What Happens in Vegas

by StangStar06

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Tear Jerker, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: What happens in Vegas...Follows you home and fucks up your life

Author's note: Hi folks. As I've said before I read all of the comments that the readers make and MikotheBaby and I try our best to improve where we can. Note that in this story I've separated the scenes or changes in POV to make it a bit easier to follow. For the person who asked me last time why in the past few stories, the woman gets exactly what she wanted anyway. I'm going to have to work on that, but unfortunately ;-) it happens here too. This story is shorter too though I can't guarantee next week's will be. As usual I have to thank my partner in crime Mikothebaby without whose tireless vigilance this story wouldn't be the same. SS06

Dorothy Clark looked around herself as she stepped into the Sagebrush Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The sound of slot machines and other gambling activities seemed magical and new to the small town housewife. She looked in every direction and was constantly awed by the glitz and glamour of her surroundings. Though the Sagebrush was a newer and smaller casino, they had spared no expense in making the place seem magical.

"Come on Dor," called the voice of her friend, Terri Stevens. "Good lord, you'd think you'd never been in a casino before."

"I haven't," admitted Dorothy. She was glad that Terri hadn't used her other nickname, Toto. Terri always seemed to call her Toto, when she wanted to crack on Dorothy about being old fashioned or stupid.

"Oh, boy, you're gonna have a great time then, Toto," said Terri, smirking.

The two women got onto an elevator and rode up to their rooms on the 10th floor of the hotel. Dorothy looked at herself in the mirror of her room's bathroom suite. The bathroom alone was nearly as big as any room in her home back in Kansas. It had a Jacuzzi and a large sunken tub. She couldn't wait to call her husband and tell him all about it.

Dorothy, Terri, and their friend, Mary Blake had all come to Las Vegas for Mary's younger sister's bachelorette party. It had taken considerable begging and pleading on Dorothy's part to get her husband to allow her to come.

Her husband, John, loved her very much. He was just overly concerned about her coming here and getting robbed or hurt. They'd heard so many stories about the problems that befell people in the crime ridden larger cities. Las Vegas was one of the worst. The city had long been rumored to be a cesspool of vice and corruption. Of course its nickname, Sin City, didn't help much.

"But John," Dorothy had told him. "The farm is doing really well. We have 6 hired hands now and we have plenty of money in the bank. It's time we splurged a little bit occasionally. I didn't say a word when you bought that fancy Mustang two years ago. So you shouldn't begrudge me a trip with the girls every once in a while." John loved her, so he'd given in and now she was in Vegas, baby.

Even as she looked around the room and contemplated calling John, her phone rang. She picked it up. "Dorothy, get your swim suit on. We're going down to the pool. We'll pick you up in fifteen minutes," said Terri.

Dorothy looked at herself in the large mirror. She was 47 years old. She was only 5' tall and weighed 186 lbs. She wasn't out of shape. It was more a case that the shape she had was out of style. Over the years most of her weight had settled into her lower body. She had smaller perky breasts that back when she was younger and slimmer were proportionate to her frame. But as her frame increased due to time, gravity and childbirth, her breasts stayed the same. Actually they appeared to be even smaller than they were because they were no longer firm enough to push their way away from her rib cage.

Her ass, on the other hand, was much bigger now than it used to be. Calling her pear shaped was generous. Her legs had a bit more flesh than she'd have liked and to be honest, there was a bit of cellulite. And she did have a bit of a belly, shit, everyone did. It had never mattered before now because John loved her.

That man worshipped her body even with all of its imperfections. She was often so flustered and embarrassed when her rail thin husband came in from working around their sprawling farm and hugged her, or pressed his nearly constant erection against her hips and smiled at her. He also often grabbed a handful of her ass and just squeezed it. The thing that made it so embarrassing was that he did it in front of other people.

Dorothy knew that John only did it because he loved her so much and she still turned him on, even after all of the weight she'd gained and all of these years.

