years in the monastery and the unfulfillment of her life have made her greatly appreciate the current situation.

Quite commonly, while having a rest, M would utter, "I have truly found Paradise, please keep working on me. I find those strong deep thrusts so meaningful".

On going to bed one night, she stimulates me as usual but this time, I'm a bit slow to start work so she is even annoyed and tells me that it is very clear that she likes it much more than I do. I admit that I do enjoy sex and I did my best to work on her as best as I could but I suppose that it was true, she did enjoy it even much more than me!

One night I'm reading in bed and wearing a tee shirt. M comes in, turns off the light, undresses and climbs into bed as normal. She stimulates me and requests me to start work as usual. Just as I'm entering her, she notices that I'm wearing a tee shirt. I'm told I must remove it because to wear it is to devalue the sacred process. Together we remove it and the work can properly proceed.

I'm told that the energy between the two of us is due naturally to the poles of male and femaleness but that there is extra tension between the two of us because of the difference between our eastern and western bodies and philosophies. This is the extra appeal of the exotic.

Study and practice. Sometimes we do it and keep discussing, other times in silence. Sometimes in front of an image of the Buddha to add his blessings. Enlightenment and mastery of the human state is the goal of all humanity. All aspects of human nature need to be worked through, understood and up lifted. Obstacles need to be overcome and lessons learnt everywhere. "How many partners had I had?" "A Buddha of enlightenment may have had a 1000 partners and so I am encouraged and even ordered to take the path of greater learning."

I even have to apologise for all the ladies that have offered themselves to me that I haven't learnt from due to shyness, inexperience and other forms of foolishness. This has made me less knowledgeable and so a poorer teacher which I have to apologise for.

"Do you know another lady you can meditate with, in front of me, so that I can learn from observation?" "Unfortunately again, please forgive me, no".

With M, it was a bit unusual in so far that it wasn't actually sex that she was really interested in but using sex as a form of meditation to be put into that blissful altered state of mind. Here there are to be gained benefits both psychologically and creatively. It was also a bit unusual that she had previously only had very limited sexual experience but had made quite a study of tantra and had even visited India. She had quite an attractive figure with large breasts especially for a Japanese lady. She said that when she was younger and in a sauna, an older lady had commented on the beauty of her breasts. She said that she was embarrassed at the time but now understands the complement. Naturally I sometimes held them and they were still very beautiful. Occasionally she would even ask me to hold them which she said she found quite "comforting". She said that she loved the size of my penis. Once she had gotten used to its size, she found it deeply satisfying and always craved more. She had no particular interest in giving me pleasure but wanted me to work on her as much as possible for her own benefit. She did think that this even severe regime of mediation would also do me much good as well. Most of the day she would spend in the her flat with her art and related activity. Occasionally I would visit and she would ask me to expose myself to her. In fact she loved my penis so much that she would love to hold it, kiss it, and generally stroke it. She said that she found it so enchantingly beautiful so much so that she asked if some time she would be allowed to stare at it awe for several hours as a form of meditation. She loved it so much that she could have been called a penis worshiper. Phallus worship was common in ancient days but these days, I believe that not many ladies would admit to it. I suppose in our modern prosaic way of thinking, this might be considered a bit kinky but she was genuinely like this.

M always wanted to have sex with me. On no occasion did she not want to have sex. I always had to enter slowly and carefully but once inside her, she always wanted me to keep working on her. She truly couldn't get enough of it even though sessions could last several hours. Even when I became tired and needed to stop, she asked that I leave myself inside her as I became flaccid. She also liked this different sensation.The only position that we took and what she wanted was me on top of her. It was like the beginners postition we got stuck on and couldn't move beyond. Once or twice we did try a different position and she noted casually that the length of my penis made it always easy to reach into her. We never did try the classical meditation position she initially asked for. I couldn't help but ask myself was this nymphomania or addiction to sex? I don't know but she did greatly enjoy it and, yes so did I! I also always treated her with respect and consideration and always did the best I could for her.

I was told that with all this meditation and study with her, an initiate of her temple, I would now be expected to educate and to assist to bring enlightenment to all those that I have the opportunity to work with. Maybe it is because of this that I feel obligated to write out my story.

After being here for about 6 weeks, a lift was offered which she accepts immediately. She did have a long term appointment elsewhere and felt that she had to go to this when given the opportunity. The way she departed was a confirmation of what she had made clear all along which was that we were not lovers as I might have sentimentally imagined. I'm sure that she liked me and we were good friends but my relationship with her was, could it be described as meditation instructor or facilitator? It is a Buddhist goal of life, detachment from all things physical and this is what she believed. A few weeks later I received a letter saying that she will return to collect a few things that she left behind. The final line of the letter says in an inscrutable way, or maybe I can now understand something, "By the Grace of the Pine Tree". Another whole page of the letter has one large Japanese character on it in red. It takes me quite a while before I have another visitor who can read it. I'm told that the character means "love". She signed her name and below it, she writes the character for, "to send her blessings".

I'm still waiting for her return. It will probably never come as that is the transitory nature of life. I believe that M means in Japanese, "Angel of the Sanctuary".

If anyone is curious and wants to know what my thoughts are, send me an email. I do think that an understanding of the energy of sex is needed to save the planet. I also think that sex is a lower energy and needs to be understood before we can seriously tackle the higher energy of spirit and matter.

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