Allison Rides the Spanking Horse

by harry lime

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, MaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Workplace, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Allison starts a new job as a secretary for a very kinky boss with insider secrets. She finds herself becoming more and more submissive to his every demand. She soon discovers a special club at work that makes her perform to the utmost of her ability.

Alison got off the elevator. Instead of walking straight to Suite 2550, at the end of the corridor, she ducked into the ladies room right next to the elevators. Thank goodness no one was in the bathroom. She checked the commodes just to be sure. A quick little pull on her silver flask and she was ready for the interview due to start in 10 minutes.

She checked the mirror. Her silver toned blond hair was impeccable. She had her lipstick on perfectly and the lip gloss added a sense of wetness that is touted as being "irresistible to that special someone".

Her breasts appeared almost too large for a girl with her petite frame. She was going to have to get a better bra. It looked like she was spilling out tits in every direction. Her skirt was perfect and made her butt looked very attractive. She rolled her hips and bent forward to make sure her ass cheeks were shown off to perfection.

The receptionist was a very attractive black girl with glossy black hair and very sexy glasses. She instructed Alison to sit on the circular couch along the side wall. Two other girls were already waiting. They were both classier looking and better dressed than she was, at least, in her opinion. Alison was ready to just give up and walk back out the door before she embarrassed herself.

She took a furtive test of her breath. Quickly, she stuck a breath mint in her mouth to dissipate any hint of the vodka. The receptionist told them to be sure to turn off their cell phones before entering the interview room. No problem for Allison, she had not had a cell phone since she left the nest of her parent's home in the South Bronx. She usually borrowed her room-mates phones, if she had to make a call. Not having a phone meant she would not be getting any harassing calls from Sid. He could just not take no for an answer. She had been on just two dates with him. The first date had been the crazy one at the concert when she had lost touch with reality for almost six hours. The second and last date was at the movie when Sid spent the whole show with his hand up her skirt rooting around in her pussy. Sure, it felt good at the time, but two hours is a long time waiting for an orgasm that never arrived.

She was the last one to be called. The other two girls had only spent about ten minutes each in the interview room, so Allison figured they were both rejects. That meant her chances were improved drastically.

"Allison McPherson!"


There was a young girl doing the interviews. Allison figured right away, she was just a shill for someone watching from another location. She did not try to establish a rapport with the pretty young girl because it was so obvious she was not a decision maker. When the girl tried to pin her down on the glaring holes in her resume, Allison asked her pointblank who would she be working for and why did he or she not interview her face to face.

The girl seemed somewhat flustered and looked at the office next door behind darkened glass. The phone on the desk rang and the girl answered. All she said was,

"Yes, Sir. Right away, Sir."

She told Allison to go to the red door at the end of the hall and ask for Mr. Axelrod.

She took the forms the girl gave to her and moved down the hall to the massive red door. A gold embossed plate proclaimed, "Axelrod & Associates, Attorneys at Law."

She went in without knocking and found herself in a small antechamber with a desk, two file cabinets, and assorted copiers and fax machines all humming quietly. A word processer computer was on the desk. It was very modern and one she was unfamiliar with.

That might present a problem.

In a worst case scenario, she could always bring her trusty laptop from home and send the product to the huge machine on the desk to put in the proper format. She didn't even have the job yet and she was already planning how to beat the system.

Allison had been beating the system all her life. It started when she went into the foster care jungle at a very early age. Bottom-line, she had survived and now she was a very modest and presentable young woman of 21. At least, she appeared like that on the outside. Inside, she was a jumble of mixed up emotions and sexual frustrations unusual for a girl of only 21.

The interior door was slightly ajar. Allison walked in without knocking. A young man sat in an executive chair behind a beautiful oak desk from another era. She approached quietly not wanting to startle the man who might be her new boss.

He was engrossed in a telephone conversation with a female. She had the sexiest voice Allison had ever heard. On the video screen in front of the window, she saw a partially clothed woman bending over a desk. She looked back over her shoulder and invited the erstwhile Allison employer to give it to her good and hard. There was no doubt in Allison's mind what she meant.

Allison cleared her throat.

