Tammy and the Bachelor Party

by harry lime

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Cousins, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Interracial, Black Female, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Tammy has come up from the River to find a place in the Oglethorpe Plantation. She takes to her sexy cousin and makes close friends with Peaches, the sultry maid with a slutty background. Her adventures extend to her cousin's Fiancee and to the 75 year old patriarch of the estate Old Mr. Buck Oglethorpe. She finds Buck has hidden talents.

Tammy was a river girl.

Now when you say someone is a river person and don't say which river, you can generally assume they are referring to the mighty Mississippi. In Tammy's case you would be absolutely correct.

Her Granddaddy, Captain Amos Ravelle was a well-known river boat man. He was nearly 70 years old when his grandchild, little Tammy Ravelle was unceremoniously dropped on his gangplank by Parson Brown. When he heard all the commotion outside his cabin, Captain Amos thought it was one of those pirate gangs from Memphis come to lay siege to his riverboat.

The two year old infant sitting in the Mississippi mud was none other than his own Granddaughter. Captain Amos didn't take kindly to young'uns of any type, but he allowed he would have to make an exception in Tammy's case.

The years went by so fast, The Captain and Tammy never even noticed them at all. Seemed like one minute Tammy was in diapers and the next she was brushing out her long silky dark hair with her Mama's silver hairbrush. Captain Amos sat in the houseboat looking at his 17 year old granddaughter. She was sitting at the stern window looking out at the moon over the softly lapping waves. They touched the boat with gentle hands, making it rise in fall in a familiar and soothing motion.

He could see the swell of the young girl's ripening breasts. Her bottom filled out the shift with twin globes of nubile dynamite. The Captain figured it was time to send her down to Mobile to stay with his sister's child, Ms. Laticia Carmody. She was working at a fancy mansion and would be sure to have a job for a blood relation.

Tammy took the news with grace. She desperately wanted to stay on the river with her Grandfather but he was talking now about some rest home in the Natchez area. Probably better to get away from the drinking and the gambling on the river run. She realized it was the best course of action both for her and for her closest living relative.

The Oglethorpe Mansion was quite some distance from the river. Tammy usually didn't venture too far from the shore. She felt a little out of place on this dusty road that seemed all uphill. Her feet hurt so bad she had taken off her store bought shoes and had them hanging from her neck with the shoestrings. They were her first pair of real shoes and she was right proud of them. No point of wearing them out on the dusty road their very first day.

The toot of a horn startled her and she scooted to the side of the road. She just escaped the spinning wheels of a little red sports car coming within an inch of her life.

The car skidded to a screeching halt right before the curve and backed up to see if there was any damage. The only damage was to Tammy's pride. She stood covered with mud and dust from the roadway and her fine straw hat was all bedraggled from her escape.

"So sorry, little girl, there are not too many pedestrians on this road. Are you going to the Oglethorpe Estate?"

Tammy bit off a sharp reply and answered in a measured tone,

"Yes, sir, I be heading for the Oglethorpe place to see my Aunt Laticia. How come you are driving that thing so fast and so dangerous?"

"I like to drive fast. It makes me feel like I am living dangerously. Don't you ever feel like you need a little spice in your life?

Tammy was taken aback by the young man's directness. It was something she was not used to on the river. The river folk were generally secretive and hidden in their thoughts and true feelings. That is why Tammy always felt a little out of place at times on the river. She decided she liked this young man even though he was dressed funny with a tie and a suit jacket.

Great day in the morning, it wasn't even Sunday.

"Land sakes, Mister, I don't mind a little bit of excitement; but I sure don't want to end my life too quick-like."

The young man laughed and held out his hand. My name is Randell Oglethorpe. My Grandmother owns this land we are on. She owns all the way back down to the river. One day this will be all my property. Would that make you consider having a roll in the hay with me?

"Mr.! I surely don't know how you were brought up, but in my neck of the river; that would be considered a mite bit forward."

"Well! At least you didn't say no."

