Surrogate Lovers

by Gurl Luver

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Romantic, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Father, Daughter, Gang Bang, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: An adaptive ending to Wetfly6969's story Surrogate Lovers. A father discovers his daughter is exposing her body through her webcam to just about any boy who wants to check her out. She then admits that she's been having sex with a number of boyfriends, and he is bent on finding out just how far his slutty daughter is willing to go.

Please note this is an adaptation to Wetfly6969's story "Surrogate Lovers" with an alternative ending. The original story can be found on Storiesonline. This story picks up at the end of chapter 3. Posted with permission by Wetfly6969.

Chapter 4

Carl followed his twelve year old daughter into his bedroom; his eyes were glued to her as she stepped into the room. He was captivated watching her fluid movements, the way her elegantly sculpted back swayed in time with the flexing of her shapely butt muscles, down to her slim legs. She was glorious and beautiful and she was about to be his. This was the moment he'd been waiting so desperately for all these weeks. After all the cum shots he'd pumped into that crusty towel he kept in his bottom desk drawer, all those weeks of watching his sexy daughter masturbating on her webcam and imagining it was his cock inside of her instead of the thick black dildo she'd been using, finally he was going to get to do the real thing to his precious daughter.

She turned around and stood there before him completely naked with Carl drinking her in, gazing up from her coltish legs up to the sparse bush over her pussy, up over her flat tummy to her growing breasts. The shallow valley between her breasts held his attention, remembering the flat chest of his sweet baby girl as she grew up into the stunning adolescent before him. His eyes ventured up and took in her angelic face. Her long dark hair and her matching dark eyes sparkled as she stood there next to the bedside table lamp, its mellow glow giving her soft features a luster that defied all description. She had a mixture of anticipation and apprehension on her face and that look would forever be melded into his brain. His Cialis fueled hard-on was ready to rip right through his pants. His sweet little Madison was about to get the fucking of a lifetime and it wouldn't be quick and urgent like those boys she fucked after school, this was going to be a long drawn out affair with plenty of sweating and grunting going on.

"Uh daddy, do you want me to... , uh, start?" she asked unsure of how to proceed. With all the other boys it was so simple, they were quick to go and quick to perform. She usually let them put the condom on while she quickly dropped her shorts, and then let them push into her immature sex. They never took more than a few minutes normally before they were filling the condom.

"No Princess, let me," he said as he reached out and stroked his palms along the tops of her shoulders and down her slender arms. Her skin felt impossibly soft and inviting, so warm and so... , breathtaking in her natural beauty. It was such a stark contrast, this fine young woman with so much beauty to offer, had allowed herself to be turned into a sexual depository for so many countless boys. Such a sweet young body that had seen so much cock lately, Carl thought. It would be a shame to stop her daily fuck sessions even after tonight. Better to keep her going, it would be a shame not to share this fuck machine with the rest of the male population!

Carl could see the fine welts and small bruises that were in the late stages of healing from her ordeal the previous day with the forced gang fuck that had resulted in her bringing thirteen used condoms home. It was the price of being Grade-A fuck meat, sometimes you had to take a little abuse.

Pulling his shirt over his head, Carl let his baby girl see him as something other than just her dad as she looked at his muscular chest. Unbuttoning his pants, he slowly dropped them to the floor and then proceeded to show her what she had in store for tonight, and the next two months to come. Pre-cum had left a big wet spot on the front of his boxers as he grabbed them by the elastic waistband and eased them down, showing her for the first time what a really big cock looked like.

The blood was pumping fiercely through his hardened tool and thanks to the Cialis Theresa had forced him to take, had him harder and thicker than he ever remembered being before. It looked monstrous and angry and darkened by all the blood surging through the thick eight inch tool.

Reaching out, he grabbed her and pulled her tight to his body, feeling her nakedness against his own, his free-standing tool pressed up against her creamy tummy. "I don't know what's come over you Maddison, but I like it."

