Sex in Space: the Final Frontier

by harry lime

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Space, Spanking, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Voyeurism, Military, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: It is the last voyage to the space station. Major Major does his best to keep the General's pussy juices running even in tight quarters. American/Russian cooperation in space reaches new heights of one on one closeness. All systems are GO!

It was to be their last voyage on the Shuttle.

The funding was gone. The program was winding down into uncertainty. Major Mike Major was a little depressed at the waste of decades of scientific research being chucked aside in favor of less expensive robotic exploration of space. He kept his opinions private; of course, Military members usually had to check their opinions at the door in a "shit rolls downhill" environment.

Major Major was joined by "Scotty" Simpson, the investigative anthropologist and Beverly Broadbottom, the mission supervisor. "Bev" was a two-star Air Force type who outranked him by more than a few levels.

As Bev climbed the ladder in front of him, his face almost slammed into her not really broad bottom. In fact, it was most trim and shipshape for a woman of 45 years of age. The other three astronauts on board were all Russian. They had been there a fairly long time and were showing signs of cabin fever. The trip up had been uneventful, except for a couple of computer failures and the unfortunate loss of a number of heat shielding tiles, yet another time.

The Russian honcho was Gregori, he was a burly man with hair growing unabashedly on his ears. His grasp of English was deceptively superficial. Mike thought it to be deceptive because he seemed to absorb English written reports with alacrity. His assistant was Viktor, a decidedly academic astrophysicist with no interest in any subject other than cosmic concerns. The last member of the Russian delegation was Natasha Smolinski, a stunning brunette with a rack of goodies that reached to the stars in the weightless atmosphere. Even in the confines of Earth's environment, it was unlikely that any part of Natasha's anatomy would tend to sag.

It was noticeable that Bev and Natasha did not get along. The American female general was about fifteen years older than the Russian girl and had somewhat smallish tits. Mike thought they looked pretty good and would fill his hands adequately, but he was in no position to comment about the comparison between the two female astronauts breast development.

Mike knew that Natasha had been on board the station almost nine months now and masturbated herself each and every night after her shift was finished.

Viktor gave him all the details in a moment of "sharing time" with some bootleg vodka in his squeeze bottle. He told him both he and Gregori were amused at her gyrations in the zero gravity and the sensuous grunts she emitted when she was nearing her climax. Viktor told him Natasha gave Gregori fantastic jerk-off sessions each time she massaged the squat, muscular Commander.

He described in great detail just how Gregori's cum explosions would shoot out across the sleeping quarters in long streams of floating white creamy semen. Natasha would laugh and move quickly in front of it and let it splash across her face in a sticky mess. He told me it was funny to see it splatter in all directions and not drip down because of the lack of gravity. Viktor related how Natasha offered to "get his juices flowing", but that he had declined out of sense of loyalty to his wife.

Mike was driven to masturbation himself after hearing of these sexual escapades in the space station. He tried not to make any sounds to give himself away, but he could see General Beverly in the rack across from him look at him with a knowing smile on her attractive face. Mike didn't care, he keep up the pace until his seeds were spilled inside of his now sticky hand. The entire time, he was looking up into the central console watching Natasha bending over and working on a faulty airline. The upside down view of her shapely bottom and her jiggling tits made him experience a most satisfying explosion.

Mike noticed that General Beverly now had her face to the bulkhead and he could see her trim backside clenching in a dance of her own. Her ass cheeks were doing a very erotic Rumba to unheard music. He thought he could make out little muted whines and mews of satisfaction as the heights of orgasmic delight were reached in a shuddering final rigid convulsion.

"That bitch is getting herself off by watching me take myself off."

He felt that she had unfairly piggybacked on his own enthusiastic masturbation efforts. Right then, Mike decided if he could ever get her trousers down long enough, he would show her the best way to orgasmic release.

The day before their departure from the station for the final journey home, Bev asked Mike to follow her to the forward storage compartment for a final check on ejection status. He trailed along behind her watching her rounded ass cheeks quivering in the weightless environment. Major Major yearned to reach out and test their firmness with his long, tapering fingers, but he resisted the urge, figuring quite accurately, a court martial would not look very good on his promotion boards to Lt. Colonel.