Tammy had to laugh. She liked this fellow's sparkling attitude. It made her kind of nice and warm inside like when she watched young couples courting and sparking on the riverbanks. The sight of the females with their dresses up and their bloomers down made her wonder when she would meet a dreamy male to make her do the same thing. It was still all kind of a mystery to her even though Rico the river pilot's bastard son tried to fill her in on all the details. She had gotten kind of wet down there when the dark-complexioned 16 year old showed her with his hand how boys would like to rub her little pussy.

Tammy giggled when Rico was explaining things to her. It was a big turn-off for him and he threw up his hands in disgust and didn't try to explain much more. That explained why young Tammy was still a technical virgin even though several boys had deposited their creamy loads on her luscious ass cheeks and into her more than willing mouth.

She jumped in beside Randell and looked shyly at the bulge growing inside his trousers. Tammy hoped he would ask her to relieve his excitement with either her hand or her mouth. She was much too shy to ever suggest such a thing to him directly.

Randell was thinking the exact same thing, but was a bit reluctant to press the young girl for a sexual favor this early in the game. She would be at his Grandmother's home and he would have plenty of time to conduct various experiments with her lush young body.

Tammy was thinking that the young man was not interested in her because she was not as intelligent or as fashionable as his current friends. She knew she was somewhat "Old-timey" in her thinking because of growing up with the generationally-challenged river folk. Sometimes she would say or do things that the young people just did not relate to. Tammy knew that the values of the young people not familiar with the river way of life were not her cup of tea. She appreciated the differences and did her best to fit in when she was in the "other world".

Randell reached across Tammy's body to help her with the seat belt. His muscular chest rubbed lightly on her aroused nipples. The hardness of his erection pressed softly into her hip. She hoped he wouldn't realize she had no underthings on. She liked to be free as a bird down there when she was walking a long ways.

Tammy let her hand accidently brush up against his hardness inside his linen trousers. The size was most impressive and she felt her wetness straining to push out of her sealed pussy lips. Her breathing was accelerated and the familiar puckering of her tiny little anus warned her of her body's need for immediate impalement by something long, hard and well-lubed.

"Mr. Randell. Would you mind terribly rubbing your thing between my legs? I have an awful itch down there and I need your thing to make me feel better. I promise I won't move or say anything at all. If you don't want to do that, then I will turn over and you can poke my bottom as much as you want. I need something in me terrible bad."

Without a single word, Randell pulled Tammy towards him. He quickly pulled up her summer dress and laughed when he saw she had nothing on underneath. He flipped Tammy over and spread her beautiful ass cheeks wide exposing her little brown hole. Randell's cock came instantly in contact with the excited girl's pucker hole and he entered her with a single thrust.

Tammy gasped in sexual excitement. The long, hard cock in her ass hole made her feel just great. The young man pumped her long and hard. Her ass cheeks were covered with sweat and she began to whine in a sensuous and age-old manner that signaled her fast-approaching orgasm.

Tammy's orgasmic release came at exactly the same time another car passed them with several young people inside. They were all looking out the window trying to see who the young lovers were in the little red sports car. Tammy didn't care. Her pussy juices and her clutching anus were all she had on her mind. Randell stroked her hair and her bare flanks trying to bring her back to some sense of normalcy.

Randell sat back in his seat and looked at the heaving bottom of the beautiful young girl in his passenger seat. She was still going through several levels of the orgasm as her sphincter muscles went back to normal and her pussy convulsions quieted down.

Tammy pulled down her dress and looked over to Mr. Randell sitting in the driver's seat. She peeked shyly out from behind her fingers. Her face was red from blushing at her own slutty actions.

"Mr. Randell, don't be having a poor opinion of me because of my need for your beautiful cock. I am usually a good girl, but I just had to have it. I couldn't help it, I promise not to be so naughty again. Will you forgive me?"

Randell laughed and said,

"I will forgive you only if we get to do it again and soon."

Tammy laughed as well.

She had met someone who really liked her just the way she was and didn't want to change her.

They got back on the road and drove slower this time. The entrance to the Oglethorpe mansion was only a short distance down the deserted road. Tammy let her hand rest on Mr. Randell's cock. He placed his hand on top of hers to let her know he liked her to touch him like that and never stop.

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