The tall, slender man jumped up from the chair in a guilty state of confusion.

"Got to go now, Mother, I will try to call you this weekend."

He glared at Allison and inquired,

"May I ask, young woman. Who are you? What are you doing in my office?"

"They sent me up for the secretary position, Mr. Axelrod. My name is Allison McFarland. They told me you would be my new boss."

He looked her over from the top of her recently tinted hair to the bottom of her expensive and fashionable high heels.

Allison felt like she was on the stump being sold to the highest bidder.

"How fast do you input?"

"I went to school and can do 75 words a minute unless it is real technical or has a whole bunch of numbers in columns."

"Do you understand legal terms?"

""Only from watching "Law and Order" or reruns of "Matlock""

He looked at her with a blank stare.

"I was only making a joke. I know some simple legal terms, but not the difficult ones with the Latin words."

Allison noticed that he had a very large bulge inside his Italian silk trousers and had his eyes fixated on her protruding boobs. Mr. "unknown first name" Axelrod was just her kind of boss. She felt the urge to investigate the full dimensions of Mr. Axelrod's bulge at her earliest convenience.

Mr. Axelrod remained standing and looked out the large window at the view of downtown Manhattan. The panorama exposed the City's fascinating, yet, grimy splendor. He made a dismissive gesture with his hand and told Allison to hold all his calls for the next 15 minutes.

The intercom buzzed on Allison's desk.

"Miss McPherson, come in here with a pad and pencil, please."

Allison pulled down her tight skirt and checked her stockings. She saw that everything was in place.

Mr. Axelrod was standing at the window. She wondered if he had moved at all.

"Miss McPherson, come here and look right there on my desk. What do you see?"

Allison moved to Mr. Axelrod's side of the desk. She bent over and saw her lipstick gloss standing up in the middle of her new boss's desk. Her heart beat a little faster and she knew she had made a serious mistake of some type.

"Miss McPherson, are you the owner of this thing?"

"Yes, sir. I am ever so sorry, sir, it must have fallen out of my pocket when I sat down. It was unforgiveable of me. I am so sorry."

"Well, Miss McPherson, sorry does not cut it in my employ. You want to be my secretary, don't you?"

"Oh, yes, sir. I want to very much, sir; I want to be a good secretary, sir."

"You want to very badly, don't you, Allison."

"Oh, yes, sir, anything, sir. I will do anything to be a good secretary."

"Good, Allison, first you must learn to take your punishment when you do something wrong, don't you agree?"

"Yes, sir."

"Bend over the desk, Allison. Grab hold of the other side and don't make a single sound. Do you understand?"

Allison was really into this now. Her pussy was dripping with sticky dew and she was panting in anticipation for her "punishment".

Her beautifully shaped bottom was sticking up high on Mr. Axelrod's side of the desk. He ran his hands all over her ass cheeks with an almost tender loving touch that sent shivers of sexual pleasure deep into Allison's pussy. Her tiny nipples were sticking out hard as rocks inside her too-small bra.

Was he really going to spank her like a naughty girl?

Her question was answered when the first blow hit her ass cheeks just above her strong, well-toned legs.

She lost count as the succession of heavy-handed spanks rained down on her defenseless bottom like a pelting hailstorm with no shelter available.

Allison was surprised to taste the saltiness of her own silent tears at the conclusion of the session. Mr. Axelrod was quite exhausted from his spirited duties to attend to his new secretary's training.

She rose up slowly from her erotic position on the desktop. Mr. Axelrod handed her the offending lipstick without comment. Mindful of her new role, Allison kissed Mr. Axelrod's hand and walked a little unsteadily back to her post guarding Mr. Axelrod's inner sanctum.

She sat down very tenuously and realized her panties were sopping wet with her own pussy juices. The image of Mr. Axelrod's arms descending down to her unprotected posterior make her tremble with emotions she had never felt before. Allison knew her feelings were dangerous. They might betray her into an obsessive submission to her new boss's desires.

Mr. Axelrod's new secretary did not care about the consequences.

She only knew she wanted to be Mr. Axelrod's secretary. More importantly, she wanted to be a very GOOD secretary in every way imaginable.


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