Art Deco Part Two

by Midsummerman

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Sadistic, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Scatology, Exhibitionism, BBW, Leg Fetish, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Femdom in Miami; an author is invited into a web of dominant females who run a publishing business

He was allowed to tidy up in the tiny wash-room; when he came out Celeste and Agnes helped him dress, then took him back to his seat. Before he could get too comfortable, the signal to belt up was given and they started to descend. The plane was soon down on the tarmac at Dothan Alabama. As soon as the door was opened he noted that it was even hotter than Miami.

'No sea breeze here' said Agnes. They passed through the rudimentary checking station and were greeted by a couple of ladies with cowboy hats; one was a delightfully chubby brunette who wanted to constantly pet him;

'I can't wait to get him trained' she said 'He's so cute!' The other was nicely buxom too, but a little more taut; she said little but eyed him wickedly. They drove off in the two vehicles; he was sandwiched in the back between Carole and Judy. Carole kept her hand on the bulge in his leggings throughout the journey; she seemed to want to continually emphasise that he was hers for the next couple of days. As they swept out of the town, down endless dusty highways, after about 45 minutes they swept down a dirt track past a sign 'Wiregrass Ranch' –

'Welcome to the wiregrass region' said the chubby brunette in a gangly southern US accent. The vehicle slowed as they approached the main residence. In his English mind, it immediately made him think of the 'Ponderosa' and he expected to see Hoss Cartwright appear. He did not. What did appear made his eyes boggle; a jet black horse appeared from the corral behind the building, mounted by a totally naked woman, she waved as though this was the norm and started to canter toward the open country side; fleshy parts wobbling delectably.

'There goes Tabitha- she'll get sunstroke if she's not careful' said Chubby.

They all got out and he was taken into the building. The interior belied the outward appearance of the structure; it was luxuriously furnished and air-conditioned-he showered and was then taken to a dining room where they all sat eating. Or a brief period the dialogue was business-like and they all showed a healthy interest and voiced personal opinions as to how the final publication of his first compilation should look.

'I don't care, said chubby smiling- I only want to help inspire new stories in him; that's my job' she said in a very matter-of-fact tone and smiled sweetly at him. Carole has said I can show you my quad-bike before it gets too cool this evening; I'm going to help with your training and Sandy Ridge is one of my favourite parts of the ranch- it's always warm down there, even way after dark. I'm the only one round here who's allowed to be overweight, I'm going to make sure you staying tip-top condition; just like the stallions in my charge' The women giggled ; The taut and quiet buxom one spoke out for once;

'Yes, and we can all imagine what you get up to with those stallions!' There was mild uproar at this statement and Chubby, whose name was Roseanne, blushed but was not deterred.

'Oh, and I suppose you just take their temperatures when it's stud-time I suppose?, Miss Chrissie Ortino! The words 'stud' and 'Stallion' left an indelible print on the mind which in this context conjured up visions of young ladies taking advantage of animals of a lesser intelligence, endowed with a physical presence much greater than their own species might provide. Needless to say, this is where that conversation ended

Having eaten and been well watered, the voluptuous Roseanne took him out into the hot sunshine; there was the quad-bike. The other ladies followed and watched with interest. Roseanne stripped naked; her chubby seraph like body was beautifully rubenesque. There was nothing about her which looked disproportionate; she was one of those females who was meant to be larger than average, and she looked formidable.

'Off with your clothes too- NOW!' she said. He did so without question. She unravelled a long length of silky rope and tied it about his middle. She then spread her ample legs and buttocks across the quad-bike and kick started it. Her lovely white buttocks shimmered as she revved the motor.

'Let's go for a run' she said, then engaged first gear and slowly trundled forward; he was compelled to run behind. The women clapped and cheered at this spectacle of a voluptuous beauty on powered transport, making a male twice her age run behind – roped, he had no choice. Judy snapped away and shouted after them-

'Careful please Roseanne, we don't want him injured- well not too badly!' she laughed. Roseanne waved in recognition and headed for Sandy Ridge with her prize running after her. As they disappeared over the horizon, a horse neighing behind them caught their attention. It was Carole, naked and smiling supremely upon a fine stallion; she trotted off in the same direction, her mature and beautiful rear end rising and falling upon the saddle with the movement of the horse.

