Good Friends

by StangStar06

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Tear Jerker, Cheating, Slut Wife, Rough, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Violent, Workplace, .

Desc: Sex Story: Mark was Elliot's best friend, or was he?

Elliot Carson looked at the screen on his HAAS controller. He pressed the buttons that would run the program at 25% rapid and in single block mode. Running in single block, meant that the huge machine would execute only one single block or command in the program at a time. It would then wait for him to prompt it before doing anything else.

He closed the door to the machine's cavernous machining envelope and wished for the best. He'd been tweaking this program for more efficiency and hoped that he'd finally gotten it right. If so, it would cut down on the machine's cycle time and save the company more money. Saving the company more money meant that Elliot's production numbers went up and that his profit sharing check would be bigger.

Elliot lost all thought of that as it happened. He'd been so pre-occupied by the machine that he'd lost track of the time and almost missed one of his two favorite times of the day. Watching "her" arrive at the plant was the best. Watching "her" leave was a close second.

She walked briskly to the time clock and looked for her card. She punched the card, put it back in her slot and walked up the stairs towards the office. Today as usual she was wearing a skirt that stopped just below her knee. Her calves were beautiful and her ankles were as spectacular as the rest of her. Her ass was perfect, not huge, not flat just perfectly proportionate for her frame. Her breasts were just there as far as he could tell. They weren't huge by a long shot and they weren't flat. They stood out from her torso, but not a huge amount.

It was her face and that luxurious mane of hair that Elliot noticed first. Her face was perfection. She was blessed with huge blue eyes and a Cupid's bow mouth. Her nose was cute and covered with a light coating of freckles. He dreamed of looking into those eyes someday and kissing those lips, but it would probably never happen.

Her hair was a golden blond color and was literally the longest mane of hair he'd ever seen. It extended all the way down past her ass nearly to her knees. It was always tied up or restrained in some way. Today it was in one long pony tail that swished and bounced off of her ass as she walked. Elliot watched her all the way until she disappeared from view into the office upstairs.

"Earth to Elliot. Earth to Elliot. Come in Elliot, are you there?" laughed the voice of Elliot's best friend, Mark Daniels.

Elliot turned around and barely noticed his friend. It always took him a while to return to normal after seeing her.

"Elliot, can you hear me?" asked Mark.

"Yeah, of course I can," snapped Elliot. He was embarrassed that Mark had caught him staring at the woman and hoped that maybe his friend wouldn't notice.

"Man, you zoned out over that one," said Mark, removing all hope of Elliot maintaining his dignity. "You really went gaga over her, Bud."

"No I didn't," snapped Elliot. "I don't even know what you're talking about. I was going over my calculations for the radii in this program because if I got them wrong, I'm going to fuck up a pretty expensive casting."

"Hmm, it seems pretty coincidental that your calculations started right when that blond came in and ended right when she disappeared from view," said Mark. "But I believe you. After all you are my best friend."

"That's because I'm the ONLY guy who can stand you for very long," said Elliot.

"That is probably true," said Mark. "Anyway, lunch today? On you of course, I'm technically broke until we get paid tomorrow."

"Okay," said Elliot turning back to his machine. "See you then."

Mark quickly went up the stairs and into the office. He looked around and saw the blond woman. She was sitting at a desk near the center of the room. All around her were other secretaries and assistants. He stared at the woman trying to see exactly what was so special about her that had drawn his friend's interest.

There had to be something. Elliot hardly ever looked at women, let alone spaced out in the middle of the shop floor over one.

Mark went and spoke to Sally, the office gossip. Sally smiled broadly as Mark leaned over her desk. She leaned forward to give him a better view of her chest and quickly looked around to make sure that the other women in the office were watching her.

"I told you, you'd be back," she said. "What happened, did you run out of single women to go after?"

"Sally, you getting married is one of the worst things to ever happen to me in my life," said Mark. "I really wish you hadn't done it, because now we can get together every once in a while, but it can't be anything regular. It would arouse too much suspicion. And I don't need any husbands beating down my door."