Once inside the storage containment unit, the shapely brunette explained the real reason for her secluded meeting with Mike.

"Major, there is an important experiment that must be concluded in the next 24 hours. This experiment will require your complete cooperation and absolute discretion. Are we clear?"

Mike was more puzzled than before, but he confirmed his assent and his understanding with a simple,

"Aye, Aye, Ma am!"

"Good! The actual experiment will be with you and Captain Smolinski. I volunteered for the project, but it was felt my eggs were a little too aged for the best results. In any event, I will give you some test runs to make sure the actual experiment goes smoothly. Listen to me carefully. I will only say this one time. This project is called "Fertility Freedom I". As you can guess from the title, we are trying to test the potency of sperm dispersal in a weightless environment. We tried this once before, but an unfortunate incident precluded completion. This time we have a special insertion board and have set up several anchors and restrains to keep Captain Smolinski from injury as you mount and penetrate her. Your anchors are also well secured and you will be coaxed into maximum semen ejaculation by my own methods. I have perfected a technique to greatly enhance your spurts both in quantity of sex juice and in the force of your spurts into the vagina and right up into the womb. You should be able to saturate Natasha's eggs with copious semen. You were selected for this mission both for your elevated sperm count and also your unattached status after your recent divorce."

Everything sounded win-win to Mike. Now, what exactly did General Broadbottom mean by "I will give you some test runs"?

This question was quickly answered by the physically fit General pulling down a wall imbed. The imbed resembled an elongated ironing board used in cheap hotel rooms. Major Major could see it was quite sturdy and had several attachments whose use was still a mystery.

When Mike turned back to the shapely female General, he saw she had already started to strip off her uniform.

"Come on, Mike, get with the program. We don't have much time to lollygag around. Whip out that big boy and I will get you in the mood in a hurry. Now, the trick of this "Optimal Sperm Utilization Unit" is to place the female sperm recipient up as high as you can get her on the padded part. That way the insertion is at the perfect angle for fertilization."

Mike was now just as devoid of all clothing as Beverly. He just stood there admiring her lush body for a moment before moving.

"How are we going to do "test runs" on this baby?"

The well-proportioned brunette jumped up on the OSUU better known as a Space Fuck Board years later when its use is widespread among the Galactic Defense Forces.

"Here, just lock my wrists and my ankles into the special collars. Now, let me put my head down into the neck-saving rest hole. Ok, check my ass and pussy. Are they presented in fully open position?"

"I'll say! Hey, you are already leaking out some juice from your pussy! Are you getting started without me?"

The high ranking female officer laughed.

"See that tube. Squeeze some special lube out and apply it all over my pussy slit and even up into my vagina."

Mike followed instructions perfectly except he allowed his thumb to push inside the General's tiny pucker hole as well.

"Oh, Cowboy! Slow down! This is just a test run training session. Save the finesse for the Russki bitch."

Mike laughed and massaged the brunette beauty's soft white buns.

Beverly groaned a bit at the waves of pleasure starting to build up throughout her entire body. It was a by-product of sex in space. It was a feeling of complete satisfaction and total release with each and every orgasm.

"Now, get up in the saddle. Set your ankles in those stirrups and stick your hands in the channel under my belly. Be sure to hold me real tight when you are shooting your cum up into my vagina. I don't want you splattered up against that bulkhead up there. We need your ten inch cock for the command performance tomorrow night. OK, shove it in my pussy as hard as you can and don't move. You are not to cum yet."

Mike did as instructed and was amazed at how tight the General's pussy felt to his oversized cock. He fought off the urge to shoot his load and just covered her entire body with his lean, hard body and long, hard cock. He could feel the sexy brunette milking him with her inside muscles and the pressure from her tight pussy lips had him on the edge of blowing his load.

Beverly was panting now. She could not stop. She was in a submissive position and this man could take his pleasure from her whenever he wanted. She felt helpless. She felt subdued and defenseless against his superior strength. It was time.

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