She'd call him later she thought, as she shrugged her shoulders and tried to squeeze herself into the one piece swim suit she'd brought with her. She put her cover up on and grabbed her swim cap and goggles, just in time to see her friends arrive at her room.

"Oh God, not another one," said Terri. She looked at Dorothy and just rolled her eyes. Dorothy noticed that Mary had on a similar suit to the one she wore and also had it covered up. Mary was even wearing her swim cap already. "Are you guys going scuba diving or something?" asked Terri.

As they arrived at the pool, all they saw was young attractive people mixed in with a few people who were their age or older. Most of them were lying on lounges soaking up the plentiful sunshine or sitting at chairs eating or drinking. Only one or two people were actually in the large pool and none of them were actually swimming.

Terri grabbed a lounge chair and started to apply sunscreen to her body. Terri was not quite as large framed as the other two women and had the advantage of a huge, store bought rack. She attracted a lot of attention as she settled down in her seat. She rubbed the sunscreen liberally over most of her exposed skin and lay back on the lounge chair.

"Pssst, Terri," hissed Dorothy. "Close your legs. Your suit is really tight down there and there's a nasty man looking at your hoo hah."

"That's the idea," said Terri smiling. "It pays to advertise."

"I can't believe he's just standing there staring at you between your legs," said Mary. "That is so rude."

"I can't believe you're letting him," snapped Dorothy. "If we were back in Kansas, both of you'd be strung up by now."

Terri pulled her sunglasses down onto the tip of her nose so she could see her two friends. She stared directly into Dorothy's eyes. "Look, Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore," she said with a smirk. "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, okay. This is the perfect chance for us to let loose and get a little wild. God knows that as soon as we get back, we'll be three normal boring little housewives all over again."

The other two women stared at her as if she'd grown a tail.

"Come on you two. The most exciting things that ever happen to us are our kid's high school football games or the county fair. Let's live it up just a bit before we get too old to have any fun," said Terri.

"But Terri, don't you love Donnie?" asked Mary.

"Of course I do," said Terri. "But what he doesn't know won't hurt him."

With the other two women staring at her in shock, Terri spread her legs a little bit wider and stuck out her chest more. There was no harm in revving the man's engine, she thought.

As the afternoon wore on, the three women spent a lot of time talking and relaxing. They noticed that life outside of their small town was a lot faster paced and people were a lot more open. They also dressed far more revealingly than the women could believe. A lot of the young women gathered around the pool may as well have been naked.

When evening arrived, the three women had been lubricated by drinking all afternoon. They were ready to party and their inhibitions were extremely low. As she dressed, Dorothy debated calling John to check in on him. She decided that since she'd be going home the next day it would be pointless to disturb him.

She put on her black skirt that she normally wore to church on Sunday. She also wore a shiny new blouse that she'd bought on the internet. It was made of an imitation silk material.

Dorothy was still a little buzzed from the amount of alcohol she'd drank during her time at the pool, but not enough that she realized her perceptions had been altered. She met up with her friends in the hotel's lobby and compared their outfits to hers.

Terri was of course wearing a dress that was cut so low that it was a wonder her boobs didn't fall out in her lap. Mary had on a dress that like Dorothy's skirt and blouse looked like something she'd wear to church. The three friends all waited by the door for the limo that would take them to Mary's sister Kristy's party.

"Oh God," said Kristy as she walked through the door and saw them. Kristy was about 15 years younger than the other women at 32 years old. She'd waited longer to get married and wanted to enjoy herself one last time before her big day.

"You guys look like a whore and two church ladies," she spat. "This is my last weekend as a single woman so let's Paaaaaaarrrrtay."

They joined four other women in the back of the long limo and headed for the party. The party was held in another hotel across town. They had rented one of the hotel's large party rooms and the party was already in full swing as they arrived.

Dorothy had an instant of fear cross her mind as she looked at the goings on in the large room. The music was very loud and aggressive. There were women in various stages of undress, screaming their heads off everywhere she looked. She simply didn't belong here, this was a foreign environment.

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