The Key to Sex

by Rod Walker

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Desc: Sex Story: Wife tries to make husband a willing cuckold. Big mistake!

My name is Linda. I am on my way home to my husband of 6 years, to tell him he is now a cuckold. I spent last night at a hotel with Ron. I keep wondering if I have gone too far, I love my husband to death. I want to spend the rest of my life with him and grow old with him. Most of all I look forward to having children with him, raising them and driving them to soccer games.

I ask myself why I spent last night with Ron if Andy is my man. I know the answer, I have an itch. Last night Ron scratched that itch and did a very good job of it as well.

No, I don't have a craving for large cocks. I'm not looking for an interracial experience. I'm not a slut. I don't even like sex all that much. Well, ok, I guess I like it just fine, but not like a slut or a woman that needs to open new sexual horizons. I just need to be in control. Having a lover gives me control in my marriage. Or at least I think it will, and I hope it will.

I am 5'9" and I have a really good body, blonde hair and pretty face. Some say a beautiful face. I used those assets in college to snag Andy. He was not a jock but there was something about him that attracted me right away. The strong, silent, slightly nerdy type. After I started dating him, I found out his family had money, and that didn't hurt.

Andy asked me to marry him right after graduation but there was a hitch. His parents insisted on an iron clad pre-nup agreement. They wanted to protect the family business, which I guess from their point of view, was reasonable. But remember, I said I have control issues? I tried my best to talk my way out of it, but it was no use. It was pre-nup or nothing. I signed it with a forced smile on my face.

I wonder if I would have cuckolded Andy last night if it was not for the pre-nup? I started the marriage one step behind Andy, and I didn't like it. I needed to catch up even with him, perhaps even pass him a little.

Right away I used sex as a weapon. I'm not proud of it, but the fact is I got my control in the bedroom. Andy performs oral sex on me but I have never had his cock in my mouth. I tell him I just can't do it, that I would throw up if I tried. I tell him he does not have to do oral on me if he doesn't want to. However I treat him like a king when he does it, and like a dog when he doesn't. So of course, he does it often, and he does it well. Naturally anal sex is not even on the table.

A couple of years ago I started thinking about having another man. The sex with Andy is good to great, and sometimes even fantastic. Andy loves to pamper me with little gifts, flowers and such, and I love to reward his efforts. So it's not about sex, really, I just want another man.

I read stories online about cuckolding. Most of them didn't help me, but here and there I picked up ideas. I started working on Andy slowly, using little games. I would talk to him like he was my lover, and not my husband, "Hurry up George, my husband will be home soon!" That kind of thing. Over time I cranked up the fantasy. I would put an empty chair in the room and pretend Andy was in it. While I had sex with the real Andy, I would look at the chair and say, "I hope the ropes are not too tight Andy. Thank you for letting me fuck George while you watch. Once he is done, I want you to do your duty and eat me out!" Andy mostly laughed at this.

When Andy went along he received great sex nightly. When he didn't I had headaches, or I was tired. Finally one night I took his cock in my hand, got it nice and hard, then suggested we try cuckolding for real. His reaction was not good, confusion, puppy dog eyes and his erection disappeared in record time. I was tempted to call it a joke, but decided to push my way through and see what happened. I told him it would be great for us both, It would just be sex, not love, I would reward him like never before, in other words the usual bull.

It took months of work but eventually Andy agreed, almost. He was reluctantly to be sure, but I had my go ahead, sort of.

I am aware that my story so far makes me seem like a cold calculating bitch. And at some level that might be true. But I really do love my husband and I am a good wife to him. Yes I play games, but don't we all? I keep a good house for my man, and give him all the hot meals and hot pussy he needs. We have a great social life, and I know he loves to have me on his arm when we go out. We travel quite often and both enjoy it immensely. We visit weekly with both our families and soon we will start making a baby. I just need to do this one thing first, I need to be with another man. I was not a virgin when I started dating Andy but I might as well have been. I had a couple of boyfriends but they didn't last long and the sex was not very good. Awful is more like it.