Roseanne soon had her new charge at the desired place; she pulled the quad-bike up at the base of a cliff like ravine over which hung shrubs and lush vegetation. The wall of the cliff was very sandy as was the gully which ran before them, it was out of the wind and the evening sun made the wall of the cliff glow bright orange. He watched the voluptuous beauty; she knew he was looking at her ample white bottom as it spread across the hot black vinyl seat. She looked round at him and smiled, looked forward again then pushed forward on the handlebars, arched her back and pushed her lower parts into the soft seat. This action made the beads of sweat on her back roll down to the crack of her delectable bottom and past her sticky anus to the seat. Then she got up. She reeled him in on the rope till he was level with the bike;

'Lick my seat clean!' she commanded;

He looked down at the shiny and wet impression her glorious form had left. She held his cock as he went down;

'Mustn't have you burn this on the exhaust!' she laughed;

Half-kneeling he licked clean the salty, tangy essence from the black vinyl; roped and now owned by yet another female, this one formidably built, his balls tingled at this new humiliation. She sneered at him, enhancing the feeling-

'That's it, lick up every drop!; when he'd done she picked up a short whip which was attached to the bike, then walked him down the airless gully on the warm soft sand. He enjoyed watching her soft bottom jiggle and so hoped he'd be allowed to do her seat justice as well. They reached an open spot and she played out the rope. The well –endowed beauty had him canter back and forth in circles on the rope, cracking the whip above his head menacingly;

'I'll soon have you broken in and ready to serve even the meekest woman'- she said, she then tied his hands behind his back and put the rope through his mouth; bridal fashion, walking him up and down whilst whipping his bottom sharply with her whip; this gave her immense satisfaction and he could not help but enjoy this new game- he was thoroughly enjoying his humiliation. At one point she sat her ample body on his back whilst he padded on all fours; this was exceptionally hard work but the feeling of her hot sweaty naked bottom and pussy rocking back and forth upon his back was devine. Oh how he was relishing being 'broken in' by her-he wished she'd whip him in earnest.

The sun was still bright but much lower in the Alabama sky now; she was just finishing yet another circling routine, when he noticed her smiling and looking down the gully. Up came Carole astride the stallion at walking pace. The gorgeous mature women's body glistened with sweat from head to toe; she rocked gently back and forth in the saddle; she looked magnificent and he wanted to please her in any way she wanted, right there and then. The stallion was semi erect and snorted in the warmth and atmosphere of the gully; he could no doubt smell the sweet feminine scent too and though he did not understand why, his arousal was apparent. Roseanne licked her lips in anticipation; she knew what was to come.

'Has he performed well?'

'Oh yes Carole he shows good potential' said Roseanne eagerly.

'Good; he'll please you now' – she looked at him with contempt-

'You shall please your trainer right now, whilst I watch'

Rosanne lay back in the soft sand, her head toward the mounted goddess; up went her legs; she was dripping with sweat and anticipation.

'Lick her bottom first!' said the dominant beauty in the saddle. He went in eagerly at the hot sticky prize and devoured the luscious salty residues. Roseanne grabbed his head and pulled him tight in to the soft warmth of her crevice, his nose now sampling the sweet scent of her moist pussy. Roseanne bucked and pulled at his hair impatiently; she was thoroughly enjoying having her rectal passage licked clean by this very interesting submissive, but oh how she wanted to come.

From her position, Carole could see his cock on occasion, as it bobbed like a stiff rubber lever and patted the sand as he vigorously worked his body in unison with his tongue as the chubby beauty enjoyed his attention and hummed, half with contentment, half with impatience as she waited for him to receive his orders to deliver her to ecstasy.

'Look at me!' said Carole; He viewed the supreme vision before him over the hump of Roseanne's dripping wetness. The glorious naked image mounted dominantly upon the partly excited stallion now toyed with a long whip which she twirled down past her mature breasts, shapely torso and supple legs into the sand below.

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