"I'm just doing it... , uh... , because I love you so much dad," she murmured. Madison hesitated, what reason could she give for offering her body to her father, and why was he so eager to take his own daughter to bed? It was all so confusing and scary. Matt had insisted she prove her worth to him and find a suitable surrogate cock for his own, and staring at her dad's big hog, she was pretty sure she'd finally done it and found it. It was huge! Much bigger than any she'd had so far. It rivaled even her trusty dildo that Matt had so lovingly bought for her. Maybe someday very soon he'd come and visit and she could finally have his cock for her own. For the time being, she was going to have to use this one and pretend it was Matt's, just like she'd done with all the others.

Carl moved his precious daughter over to the bed and laid her down. She was so unsure of herself he noticed, she did nothing but look up at him with a look of trepidation. His cock must have looked like a battering ram as it jutted out from his body. It stood at a forty-five degree angle pointing up with its bulbous purple head oozing a steady flow of pre-cum that ran down the length of his veiny shaft, soaking his balls before running down his hair legs. God it's going to feel so good to finally feel that pussy wrapped around my cock! he thought as he watched his daughter lying in front of him.

Nudging her legs, she slowly parted them, her adolescent pussy coming into view. He'd seem it so many times recently on his computer screen that he knew exactly what it looked like from every possible position. He felt a hormonal surge as her pussy winked open at him as he spread her legs further apart, his hands pushing on her slightly raised knees. She lay with her hands partially covering her delicate body, her small breasts with her tiny little nipples. God she looked so amazingly fuckable!

He had time for foreplay later, this was all about plundering his prize before she chickened out. It was one thing to fuck a stranger because your boyfriend said to do it, but he was her father and that crossed boundaries that he could only imagine were fucking up her head at the moment. Leaning over her prone form, he rubbed his precum coated cockhead onto her pretty little twat and pressed into her immature folds. It felt like a furnace as his cock started to enter.

"Dad, wait! You need to wear a condom!" she yelled out, forgetting that Matt always told her to use the silly things. She wasn't on the pill and even though her cycle wasn't really in the danger zone yet, she didn't want to take any chances.

"It's okay Princess, I got snipped when you were little, I don't have any swimmers. You have nothing to fear," he said as he pressed forward. It was a lie, his sperm were as potent as any of the other sixty some-odd loads of cum she'd shoved into her cunt over the last two months. If she wasn't knocked up yet, she would be soon, and whose baby it was going to be would be anybody's guess, the least likely of whom being his.

"Oh yeah Maddy, your pussy feels so incredibly tight," he grunted as he pushed about halfway into her love tube.

"Oof," she grunted as he split her open. "Go slow dad, you're really big."

"Ah, not used to something that big huh?"

"Huh, no, I mean, I never..."

"Princess, I'm kidding, I know you said you've never had sex before, and I believe you," he said soothingly. Of course it was a lie, a cock as big as his would take time for any woman to get used to, let alone a twelve year old kid. Even if she was used to her dildo, it still took time to get accustomed to it. You can't go from zero to sixty without hitting a few warm-up speeds in between.

Carl pumped his cock to the bottom of her tight tunnel and fully seated his long and thick tool into her amazingly tight cunt. He was in as far as he could go, for now, but he had two months to work on getting the last two inches of his cock inside. He'd make good use of that time and give her pussy plenty of practice at swallowing every one of his eight steely inches.

Gradually picking up the pace once she got used to the girth, Carl bore into his little slut daughter and really gave it to her. She was panting heavily and writhing under his assault.

It was a dream come true as she orgasmed on his rod, her lithe body bucking like a mad woman on his shaft as her silken muscles rippled up and down his length. The Cialis had made him amazingly hard and even thicker than normal and every thrust into her quim made him appreciate just how taut and elastic her young cunt really was.

It only lasted about ten minutes from start to finish before he pumped his potent seed into the recesses of her young cunt. Carl thought about his sperm and the millions of little of swimmers that were making their way to the back of her pussy, and all of the other millions, or maybe even billions of other sperm that she'd had spurted and shoved into her pussy over the last eight weeks; it was truly a momentous feat. And as long as he had control over her, there was no reason for that to change either!

"Thanks honey. You were amazing, now you should probably get working on your homework while I get started on dinner," he said as he dressed, throwing on a pair of sweats and an old t-shirt. He left his precious daughter lying there is his own bed, his cum dripping from her reddened pussy.

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