I met Rob a few months ago at the workout room of our country club. He is a little older than us and has been divorced for a few years. He did a little flirting with me, and I did a little back. You know how it is. When I finally told him that I wanted to have sex with him, and that my husband was ok with it, he was amazed and very interested.

Andy was very quiet the last week before my date with Ron. I had to be careful because I knew Andy would never allow it if he knew what I had planned. I told him I had a date that weekend but at the same time made it sound like it was a fantasy, that I was roll playing about a date. I gave Andy great sex every night that week and even considered giving him a blow job. I considered it, but I didn't do it. The control thing, you know.

I got ready for my date with Rob and left the house while Andy was still playing golf. I left him a note telling him I was going on my date and I would be home early the next day.

"Did you have a good time," Andy asked as I entered the house. I could see he was very tense, angry and upset.

"A very good time, Ron was wonderful, very charming!" I said with a smile. "We had a lovely dinner, some dancing, it was very romantic. Then we went back to his place for the night."

Andy's voice was almost a croak, his emotions barely in check, "Did you sleep with him? I mean did you have sex with him?"

"Yes, of course. You knew that was going to happen. You gave your approval!"

"I NEVER gave any fucking approval! You told me it was going to happen, and made it sound like you were role playing a fantasy, I never had an option!"

"You accepted it and that is the same thing! Look it's been done and there is nothing either of us can do to change it now. If you didn't want me to have sex with him you had weeks to tell me!" Actually Andy had made it very plain he never wanted me to have sex with anyone else, I was revising history a little. But I was feeling pretty guilty at that point, and the best defense is offense.

I had a sudden feeling that I may have made a big mistake. I wanted to have sex with Ron, so I had wheedled and bulldozed my husband into it. Now it was the cold light of day, and there was no way to undo what I had done. All I could do was put the best face I could on it, and move on.

Andy said, "I need to have a talk with this Ron asshole!"

"Ron is not an asshole, he is a very nice guy. I have told you before, I will not be giving you any more information about him. So there is no way you will ever be speaking to him."

"If he goes around fucking other men's wives then he is a first class asshole! I think I should have a talk with him and then maybe his wife."

"Ron is not married!"

Andy looked at me with surprise, then he smirked a little, "Are you sure about that?"

"Yes, quite sure!" but looking at Andy I wasn't really all that sure now. I started to think that my husband may know more than I thought. God, that could be real bad. After all we did have a pre-nup. Once again I had that feeling that I was getting in over my head.

"You just had to do it Linda." Andy said full of anger, "You had to go and give your pussy to another man. You did give him your pussy, didn't you? You cheating little cunt! You gave him what was mine!"

He had called me a "cunt", I had never heard him use that word, and I was furious! I now wanted to hurt him back. "And that's not all I gave him! I also gave him a first class blow job, and I swallowed!"

"Did you give him your ass as well? Your skanky cheating ass?"

"No, not yet! But we are meeting on Thursday and that will be the first thing I offer him!" I said with triumph. Then I immediately regretted my words I saw the anguish in my husband's eyes over my last revelations. I never planned on telling him about the blow job. And I certainly was not going to give Ron my ass. My anger had gotten the better of me. I was stupid, stupid, stupid, how could I take back those words now? There was no way.

I wanted to have my children with this man, why was I cutting him to the quick like this? Was control this important to me?

"Six years of marriage, and I can't get in your mouth without you being sick! Now asshole comes along and you suck him off like a pro! Why would you do that to me Linda? Please tell me why?"

I didn't have a good answer to that, I couldn't tell him that not sucking him was my personal power trip. So I went with something from one of the stories I had read. "I wanted to have something special that I could share with my lover and not with my husband. Something that made our relationship unique." Even as I was saying it, it sounded idiotic. And it was another kick in the balls to my husband. What the fuck was I doing! I had had high hopes for this conversation with my husband, but it was quickly going to hell in a hand basket!

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