"You had your chance, baby," said Sally. "You could have married me yourself. Shit, you still can."

"Sally what do you know about the blond over there?" Mark pointed at the woman that Elliot had been staring at.

Sally looked to see who he was talking about and then turned her head back. Her eyes had changed. "Mark you need to stay the fuck away from her," she snapped.

"She's been through a rough enough time already. She doesn't need you pumping her up and then dumping her on a whim, or because after you've fucked her a couple of times you're just bored. She's not your type and you're not hers."

Mark looked at the woman again. Her face seemed plain, but she was kind of pretty. He'd seen better though. She had hardly any tits. She wasn't very tall or very short. She didn't wear a lot of make-up or jewelry. Her clothes weren't very stylish. Shit, she was the most average woman Mark had ever seen. The only thing that stood out about her was all of that hair. Holy shit, he wondered. How the hell did she go to the bathroom without getting shit all over it?

"Don't worry, Sally," said Mark. "I'm not the least bit interested in her."

"Yeah right," said Sally. "She has a pussy, so you're interested. But if you mess with her, every woman that works here will make sure that you lose your job."

"Honest to God Sally, I'm not interested in Rapunzel," said Mark.

"Her name is Kathy," snapped Sally. "And if you're not interested in her, then why the hell were you asking about her?"

"A friend of mine is kind of nuts about her," said Mark.

"Well tell your friend to stay the fuck away from her," snapped Sally. "Or else..."

"Or else what?" asked Mark, bringing his face so close to hers that she could feel his breath on her cheek. She wondered if he'd actually kiss her here in the office in front of everyone. Mark was such a bastard. She was sure he would. He'd do it without even a thought, her marriage and reputation, be damned.

"Or else we'll make sure that both you and your friend have problems," said Sally, snapping out of her near swoon. Mark was trouble. It was all she could do to keep from pulling her panties down and handing them to him.

"Don't worry," said Mark. "I doubt that anything will happen. You know how shy Elliot is."

"Elliot," snapped Sally. All of a sudden her entire demeanor changed. "Ohhh, the poor baby. Tell me what's going on."

A few hours later Elliot sat at a table across from Mark in a mom and pop restaurant near the plant where they both worked. Mark was a salesman and a very good one. He used his charm to schmooze people into buying everything he sold, whether they needed it or not.

Elliot was a CNC programmer and he was also very good at what he did. The two men had been friends for most of their lives. Mark was outgoing and friendly, on the surface. Elliot was more reticent and shy.

Those qualities were only on the surface though. Mark would walk up and talk to anyone he saw. He'd ask them all kinds of personal questions and make them think that he really wanted to know them. A good example of this was when they were in their last year of high school. They got a new science teacher who was a really beautiful woman. Mark walked right up to her and was soon asking her all kinds of questions. What's your daughter's name? How old is she? Oh it's too bad she's in a wheelchair. Her birthday is when?

Elliot on the other hand almost went into shock when having to meet new people. He hung back and stayed off to himself. People sometimes thought he was aloof or just plain snooty until they actually met him. But in reality nothing was farther from the truth. Elliot would go a long way out of his way to help anyone. Even people he barely knew. In our example about the science teacher, three weeks later was the science teacher's daughter's birthday.

Mark totally forgot about it. Elliot went into the classroom early and left a present for the child. When he got caught doing it, he claimed that Mark had told him to do it. The overwhelmed teacher went to thank Mark and found out that he had no idea when her daughter's birthday was. When she went back to Elliot, he apologized profusely and told her that he wanted to get the child a present but was embarrassed to do it because she hadn't actually told him about her daughter, it had been Mark.

People who knew both of them for any period of time came to love Elliot, while Mark tended to get on their nerves after a while. With dating it was the same thing. Elliot had one girlfriend from his early teens all the way until his second year of college, when her family moved out of the country. They kept in touch for years and he was heartbroken when time and distance ended the relationship.

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